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Personal Stories of Dog Victims
A New Personal Story  – Wolf-dog listening to music

The below is another real letter sent by a mother of little kids on their encounter with a wolf-dog ‘pet’ in a music festival, a personal story about what victims are facing, and doing back, in this today’s dog infested world.


My kids and I went to a local music festival for an afternoon, on a large, well known, university campus. There were people from the humane society with two very sweet dogs, as well as many others with their pets, on leashes.

My son has always feared dogs, but he recently made friends with a neighbors (legit) service dog. I was happy he was conquering this fear.

So, when my son spotted a very soft and fuzzy golden retriever, and he wanted to say hello, I said OK. I generally don’t allow this, but the dog seemed calm, was well restrained, and the older owners were nice.

He petted him for a minute, no problem. No sooner had my lil guy turned to walk away, I heard a burst of nasty barking, and some scary growling.

I looked over to see 2 large dogs lunging at the retriever, which barked right back. This couple had walked their big dogs up behind us, and headed right towards the retriever. (I guess they figured the dogs wanted to say hi to each other? Who knows? )

We were maybe 3-5′ from these dogs mouths, and all I saw was teeth and jaws; it was so sudden, loud, and scary as hell.

The couple took off with their 2 dogs, and I hustled the kids away.

Not even 30 seconds later, I see that the woman took one of the dogs back over by the retriever. Now they were all friendly and playful together.

I asked what kind of dog is that? She said Australian Shepherd. I look over to see where the man with the other dog went. I saw them off in the distance, standing right behind the seats of the amphitheater where a band is playing.There are people walking by, and lots of chaos.

I ask the woman, “Is that a Malamute?”, and she says “Well, its part Malamute, and the rest WOLF”.

My jaw must have dropped to the floor. I said “Ah, kids lets get as far away from these lunatics as we can”. I have never got away from a place so fast….


Let me recap: These idiots brought a *WOLF hybrid* to a music festival, walked it right up to a short-leashed dog, 2 old people, and (behind) a mom with 3 kids.

The wolf-dog was wearing a normal collar and on a long, thin, leash – there is no way that scrawny owner could have held that animal if it had been intent on attacking.

The woman was just SO proud of her wolf too. You could see in her expression that she enjoyed my shock and fear. I do think she was offended I called her a lunatic, and she probably heard me tell the kids only stupid people own wild animals and parade them in public…

Then, after we went to another area, I see another large dog running around, this time off leash. It was probably totally harmless, but the middle of a crowd of people just wasn’t a good place for a loose, energetic, dog!

I ask 3 different security guards to ask the owner to leash it, and not one knew about the leash rule, nor cared. (FFS, there is already a leash law on campus, and in the city!) I had read the rules before I went, so I know that unleashed animals were not allowed, as well as, guns and knives.

Bringing a WOLF is totally OK, though. Got it.

That’s the LAST time we ever pet a dog in public!

By Mom in Eugene


The above is a real event by a person negatively affected by current dog epidemic, a series that we are going to regularly publish here at NO Dogs, Please! as Personal Stories from Victims of Dogs.

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4 Responses to Wolf-dog Pet Attending Music Festival – Personal Stories

  1. S says:

    IMO even leashed and calm dogs don’t belong in crowded public places like that. There are bound to be people there with allergies and phobias. And the dogs really don’t give a **** about the music. Leave them at home.

    • MrMAD says:

      That is me but I never whatsoever let my kids pet any animal. It’s too dangerous even when consider just the unpredictability of those supposed pets.

      Some exceptions? Trained horses with guide, fish while fishing (duh!), and earthworms for the fishing trip. That’s it.

      Kids want to pet? Give them a teddy bear. It works wonders. With almost no collateral effects at all.

  2. Frank says:

    And another story about an idiot dog owner. An update on my ongoing attempt to get some (Legal) relief from my idiot neighbor dog owner. I have been in dog hell for the last 8 months and have called and written to everyone I can think of except the Mayor of San Bernardino so he’s next. Found his name on the net. Mr. R. Carey Davis 300 N. ‘D’ Street, San Bernardino, CA 92418 Can’t hurt. Don’t know who to write to next. Maybe the Prez. I really don’t think I’d get much help from him with all the problems he’s having with the economy and the War and all. Bet he’d just turn it over to Animal Control in Apple Valley. Then I’d be right back where I started. Just talkin’

    • MrMAD says:

      Congratulations on your determination. If there were more people like you, we would not have this gigantic lunacy of god dogs problem we have today.

      Some ideas, in no specific order:
      • Get some other sufferers and deliver your request in person to the mayor all while recording everything on video. You probably won’t pass the secretary but record it anyway. Post it on YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter, consumer complaint websites, the very own politician website… Sometimes these actions get viral and the mayor, fearing losing votes, hopefully will do at least something instead of letting your plight to get dust in a forgotten drawer. Politicians get crazy when they see their name being published in not so good ways. Easy to do? Off course not, but the alternative is even worse.

      • Mayor is having problems with the economy? Make and formally send him a detailed list of ways on he could raise lots and lots of money – perhaps millions of dollars each year – by collecting sizable fees from anything dog-related: dog registration, yearly licensing, vaccination, neutering, barking complaints fees, littering, no-leash fines, dog at large, dangerous dog impound after it attacked/bit/killed a person or animal, fines on everything that was not complied with… Also list the savings in other areas like reducing police burden by not having to attend this kind of calls so frequently anymore, the housing market gets better as houses sell for better prices and thus pay higher taxes back to the city… If the mayor and his team are not getting kickbacks from the dog lobby, and not afraid from dog-nutters, he will apply these measures asap.

      These ideas just came out of my mind. I also have a list like the above that I’m working on, early stage, so if you complete that list first, please send me a copy so I can use as a resource on mine and then improve on both. Other people may use them with their elected officials as well, people whom I always like to emphasize that are simple ‘public servants’, not our bosses.

      Some could call me naive, but I and you are doing something, instead of complaining and whining.

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