Yes, Pitbulls ARE Dangerous Dogs!

Pitbulls are dangerous dogs – In numbers.

Pitbulls are dangerous dogs
Pitbulls ARE dangerous dogs, no doubt about it. The same way numbers are hard and cold.

Numbers transcend time and space, unlike loose words and affectionate opinions.

Numbers appeal to what is rational. We seek them to answer problems, to solve difficulties, to design and plan and envision a better world for the collectivity.

“We compared data for patients attacked by
pit bull-type dogs to those attacked by other breeds and
found patients attacked by pit bulls had more severe injuries,
higher hospital charges and
a higher risk of death.”
John K. Bini and Stephen M. Cohn, San Antonio, TX.
Trauma surgeons, physicians.

That is the goal of an educated humanity and civilization. Among us there are those who are keeping score at our arm-chair, those who had a collision with the “game of chance”,  and we have the actuarial scientists who compile the numbers and we use them to make policy.

Pitbulls ARE Dangerous. Vicious. Unpredictable.

Policy for humanity, to create a more civil and just world. Those numbers are now speaking. This is a list of just a few numbers compiled for pit bulls.

The list for why pitbulls are dangerous, in numbers:

$92.7 million – Dog bite claims totaled $92.7 million for 2,400 claims in California (Insurance Information Institute, 2011). Source.

$500,000 – The typical cost of settlements in attacks  by pit bulls and Rottweilers causing death or serious injury is an average of a half million dollars. The amount of $29,396 was the average cost of a dog bite case in 2011. Source.

3000 % –  Pit bulls and Rottweilers do three times more killing and maiming than all other dogs combined, meaning that their actuarial risk is approximately 3000% higher than that of the average dog. Source.

2,500 – More than 2,500 times higher risk of killing than Labradors. Source.

789% – Over the past decade, there was an increase of 789% in the number of life-threatening pit bull attacks (attacks on children were up 876%; attacks on adults were up 490%; fatalities were up 388%; and maimings were up 1269%.). Source.

66% – 80%  – Over 2/3 (66% – 80%) of the pit bulls who end up at the shelter are surrendered by their owners. Source.

65% – Pit bulls are responsible for 65 percent of all fatal dog attacks nationally. Source.

58% – Fifty eight percent of dogs euthanized at shelters are pit bull types.

44% – Forty four percent of Seeing Eye teams have reported being attacked by other dogs.  Source.

25% – A fourth of all dog bite claims were by due to pit bull bites. Source.

14 – Every fourteen days, someone in the U.S. is killed by a pit bull.

14 – Pitbuls are fourteen times more likely to escape their confines.  Source.

11th – Eleventh in popularity – *American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, ranked 11th in popularity among 16 AKC-registered breeds and had by far the highest risk of killing — more than 2,500 times higher than Labs. Source.

9 – Owners of dangerous breeds are more than 9 times more likely to have been convicted for a crime involving children and more than Source.

8 – Eight times more likely to have been charged with drug crimes than owners of low-risked licensed dogs.  Source.

6 – Six times more likely to kill their owners. Source.

5.4 – Every 5.4. days, a body part is severed and lost in a pit bull attack . Source.

3 – Owners of dangerous dogs are more than three times more likely to have been convicted of domestic abuse. Source.

1/3 of all home insurance claims are dog bites (25% of them, pit bull bites). Source.

3 – It is estimated that pit bull type dogs represent 3% of the total population of dogs in the U.S.A.. Source.

1 –  The Leading biters in 25 states. Source.

1 – The Leading biters, nationally. Source.

1 –  Leading in deaths and serious disfigurements and maimings.  Source.

 (U.S. statistics only)

So, is there any way a decent person would deny that Pitbulls ARE dangerous dogs? No, there isn’t.

