The “Responsible Dog Owners” Test

Are you a Responsible, Considerate Pet Owner? Really?

Are You a Responsible Dog Owner? TestConsiderate people are something not too easy to come by nowadays. Even more difficult is to find a considerate, responsible, honest dog-owner. Sure, they exist, but the irresponsible ones are – by far – the vast, absolute majority.

Certainly, even among those inconsiderate people there are many who think they are nice, law abiding citizens. Not in the eyes of decent, respectful, educated people. Let’s see.

What is Responsibility?

Webster Dictionary defines it as the quality or state of being responsible; as moral, legal, or mental accountability. Responsibility relating to pet ownership covers a wide range of topics and areas.

A person has a responsibility to him/herself to make an informed decision about adding a pet to the household. Different breeds of cats and dogs have different needs and personalities as well as maintenance requirements. Some birds need more handling and attention than others. That person is the sole one to find the right match if they take the decision to own an animal in their homes.

As a responsible pet owner, I am more than willing to comply with regulations. Even the ones that are not written.

A person has a responsibility to provide health care, food, shelter, training, exercise and most of all attention. All this takes time, commitment, and money. If one cannot provide basic needs for a pet then neither will be happy.

A person has a responsibility to the community for himself and his/her pet to be good neighbors and obey laws set in place for protection of animals, people and property.

The “Responsible Dog Owner Test” – A Checklist

First, a question: Would you choose to be the owner of the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant (that in Japan which is currently leaking huge amounts of radioactivity and is just about to kill people, if not have already)? Would you? Well, if you were responsible, certainly you would surround yourself of all the information and protection available. Most importantly, you would *prevent* that to happen.

The same applies to dogs. Dogs can be like a fire gun: a fully loaded weapon, unlocked, defective, at large, contaminated, and many times left unsupervised in the hands of kids, a little child, even babies.

So please read carefully below all the characteristics of a real Responsible Dog Owner and see how you relate to them. At the end you can get the results of how well, or not, you fared.

Let’s start:

You thoroughly educated yourself (and your family members), well before getting a dog, on potential prevention strategies including:

• educational programs on canine behavior, especially directed at children;
• laws for regulating dogs, specially dangerous or vicious ones;
• enhanced animal control programs;
• educational programs regarding responsible dog ownership and training.

You never got a dog as a gift or donated. You know there is no way for you to know the history of that animal, unless you start an investigation, something that obviously you won’t do.

You bought your dog from a certified seller, be it a pet shop or breeder, not complaining they cost more.

You bought your dog Not to be a yard decoration or a fashion statement but just because you really enjoy a pet.

You took your dog to be neutered at your veterinarian, even before bringing it to your home, paying the fees.

You took your dog to the vet to have a front paw declawing, paying the associated costs.

You had your dog to the veterinarian to be micro-chipped so it could be easily identified.

You applied for a city license for your dog(s), paying the full fee(s).

You renew the city license for your dog(s), paying the full fee(s), every year, without delay.

You successfully attended and completed the training in the control of dogs, even when not mandatory by the city.

You never are in denial about the bad behavior of your dog.

You always pay any fines you may receive because of the unruly behavior of your dog.

You never challenge the city in court after you received a fine.

You never got a criminal record as you clearly know that criminals love dogs, specially dangerous one.

You always get and renew an insurance policy due to your dog’s actions, at a minimal of US$1 million, since you love your dog and never know what your dog can do.

You keep your dog with an ID tag at all times, like in its collar, including when at home, inside the house.

You take your dog for full training (behavioral, barking…) with a professional dog trainer, even before taking the animal to your property.
You never took that dog to your home if that animal had not successfully completed and passed the training.

You take your dog to a veterinarian at least once a year, even when your pet seems to be perfectly normal.

You take your dog for a walk at least once a day, every day of the week, holidays and weekends included, be it raining, snowing or scorching hot.

You never say “my dog never barks” since you now it is not true, unless you had its vocal cords surgically removed.

You never say “my dog never bit anyone” when you now it is not true.

You never say “my dog never bit anyone *before*” because you now it is not true it could not happen in the future.

You never let your dog bark, never meaning never, day or night, momentarily or incessantly, inside or outside, never. Better yet(i), after you trained the dog not to bark, you buy it a anti barking collar to be used 24 hours a day. Even better (ii), you take your dog for a debark surgical procedure at your vet of choice, paying the full fees, certainly.

You never allow your dog to damage the property you share with your neighbor, like a fence or garden. If that happens, you promptly admit the problem and offer to immediately pay for the damage in full, accompanied by sincere apologies.

You always pick up after your pet, no exceptions. No bag? You carry it with your hands and dispose them off at your home, Not anywhere else.

You always thoroughly sanitize, with disinfectant, the place where your dog had dropped, even when in public places. Just picking up after your dog is NOT enough since you know there are numerous diseases in dog feces and that even kids have already died because of it.

