Stupid Comments on “Yes, Pitbulls ARE Dangerous dogs” by…


Stupid Comments on “Yes, Pitbulls ARE Dangerous dogs” by… Grandma Linda!

Our website NO Dog’s, Please seems to be hitting the nerves of some ODORs, specially one single person.

Yes, her – Grandma Linda.

Not only this site has been repeatedly attacked by hackers, as well as by commenters trying to demotivate me, that mutter nutter clearly shows how they are all desperate about us speaking the truth about dogs.

They simply freak out!

“Many people, specially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth for being correct, for being you.”

Below you may find the last obnoxious comments from her, all but one made in a single night.

I just have a question: who are those people that have time for all this? Don’t they have a life? Don’t they have anything useful  to do (taking care(?) of dogs is not a useful thing btw)? Are they swimming in money? Really?

By Grandma Linda:

Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 9:12 am | In reply to RJ.

Thanks RJ. Your testimony and accuracy are what is needed to stop the inaccuracies regarding pit bulls. Many bully breeds have been targets of hate and injustice! Keep an eye on this site, and let’s keep our posts positive and faithful to all dogs!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 9:06 am | In reply to Bob.

Right on Bob! This site is to spread nothing but hate and as you can see, there are those that are right in the pocket of MrMad! That’s the scary part! To think these haters walk among us gives me the creeps!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 9:04 am | In reply to elizabeth mesahill.

Bravo Elizabeth! For a 13 year old, you show more intelligence and compassion that the so called adults on this site! It was a pleasure to read your post!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 9:02 am | In reply to MrMAD.

I hope Jane read your post and noticed all the spelling and grammatical errors. I really loved the one about the shelter! No only errors, but an indication of the ignorance and lack of empathy regarding animals. I wonder if he is one of those hunters that hunts just to kill?


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:55 am | In reply to jane.

Great read Happy 10 Year old! Beautiful letter from a future animal activist! Bravo!!!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:53 am | In reply to Randy.

Just think Randy! With millions upon millions of pit bulls and pit bull mixes, MrMad thinks “most” owners are “lowlifes”. Also, lets not forget his “manifesto” of requirements to have a pit bull. I just didn’t think one person could have so much hate and loathing! Must be in the DNA!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:44 am | In reply to Christie.

Yes Christie….keep on with the comebacks. It totally irritates MrMad and that’s just what the doctor ordered!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:42 am | In reply to MrMAD.

Considering your DNA, I would assume your free roaming would apply!

Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:40 am | In reply to S. D. Martin.

We have realized that going away is exactly what you want. NOT!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:39 am | In reply to MrMAD.

I assume your speaking of your DNA! Prehistoric!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:37 am | In reply to S. D. Martin.

Heck no! No sense going to a site that we agree with. This site actually proves there are “fruitcakes” out there with low self esteem and poor coping skills!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:35 am | In reply to MrMAD.

Of course you wouldn’t argue with Lori, because you are the irrational one!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:33 am | In reply to Lori.

Lori, it was a joy to read your comments! I’ve realized, that MrMad is REALLY MAD when someone finds his statements false and his rants unfounded. I was going to put this site in the “to be dead file”, but it actually is more unnerving to MrMad when we continue to call him out on his “over the top” rants and his lumping of a tiny portion of irresponsible humans among millions of dogs without proper training and socializing! We need to keep up the posts!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:26 am | In reply to MrMAD.

More moronic views from MrMad! The majority of dog owners are great people, training beautiful loving dogs!


Submitted on 2014/04/30 at 8:24 am | In reply to Polar.

Right on Polar! It’s the human at the other end of the leash, that has caused the problem of too many bully breeds and not enough training!


Submitted on 2014/04/28 at 10:19 pm | On Pit Bulls, the Number One Killers of Children

Guess you haven’t gotten rid of me yet! When I see something totally STUPID, I’ll be happy to write. Your wiggle words and rants make you look all the more STUPID!!! Maybe I can change the minds of some of your misguided followers.

Talk about propaganda! You reek of it! With 3 to 5 million pit bulls in this country, the rate of death by pit bull is miniscule. With 1,000,000 children dying by auto accident in 2012, where is that outcry????? It pains me to think of the terror a person or child must be subjected to, but it’s human error, not the dogs fault!

Now let’s talk human euthanasia that our civilized society calls abortion. In 2012, there were 3,952,841 live births. Another 1,200,000 (based on previous statistics and who does the reporting), were KILLED, MURDERED, RIPPED FROM THE MOTHER, HAD THEIR BRAINS STABBED AND ALL PERFECTLY LEGAL! WHERE IS THAT OUTRAGE???? NEARLY 1 OUT OF 3 HUMANS KILLED LEGALLY!

No one should have to lose a child to a dog attack. It is unacceptable and all can be avoided if the dog is trained properly. I will never accept the fact that with 3 to 5 million pit bull type dogs in this country, that have killed approximately 250 people in 14 years, is avoidable. They will never be avoidable because of HUMANS, NOT BECAUSE THE PIT BULL TYPE DOG IS BORN EVIL! THE PIT BULL TYPE DOG IS NOT PROPERLY SOCIALIZED AND TRAINED, JUST AS SOME ROTTWEILERS, DOBBIES, AND OTHER BULLY TYPE DOGS!!!!!


Because you can’t cope with society, you try to bring it all under your thumb. Your nothing more than a whiner!

I didn’t even read her comments, just republished them above.

Aren’t there enough psychiatrists in the Milwaukee area, Wisconsin, USA, where she lives?

Unfortunately it was not possible to pinpoint if she lives in a mental health facility.

I’m sorry for her neighbors. I really am.