Important – Those numbers may be Much, Much higher

The U.S.A. does not have standardized legislation regarding dangerous animals from state to state. Also, dog bite injuries aren’t reportable, according to CDC Centers for Disease Control guidance, so such data are captured inconsistently, probably underestimating the magnitude of this problem.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 885,000 people per year require medical attention for dog bites, for overall types of breeds. In 2010, over 35,000 Americans required reconstructive surgery as a result of dog attacks.



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116 Responses to Yes, Pitbulls ARE Dangerous Dogs!

  1. KaD says:

    Experts have said loud and clear that pit bulls are a clear and present danger:


    Shaped by dog-fight enthusiasts, they are “a perversion of everything normal dogs should do. What they’ve created is a canine psychopath.”

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks for letting me know about this site, I didn’t know it but will check carefully soon.

      I remember reading that people who own pitbulls are usually criminals in at least some apects. Sure, there are exceptions, but the majority don’t lie.

      Finaly, in the event they are not criminals, they are at least extremelly mentally disturbed by having a weapon like that at home.

      Pitbulls are a weapon, a gun that is loaded, unlocked, malfunctioning, unsecured, and prone to discharge at anytime. Many times in the hands of a little kid.

      • KaD says:

        I’ve spoken to several pit owners (nutters) including a friend of 12 years (who turned nutter and is a friend no more). I’ve never encountered one whose sidewalk went all the way to the front door, if you know what I mean.

      • I have posted a few times that the Pit Bull is simply the end result of unrestrained dog nuttery. Who laid the foundation for the pit bull “problem”? Its dog lovers who promulgate the notion that ALL dogs are absolutely perfect and wonderful, and that ANYONE who has a problem with or is victimized by a dog is 100% AT FAULT. Thanks to them, unconditional love, even worship, of all dogs, is now a standard of good behavior. They have successfully established the dog as a sacred animal, who’s behavior MUST NOT be infringed in even the most marginal way EVER!

        With the above framework in place, pit nuts are now able to breed their monsters uncontrollably and turn them loose to wreak havoc. They have animal rights fanatics and slobbering dog lovers running interference for them at every turn.

        With that said, the pit bull “problem” is really just the apex of an overall dog problem.

        The tide won’t turn until the culture of dog worship is turned back. As long as society continues to worship dogs and dog owners the problem will continue to grow worse.

        • Pit Dispatcher says:

          Oh, Animal UnControl, how very true. And so very depressing.

          Last night my husband admitted we probably won’t ever get another house again. Our last one was a nightmare of non stop racket. He is a mover, and goes into all the local neighborhoods. He tells me there has not been ONE block where there weren’t out of control barking dogs. He is really not willing to kill dogs to get peace- and he knows I AM, and wants to avoid this.

          Sadly, I agree- if we ever buy, its going to have to be a condo with strict rules, or an active HOA with actual limitations and clear way to fix problems (probably out of our budget). A house in a normal neighborhood? You are at the mercy of neighbors, and even when you get lucky with quiet ones, they can move.

          Rentals have been much better, as long as management is on top of the problem. I have never been bothered while living in apartments. It just sucks because its such a waste of money to rent forever in this area.

  2. KaD says:

    I believe this just came out-pie chart of human fatalities by dog breed:

  3. 90spikachu lover says:

    I wish pitbulls can go extinct they bring nothing but death & destruction for both man & animals

    • MrMAD says:

      All decent, normal people wish that too. But we have to fight for this to happen, it will not happen for no reason.

      • Polar says:

        Get some education. Although pitbulls are bred for dangerous reasons and can potentially be dangerous, that doesn’t mean they are. Dogs aren’t mean, only force to be mean from an abusive owner. Pit bulls in reality are actually very kind and loving dogs misjudged from the world. Millions of people realize that. Thousands of shelters created just for this reason. Hundreds of thousands of pit bulls abandoned, out on the streets, and they are only out there because of distorted information. Sure, some pit bulls can be mean, but most are lovable dogs only looking for a human to truly love them and have them as a companion for the rest of their regular canine lives. Because of people like you, the breed is undermined from its regularity so similar to every single other breed of dog.