You always let your dog to pee only in the gutter, when outside, never on the sidewalk, or other people’s garden or wall, or parks, for example.

You always give your dog a shower, at least once every other day, Not just a week or a month, since you don’t want it to smell bad and you be called an irresponsible pet owner.

You always give your dog a bath or make it use dog shoes before entering into your home since you don’t want to bring ‘muddy substances’ into your home.

You always take a shower (yourself, not your dog) and wear fully clean clothes before leaving your home since you know when you were in contact with that animal you got covered in dander and dog hair. Certainly, you don’t want to contaminate people who suffer allergies out there.

You always keep your dog away from your bed, sofa, kitchen… since you know they carry a number of diseases, including serious and deadly ones.

You always carry your dog in a crate when you have it in your car since you know dogs moving around can and do cause car accidents. Certainly you don’t want to pay more for car insurance.

You always have your dog on a leash when outside. That meaning a non-retractile leash with a maximum 1 meter long/3 feet long. Also, you are holding it And is attached to the animal.

You don’t take more than one dog when you walk your pet. You understand this is an invitation for disaster when several leashes are mingled together.

You always have your dog muzzled when outside, including in your backyard since you know it may run away. Always.

You always have your dog under your full control, specially when outside.

You never allow your dog to be handled by people who are physically or mentally unable to fully control your dog. That includes no kids, elderly.

You never allow your dog to charge at people or objects, be it the postman, your neighbor in their backyard, or a kid riding a bike in the sidewalk.

You always provide all necessary vaccines for your dog, and pay full price for them.

You never disguise your dog as a “Service Dog”. It is a crime in many places, if not most, by the way.

You never say that, in case your dog is small, that it is not a hazard or inconvenience to other people.

You never take your dog with you in the airplane cabin, even if your pet is in a bag or crate. You know your dog has to be in a crate And in the cargo area of the plane, nowhere else.

You never take your dog with you to public places, like restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, libraries, book stores, beaches…

You never take your dog with you to Hospitals!

You never take your dog with you in closed public places, like elevators or taxis.

You never take your dog with you to your workplace as you know it is a nuisance distraction and some people may be allergic, for example.

You never expect special treatment just because you have a dog.

You never expect people to like your dog or enjoy its presence just because you like yours.

You never hate people who do not like a dog, including yours.

You never expect people to do your obligations as a dog owner, fully knowing that you are totally responsible for your own actions and the ones caused by your dog.

You never compare dogs to people, much less proclaim that dogs are better then people, or even worse, kids.

You never make excuses for your mistakes or the problems caused by your dog.

You refuse to get any ‘Bull’ type dog. Shun everyone who does. Let them know it’s not acceptable, and that they are clearly an outcast among your friends and neighbors.

You separate any children from dogs, not just young kids or babies.

You never allow your dog to be in close proximity of little kids, much less babies.

You never expect to have your dog to function as a security system as you know it is too easy to “incapacitate” a dog, and that even the most stupid of thieves knows that very well.

You never leave your dog alone in your property when you go to work or are outside for any reason. You find or hire someone to take care of it, and pay the fees.

You never leave your dog alone in your property when you travel, not even for a day in the mountains. You take it to a dog hotel, and pay the fees.

You never leave your dog alone in your car when you go for shopping in the supermarket. You leave it at home, like above.

You always donate to charity (regarding humans, not animals) at least the same amount of all the money you spend with your dogs.

You never allow your dog to sniff on others people crotch or butt, even when your animal is with you holding it on a leash and muzzled.

You never allow your dog to charge on people, even when your animal is under your full control.

You never allow your dog to jump on people, even when your animal is with you holding it on a leash. You know it’s rude And dangerous.

You never call the police because your neighbor knocked multiples times on your door to complain that your dog had for repeated times crapped in his garden.

You never call the police to complain that your neighbor woke you up late at night since his family could not sleep due to your dogs barking.

You never tie your dog at the front door of a business, any business, inconveniencing passers by, patrons and workers alike.

You never take your dog with you in the bus or subway or train, unless it is in a crate, and a clean one certainly.

You never say you love dogs but hate kids. You know you were a kid some day in the past.

You always and only take your dog to a ‘dog park’, never to a people-friendly park since you know decent people do not want to be stepping in or around poop or be confronted by a barking, snarling, off leash (or even leashed) weapon. They just want a nice human time.

► You never take your dog into parks that have children’s playgrounds.

You never allow your dog to be in your kitchen, or close to any food, much less when you or your family are enjoying a meal.

You never take your pet with you when you visit your relatives, friends, or coworkers who do not not have dogs.

You always restrain your dog, usually in a crate, when you receive your relatives, friends, or workmates for a visit.

You never have more than one 1 dog, since they are really cumbersome and there is no need for that.

