SUCCESS in the War on [FAKE] Service Pit bulls

Personal Stories of Dog VictimsHow to Get Rid of Fake Service Dogs – For Good.

Below you find another real story sent by a determined mom who succeed in getting a fake service pit bull dog evicted from their apartment complex, not because the mauler was Not a real service dog but due to the many lease violations by the owners (criminals will always be criminals). Another personal story about what victims are facing, and doing back, in this today’s dog infested world.



I have been fighting the idiot in my building that went and got a pit bull, and brought it into our apartments by lying about it being a service dog. Our apartments ban dogs over #30 [pounds]. When I started, there were 3 of these assholes owning a total of 4 pit bulls, and their maulers were always seen outside, breaking rules and such.

I want to share my successes, to date, to inspire others.

All of these grippers showed up within a few weeks of each other. It was like one day, a safe place for my little kids to play, the next day, 4 grippers are surrounding my apartment, and the playground.

At first I was scared, angry, and depressed. The manager said his hands were tied because they were all “service/therapy” dogs, both are legally protected in this state. He lives here too and hated it, and corporate was upset, but they had little recourse. No one was sure what to do, and the general consensus was that there would be a tragedy before the laws were changed.

I decided to fight back instead of just complaining. Here is where I am at…

Mauler owner #1– this guy and his gripper moved out about 3 weeks after I stepped up my campaign to rid the complex of these frauds. This was a “get out or we will evict you” situation.

How? LEASE VIOLATIONS– record every single one you see, and get as many people to complain as you can.

Explanation- I got enough people to complain about his pit attacking another dog (it wasn’t hurt), and that was enough to get him pushed out, even though his mauler was a “emotional support/therapy dog”. All pets must follow the rules, regardless of their status, so learn what those rules are and get a camera and pen.

Mauler Owner #2– This owner will be moving out with his precious gripper, in 2 months, when his contract is up. Management will not be renewing it. Any more complaints, he will be out even sooner. He no longer proudly struts his dog onto the playground, nor ever lets it off leash, even to pee.


Complaints- Write them up. Every. Last. Annoyance. Get your neighbors to do the same. The owner then knows people are watching, and they do not know who, as long as you haven’t made it obvious to them you are fighting them (I did).

Violations- Off leash? Barking? Leaving poop? Attacking? These (and more) are violations. This will get the dog, the person, or both, evicted if they aren’t followed.

Fraud- The management was unaware that the “Service Dog” papers he presented were simply bought off of the web. When they learned, they decided that in addition to the complaints, this meant they would not renew this renters contract (too late to evict for this reason).

What I did- I sent the management a list of all of the web sites that sell these service dog papers. I got it from a legit, disabled persons advocacy group. I also sent a few articles explaining this fraud.

Then, I contacted the business that sold this neighbor his papers. I sent them an email telling them their papers enabled a man to move a dangerous dog into apartments where they are banned. I let them know that I would be sure to name their name if anything happens because of this dog.

They sent me a nice little letter to give the management, detailing how the papers they sell do NOT make a dog a legal service dog. That they are just papers.

***I gave this to management, and now they will deny anyone presenting with papers from these web sites, and will look into other papers instead of just taking them all on face value.***

With this guy, they waived the right to kick him out over the fraud, because it was discovered too late, after they took rent a few times. No new people will get to use this lie.

Mauler owner #3– I haven’t seen either of their 2 grippers for 2 months; even though I can see their door, and they ought to be big dogs now. The mom said “They want to evict us!!!”, and ever since then, I never see them at all. No longer outside unleashed, not running on the playground, not in the parking lot.


Explanation- Persistent complaints to landlord of every little thing they do wrong, comments made directly to the mom and the kids about the dogs being unwanted here, and a few violations made these owners realize they were not appreciated. They had been parading their maulers proudly, on the playground, and letting them play unleashed. We didn’t like this, and made sure everyone knew.

I can only assume they still own them, but have no idea when they walk them (and I am home all day as a SHAM). Their lease won’t be renewed either, even though their one gripper is not fraud (the other is)- These geniuses got 2 maulers for their mentally ill 9 year old child. I am sure that is not what the therapist meant when they said a dog might be calming….