        • MrMAD says:

          What a bunch of misinformation. And you still tell us, educate people, to get some education?! That could only come from a dog lover.

          Let me educate you, just a few points, since you haven’t learned from the article above:

          – Dogs ARE mean, pit bulls even more. That’s their nature.

          – Pit bulls are kind and loving dogs? Really? I can tell you: they are NOT. Look at the statistics.

          – Dogs are MEANER when they have abusive owners. Pit bulls even more.

          – Pit bulls are dangerous dogs AS WELL AS MANY OTHERS. Pit bulls are not the only ones.

          – You say “Hundreds of thousands of pit bulls abandoned, out on the streets”. Well, I suppose not, otherwise the world population would be greatly reduced by now.

          – Dogs are NOT looking for someone to “love” them. Dogs and pit bulls nonetheless, are just looking for an easy way to get food, just easy food.

          – No, it’s NOT because of us, normal people, educated persons, that “the breed is undermined from its regularity so similar to every single other breed of dog.”. It’s because pit bulls are dangerous above the average and people like you insist in keeping the lies alive. As things are going, not your lies nor you and your pitnutters friends will be alive for too long. Nature will hopefully take care of you all. We will just help a bit with information, education and facts.

          • carol aydt says:

            You do not like or understand dogs at all. I have 2 pit bull rescued dogs and 11 rescued cats. All get along just fine. My dogs love me alot and would give their lives for me. You are a fool.

          • MrMAD says:

            No, your dogs do NOT love you.

            Your dogs just love the FOOD you give them.

            Proof? A scientific study – Dogs are loyal to ANYTHING that feeds them: Scientists find they will even bond with robots | Mail Online

          • Bob says:

            By your reply “dogs ARE mean, pit bulls even more,” and “Dogs are NOT looking for someone to “love” them. Dogs and pit bulls nonetheless, are just looking for an easy way to get food, just easy food,” you have made it abundantly clear that you hold an opinion of extreme prejudice against dogs in general, not just pit bulls. I’ve had several different dogs in my life, even a pit bull, and not a single one of them have ever been mean. NOT ONE

          • MrMAD says:

            It depends on your assumption of what mean means:


            — adj
            1. chiefly ( Brit ) miserly, ungenerous, or petty
            2. humble, obscure, or lowly: he rose from mean origins to high office
            3. despicable, ignoble, or callous: a mean action
            4. poor or shabby: mean clothing ; a mean abode
            5. informal chiefly ( US ), ( Canadian ) bad-tempered; vicious
            6. informal ashamed: he felt mean about not letting the children go to the zoo
            7. informal chiefly ( US ) unwell; in low spirits

            Do you really think people are to believe your dogs were not at least a couple of those? Please…

          • Thirsty4kisses says:

            If pit bulls are such horrible dogs, why is it that I have been having a hard time finding a site like this? I am writing a paper for my English class on controversies, and looking for info on the pit bull breed being “dangerous”. I have found that it is hard to find legit sites on this issue!!!! I fully agree with a prior post that education is needed. This is the ONLY site that I have found with info like this. I am an owner? YES!!! That does NOT make me a bad person or a psycho!!!! Do yourself a favor and look up the nanny dog and see what results you end up with!! Pit bulls are used more and more as working dogs!! Police, rescue, therapy, and at my home loving companions, snuggle buddies, and non-dangerous protectors of my 2 young daughters!!! My rescued red-nose female pit bull, came to us from a horrible home. She had been beaten and neglected so badly that we didn’t even have her home for 12 hours before we had an emergency visit to the vet. She had a right to be “mean” for her own self preservation!! She is far from mean!!! She calmly alerted me that there was a problem with a man in the area by sitting and watching him, but she kept herself between my 2 young daughters and this man. We later found out that he was a pedophile!!!!! So you should really check all your facts!!! I am not saying that they are all angels! I have met some that I would not trust, along with many other dogs of other breeds. The background of that particular dog tells a lot!

