The Dog Lovers’ SANATORIUM – Most Stupid Things Dog Owners Say

Most Stupid Things Dog Owners Say – The Doggists’ Sanatorium

Find out the most ridiculous and insane things dog owners say, and do, conversations that you, as a normal person, would only expect to find in a Sanatorium full of incurably sick persons, people of the highest degree of insanity.

stupid things dog owners say

This is Not a joke post, it’s real, all made true by hard-core dog lunatics.

My respect for the real mentally challenged persons

First of all, my utmost respect for the persons who, due to a little but significant mistake made by nature, came to develop some kind of mental illness that impaired them of living a normal life. They didn’t choose to become mentally ill, it was forced upon them and they had no recourse. Again, it was not their choice. This post has nothing to do with them, at all. Once more, my full respect for them, their families, and the real doctors who fight for them to live a better life.

Dog lovers, on the other hand, choose to live an unhealthy, demented life.

Ok, ahead.

What is a Sanatorium?



Sanatoriums – A hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases, as tuberculosis or various nervous or mental disorders.

Psychiatric Hospital

Psychiatric hospitals – Hospitals or wards specializing in the treatment of serious psychiatric diseases, such as clinical depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Also known as…


Also known as…

Mental hospitals / Psychiatric wards /
Psych wards

Around the world, the words Sanatoriums, Hospices, Psychiatric Hospitals, Psychiatric Wards, Psych Wards, are used to define a place where people with deep mental deficiencies live or are treated. Every country, a different word.

In simpler terms: Sanatoriumwhere crazy people live.

In this article: Sanatoriumwhere crazy DOG OWNERS live. Eg, everywhere.

Crazy dog owners above is used as a pleonasm as all dog owners are intrinsically crazy, unless they are a Responsible dog owner, what is extremely rare.

The Most Stupid Things Dog Owners Say

Moronic, deranged, psychotic, crazed animal, retarded, idiotic, insane, ludicrous, ridiculous, demented, asshole, jackass, oaf, uncultured, delusioned, clumsy, jerks, strange, cuckoo, fruitcake, flacky, wacko, loco, screwball, dangerous, thick, suckers, disturbed, unbalanced, loony, basket case, bonkers, bipolar, nuts, crackers, psycho, mental, maniac, abnormal, crackpot,… well, simply… mentally ill.

It’s not something made up by us non-dog-people, meaning normal people, to denigrate the image of dog people. Even Google is aware of them:

dog owners are idiots dog owners are stupid crazy idiots

Dog owners are idiots.
Some dog owners are idiots. Yeah, just some.


Pitbull dog owners are no exception.

The Most Stupid Things Dog Owners Say – And Do!

So, let’s go.

These are the statements and conversations you would ONLY expect to hear from those demented people but that we are hearing basically anywhere:

“Dogs are people, too!”

“He’s (the dog’s) friendly!!”

“Because Pet Parents Are Moms Too!”

“It’s all about how you raise them…”

“My dogggie never hurt a flie…”

“Biggest baby!”

“All dogs bite!”

“Get educated!”

“PBs (pitbulls) used to be nanny dogs!”

“Blame the deed, not the breed!”

“I wonder what provoked them…”

“How do you know I don’t have a leash in my pocket?”

“My dog won’t like that muzzle!”

“They are dogs! Don’t you know that?!”

“They are my Babies!!!”

“I am a mother of dogs!”

“They are part of the family!”

“My dogs are better behaved than those pesky kids out there!”

Fortunately, sane people still say logical things:

“The dog acts as a projection of the human’s stupid. Stupid people without dogs don’t have such a mobile way of letting others know how moronic they are.”

“It (a dog) does seem to attract a certain kind of stupid, though.”

“They are domesticated disease carrying vermin. “

“Common sense is not so common”
— Voltaire

“You cannot convince a dog lover of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep-seated need to believe”
— Carl Sagan

This is just the first draft of many. Frequent updates to come.

