A Real *Human* Rights Initiative

Pro-People Advocacy – Against Dog Barking, Biting, Fouling…

NO Dogs, Please! is a multinational group of concerned individuals who have been negatively affected by the seemly uncontrolled behavior of certain dog owners and respective public servants, of all levels.

Stop the Madness about DogsWe want to sleep without disturbance, to walk on clean sidewalks, to appreciate well maintained parks, to observe pristine beaches, to breathe clean air, to enjoy the peacefulness inside our own homes, to maintain our good health, to wander safely in any neighborhood we go to.

We, NO Dogs, Please! members, are Pro-humans. No, we are not dog-haters or animal-haters of any kind. This is not a matter of hating or not any animal, but of expecting society to respect and  protect law-abiding citizens from the abuses of improper dog ownership behaviors and practices.

“We are not the solution, if each one of us did our share, the world would be a much better place. For all.”

Our Goals

We fight for a better, safer and more peaceful life for ourselves and our family members. This is nothing less than one of the most basic rights law-abiding citizens deserve. For that we aim to:

  • Eradicate the problems of anti-social, irresponsible dog ownership;
  • Support victims of dog assault and dog owner harassment;
  • Promote better owner control practices through activism
  • Ameliorate the fouling of land and water by dog excrement;
  • Alert and remind public servants, police and authorities of their duties and responsibilities towards tax-paying citizens.


Major Sections – Visit our Site

NO Dogs, Please! web site is to be composed of several sections, each with a specific purpose, with accompanying internal pages. Also, you may find additional pages of quite interesting info. The main sections and pages are listed below but there are countless more not listed there. They are:

Barking Dogs Dog Law Why?
Biting Dogs Be Safer! What YOU Can Do
Free-Roam Dogs Letters & Awards Sign Our Petitions
Defecating Dogs Contact Us Ridiculous
Murdering Dogs We Boycott
Killing Dogs We Support
Contaminating Dogs
100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?

Irresponsible X Responsible — Dog Owners

Currently there are over 78 million dogs in the United States alone, and several other millions around the world. Not to count the stray ones.

Ownership falls into one of two categories: Responsible dog owners and Irresponsible dog owners. Good dog owners care for their dogs properly with adequate food, exercise, entertainment, shelter, training, licensing, vaccination, cleaning, and companionship.

Responsible dog owners recognize a dog as a high maintenance animal, and in need of constant attention and care. They know that allowing a dog to become a nuisance or threat to others can be detrimental to the dog’s well-being as well as create an environment of hostility, damaging human-animal relations on a much larger scale. They understand their full responsibility as a dog owner.

Bad, irresponsible dog owners allow their dogs to bark, whine, roam free, vandalize, defecate, bite, attack and murder. Dog barking is one of the major problems. Owners are too ignorant or self-centered to understand the needs of a dog or to care whether they are disrupting the lives of others around them. To them, dogs are only accessories to their lives used to build their own self-esteem or purposely used as weapons of aggression.

Their abuses create a multitude of societal problems taxing the surrounding environment, animal control departments, law enforcement and court systems. These types of owners give all dog owners and their pets a bad name.

So, Why Was this Initiative Created?

Apart from the reasons above, there is one major personal reason that I, Mr. M.A.D., decided to start this site and form our NO Dogs, Please! initiative and it involved a 3-year-old little boy who got extremely sick by… dogs.

Dog Barking – A Major Problem

One of the first problems we are going to tackle is dog barking, noise nuisance that is making misery of people’s lives. Dog barking even goes beyond of a highly annoying and loud noise, it causes main health and psychological damages. We aim to eliminate dog barking with proper and responsible activism.

You may read more here on Why? The reasons this blog exists.

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21 Responses to A Real *Human* Rights Initiative

  1. VioletMaria says:

    Hi! I just discovered your site! It seems to be chock full of AWESOME-NESS! Hope to comment here every now and then.

  2. CopChierieder says:

    You created some decent points there. I looked on the net for the issue and identified most people will go together with your web site.

  3. VioletMaria says:

    Something wrong? My comments just disappeared.

    • MrMAD says:

      Hi VioletMaria! Thanks for your comment.

      Your comments did not dissapear, all of them to go through moderation since we receive a huge amount of nasty ‘words’ from dog lunatics.

