My “Obligation” to Answer Private Communications

Unanswered emails


I just noticed that, possibly due to some previous blog update, the personal, private comments stopped all showing up in my control panel so I didn’t know new private comments were received.

So I’ll be answering them on a can-do, time allowing basis. Hope you all understand.

Only the ones that require a personal, specific reply will get one. Others will get a public response, where I certainly won’t mention names or any specific details but I’m going to answer some of them here so that I can help a much higher number of people.

Sorry but with my lack of time that’s the best I can do.

Let’s go ahead then.

Some of them are quite interesting: invitation for a speech on the health hazards on humans caused by dogs; request to testify as a paid expert on a legal case concerning barking; advice on how to deal with dozens of dogs; request to build a special, super powerful no-barking device; question about the existence of *secret* no-dogs-allowed private communities…

What I can say is: WOW! Thanks a lot to all of you who trust me on all of that. Calling me an “expert”? I’m absolutely flattered! To say the least! I sincerely do not consider myself an expert but the simple fact of being called one by some of you is hugely gratifying.

Once more, a Gigantic Thanks to all of you who trust me!


Well, now I’m going to be a bit rude. Or worse.

This is not for all of you, just some.

The matter is that some people expect me to answer all their comments, all requests, all emails, right way.

Let me tell you who expected so that I do NOT have to.

This site is Not the basis of my life, my life does not revolve around dogs or their crazed worshippers. I come here when I can and want.

I do not have any obligation to any of you. You are not paying me. I’m not making money from you. I’m not making money from anybody. I’m not deceiving anybody. I really mean what I post here, I’m not a fraud. I’m not looking for fame. I’m a discreet person and just want peace of mind, so I created and keep this blog running. I’m not planning to become a politician or any kind of public figure, no matter where. I’m not taking your time. YOU came to MY site.

You don’t like my writing skills? Don’t read! I speak a number of foreign languages and I always have another one or two on my mind, no matter when. I’m not a professional writer and won’t waste my time with any tidbit of grammar just to please grammar nazis who only speak english and make more mistakes than I do occasionally.

This site costs me money. A good amount of money. My money. Money with hosting fees. Money with domain fees. Money with traffic fees. And all this money – taken of my personal and professional time – is being applyed here, when I could be making it anywhere else just for me. Facebook is free, but this site is not, certainly not for me. But you don’t see that.

So, with all that clearly said, please focus your anger and energy on your public servants who are not doing their paid jobs. Or on the criminal dog hoarders. Not on me or this site.

Please share interesting ideas, send constructive remarks, do something productive. Make a better use of your time, which is something of value, like informing other people about this site that they could find a thing or two that could help them – and perhaps you too – with the constant problems with unruly dogs and stupid owners.

We are on the same side against this doggism lunacy. Or, at least we should.

Well, I could write more (or a useful article, instead of this post) but that’s good enough, I think.


To everybody else, many thanks to you all, specially the many you who trust me.

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8 Responses to My “Obligation” to Answer Private Communications

  1. John Lazor says:

    Thank you! You are much appreciated, and I hope that those who needed that message get it! For the rest of us, we appreciate your hard work, articles, and all that you put into this as time allows, to help us better deal with the horrible effects of this dog insanity! Keep up the good work!

  2. Catherine Barber says:

    I can sympathize with all you say, Mr Mad. There are those people who reckon they’re only born so that the world can have the ‘honour’ of owing them everything. These people freeload, make unreasonable demands, presume 100% from everyone else, set themselves up as ‘gurus’ (eg the grammer nazis), abuse others’ time and energy – and I haven’t even got to the crazed Dog Worshippers, yet!

    Well, I think you do a brilliant job of this site – which, naturally, takes up a lot of YOUR time, energy – and money. And I just want to show my appreciation, and to say thanks for letting us have such a great site in which we ‘non-doggists’ can share and air our grievances – and to be able to discover sites such as ‘amazing1’.

  3. Catherine Barber says:

    PS – Just one niggle: when I try to do the ‘capcha’ thingie, even though I’ve clearly done this right, it still keeps coming up with ‘error, time expired’.
    I had to do this about six times before the ‘capcha’ would accept what I’d entered into it.

    Is this normal, or is it just me?

    • MrMAD says:

      That is a feature from the WordPress platform, where this site runs on, and I have no control of, sorry. It was included by them to avoid those ‘bots’ to post spam comments, nd other issues. Those capchas automatically change after a couple of minutes so a new answer must be entered.

      Anyway, always when you write a comment that took more than a couple of minutes, just click the captcha round arrows to update it. Otherwise, they seem to be working fine. Hope that fix it fo you.

  4. Indeed, you have no obligation to answer anybody. Freedom of speech indicates freedom to NOT speak.

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