Have you heard something overly stupid a dog owner said to you recently?

Let us know!

(Once again – Not counting this paragraph here, this article so far, the finalised first edition, has exactly 666 words – the number of the Beast – with No adjustments made on my part at all to come at that. Dogs really have something evil in and around them. It’s not just coincidence.)

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39 Responses to The Dog Lovers’ SANATORIUM – Most Stupid Things Dog Owners Say

  1. BK says:

    As a dog owner, I do agree that the way a dog is raised by its owner has a huge impact on its behavior and temperment. That being said, I will NEVER own a pit bull. Way too much risk with that breed.

    The last one on your list really irritates me as well. It’s usually said by stupid dog people who throw hissy fits when they find out they can’t bring their dog into a store, a restaurant, or someone else’s house. Ain’t it funny how they always seem to notice the misbehaving kids but not the misbehaving dogs?

    I’ve also had quite a few people tell me “you shouldn’t even have a dog” when I tell them that we don’t allow our dog on the furniture or that we crate him when we have visitors. Apparently, they think that there’s an “official” manual for dog owners or something.

    • S says:

      Nobody’s allergic to the kids.

      • BK says:

        Nobody is afraid of the kids either like they might be with a dog. My mother is afraid of large breed dogs, so we make sure ours doesn’t bother her when they visit. If you choose to alienate friends and family members over a dog, then your priorities are clearly out of whack.

  2. Bravo says:

    My dawg doesn’t bark.

    That wasn,t my dog (that pooped in your lawn And I was looking at him).

    Somehow got out (pit bull that escaped backyard).

    “My Dog Gets Upset If I Leave Him/Her Alone Too Long.”

    “Our dog doesn’t like our friends….”
    “He’s fine until we get too close to his food or toys….”
    “Our dog bit my daughter but he didn’t really mean to hurt her….”
    “Our dog has bitten people and we’re afraid of him. Where can we get help?”
    Finding a qualified trainer”Sorry, I Have To Go Let My Dog Out.”

    “He Doesn’t Like When You Do That.”

    “He Loves Taking Selfies With Me.

    “She’s never bitten anyone before!”

    “He never did this with my previous vet.”

    “That’s just her way of talking.”

    “He’s just scared.”

    “She was abused as a puppy.”

    “He’s just playing!”

    “People think that she’s bad because she’s lWhatever], but she’s really not.”

    “She’s never liked men.”

    “She’s just mouthy.”

    “He only hates vets.”

    He/She’s just a puppy.

    He/She is a rescue.

    He/She doesn’t mean it.

    The other dogs will correct him/her if there’s a problem.

  3. Drronnie says:

    What is pretty annoying to me is when I see pics on google images of dirty dogs “comforting” sick people on their death bed. This is not a good sign at all. As if the last thing a dying person wants to see is a fleabag.

  4. S says:

    Dogs bark. It’s what they do.

  5. BK says:

    “You have to let a dog be a dog.”

    This one is usually said in discussions regarding undesirable behavior. Some people don’t mind their dogs jumping on them, begging for food, pawing for attention, etc, so they think that other people should be ok with it too.

    • S says:

      I hate when people do that. And they’re wrong. It’s completely possible to discipline a dog, and it is an owner’s duty to do so. The vast majority, it seems, don’t even try. They never even say a firm “NO,” which is the very least that should happen when a dog behaves badly.

      • BC says:

        You’re right but dogs don’t understand the NO. Be it chinese or russian or arabic or !*&^%$#$. For them it’s just a BARK, a louder BARK from a perceived more powerful and intimidating leader.

        • S says:

          They can learn what NO means if properly taught. It needs to be firm and threatening. They will understand the tone of voice and body language. Worst case, add a swat with a rolled-up newspaper.