          • MrMAD says:

            So you are having a hard time finding facts about pitbulls? Pitbulls victims? Pitbull killings? Pitbull maulings?

            Well, how about “The Truth About Pit Bulls” and many others here?

            Google/Bing/Yahoo… are all your friends.

          • melissa says:

            It isn’t that hard to find information about pit bull attacks. Watch a youtube video or look on google. Go ahead and own one. Just don’t expose me to it. If you are in love with your pit bull, fine. I’m not. I don’t hate it either. I just don’t believe you should try to force me to take that chance with you.

          • mplo says:

            Thank you, MrMAD, for another great post. You’re one of the few people on here with great, good sense on this issue, and I salute you for that one.

            I seriously wonder about the mentality of people who insist on owning such dogs as pets, as they’re really not meant to be kept as pets.

      • carol aydt says:

        All decent people do not wish that at all.

        • MrMAD says:

          That depends on your definition, or assumption, of what decent means, Carol. Coming from a pitbull owner, we can only assume it’s not the same as in the dictionary.

    • carol aydt says:

      Humans bring the most death and destruction to the planet and everything on it. Should humans all go extinct?

      • MrMAD says:

        An excerpt from Mr Barnard that suits your comment perfectly:

        Non sequitur misanthrope

        Typical non-responsible answer – trying to shift blame – without addressing the problem. For example, I do not eat meat products as your dogs do. So I do less to mistreat the earth than the average meat eating American.

        A non sequitur argument.

        Just because these other things (waste from / overpopulation by humans) are a problem – does Not mean that dog overpopulation and the resultant noise issues are Not a problem.

        The majority of dog owners let their dogs bark unnecessarily and often incessantly. Many dog owners don’t care about their neighbor’s right to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, or they care about dogs more than their neighbors. Many like that their dogs are barking, makes them feel safe.

        Need to say anything else?

      • GenRada says:

        Pit bull advocates seem to miss these points:

        1) A bite from a pit bull can be fatal, whereas bites from most other dogs are not. Pit bulls were bred to fight and kill. They can’t help it if that perfect situation comes up and something tells them they must attack.

        2) Yes, your pit bull is “loving” and has not attacked anyone. Even Charles Manson and Jack the Ripper played nicely with others most of their lives. A pit bull attack is unpredictable.

        3) I hope you don’t have to “accept responsibility” for a death–either human or animal–because really, what can you possibly do as a “responsible owner” to make up for a life taken?

        All pit bull owners may not be “lowlifes” but I question their mentality and intelligence and assume they have personal issues such as low self esteem or small penises. Or that they are antisocial anarchists. Whatever the case, I am wary of them. Considering the dozens of other breeds available, why would anyone purposely choose the most deadly?

    • MegE says:

      Couldn’t you say that goes for humans as well. We bring more death and destruction than any other animal I can think of.

      • MrMAD says:

        Absolutely no way to compare the two.

        Humans *create* useful things, for example the *computer* you just used to post that on the *internet*. And the criminals, well, they go to jail. Some even get the death penalty. If there are other murderers, of all kinds out there, it doesn’t mean they are safe and should be free around decent people.

        Unbelievable one has to explain that.

  4. KaD says:

    A defense fund has been set up for a man who shot a pit bull that was mauling his dog. He is a legal CCP holder and was criminally charged by pit-crazy Ohio authorities:

    • MrMAD says:

      Another unbelievable story, but unfortunately true. Thanks for the tip, KaD.

      I may sound cruel here, but I don’t feel sorry in this case. Not that I agree with it, not at all.

      The only thing I keep thinking is “what if it was a little kid?” I frequent several parks almost in a daily basis, as walking is my major means of exercise, and obviously there are always kids around. Loose dogs are a constant, potential for all kinds of trouble.