You never collect street, lose dogs and bring those animals to your property also because you know the zoning area does not allow kennels.

You never allow your pet to tear open garbage, dig up gardens, kill other pets and livestock, drool over whatever gets in their way.

You never run out and get a dog on impulse because you saw one on a TV show that was acting so “smart and friendly” since you know those dogs have been professionally trained for years by people who know what they are doing.

You clearly know that if your dog happens, by accident of course, to be running lose then you are fully responsible for whatever happens. Really anything.

You never take your dog for a walk just because it wants to defecate and urinate outside on public or other peoples spaces. You let your animal to make its necessities on Your property only. And clean it accordingly right away.

You never get off on making other people’s lives miserable by allowing your dog to do whatever that and you want, like barking or defecating, anytime, anywhere.

You never allow your dog to do whatever it wants, even in an off-leash area. You know you are responsible for your animal at all times.

You never allow, nor think it’s ‘cute’, your dog to do get into fights even in a dog park.

You never allow our dog to run after the neighbors cats and kids, snarling or killing.

You never allow your dog to annoy other people and say “he’s just playing”, “she’s not going to hurt you”, “he’s just trying to say hi”…

You never make excuses, much less ridiculous ones, for the bad behavior of your dog, and maybe yours too, like “so, if I have to pick up after my dog in the park, so you should clean up free birds poop, too.” 

You always, as a responsible dog owner, take responsibility for educating other dog owners so you are not labeled just like they are.

You never chastise or criticize people for not having a dog.

You never call your animal things like ‘Angel’ and ‘Popsie’, or “He or She”, or say “mommy is here”…

You never say that you are the mother of a dog because you know the mother of a dog is – literally – a bitch.

You never, ever, hate people who hate or just do not like dogs, including your dog.

You always wash AND sanitize your dog’s butt after it craps since you do not want diseases to spread everywhere.

You never sleep with your dog in your bed or couch, nor let any member of your family to do so.

You never say you can’t travel or take a vacation ‘because of my dog’.

You never stay in hotels that do Not allow dogs, specially by hiding the animal in your baggage just because you consider it as ‘people’, a “member of your family”.

You never treat dogs as Humans but instead let them be how Nature Intended it to be.

You never exceed the city’s limit on the number of dogs someone can have in a property. In some some building it is zero dogs.

You never move to a neighborhood where residents have no dogs a all, much less to make you feel special.

You never move to a building or community that do not allow dogs.

You never take your dog along a walk with a friend who do not have dogs.

You always move to the side of a sidewalk or trail when someone is passing by, during your walk with your animal.

You never “play the victim” saying the likes of “why do you people hate me” when they say they don’t like dogs.

You never threaten to GUN DOWN or INJURE or KILL or people just because they said something bad, usually true, about your animal.

You never tell people who complain about your dog that they are crazy and their place is in a psychiatric hospital.

You never go to anti-dogs/dog-haters/pet ownership awareness websites to try to persuade non dog owners to become dog owners.

You never go to anti-dogs/dog-haters websites to post that you are a Responsible Dog Owner. A RDO shows it by their actions, not fake words.

You always place your dog’s mess in a bag it And bin it – in any public litter bin, never throwing it around or leaving it behind. If there are no litter bins nearby, you take it home and dump it in your toilet. No bin? No bag? No excuse.

You ALWAYS carry a bag(s) when you walk your dog.
You never do something unethical or criminal with your dog just because no one is looking or there are no police officers around.

You never give a dog (either your own or any other) as a gift or donation to anyone. Being responsible, you don’t want to give a lot of trouble to someone else. Well, perhaps to an enemy but that wouldn’t make you responsible as that is what we are talking about.

You never abandon your dog when you don’t want it anymore, after all the headaches it caused you and your family. You take the animal to your vet and have it euthanized, paying the fees in full.

You do not let your dog use your bathtubs for a shower. Ever.

You do not let your dog use your dishes/kitchen utensils. It’s highly insanitary.

You do not try to make people feel inferior just because they do not have a dog.

You do not take your dawg to cemeteries. It’s extremely disrespectful.

You always report to authorities (and never hide) information on:

• nuisance barking dogs
• owners that do not pick after their dogs
• free roaming dogs (not just yours)
• near attacks (including the ones from your dogs)
• dog-related injuries (including the ones caused by your dogs)
• mistreatment of animals, like left unsupervised with no food or water, or in the cold or scorching heat.

You always apologize, in a sincere way, when your dog happens to create some trouble with people. You never run away pretending nothing happened.

You immediately have your dog put down, sacrificed, euthanized as soon as you have had it turn on you, or anybody else.
No second thoughts. No delays. No excuses.

Ah, the most important of all ► You never say/scream/yell “I DO NOT HAVE TO RESPECT ANY OF THAT $HIT! ME AND MY DAWGS IS SPECIAL!!!!