  6. KaD says:

    Check this out; seems like alot of dog owners finding out it’s not what the dream boat they thought it would be:

  7. AntiRetard says:

    These people are beyond bonkers:

    ‘We don’t put down child molesters or murderers’: Lawyer for owner of two vicious Staffordshire terriers that mauled a nine-year-old girl slams the local council after they are killed.

    • MrMAD says:

      Beyond bonkers, indeed.

      Once more doggists comparing people and dogs…

      Dogs are NOT people, ODORs, they are NOT!

      • BK says:

        “Of course dogs aren’t people; they’re better than people. Dogs don’t judge you, stab you in the back, or any of that. All they want is to love you. The more people I meet, the more I love my dog!”

        These are the rantings I’ve heard from crazy dog people when you try to explain to them that dogs aren’t people.

        • S says:

          Everyone who’s been attacked by a dog knows damn well that dogs DO judge you, and they MISjudge you.

          The worshipers are delusional, plain and simple.

        • AntiRetard says:

          As usual, doglovers try to pose as special and intelligent and superior. How far is that.

          As they consider that dogs are SO GREAT they should give up any interaction whith humans.

          They should give up Internet, TV, smartphones, cars, air travel, good food, housing, good health care, clothing, money… anything and everything human-related as all of them were invented or developed by the ‘despicable’ humans, not dogs.

          They should go LIVE with dogs, which are wolf descendants, and become just like some of those “wolf boys”, that really existed in real life, not because it was showcased in a movie. See that:

          “A feral child is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no (or little) experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and, crucially, of human language.”

  8. anon says:

    ” I dont trust anyone who doesnt like dogs”
    I agree with the above poster. If we are so bad, go live on an island all alone with them

    • MrMAD says:

      They never understand that they – the owners – are humans too, so it means he even hates HIMSELF!

      A truly demented person, no joke. Any psychologist could confirm that (except psychologists who own dogs, probably).

    • BK says:

      I cringe whenever I hear that statement, because it is completely lacking in logic. I know quite a few people who aren’t all that fond of dogs and I trust them quite a bit. On the flipside, I know people with dogs who I wouldn’t trust one single bit.

  9. Bravo says:

    “If you work at night, sleep during the day, you should find another job. All dogs bark during the day.”
    My fkng stupid neighbor.

    • MrMAD says:

      She is clever:

      “if public land has been reserved for off-leash areas, the same percentage of land should be reserved for people-only parks.”

      Absolutely fair.

      Of course that NO parks should be reserved for dogs, animals that pose such a high risk in so many fronts. That would be the only logical and sane decision – for all involved – but…

      A point of concern is that the report, and the related websites, are clearly pro-dog. Just click on them and you will see. This strongly hinders her efforts.

      Her organization can not be found anywhere eitehr.

      Anyway, I hope her all the best.

      ps. Can we learn anything from her? Could we replicate her initiative in our city?

      BTW – This is comment number 2,000. Yes, 2,000 approved comments. There’s a lot of angry people just because of dogs. Thanks to you all for keeping this rolling and hopefully making a dent against the insanity of dog ownership, worshiping.

      • KaD says:

        If you read the article you’ll notice she got into this mode after she and her toddler were attacked by a dog in a public park. Dog parks are a bad idea, period. If you want your dog to run loose buy an acreage and have it fenced in.

  10. MrMAD says:

    “He’s nice to me, so everyone else must be making it up.”
    Animal Control staff

  11. BK says:

    “If my dog can’t go, then I’m not going either.”

    This is said by emotionally unstable people who feel that they can’t function in life unless their dog is right by their side. They will forego places like restaurants, movies, and even visits to family and friends if the dog can’t come. Some of these people go so far as to show up at people’s house with the dog and they don’t bother to check with the homeowner beforehand to see if it’s ok. Then they have the nerve to get an attitude when the homeowner won’t let the dog inside.

    • S says:

      Good riddance to them.