      When it matters for them, dogs are *property*. When not, dogs are *People*. The elderly had a *legal* permit and was charged because he fired it in the city, so those permits are NOT valid anyway! The permit is just a decoration for the owner, a money-grab for the city. Useless!

      Ok, so let’s think: If dogs are property in Ohio and can not be shot, what prevents a potential criminal (dog owner of any kind) while still in the sidewalk, to let his dog — in those today’s common loooong leashes — to enter a property, and kill the rightful owners? Nobody there to protect the house anymore. If there were dogs in the house, they are Not good for security, fact. The criminal then can enter the house and ramsack all he can. Neighbors don’t get impressed or alerted because so many dogs barking in that city/state 24/7. The police don’t come because ‘nothing happened’, it is a ‘minor issue’. The owner was killed by a property!!!

      My takes in this incident are:
      – Stay away from Cincinnati, OH
      – Do Not move to Ohio
      – Do Not even Visit Ohio
      – Police, District Attorneys are Not trustworthy in OH
      – Dogs, not just pitbulls, are Not affected by stun guns.

      • MrMAD says:

        Another educational practice that one can learn from above is good ways to raise awareness in the community as a whole:
        – Contact the Chamber of Commerce and let them know you discontent
        – Email this campaign to your friends, relatives, co-workers
        – Watch our video and share it on facebook, twitter and beyond
        – CONTACT STATE NEWS STATIONS and tell them how you think about the issue
        – Post this campaign on news stories
        – Post this campaign on facebook, twitter
        – Call the Govenor of that state
        – Send a letter to the editor of local/state newspaper.
        – Tell the Prosecutor/District Attorney his overzealous actions are not appeciated.
        – Tell the police your discontent and displeasure.

        The above are only the basic points from that event, but nothing prevent us of improving them. I still have to elaborate on them.

      • 90spikachu Lover says:

        wow stun guns don’t effect dogs! That is really scary!

        • Polar says:

          Stun guns effect dogs as much as any outer living being.

          • MrMAD says:

            Not quite.

            Stun guns work on contact, so you should be in close proximity to the dog And touching it. Not a good option for me. But as a last resort, all is valid. One has also to remember that several dogs have thick hair/fur so the effectiveness of a stun gun would be drastically reduced.

            Tazers, on the other hand, would work well because they fire two highly electrified darts at a good distance, of a few meters, that can adequately penetrate the dog’s skin and fur. However, Tazers are exclusively used by police forces as far as I know. I am not aware of any DIY Tazers equivalent anyway.

  5. Lori says:

    Nice! Soooo many misquoted and misrepresented and flat out made-up statistics that I don’t know where to start. I guess my favorite is your “factoid” that Pit Bulls are 14% more likely to escape their enclosures than other dogs. This amuses me. Who even tracks that? Is there a committee? Or did it come unadulterated straight from your imagination? It’s so very appropriate that the article you source for this bit of insanity is largely pro-Pit Bull and actually says, “These generalizations seem to be supportable, but we feel that we cannot use them to make predictions about the behavior of an individual animal,” and “From an epidemological perspective, it is difficult to draw scientifically sound conclusions about the dangers posed by a specific breed.” And the ONLY statement made regarding Pit Bulls escaping their enclosures is this: “Twenty cases (14%) involved Pit Bulls that escaped by jumping fences or breaking chains immediately before the attack.” HUH?? How you get that “Pit Bulls are 14% more likely to escape their enclosures than other breeds” from this statement is kind of scary. Either you can’t read and/or you don’t care about the facts and just make sh*t up. But people should really take note of what you say, because you’re a GENIUS who don’t need no stinking facts from no stinking article you use as a stinking source.