That’s all!

I didn’t make up any of the _bad_ attitudes above. You may do a web search for any and all of it and find examples of the disrespect that is happening right now, by the minute.

Results for the “Responsible Dog Owners Test”

So, how did you fare? There are just a few possibilities:

1 – You answered Yes to ALL statements above


You are really a Responsible Dog Owner. You should be proud because you are an exception. A really rare kind of person. We just hoped there were more like you. The world would be a much better place, and this web site would have no reason to exist. Please continue to be the way you are and do not succumb to your inferior colleagues. Once more, I – and probably every non-dog owner out there – admire you as a Responsible Dog Owner!

2 – You answered Yes to MOST statements above

OK! But you can do better.

You may be a reasonable pet owner at this time but there is a lot to work on, and you must be willing to resolving them as soon as possible, like… yesterday.

3 – You answered Yes to SOME statements above

BAD! Really bad!

I’m sorry for you, your animal (since you treat it as an animal at best, not a pet), and specially for the people that live close to you. That is undoubtedly not a nice place to be around.

4 – You answered Yes to NONE of the statements above

HORRIBLE! Impossible to be worse!

You are a true psychopath, the scum of society, a kind of people no one wants to live around, no one stands you (maybe the worst of criminals). You probably live in a crime ridden area or one just coming to be one. Please be a favor to the world and seek immediate psychiatric help, urgently. Oh, you don’t have money? Your pit-bulls can easily solve that for you.

If you aren’t prepared to do all the above – DON’T OWN A DOG!

I am absolutely sure, 200% certain that certain individuals will come here shouting, yelling, screaming: “It is impossible to do all that!!!!“. Well, the owners of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant thought the same.

You be certain that I’m also sure that I forgot to mention some things in the list.

Responsible owners keep their dogs quiet,
like invisible ones

Final Thoughts

Is that easy being a Responsible Dog Owner? No, it is not. That is why people should not be allowed to own a pet without being fully aware of the consequences. A pet is not just that little cute animal with big eyes you got with just a few days of life. It will grow and become a burden for most, or too big for many places, like apartments. Taking care of a pet will take an enormous amount of your time and your money. Sometimes it will even take lives.

Note that we are NOT telling people that they should Not have a dog. We just ask that they be *RESPONSIBLE*. That’s all.

Leave Your Comments Below

Bad dog owners and their out of control dogs make us, decent, law abiding, educated people, angry, stressed, upset, and/or depressed. Our patience and tolerance have been compromised with ongoing dog harassment. Your opinions here are welcome, but please be respectful of each other as we are all victims who share the same torment. We all need to express ourselves and verbally purge our personal dog war experiences in a safe environment.

Self-monitoring and maturity is requested. Funnel all that negative energy into some positive action! Get involved!

Complaints will be taken and abusers who bite will be subject to muzzling and removal.

Let’s make ours a better place to live. We all deserve it.

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31 Responses to The “Responsible Dog Owners” Test

  1. S says:

    A lot of dog owners sincerely believe that they are good owners, and that they are responsible and respectful, because their dogs are “friendly.” Their dogs don’t hurt anyone, so great… right?

    I remember a time when I was at a state park — not a dog park — where dogs were supposed to be leashed. I was walking along, minding my own business, when suddenly a “friendly” dog came bounding up to me, jumped up and put its muddy paws on my clean shirt and slobbered on me. The owners were some distance behind, holding the leash (not attached to the dog) and smiling at how cute it was that the dog was so nice. Wasn’t it sweet?

    I had to drive several hours home before I could change out of my filthy clothes and wash the slobber off. I was disgusted and felt violated.

    The point is that a lot of owners just don’t understand that not everyone wants to have dogs all over them. If you are truly respectful, you will understand and accept this, and not let your dog molest anyone unless you are sure that person welcomes it.

    Bad owners genuinely think their dogs are adorable to EVERYONE and that they are doing other people a favor by sharing their dog’s affection. Think again. Making assumptions about what other people enjoy is extremely disrespectful.

  2. Eilidh Somerville says:

    What utter nonsense! Have a good long look at your own species first. I could go through each of those and tell you how ridiculous each one of them is. I’ll elaborate on a few of them though. Humans cause far more noise pollution: FACT! Human kids are more dangerous and get away with far more than dogs: FACT. Restraining a dog with a muzzle and never letting them off lead is more dangerous: FACT! Declawing and debarking is cruel and inhumane: FACT! Humans are far more dangerous than dogs: FACT!

    • MrMAD says:

      Another characteristic of dog owners that I found is that they are truly sadomasochists. They looooove to be beaten to the ground.

      Here comes you, Eilidh Somerville. Welcome.

      Eilidh Somerville brings her “facts”, with no factual backup, or any backup for the matter. Just opinions. Off site opinions as usual coming from a dog lover.