      I once had a visitor show up at my home with two large dogs, uninvited and unannounced. (The owner was invited; the dogs were not.) He hadn’t mentioned bringing the dogs. Just went ahead and brought them. I couldn’t believe his audacity.

      To me it was like if I went into someone’s home and lit up a cigarette without getting their approval first. Or worse than that, even. I was really worried about fleas, not to mention the filth, hair, smell, allergens, etc., etc.

      • BK says:

        Did you let the dogs come in, or did you tell all of them to kick rocks? That type of behavior by that visitor is the epitome of entitlement.

        • S says:

          The person I was living with at the time let them in, to my great dismay. I came downstairs and saw huge dogs making themselves at home in my living room! I was horrified, and I made it clear. The man removed the dogs and came back without them.

          • BK says:

            Thankfully, the guu had a sense of decency. You would be amazed at the number of people who would look at you as the bad guy for telling them that their uninvited dog has to go.

    • KaD says:

      To people like this I say “Good for you!”. Stay home with your damn dogs. Stop inflicting them on the rest of us.

  12. BK says:

    Here’s another gem I’ve heard: “Once you adopt a dog, it’s for life! You never give up a dog for any reason!!!” These people really do mean this. They say that allergies are not a valid reason for giving up a dog, and that you should be willing to take allergy medication so that the dog can stay. They also feel that moving to a new place that doesn’t allow dogs isn’t valid either. I’ve heard them say stuff like “if you’re moving to a new place and they don’t allow dogs, then don’t move there!” They seem to think that everyone who is moving to a new spot has the luxury of taking their time to see if it’s dog friendly.

    • Bravo says:

      They resemble some of those extremely religious people who’d prefer to let a family member DIE than to have a simple blood transfusion.

  13. Lily says:

    “Wait for it : ‘it’s not the dog…it’s the owners’….yeah yeah. Nasty breed of dog. Should be banned.
    – so should the likes of you ”

    “what did she do to the dog?”

    “It’s just a flesh wound.”

    Read more:

  14. AntiRetard says:

    Serious mental illnesses, those dog lovers.

  15. Bravo says:

    Dogs are just like children…

    There is no way of knowing how that dog was treated in the past…

    NO dog is born aggressive… It is made that way by US HUMANS…

    Dogtards wisdom goes beyond the infinite.

  16. Bravo says:

    They are extremely obedient. They are off leash certified.

    This man did the equivalent of drowning a baby (killing a dog) because it (the baby!) wouldn’t stop crying. There is no excuse.

    12 weeks (hearing barking) isn’t enough (to kill a dog)!!

    Anyone who does not like the sound of dogs baking is anti animal and should attend an animal welfare course.

    I have 4 dogs who are quite noisy and my neighbours do complain every now and then but I tell them to get stuffed and that my dogs are more important. So far nothing has happened.

    If it (barking) bothers you that much you should move, the dog shouldn’t be rehomed.

    No one will ever stop dogs barking

    If someone can kill a dog, they should not be walking the streets, they could loose their temper at any time and kill someone.

    Next drowned and eviscerated victim of his with be the autistic child, just you wait.

    You wouldn’t kill a Baby if it kept you up in the middle of the night. A life is a life its no different.

    It’s noise… Police don’t deal with noise… Have no powers to deal with noise… Killing an animal because it annoys you? If ever there was graphic proof of how cruel humans are…

    At least these guys were right:

    A dog is not a human child, you need to get out an encyclopedia and check the difference. Dogs generally have four legs and a tail while the baby has two legs and no tail. There is no excuse for not knowing these things.

    I think you need to attend a social neighbour course, because you’re causing unfair distress to your neighbours.

    Don’t think you realize how much stress a barking dog can cause and the effects of it. When you are stressed your body goes into the ‘fight or flight’ response and secretes more cortisol. And if he is a pilot he probably gets enough stress on the job and needs some quiet at home.

    Countrychic – when you were a kid, should you have been banned?

    Most of these insane comments came from

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