  4. KaD says:

    *A real human rights initiative…
    Because dogs and dog owners have way too many ‘rights’ already. The right to let their barking lawn ornament keep the entire neighborhood awake. The right to let their fanged missile run loose. The right to leave their shitbag’s feces everywhere. The right to have no charges filed when their mauler harms or kills someone.

  5. dogvictim says:

    Thank you for this site. I have often thought there should be a movement to address the problem of the current dog culture. I seek a dog free living environent. Free of dog noise, dog defecation, dog saliva, dander and fur. In addition to force feeding dog noise to the general public, the dog people bring fur/dander to work places on their clothing, depositing it on shared chairs/furniture etc. Recently retail store have allowed dogs who not only create a safety hazard especially for children but contaminate the shopping environment and even products that we bring into our homes with dog saliva/dander. I would like to enjoy my own backyard without it smelling like a dog toilet. I am tired of irresponsible and hostile dog owners who use their dogs as passive agressive bullies. Is there no place to escape DOGS!? Oh Yes, I’m on board. Thank you again.

    • MrMAD says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the site, DogVictim. Appreciated.

      What you mention what are some of the reasons I started this website. We have to start soundly vocalizing our pleas for a better community. We can not be passive anymore. That time is over for me. My hope is that it is also for many others as well

      A lot of websites talk about all kinds the dangers and problems dogs offer today but I chose to be a little different, more incisive, and providing Solutions. Many interesting things will come soon. Please stay tunned and sign up to receive updated from us. You wil be pleased you did.

      Thanks again.

    • S. D. Martin says:

      Add to that this trend of ODOrs taking their little yapshits everywhere with them and using the convenient excuse: It’s a Therapy Dog! This ain’t Paris, France, people, and not all of us want a DOG next to us in a restaurant/movie theater/coffee shop/grocery store/ANYWHERE. Bringing a dog into a grocery store is just gross. Bad enough when the thing is in a purse or shoulder bag, but when the ODOr is holding it in her (I’ve noticed that 99% of these offenders are women)arms or actually setting it down on the apples or produce while she shops makes me want to puke…

  6. Matthew Ridgeway says:

    Thank you for your web site and your efforts. Making an effective web site on these issues is difficult and verbose criticism by pro dog people (well, being pro dog is not the problem, it is being an offensive person with no regard for helath and safety of others in the community who owns a dog/s) clogging discussions up with nonsense and accusations of hate. I had tried to form groups and built web sites in the past. I know the level of work that goes into them and it takes hour and hours of ones time. I ask everyone, dog owners and non dog owners. Please, do not see this site as a hate site, but as a forum to get animal control issue right, for a totally balanced approach to pet ownership with real consequences for those theat bring the anti-social element into our communities with their poor methods of keeping animals.

    Work together for peaceful communities. AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, promote pet free residential areas/estates so people do have a choice to live within or without pets. Zoning please Local Govt. Zoning!

  7. Jack says:

    I have a number of dog stories. Here is one about barking.

    When I was a boy, the people up the street bought this damned beagle and left it outside all day and all night. That fleabag would not shut up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOoooooo. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOoooooo. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOoooooo. This went on for nearly a year. Then miraculously it stopped. I thought they must have rid themselves of the dog, but no. They had the vet sever the dog’s vocal chords. I walked by their house on my way to school one morning and there was the dog trying its level best to let out a howl but able only to expel air. Well, that was one way to solve the problem. Today, that would probably be considered animal abuse.

    Mention that you are less than enamored with dogs to a dog owner and you get a look like you’re Dr. Mengele.

    Great site!!!

    • MrMAD says:

      Great story, Jack!

      Good for you you don’t have to listen that torturing noise of non-stoppable barking. Lucky you.

      At least the owners did something, taking the dog to a vet to have its vocal cords severed, what I must say is Not considered animal abuse, even today, it’s a normal procedure. However, for sure dog owners would say it’s the end of the world.

      You are absolutely right about the looks we non-dog owners, meaning normal people, get from dog people. They really think we are Mengeles and Hitlers. By coincidence I just mentioned them a few posts ago. What they don’t know or understand is that the freaks are not us. Well, what to expect from people who “love” dogs?

      Glad you’re enjoying the site. A place not just for fun but to have something useful achieved against the current dog craze.

      • TraineeAngel says:

        Couldn’t agree more bro! I have decided that if I split up with my girlfriend my next WILL have to hate dogs!