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11 Responses to Stupid Comments on “Yes, Pitbulls ARE Dangerous dogs” by…

  1. S says:

    Can you block her? It would certainly save her a lot of time. Then again, we’d miss out on getting to laugh at her foolishness.

    Linda, grow up. Nobody here wants to hurt your dog. We just want you to be responsible with it. Quit your bitchin’ and act like an adult already.

    • MrMAD says:

      She’s already blocked, at least partially.

      Her comments are not allowed to show up before my moderation, which I do not approve. I just choose to see what her and her colleagues are capable of saying and doing.

      S, just wait for tomorrow’s post. It’s on her, and her only.

      I assure you: you won’t believe it.

      (and she probably won’t come back at all!)

  2. Why block her? It shows how determined they are to ruin the lives of others.

    Her rants are fueled with an unnatural level of animal appreciation or love.

    It would show as evidence of the amount of insanity that goes with an over affection towards animals. I believe such a level is sick and unhealthy. These people promote their state of mental health as being normal. It clearly is not normal when you put the lives of animals over the value of ones own species.

    I can understand and support the rights of animals to live, but to what level in our communities is the question. A person like this should be charged with crimes of bestiality!

    • MrMAD says:

      Why block her?

      Because I don’t have time for that. I’m sure this is the opinion of most here in this blog as well. We want solutions, things done, actions taken. We have seen enough of how “determined they are to ruin the lives of others” with their insane behavior with all their over-the-top comments on their extreme affection to their animals, like the ones demonstrated here on this page and:
      Dog Psychology 101 – Grandma Mauled by Her Own Dog
      Dog Haters, You are So Arrogant!” – Stupid Comments
      Angry letter from an infuriated dog victim. (in the comments area).

      We already know what kind of people they are.

      Now, it’s OUR time to DO something REAL to combat that CRAZE.

      Ah, just wait for one of the next articles. It will be exactly on the topic of a newly found psychological condition exclusive to dog owners. I even hope to earn a Nobel Prize with that ;-)

  3. It amazes me how many times I see the words “DogAttack” and Dog “rescue” in the same news articles.Maybe there are very good reasons why some dogs end up as strays, dumped or in animal shelters. I am beginning to question the need for finding families for un-owned dogs to adopt them.

    The problem is perpetuated and a placed dog needs to be placed again, or removed from society in some way or other.

    I believe it is therefore essential for people to be educated to own a pet of any kind and to actually be tested on their knowledge and pass 100%, and then to be held 100% accountable for any animal in their charge or care!

    How often do you see zoo animals getting out and attacking? Not many because they have rules to follow and are responsible as best I know anyway.

    It is essential that pet owners are held to account firstly for the people around them, the community, the animals around them, wild and domestic, and for the the animals in their custody. Jail terms for serious breaches of the requirements needed for peaceful communities, animal noise and attacks on people and animals, and for the health and well being of their pets.

    Finally, give people real choice for lifestyle, we need pet free communities to ensure those seeking peace from others pets can get it as a choice!

  4. jackie_24_ says:

    Wow, you guys make me sad. Whenever anyone defends the creatures HUMANS bred, you just rant about spelling and grammar.
    And pits include not just 1 but over 9 breeds, so that represents more dogs than just 1 breed. And pits are feared because they are the only dogs with enough POWER to hurt someone. An abused, exercise-deprived, un-socialized Yorkie can’t do as much damage as one of the thousands of pit bull- type dogs treated like that.
    Pit bull- type dogs also were bred to fight DOGS, not people. If the owner of a fighting pit came into a dog-fighting ring to pull the dog off another dog, and it mauled him, do you think that he would use that dog for very long? No, the cruel person would not use or breed that dog, he would breed the one that is vicious to other dogs, but loyal to him so he could control the dog without dying.
    Pits were bred to listen to the humans, so the humans could control their fighting dog.

    • MrMAD says:

      PBs were *NOT* bred to listen to humans.

      We’ve seen more than enough that, when pbs attack, those beasts do NOT listen to anyone, be it the owner or anyone else, even with ‘incentives’ like pepper spray or a thick iron bar on the head.

      Ah, and pbs are NOT creatures, they are aberrations of nature that specific men helped to manipulate.

      PBs are nothing less than the GMOs of the animal kingdom.

  5. jackie_24_ says:

    I dare you to allow my comments. I doubt you will, unless you are confident you are actually right.

    • MrMAD says:

      Yes, I know I’m right.

      I and all members here base our sayings on facts, clear evidence, and solid data, not by believing in an imaginary dog god in the clouds above our heads.

  6. Give me a community without pit bulls, letme have real choice!~

    • Puma says:

      We chose not to sit idle while these dog freaks have free reign over our streets. We chose to stand up and fight. We could’ve just sat by and allowed these tyrannical upstarts to kill our children and mangle our livlihoods. We did not. There was the choice right there. I vote for a pit bull-free society. They don’t have a place here, not even professionally. They’re far more unstable than the run-of-the-mill mutt, like nitroglycerin sitting among acids. If one drop ever left that beaker, BOOM! The nitroglycerin explodes! What’s worse, is that acid is mostly clear, and so is nitroglycerin, so it is camouflaged. How can you tell which is which? Sniff out the details, if you know what I mean. Get rid of the nitroglycerin before some idiot decides to take it off of the rack then spill it, like these sub-human pit owners are doing.

      Pit owners do more harm than good, even when they get attacked by their own abomination. It still means that “dog” was allowed to live when they do attack their own owners. Dog is not God (go see the article about that, no really go ahead, it will make you even more irrationally angry than you currently are). Hate to burst your slobber-encrusted bubble, dog freaks.

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