The utmost INSANITY of dog lunatics, in Brazil

A mob of gangsters brake into a Brazilian research institute, steal dozens of dogs, clash with the SWAT police.


In Brazil, a mob of gangsters broke into a research institute, and stole 178 dogs. Those vandals called themselves ‘animal rights’ activists’ against the use of animals (meaning dogs) on scientific research.

The criminals destroyed numerous areas in the company building, also stealing several specialized equipment, notebooks and desktop computers. Not to mention ongoing research documents with almost a decade of work that were destroyed before conclusion.

There were also about 50 rabbits (some say just 7) and some hamsters but there is no evidence of what the burglars did with them. Those criminals said the rabbits were ‘donated’, but didn’t say to whom, how or where. The hamsters? Oh, they ‘couldn’t save them’.

The (nut)case

There were two episodes, one on Thursday 17th, October, 2013, and another on Saturday 19th, both in São Roque, a small city near the state capital, São Paulo, the most populated in Brazil.

On Thursday

About 100 of the self called activists invaded the institute, in the early hours of the morning, breaking gates and locked doors, stealing the animals, and damaging lots of private property.

The police did absolutely nothing but watched the burglars. Nobody was arrested, not even inconvenienced. Criminals were free to perform all the vandalism they wanted. You can watch better on the videos.

On Saturday

The vandals, this time about 500, protested (many with masks, to avoid identification) outside the company, on the streets, blocking traffic. They even took with them kids and older people (who takes kids and elderly for illegal protests? Well, only abnormal people.)

Their intent was to have the institute shut down definitively, with no legal basis or right at all.

This time police was present and in good number. And did their job at last, as you can see on the second video.

Just 4 four ‘suspects’ were arrested but freed soon after. They will probably Not serve any time in jail.


Criminals completely destroyed, by setting fire, at least three 3 vehicles, from the police and a prominent TV station, Rede Globo, the largest in the country (which unbelievably also SUPPORTED the riots!, even indirectly by using his soap opera actors). The network never barely mentioned that one of the cars torched belonged to them. Of course not, th dog lobby is one of their biggest advertisers.

As the clash escalated, even the equivalent of the SWAT police (riot control police, in war-like gear) was called in.

The ‘protesters’ normally threw stones on the police, which returned the favor with tear gas, pepper spray and ‘noise bombs’. No rubber bullets seem to have been used but the ‘protesters’ claimed to be the ‘victims’ anyway.

As said above, just four 4 people were arrested.


The Government & Judicial System

The investigative police says that they will investigate who the criminals were and sue them. Quite unlikely. However, the crimes committed, as a minimum, were:
– Trespassing
– Destruction of private property
– Destruction of public property (a police car)
– Public disturbance
– Aggravated Theft
– Possession of stolen property (the individuals who received the ‘donated’ dogs)
– Illegally blocking traffic.
– Rioting against the police.
– Gathering for the purpose of committing a crime
– Vandalism
– Other crimes that a good lawyer could add in (please let me know).

One politician, a state representative, even went to the local police station and took temporary possession of two dogs (stolen property, a crime) and the police chief AGREED! (another crime)! Unbelievable, but true.


The Instituto Royal

The research institute, which performs research for large pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies is legally authorized by Brazilian authorities to perform its experiments, including against cancer, being even funded by the government.

The institute denied any mistreatment and said that all tests conducted on animals fall within the legal requirements of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). There is no evidence on the contrary but dog retards are always pressing baseless charges against the company, what this time prompted the riots.


Donations now happening on Facebook

The lunatics are now ‘donating’, on Facebook, the stolen animals they now can not or want not to take care anymore. That is again a crime of taking possession of a stolen property. I won’t hold my breath until someone goes to jail.

Also, two dogs were found lost on the streets with nobody taking care or wanting to adopt them.

The widespread lunacy of mutt lovers

Taking a look at the comments on news sites regarding this lunacy, basically 100% of them are in favor of the criminals, with a huge number of name calling and the usual threats against both the journalist and that TV operator, Band TV, the second most watched in the country.

The pro-dog activists obviously played the victim, even mentioned their ‘right’ of ‘come and go’.


The best comment on TV

The news anchor for BandTv on Saturday made a statement that was perfectly logical for normal people but obviously an utterly offense against dog lovers. No need to mention that he was called all names you could imagine, and not imagine as well. Many are calling for his resignation.

His words:
In Portuguese
“Esses dois cachorros que foram resgatados estavam vagando a esmo pelas ruas. Então eu pegunto: se é para abandonar na estrada, por que todo esse espetáculo? Esse ataque ao laboratório talvez tenha sido a iniciativa mais sem sentido da parte dos protetores dos animais. Primeiro, porque essas denúncias de maus tratos não se confirmaram e já haviam sido investigadas pelo Ministério Público. Segundo porque implicou na prática de vários crimes e você viu aí pessoas agindo como animais irracionais para defender os animais e, além disso …, ainda jogou fora todo esse trabalho de pesquisa científica.”

In English:
“These two dogs were recovered wandering aimlessly through the streets. So I ask, if it is to abandon on the road, why all this spectacle? This attack was perhaps the most meaningless initiative on the part of the protectors of animals. First, because these allegations of mistreatment were not confirmed and had been investigated by the Public Prosecutor. Second, implied in the practice of various crimes and you saw people acting like irrational animals to defend the animals and, in addition … still destroyed all that scientific research work.”

What else to say?

Here are some links from the mainstream media, with videos and photos:

Video, in Portuguese – BEST (images say it all)


Video, in Portuguese

Video, in Portuguese

News, in Portuguese

News, in English

News, in English

News, in English


Is there any worse demonstration of the utmost INSANITY from dog lovers?

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  1. KaD says:

    The animal rights wackos better hope the rabbits they ‘donated’ weren’t being used in the study of a deadly infectious disease like Ebola.

  2. KaD says:

    I’m against animal testing unless it is absolutely necessary, much of it is not. That said, over 90% of the animal testing is done on mice and rats, who of course no one gets themselves worked into a rage about since they aren’t dogs.

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