      So, let’s destroy your “facts”, one by one:

      Humans cause far more noise pollution: FACT!
      We in this blog are talking about problems created by Dogs, not Humans’. The pollution you mention is created even by You, unnecessarily we must say, specially by having a dog, not by the dog itself. You too create extra pollution by driving to the supermarket to buy food for your dog. Talking on your cellphone about your dog. You pollute the internet (electric power, bytes bandwidth…) writing opinions fueled by emotion only. All this pollution created by you just on the behalf of Your dog. I never get tired to say but Humans supersede Animals, dogs included, because they are animals, Not people. The pollution created by Humans are in great part absolutely necessary for our living on this planet. What is not, must be dealt by the respective authorities, which my tax money helps handsomely to pay for. If humans didn’t pollute, for that extent, we may not even exist at all, and by the way neither your dogs since there would no human to mutate them for millenniums and, worst, your dogs would have no one to feed them! The pollution created by dogs is absolutely superfluous and brings No benefit for humanity, sure, with some extremely rare exceptions, less than a grain of sand on the beach. So, the final take is: it’s not because humans “pollute” that we should accept the needless, unwanted, overabundant pollutant dog.
      So, you, and your pseudo fact, FAILED!

      – Human kids are more dangerous and get away with far more than dogs: FACT.
      But no way, not even in hell! Kids don’t hurt other humans to send 800,000 people to hospital every year, nor they bite 5,000,000 people a year, and that just in the USA. I hope that’s enough.
      So, you, and your pseudo fact, FAILED!

      – Restraining a dog with a muzzle and never letting them off lead is more dangerous: FACT!
      For a dog to be outside its confined area it Must, Must, Must use a muzzle to protect the lives of Humans. Again, Humans supersede dogs at all times. If you do not want your animal to use a muzzle, ok, just don’t bring it in to public areas or perhaps you could create a zoo where they would live at large but still in large cages just like hyenas, wolves and coyotes do. Then, and only then, the danger is greatly minimized.
      So, you, and your pseudo fact, FAILED!

      – Declawing and debarking is cruel and inhumane: FACT!
      Again, Humans supersede dogs at all times. Human safety And well being are paramount. However, you could keep your dogs with their intact claws and incessant barking by taking them to the dog zoo I mentioned above. We would all be happy. Please, just notice that zoos are not allowed in urban areas, only in specific, large areas where their environment would not cause harm to the vicinity with their smell and noise, for example.
      So, you, and your pseudo fact, FAILED!

      – Humans are far more dangerous than dogs: FACT!
      Please refer to above where I talk about kids. Without humans there are no dogs. It’s quite the same.
      So, you, and ALL your pseudo facts, FAILED! MISERABLY!

      • Debra says:

        Thank you MrMAD, you are 100% correct! I wish all potential and already dog owners would do the right thing and be responsible pet owners. Why do we have to put up with the ignorant people that think we all love animals and want them in our faces and jumping on us. We DON’T, if we did we would have an animal. Kudos to the responsible dog owners, and shame on the irresponsible ones!

    • S says:

      “Humans cause far more noise pollution.”

      Um, no. You’re just plain wrong. Where I live, I am disturbed and awakened by dogs FAR more than by humans.

      “Human kids are more dangerous and get away with far more than dogs.”

      What a bizarre and unsupported statement! When was the last time you heard about a kid getting away with mauling a baby?

      “Restraining a dog with a muzzle and never letting them off lead is more dangerous.”

      Another bizarre and unsupported statement. I’d rather take my chances with an attempted bite from a muzzled, leashed dog than an unmuzzled, free-roaming one, thanks.

      “Declawing and debarking is cruel and inhumane.”

      Something tells me you don’t say the same about spaying and neutering, which are no better. Why do you pick and choose which surgeries to rail against and which to accept? It’s not like the dog doesn’t get anesthetic! And dogs don’t need to bark or claw any more than they need to procreate.

      “Humans are far more dangerous than dogs.”

      Well, I’ve been harmed far more by dogs than by humans, and I’d rather take my chances with a loose human than a loose dog… even if that human is as stupid as you are.

      And that’s REALLY stupid.

      Have a nice day!

  3. S. D. Martin says:

    Quite a comprehensive list there; and in an ideal world, people who can’t meet this criteria would not get a dog. I don’t know ANYONE who could say “yes” to ALL of these points; I consider myself lucky if someone does even ONE of the following:

    1. Keeps their dog on the sidewalk and out of my front garden
    2. Keeps it on a REAL leash, not one of those 20-foot reel leashes
    3. Trains it to NOT jump up on me
    4. Picks up the mess it leaves on the sidewalk (forget the bleach/sanitizer, isn’t going to happen)
    5. Doesn’t let it bark for no reason
    6. Shuts it up quickly if it’s barking for a reason
    7. Doesn’t take it with them everywhere they go
    8. Doesn’t bring it into food establishments
    9. Doesn’t use the “it’s a service dog” excuse
    10. Doesn’t assume that everyone loves dogs!