And I just got started.

This has worked because management cares, and will actually step up. It hasn’t been as fast as I would have liked, but at least it is moving in the right direction. t didn’t have to remind them about the payouts for attack lawsuits, or contact their insurance, or the other things I could have done.

I wrote up a list of what to do to get maulers out, I will send that next.



Another warrior in the battle


The above is a real event by a person negatively affected by current dog epidemic, a series that we are going to regularly publish here at NO Dogs, Please! as Personal Stories from Victims of Dogs.

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8 Responses to SUCCESS in the War on [FAKE] Service Pit bulls

  1. S says:

    Well done! Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. S. D. Martin says:

    Good for you!!
    You’re lucky to have management that actually took your complaints/issues seriously and DID something about it. The property-management company that my rented flat is with did absolutely nothing about the “neighbor”-from-hell downstairs from me who sneaked a yapshit terrier in despite the “no dogs” rule, lied about it being her dog, and hid it and all evidence of it whenever the property was inspected or maintenance needed to be done. I and the other tenants around here got lucky–the ODOr finally moved out on her own volition a year and a half ago; but all my written and telephoned complaints were to no avail.

    • Mom in Eugene says:

      Yes, I am very fortunate that I didn’t need to take more drastic measures.

      It was awesome to have the same goal as management; the on site manager lives here, so he had a vested interest in getting them out, and corporate wanted these people out too. Knowing all the neighbors also helped immensely, even lazy ones can be persuaded to help you.

      I have a little guide for getting these maulers out when management does not care (service OR pets). It should be posted here soon.

      Next step is notifying their insurance company. Its hard to find this info, but it can be done. After that, write up a letter to every LEO, AC, court, state rep, congress person, etc. Send it in to them certified. If anything happens, they had knowledge of the situation. This never hurts, even when government has sovereign immunity, just filing can result in law changes. I know because this happened with another similar topic in my state (I was involved in that issue too). There are many more steps, this is just a few things to ponder.

      There are also illegal ones, but I will stick to the legal ones.

  3. With unemployment being the issue these days. Dogs are a cheaper and rubbish way to eliminate a job that should be done by a real person that cares, not a dog that can smell, create allergy issues in the community and if not managed properly could be a danger in the community. Where it comes to helping the disabled, who more qualified than an actual feeling and communicating human being.

    Service animals are a “croc…” and only truly exist as sniffer dog used at border control centers or the like. Police should not have dogs except for their sense of smell. If a police dog ever bit me, I would be taking the policeman to court for training an attack dog.

    There are some jobs that people should do. And some of these government should fully fund!

    • Puma says:

      “Croc”? Crock of shit is more like it. Dogs should be reserved for professional tasks with strict unwavering rules and regulations only. They should not be in the hands of idiots. We have all seen (and heard) firsthand what an idiot with an inbred wolf (no really, the reason why 99% of dogs are DUMB is because they are all inbred with each other) can really do. Humans (and miniature horses) can do a FAR better job at being guides than a dog EVER could. Leave specific breeds in the hands of specific jobs under the eyes of specific trainers specifically picked to train them.

      I agree with your post. Dogs are semi-wild, and need to be treated as such.

  4. MrMAD says:

    Thank you very much for your letter, Another Warrior in the Battle.

    That is really a great story and even better to know determined persons are doing something, taking effective to fight this battle.

    Fake Service Dogs is a growing and serious concern that are going to face. Just look at these two current trends on this matter:

    Fake service dogs

    Fake sevice dogs - pit bulldogs

    As we can see, there are a lot of irresponsible dog people getting in the bandwagon. In fact, criminals.

    Claiming a Fake Service Dog to be a Real one is nothing less than… FRAUD!

  5. Kell Brigan says:

    Bravo! I know how hard it is to put up this kind of fight, but you did it! You probably saved someone’s life! You can be proud of yourself for this one!

  6. Well done! I can’t believe the entitlement of dog lovers, exploiting the rights of disabled people who need service dogs just to have their pet wherever they want!

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