A Real “Thank You” Letter, from France – Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Dog Victims

This site is notoriously known for receiving all kinds of cursings, death threats and what not. Specially several “f@ck-you” notes. Right now I have over 200 messages in my in-box and certainly most will be just like that.

By the way, I just noticed that I’ve got not my first, but my second(!) report to the FBI! You’ve read it right, that FBI. It’s on Facebook. All because I’m letting people know real stuff about mutts and nutts.

Yes, Mr. MAD is famous!

Well, on the other hand, once in a while I come to get a real “Thank You” message. Together with a kind personal story from a regular French folk, just like us, who simply want to live our lives in peace.

I just want to say that I’m really glad I got this message and that this is one of the main reasons I keep on with this site.

A big Thank You for you too, cher visiteur!

Here is:

This is a message of support and gratitude from one of your french readers. I want to thank you. I have always wondered why I was forced to endure the stressful barks of dogs every time I walked in front of some gate since my childhood. Every walk is a dog’s opportunity to disturb my tranquility and peace of mind. I’m not afraid to say it even scares at times. City life has been a source of stress to me, and I’ve found out that road traffic is not the only cause of that. In every park, on every sidewalk, on every path : dogs are here. Many nights, I stayed awake late because barks disturbed my sleep. My mother herself was bitten by a dog when she was a child. A guest’s dog has come into our garden and scared my pet tortoise (the dog barked and looked like it was about to attack, and tortoises as you know are powerless, peaceful animals…) I was almost kicked from the familial home because the guest’s dog was still there, and my father knows how I hate dogs, so for peace’s sake he decided that I had to leave ! Can you believe this ? The next day, I was walking outside, minding my own business, and I swear within one minute after I left my place, a f****** dog jumped at me and barked at me. This was the last straw. Enough was enough. I kicked him right in the snout, in view of its owner who was shocked to see someone actually expressing its disapprobation of her unquestionable choice of owning a dog and letting it disturb people. I was furious. I AM furious. How have we come to this ? We have come to this because some misguided people took for a pet a degenerated wolf hybrid trained for hunting and guarding since thousands of years. We must DEFEND ourselves. Let’s stop being passives and letting a few dog owners ruin our cities and parks. We deserve better than this, and dogs deserve to return into the wild (The ability for dogs to actually survive without human help is of no concern to me. Let natural selection sort it out.) So, thank you for this blog, it shows me that I am not alone, it has given me methods to defend myself against this plague, and it gives me hope that, maybe, some day, we will have dog-free cities and lives. Thank you. ***** from France.

Once more, thank you very much for your kind words.

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15 Responses to A Real “Thank You” Letter, from France – Personal Stories

  1. Leueen Gilley says:

    I also want to say “Thank You ” and we are so tired of the irresponsible dog owners that ruin our lives and environment..we love the term dogtards and use it all the time now.

  2. C.Tainio says:

    Dear Mr. Mad & the French person who wrote in to thank you,
    No ,you most certainly are not alone. As I sit here writing a brief note , the neighbor’s dog is barking . Dog noise ordinances in my community are a joke. Apparently animal control is understaffed & also just don’t care. Certainly the neighbors don’t care. It is unfathomable to me that people put the rights of an animal on top of the rights of fellow human beings. That’s just plain sick & psychotic !
    We just want to live in peace . For many of us ,that includes a reasonably quiet atmosphere . It has been proven many times that constant noise pollution is a health hazard. Dogs repeatedly barking all over the neighborhood is the worst kind of noise pollution that I know of.
    In simpatico with you .
    Frustrated in Florida,USA

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks a lot, C.Tainio!

    • KaD says:

      Same here. I’m surrounded by barking lawn ornaments, fortunately most only are outside for a few minutes but go off like explosive diarrhea when they are. The terrier next door I call ‘the little yapbastard’. Animal control has designed the rules to minimize their exposure to belligerent asshole dog owners and their beasts. I can’t even FILE a complaint without buying video equipment to record a HALF HOUR of barking complete with date and time stamp. What other CRIME requires video evidence? For too long dogs and their jerk owners have had FAR more rights than everyone else and it needs to STOP. There is no moral imperative to keeping an animal you are unwilling to take proper care of.

      • KaD says:

        And I would love to go out for a walk more but there are always dogs, many unleashed even though we have a leash LAW here, because there is no enforcement until someone is nearly or actually KILLED. People let their dogs act however the hell they want; the dogs try to kill you for passing their owner on the sidewalk and act like they want to kill you for walking past their yard on the other side of the street! All these behaviors are unacceptable.

        • MrMAD says:

          “All these behaviors are unacceptable.”


          Then comes the golden question: what can we actually, truly DO about – against – it?

  3. AntiRetard says:

    He isn’t the only one enjoying and supporting your site. Mr MAD. There are many of us hidden out there.

    Keep up the excellent work! You are making a difference.

  4. S says:

    I would like to add my appreciation for all that you do and endure for our very important cause, Mr. MAD. I am very grateful for this site.

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks a lot, S.

      Glad you consider our cause as important as it is. At the end, we are fighting for health, well being. Just that.

  5. Bravo says:

    My big Thank You, too.
    Your site and work is quite special, apart from the rest, as yours talks about what we can do, not talk and talk and complain in vain but accomplishes nothing useful.
    I wish there were more Mr MADs like you.

  6. anon says:

    I also want to thank you.I may never get to telling my whole story,as I feel it would go against my fiance,who is a dog lover. But you and this blog is appreciated.

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks a lot, Anon.

      If you really want to tell your story, please feel free to do so. Just don’t cite names and that’s all fine.

      You could reach me in private here.

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