    I’ve only known ONE dog owner who does all 10 things on my list. If the average ODOr does more than one, I consider myself REALLY lucky!

    • MrMAD says:

      I’d be quite happy if only those ten points could be observed by dog owners. However, I suppose I won’t.

      From my side, I haven’t met even one single person that meets your full ten point criteria.

  4. Liz says:

    Add another dog owner to the list of those who meet the ten criteria. Some of the points in the main post seem a bit far out (I’m thinking of the extreme sanitation ones and the surgeries. Other than neitering of course) but you betcha I do those ten listed a couple above. I’ve even shamed other dog owners for not picking up poop. And I truly wish pitbulls would vanish from the earth

    • MrMAD says:

      That’s nice you are a responsible dog owner, Liz. Not a 100% one but that is quite admirable, specially considering the absurd level of disrespect we have today.

      The full list may be ‘edgy’ but it’s the way any person truly worried about their family, neighborhood and the environment would behave. If a person decides to take an action (e.g. getting a dog), that person must assume all responsibilities that come with that.

      See this: If I bought a nuclear plant, were quite responsible, though not fully, but leaving just a bit of ‘harmless’ radiation to flow to nearby parks, towns, residences, and people, I suppose residents in the area would not feel quite comfortable, even with me saying: “hey, this little radiation is just insignificant, it won’t bother anybody”. Don’t you agree?

  5. S says:

    “You always wash AND sanitize your dog’s butt after it craps since you do not want diseases to spread everywhere.”

    Honestly, I’ve never known ANYONE to do this, and I’d be very surprised if ANYONE did.

    Which is not to say that they shouldn’t! When I go visit someone who owns a dog, and I see the dog jump up on the couch and sit down with its anus directly on the cushion… I’m completely disgusted and can’t wait to change clothes when I go home.

    Dog feces really do carry a lot of pathogens, and some are quite dangerous. Do you really want that all over your home?

    • D says:

      I read an article claiming dogs can pass a virus on to humans that can lead to breast cancer. Mice Mammary Tumor Virus. The dogs sniff the ground where mice and other rodents leave their trail of contaminated feces, and the dog then inhales it and brings it into the home and passes it on to the humans.

      • MrMAD says:

        Thanks for this importante info.

        I’m just finalising an article on this matter and will include it too. In case you still have the link, please let us know. Appreciated.

  6. Chewbaca the Dog says:

    my test awnsers

    1: througly educated yourself and family members about dogs- OK

    2:never get a dog as a gift and/or donated- dog-gifts are fairly acceptable, just dont throw a puppy in a box and give it to a child, then its a problem.

    3: you brought your dog from a shelter- Ok

    4: you brought your dog as an enjoyable pet- OK

    5: take your dog to a vetenarian yearly: OK

    6: take your dog to be declawed- weekly-yearly is acceptable.

    7: take your dog to be microchiped- OK

    8: give your dog a city license- OK

    9: Renew license yearly: OK

    10: train your dog- OK

    11: NO denial for dog behavior- OK

    12: Pay (No Denial) for Dog Behavior- OK

    13: Never Challenge Court For Dog Behavior- OK

    14:No Criminal Record=Yes Dogs- Minor Criminal Record is OK

    15: Always renew insurance for Dog Behavior- OK

    16:Keep Dog With ID- OK

    17: Fully Train Dog- Pepole who do that are called “OVER PROTECTIVE DOG OWNERS”, thats what i heard.

    18: take dog to Vetenarian Yearly- OK
    19: Take Dog For Walks Daily- OK

    20:never say that your dog doesnt bark- havent you heard of the Basenji, the barkless dog? google it.

    21:Never say that your dog never bit anyone- You are correct, sir, nibbling is biting to!

    22: Never say My dog never bit anyone Before- same as 21.

    23: never let your dog bark- listen to these paragraphs from the humane society of the US: “Some dogs bark because of age-related dementia or deafness. Be patient with your dog. Keep his environment simple and orderly; don’t make frequent changes. Talk to your vet about medications that may help the dementia. Teach your deaf dog the “quiet” command using hand signals or a flash of light or a vibrating collar (NOT a shock collar) as the cue instead of saying the word “quiet.” ” and this one to: “Common causes of barking:
    Attention/Demand: Your dog may want to eat, go outside, or your undivided attention.
    Boredom/Frustration: Your dog may have been left outside day and night, or confined to one room for a long period of time.
    Fear: Your dog may be afraid of objects, people, places, other animals, or loud noises such as thunder and fireworks.
    Tip: Your dog’s posture can tell you if he’s barking out of fear. Typically his ears are back, and his tail is held low.
    Territoriality/Protectiveness: Your dog is barking in the presence of “intruders,” which may include people and other dogs in adjacent yards.
    Tip: If your dog is being territorial, his posture appears threatening with his tail held high and his ears up and forward.
    Playfulness/Excitement: Your dog may be overly playful and excited when greeting people.
    Health Issues: Your dog may have Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or deafness, causing him to bark because he’s unable to hear himself bark.” and again, THE BASENJI!