        “Whoever keeps a dog, his good deeds will decrease every day by one qeeraat (a unit of measurement), unless it is a dog for herding sheep, farming or hunting.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, al-Fath, 2322)

  8. TraineeAngel says:

    I live next door to a sh@thead of a dog that caused me nothing but stress and ruined last year. Of course I was forced by the noise to complain to my council and the noise seem to have calmed down. What doesn’t help is that ALL three of my girlfriends (two ex;s and my current) are crazy dog lovers. Admittedly I do indeed like her dogs but thankfully they don’t live with me.

    What p@sses me off more than anything is that the neighbours ALLOW their piece of excrement to make a noise before attempting to stop it. I got NO SUPPORT from my dog mad girlfriend. I did find this on the web and agree wholeheartedly with it: “Whoever keeps a dog, his good deeds will decrease every day by one qeeraat (a unit of measurement), unless it is a dog for herding sheep, farming or hunting.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, al-Fath, 2322)

    I am sick and tired of all these bleeding heart vegetarian misanthropists (christian hypocrites) saying it all our fault.

    Thank you for letting me vent, GREAT site brothers!

    • MrMAD says:

      TraineeAngel, you are lucky that your council did its job well. Your case is a rarity.

      About the girlfriend, me too had a similar problem. One was like the mix of Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, no joke. One nice night we were entering the subway train, when as soon as the doors opened she suddenly ceased talking to me and rushed to a large dog sitting ON the seat, with all its dirty paws on the fabric. She then hugged and I guess even kissed the mutt, which was profusely salivating from its mouth.

      What did I do?

      I stood by the door, inside, the train left. I did nothing, said nothing, just looked at that scene “how beautiful, how charming this doggie…“. The train got to the very next station, which was not even mine, far from that, doors opened, I left the train, when she, surprised, asked “are you not coming with me?” and I just say: No. Never saw her again.

      I liked her a lot but, with dogs, nooo way. Not even Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, combined. Period!

      Thanks for the nice words and welcome to the site. TraineeAngel!

  9. I have decided, that after years of dealling with this issue, I am still bombarded with barking around my home. Moved house, lost $70K and dragged to court for a criminal offence of begging for the barking to be stopped. I have been an activist and had several dog barking sites of varying angles and amounts of information.

    I have come to the conclusion that helping people understand the issue they are enduring does not help all of us. The situation continues to no end because we help and inform.

    We need to lay of and tell victims nothing. Let them suffer as we have, until they go absolutely nuts.

    I agree, this site is great and has a lot of valuable information and appropriate praise too. So does Craig Mixon and his site. Peter Bright and his great efforts there in Tasmania. I commend you all on a great effort. But getting support and getting real change still eludes us all. Why? Becuase we tell the truth and people give up. Victims let other victims down. Victims can not ger together and agree on what we need to do. But most of all, we get no grouping of any significance.

    I have built a new site declaring I don’t give as much care as I used to. Simply because we can not group up. I suggest you withdraw you info site until people get the hint, you want a fix,then get involved or suffer.

    And that’s the truth. If you want to see my new site, put some effort in and find it yourself, just like all of us have done now and in the past.

    Thanks for the site, it’s great, but we fail to inspire real change.

    I wish you all luck, but we need to do better. Where do we go wrong?

  10. Janice says:

    Hello, I appreciate your website. I am (what I consider) a responsible dog owner. And oh boy, are you right on the money about dog owners in general. Owning a dog is a lot like raising a child, they are high maintenance, and utterly dependant on their owners for food, shelter, and learning good habits. I do not currently own any pets, both my dogs died of old age recently. However, my dogs never ran loose, did not bark except to alert me that a car was coming up the driveway, or an animal got in their (fenced yard)- we live in the country. I loved my dogs and I took very good care of them, but I gotta say, there’s some people out here that don’t and I really hate them and their dogs. Thank you for a blog with another point of view.

    • MrMAD says:

      Welcome to the blog, Janice.

      It’s nice to see there are responsible pet owners out there, people who see things how they are, not how they should be in their mind.

      • janice says:

        Thank you, Mr. Mad. As a matter of fact, I am thinking to not get another pet. For one thing, I’m still grieving for my two little guys. For another, I’m not sure I want to take on that responsibility again at my time in life, it’s a huge expense and a lot of work. I do enjoy reading the posts on this blog, it’s interesting to see other points of view.

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