    Your quote that Pit Bulls kill someone every two weeks is yet another of many bold faced lies. (You didn’t even source this little tidbit. Smart!) First, there are fewer TOTAL fatal dog maulings than that each year. That includes the baby killed by the family Pomeranian. (Google it.) Sadly, small children and infants ARE almost always the victims of attacks – children who have been left unattended to wander into the neighbor’s yard, or up to a chained dog, or left bouncing in their baby swing for hours while Mommy and Daddy take a nap, or PUT INTO THEIR CRIB WITH A DOG. Even sadder (and something you’d probably be the first to agree with if you weren’t so narrow-mindedly set on proving your impossible-to-be-proven point), these are children whose inattentive/abusive parenting would probably have led to their early deaths even without dogs being involved. Anyone with any sense knows that dogs – any dog – must never be left alone with a small child. Ever. Period. It’s our job to protect our kids. If we don’t, it’s not the dog’s fault. It’s ours. Here’s a thought: Is it smarter to maybe supervise your kid AND appropriately teach her/him how to behave safely around dogs, possibly saving his/her life and maybe using it as a moment to help her/him learn to use good judgment in general, or should we just kill all the dogs? Luckily this isn’t your call to make, because you’d screw it up and everyone would suffer.

    Now, let’s move onto the CDC Dog Bite Report of 2000 – you know, that report that the committee responsible was very quick to note contained many inaccuracies and SHOULD NOT BE USED TO CONDEMN ANY BREED AS INHERENTLY VICIOUS. In fact, all 5 authors are strongly against BSL. Why? Well, lots o’ reasons. First, Pit Bulls are great dogs, second only to Golden Retrievers when it comes to temperament. Plus, there are 25 breeds and countless crosses which are misidentified as Pit Bulls – and that’s by people who aren’t even stupid, unlike the “experts” who called my purebred Lab and purebred Whippet “Pit Bulls.” Then there are the people who like to promote their own agendas using fallacies that they don’t think other people are smart enough to figure out, who parrot stories like the one about the French woman who received the first face transplant. They say she was attacked by her Pit Bull. The dog was a Lab. L. A. B. (Oops!) News sites that ONLY report injuries that are caused by a Pit Bull (or “Let’s just call it a Pit Bull. Whatever.”) are another part of the problem. And there’s the inconvenient little fact that there are many more Pit Bulls in our dog population than are on record with municipalities, AKC or UKC – since “Pit Bull” is not even a recognized breed, and since many, many, many of the Pit Bull types are not registered or licensed. See, this screws up percentages cuz the higher the number of a particular breed or type of dog in a given population is, the higher the number of bites inflicted by those dogs is expected to be. It’s math – you know, like the numerator and denominator stuff they talked about in the above referenced article that you possibly didn’t read. To refresh, or more likely to create, your memory, the conclusions of the CDC committee were: “The dog bite problem should be reconceptualized as a largely preventable epidemic. Breed-specific approaches to the control of dog bites do not address the issue that many breeds are involved in the problem and that most of the factors contributing to dog bites are related to the level of responsibility exercised by dog owners. To prevent dog bite-related deaths and injuries, we recommend public education about responsible dog ownership and dog bite prevention, stronger animal control laws *note, NOT BSL*, better resources for enforcement of these laws and better reporting of bites. Anticipatory guidance by pediatric health care providers should address dog bite prevention.” (I know! This is so unfortunate for your “argument.”) So, you can’t use the CDC report for your purposes, either. Sorry.

    Using the number of Pit Bulls surrendered by their owners or euthanized in shelters each year to prove, something?, is an interesting tactic. With 20 years in rescue, I can state without any fear of being contradicted that the reasons these dogs are surrendered and euthanized each year was at one time in part due to sites like this. You like breeding fear, and it has likely worked for you in the past, so you continue. See if you can understand this: Pit Bulls are surrendered and left unadopted because of prejudice, lack of funds, inability to afford/find insurance carriers, and lack of dog friendly housing. I do blame people like you for much of this, but I have seen so much positive change overtaking the machinations of these people that I can recognize where their sad, increasingly frustrated and ineffective attempts to demonize these dogs come from. It’s been proven over and over, recently very notably by the Vick dogs, that Pit Bull dogs are a product of their upbringing, but, even when tortured throughout their entire lives by a sociopath like Vick, can easily be rehabilitated into loving family members. Try to disprove that (or anything I say). You can’t – at least not by using rationality, logic, or intelligence – or, I almost forgot, TRUTH.