    24: never allow dog to do damage to other pepole’s property- OK

    25: Pick up after pet- OK

    26: SANITISE EVERYTHING- germaphobia/fear of germs comes to this topic

    27: Only let dog pee outside and in other very easy to sanitize place: same as 26.

    28: give dogs showers very often- same as 26 & 27

    29: Give dogs a bath before letting them – same as 26, 27, and 28 ( boy, your as afraid of germs as much as a child is afraid of the dark. )

    30: shower yourself and sanitize your clothes after playing with dog- same as 26, 27, 28, and 29. ( WHOA. Get over it dude!)

    31: keep dog away from All furniture: same as 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30.

    32 : keep dog in the back of the airplane in a crate- same as 17, but thats the rules, right?

    33: ALWAYS have your dog on a leash outside: same as 17 and 32.

    34: dont take more than one dog in a walk at a time: OK.

    35:muzzle your dog- i dont like muzzles, i just train dogs to not bite.

    36: keep dog under control: OK

    37: never let your dog to be handled by kids or elderly- its not like dogs have poision skin that poision pepole on contact, jeez.

    38: never let a dog charge at an object- toy breeds dont do much damage when they charge…

    39: provide vaccines for dog: OK

    40: never disguise dog as service dog- OK

    41: if your dog is small, dont say it is not a hazard to young pepole- same as 38.

    42: never take dog to an airplane cabin- OK

    43: never take dog to public places – dogs are not evil predators planning to destroy everything, there just dogs.

    44: never take dogs to hosbitals- OK

    45: never take dog to closed public places- same as 43

    46: never take dog to work: OK

    47: never expet special treatment- OK

    48: never expect dog to enjoy you: mans best freind?

    49: never hate pepole who hate dogs: like you?

    50: never expect pepole to worship you as a dog owner- OK

    51: never compare dogs to pepole- same as 48.

    52:never make exuses fot your mistakes as a dog owner: OK

    53: NO BULL TYPE DOGS- i know two pepole who own bull type dogs. both of them were sweet and so were their bull type dogs.

    54: seperate childeren with dogs: same as 37, 43, and 48.

    55: never allow dogs near children: same as 54.

    56: never expect dog to function with security- … OK?
    57: never leave dog alone- same as 17.

    to be continued, just want to see my score from there! :3

    • MrMAD says:

      You were going so well…
      until when you started making excuses.

      Excuses about the excuses.

      Providing exceptions, even if they were true, is still an excuse since you are going against the norm, against what statistics clearly show.

      Dog owners are masters in this marginal art of creating excuses for their pets so, when they do this, they change of category, going from the Responsible to the Irresponsible one.

      But at least you are ‘almost’ there. A good start anyway since you are at least trying, when your colleagues are mostly not.

      You have my respect, and from most people here, if you keep trying to improve yourself.

    • S says:

      Trying to shame people for “germophobia” because they recognize how unclean dogs are is foolish of you.

      Are you aware that a child went BLIND in one eye after contact with dog filth? Google it.

      Are you aware that dog urine, if not rinsed and diluted, can kill vegetation? Again, Google it.

      Are you aware that dogs can cause breast cancer with their uncleanness? Again, Google it.

      Quit denigrating others for wanting to err on the side of caution instead of rolling in filth with your dog.

      • MrMAD says:

        “Are you aware that dogs can cause breast cancer with their uncleanness? Again, Google it.”

        I didn’t know that either. Binging it right now, new article soon. – Always Learning Something Interestingly New!

        Thanks a lot, S!

        • S says:

          I didn’t know about that either until recently. I first learned about it here:

          But a quick internet search will reveal information about it. Apparently there really is a statistical correlation. Good reason for women, at least, to not own dogs. (In addition to many other good reasons!)

  7. Mr MAD says:



    Shame on you for encouraging the use of breeders, most of which are just abusive puppy mills, while discouraging the adoption of rescued pets. You don’t have to know the history of the dog, just what the shelter volunteers can tell you about the results of their behavior evaluation. There are plenty of responsible, no kill shelters that will properly evaluate a dog to make sure it is adoptable. Some will even successfully rehabilitate ones that are not. And breed has nothing to do with it. A breed becoming popular bites more people because there are more dogs of that breed (because it is popular.) A well trained bull dog or pit bull that is exercised every day and not abused is no more dangerous than a dog of any other breed. Do some research.

