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No Dog Barking

We invite you to sign our Petitions wich are the main objective of this website: to unite educated, progressive people who want to make things better, against the current dog craze that plagues our cities today.

Why are Our Petitions Important?

Our NO Dogs, Please! petitions are important because they aim to raise awareness among the population at the same time that creating a strong force to demand significant changes from elected officials. This is the only way to get something changed for the better, just complaining on our computers will not.

Our petitions are different, meaning better, because they are safer since your names or any other personal details are not published, so your privacy is assured. The only ones to see are the members of this site, like-minded people with same objectives, and elected officials that by law have the obligation to keep these records private. We only list the location of the people who signed most recently, which stay on the petition’s page only until other people sign as well. You so can be confident the petition is always growing.

All you need to do is to sign.

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Please bookmark our site and visit back soon to sign our other petitions that are to come. You will be pleased with the changes.

Contact Your Friends

Hopefully you would also help us — and you — by contacting your friends, and the friends of your friends,  family, relatives, co-workers… so they could sign as well.

Our Future Petitions

Dog-free Communities
No Dogs Anywhere Public
Stop Defecating on Streets
Leaving a Dog Unattended
Leash and Muzzle At All Times
More to Come…

Petitions We Support

See some petitions, at, that we support, although a little different from ours, below. They were started by — another international initiative against the dog epidemic — and are basically stalled at the moment since there was no involvement from the media and other interested parties, which we now are contacting, as we speak. Petitions will also be multinational since this is a worldwide problem. They were started by, another pro-human initiative, in Tasmania, Australia. A very small place, in a remote part of the planet, but already plagued by dog problems.

The current ones are:

Your help making better communities for us all is highly appreciated!

P.S. – This page is a constant work in progress. The best educational tools come from experience. With your help and expertise we can do anything. We want your feedback, tell us what you think.

3 Responses to Sign Our Petitions!

  1. buddy says:

    stop all dog barking im against most from having dogs as they get as puppies then throw them to back yards when bigger and older

    • MrMAD says:

      Yes, that’s what a lot of people are doing nowadays as the novelty fades and reality kicks in. That’s why we call them Backyard Ornaments, not without a reason.

      That’s one of the goals of this website, educate people that dog ownership is NOT the fairytale they see on tv, movies, cartoons… It demands great responsibility, a lot of time, and piles of money.

  2. lee77 says:

    The place where I live now does not allow dogs — which is why I chose it — but I have had problems with barking dogs in the past and expecting the so-called “authorities” to do something is a waste of time, as is contacting and attempting to “reason” with the owner.

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