Websites and People Combating the Dog Craze

People Against the Dog Craze – A Resource of Web Sites

Stop Dog AttacksRegular, decent persons who cleverly decided Not to fall for the current fad orchestrated by the dog lobby with its several billion dollars to propagandize it, are finally starting to voice their concerns.

Their number, actually, Our number, is growing daily, clearly showing that we are Not going to suffer in silence for the uncivil actions of ODORs, obnoxious dog owners.

Below you can find a sample of the most influential and though-provoking sites on the internet that deal with this matter: the craziness about dogs.

“We are against dogs – with irresponsible people”

In the first section you’ll find the sites we support the most, however in no specific order. Many more interesting sites following below.

Enjoy (or get fed up and help us stop this craze).

Pit Nutter

17 Barks

Sudden, Random, Unprovoked & Violent

Barking Dogs World Map

Pooch Face

Safety Before Pit Bulldogs

Misologists Unwelcome

Dangerous by Default – Extreme Breeds

Need to painlessly poison and kill my neighbor’s dogs? – IhAv.NET

Oklahoma dog attacks

Kill The Dogs – How to kill dogs legally

Quiet Australia: Joseph Durrant killed by neighbour over barking dog

New Animal Control – Home page for an effective new system of dog management and animal control • Citizens Against Barking – it’s time!

Stop boom car noise, motorcycle noise, car alarm noise, barking dog noise, neighbor noise.

Quiet Barking Dogs: A Police Department That Gets It

Dog Law :: Barking Dogs > Small Claims Court ::

Bitten by a Police Dog | Police Dog Attack Injury (Lawyer)

Animal Uncontrol: Barking Dog BINGO!

Fatal Pit Bull Attacks – The Archival Record –

California Consolidated Dog Laws

The Only Thing Worse Than a Dog Is Its Owner | Angry Romanian

Pit Bull Attacks and Dogfighting in Illinois

Psychic Gerbil

Father of Daxton

Pit bull fact

The Canine Game Changer

Kris Crawford: Flimflamming Dawghandler

Depth Charge Thoughts

Staffordshires Online

Find the pit bull

Why We Love Pit Bulls

Educating People About Pitbulls

Pit Bull Nation



Calgary Pit Bull Attacks

The Nanny Dog (Myth)

Makayla’s Law

Barking dogs – The Harm of Noise

Noise, A Health Problem

US Code – Noise


EPA Noise Documents

Federal Noise Control Act

Noise Free America

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

Center for Hearing & Communication

Lower the Boom

NC Rabies Manual

Pit Bull owners wake up!

Have a web site with insightful information regarding all types of problems created by dogs? Let us know. We’ll publish them here.

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2 Responses to Websites and People Combating the Dog Craze

  1. Thanks for listing my blog (and at #1 no less!).

    The list you indicate is a rather eclectic group. There is definitely some overlap between all of those interests, but there may not be a whole lot of common ground.

    For example, I don’t necessarily trust all of the Pro-BSL/Anti-pitbull folks. Yes, many of them are honest and I agree with what they say about fighting dogs (in theory, at least). However, with that said, a portion of that population includes unconditional dog lovers who happen to dislike a few breeds (pit bulls): I.E. you can do whatever you want with your dog as long as its not a pit bull, all non-pits are perfect and wonderful, etc… This viewpoint does not necessarily mesh with my position (or yours, as far as I can tell).

    • MrMAD says:

      You are welcome, Animal Uncontrol!

      That list of sites includes the ones I found on a few quick searches and I confess I haven’t thoroughly read all the pages of all those sites. With the exception of the most important ones, yours include for sure, I read at least the major pages. It would take me ages to read everything, specially, as you also confirm, with the occasional overlapping some have. It would be great to concentrate all the info in a single point, I just offer one of them.

      In case you think there is any site that should not be included there, please let me know. You can contact me in private here.

      Thanks and be welcome to the NO Dogs, Please website!

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