    • S says:

      What an irresponsible person! A dog that has mauled someone CANNOT be rehabilitated. A dog dumped at a shelter due to its aggression is not a good candidate for a family pet.

      There is nothing, repeat nothing, wrong with choosing a breed that is suitable to your family’s preferences from a reputable breeder (which are easy to distinguish from puppy mills) who selects and breeds dogs of good temperament and health.

      Nobody should feel obligated to take someone else’s rejects instead of the kind of pet they actually want, just because other people are so irresponsible that they breed too many undesirable dogs and then throw them away. Nobody else should have to clean up that mess — only the people who made the mess in the first place.

  8. Anion says:

    I actually love dogs–normal dogs, not bred-to-kill pit bulls–but agree with many of the points above. Especially the one about breeders. I will (sadly) never adopt a dog from a shelter again.

    The commenter above says the people at the shelter will be able to talk about breed and temperament. Sure they will, but it’s likely that talk will be lies. Shelters are full to overflowing with pits and pit mixes, often mislabeled in an attempt to foist them off on unsuspecting innocent families. And many, many pits have passed those silly tests and then gone on to savage and kill people and other pets–and then pass the tests again. Pits are not like other dogs.

    But the shelters try to pretend they are. I have children and I live in a neighborhood with other people, and I refuse to be tricked into taking home a canine IED by some pitbull activist–and I refuse to give money to an organization that engages in such deception.

    I’ll go to a reputable breeder and spent the extra cash, because at least then I’ll know exactly what I’m getting, and it won’t be a dog that “just snaps” because I fell asleep or laughed or tripped or picked up a piece of paper or wore my hair in a ponytail.

    You don’t want people going to breeders? Quit turning shelters into ‘pit bull deception and propaganda agencies,’ and we’ll return to them. Until then, it’s purebred only for this girl, I’m afraid.

    • Puma says:

      Unfortunately, if it is entirely purebred, that means that it is also inbred. It has probably been bred with it’s own parents. That gives it a higher chance of being extra stupid, more stupid than usual.

      We all know what happens when an inbred ANYTHING is involved….

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  10. PeaceSeeker says:

    Sorry if these are already included but here are a few items:

    You do not let your dog use your bathtubs for a shower. Ever.

    You do not let your dog use your dishes/kitchen utensils. It’s highly insanitary.

    You do not try to make people feel inferior just because they do not have a dog.

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  12. BK says:

    Wow, that is quite an extensive list. Rather than go through every item, I’ll just give a summary as it pertains to our dog:

    We’ve had him for 7 years now. He’s not microchipped, but he has been neutered. He’s housebroken and crate trained, and he knows the commands that we’ve taught him.

    We don’t let him run off leash just because. If we walk him and we run across someone who appears to be apprehensive, we make sure we keep his leash tight so that he doesn’t run up to them. If someone wants to pet him, we make him sit beforehand. We don’t allow him to jump on other people, or us for that matter. Also, we do pick up after him.

    He is not allowed on our furniture. We don’t believe in pets and people sharing furniture, nor are we fond of dog hair all over our clothes.

    We don’t try to take him everywhere we go. We are perfectly fine with the fact that some places simply don’t allow dogs. Even if they did, taking him would be more trouble than it’s worth, mainly because of his size.

    When we have visitors at our house, he goes in his crate. We have friends and family members who are not dog people, and we are not about to ruin those relationships over a dog.

    We continue to live our lives as normal. Having a dog doesn’t keep us from going out with friends, going to movies, going on vacation, or anything like that. I simply don’t understand people who allow their dog to control their lives.

    Lastly, we have no issue whatsoever with the fact that some people don’t like dogs. To us, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable for someone to feel this way. For those that do, we do not try to force our dog onto them.

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  14. Mom in Eugene says:

    I know of a few owners that fit this list. I live a few doors down (apartments) but never knew that had dogs for years! I finally saw them walking them, but never heard nor saw them otherwise. Not a bark!
    They didn’t muzzle, but they were safe breeds, and weren’t around anyone.
    If all owners were like them I would love dogs!

    Usually they are barking, shitting, machines, and in the case of bully breeds, a real dangerous problem. But their owners are WORSE!

    • MrMAD says:

      Yes, responsible dog owners exist, but they are extremely rare. And the one you mention is NOT among them. Sure, he is extremely more responsible than all the others.

      Why I say that? I also had such a neighbor; dog almost never barked and so on. But the owner used to let the dog to roam unleashed to do its business – defecate – on the street (not on other people’s properties), always under his supervision. A ‘safe’ and small breed but also unmuzzled that many times tried to approach me to lick my legs, something I admit the owner always prevented. However, many little kids were afraid of that ‘cute’ doggy.

      Those two are Not a Responsible dog owner in my dictionary. “Less worse”, yes. Responsible, no.

      Welcome back, Mom in Eugene.

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