Why this blog exists? What was it for? Is there a reason for that?

Dogs are Dangerous

A boy on the beach. Happy, with no dogs around. But unaware of hidden dangers.

I’m Mr. M.A.D. (the initials of my real name).

My decision to start this blog is to express my strong discontent with the current dog craze — a real epidemic — that is making misery of our lives.

After me and family members, as well as close friends, have been attacked by dogs a number of times, in a good number of different cities, countries and continents.

After have prosecuted a next-door neighbor because of a non-stop barking nuisance. Not for money, but for silence, for my sanity. And yes, I won the law suit.

After have losing sleep in a huge, countless number of nights.

After seeing my performance being strongly prejudiced at work.

After having stepped on numerous dog shit on downtown sidewalks.

After getting “that” look from dog lunatics (“That guy is crazy! He doesn’t like my dog?!!!“).

After getting allergic reactions in elevators because irresponsible people wanted to carry their uncared-for flea bags in there.

After getting my clothes ruined by dirt and fur from mutts jumping on me and licking my pants, leaving their highly contaminated, fetid saliva.

After seeing my life being threatened for real by criminal dog owners.

I could continue on and on and on.

Then the worst of all so far happened, seeing my only nephew almost die. A 3-year-old little boy.

He got extremely sick. So sick to the point to not even want to leave his bed. He would just cry, of pain. He would ask “Mommy, can I get one of those little candies?”, where ‘candies’ here meant strong doses medication pills. An excruciating pain in his stomach. An army of Doctors would check on him. Some Doctors even thought he may had cancer. Constant visits to hospitals and specialized pediatricians. A unbelievable number of medical examinations and medications. He got traumatized to even see the door of a doctor’s office. All this ordeal and the cause could not yet be identified. The virus or whatever it was, kept hiding and no one could see no matter how many exams. Then, one day a family Doctor suggested a new medication in an extremely high dose, which could kill him or cure him. After some horrific reactions, he finally started to get better and reduced the symptoms.

“Mommy, can I get one of those little candies?”

Today, year 2013, four years after that fatidic day on the beach, he is ok. Not 100% unharmed but now he can play happily together with other kids. Without pain. Without asking for ‘little candies’ anymore. He now is a normal little boy.

He suffered more in his short life than most people would not even imagine to suffer in their whole life.

The only fortune here was that his parents could afford it and no expense was saved. All together with private health insurance, no public funds. Those wouldn’t help him.

All this suffering just because he played on a beach contaminated by nothing less than… remains of dog feces. Those damn DOGS! DOGS of HELL!!

Well, that is over. Finally.

So, what about now?

So, now what? Should I just forget it and call us lucky? NO!

I want to do my part and try to help with information and activism on how to “Stop the Madness” regarding the dog craze that plagues our communities nowadays. Dogs are Dangerous, it has to end. Enough is enough.

If you are a responsible and concerned citizen, than please keep reading on. There is a lot of interesting information, confirmed by statements and facts. You may also contribute in a number of ways.

We do Not want your money

We do Not want to take your money, just ask for a little of your time. And Action!

Thank you very much for your visit.

P.S.: This is a real story.


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