    I’m sure many people will recognize that you include statistics on injuries by other dogs in a page devoted to the awfulness of Pit Bulls. Sad. Frustrated and ineffective. And so sadly misguided.

    Saying that Pit Bull owners are more likely to be involved in domestic abuse and other criminal activity is another blatant and silly lie. It’s typical for people who irrationally seek to kill off all the Pit Bulls to want to believe this without doing any real research, because, you know, research is hard and facts are so inconvenient. Like your commenter who said, “I remember reading that people who own pitbulls [sic] are usually criminals in at least some aspects. Sure, there are exceptions, but the majority don’t lie [again, sic].” (To be honest, I’m not at all sure what that last sentence even means. Unfortunately, this was one of the more comprehensible comments I read on your site.) People with agendas love to buy into unsubstantiated and patently false claims like this. (“I read it SOMEWHERE! So it MUST be truuuuuue. I want it to be truuuuue.”) There isn’t even a way to compile this kind of “statistic.” And check this out: You don’t even know most of us Pit Bull owners. Why is that, you may wonder. IT’S BECAUSE NEITHER WE NOR OUR DOGS EVER GET IN TROUBLE. We’re good, respectable, honest, hard working, loving, trustworthy and intelligent. So are our dogs. We are not criminals in “any aspects,” whatever that means. (Oh! Sh*t! I forgot about that parking ticket. Does that count?)

    I dare you to actually publish my comments. If you were so sure of your position, you would. You would also publish my comments if you were clueless how damaging they are to your argument. So I guess you’re kind of in a lose/lose situation.

    The best news is that the tide is turning. The ironic news is that it’s in part due to propaganda in sites like this. Sites like yours were responsible for my becoming a Pit Bull advocate, and we’d never even owned a Pit Bull before. Now we are committed to taking in as many homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned Pit Bulls as we possibly can. (The dogs thank you.) More good signs: Ohio has abolished its statewide BSL. Polls everywhere come out against legislating against these dogs. Several states now have laws which prohibit BSL. People realize that BSL doesn’t work (in many cases it makes the banned dogs VERY popular with “the criminal element”), and BSL is being repealed all around the world. But these changes in the public’s perception are mostly due to the dogs themselves. And there ain’t nothing you can do about that.

    • MrMAD says:


      I’m only going to aprove your comment to present to normal how is the functioning mind and behaviour of an “animal lover”. Your comment is 100% exactly as you posted.

      The only thing that I’m going to comment about yours is where you call the statistics presented in this site as ‘factoides’. Well, I can tell you that when they are not “accurate” in when they are “under”-estimated. In other words the numbers presented in this site only show a Small percentage of the problem, which is much Higher.

      Like we use to say, it’s not possible to argue with irrationality, and so I won’t.

        • MrMAD says:

          She and and her brainwashed cultists can not understand that, no matter how much and well we try to explain them that.

          One can not argue with insanity.

      • KaD says:

        An honestly you should delete her pitiotic comments. I have very little tolerance for imbiciles which is why I don’t frequent pit nutter sites. It’s her prerogative to believe pit bulls shit Dove Bars if she wants to, what I have a problem with is her and the entire nutter army pissing and moaning about scientific studies and the opinions of experts for no better reason that they don’t like what is said.

        • MrMAD says:

          I agree, KaD. Like I said, I’m going to allow her present comments just to demonstrate how insane these people are.

          Her comments will not be allowed anymore.

        • MrMAD says:

          I did a little research on Lori and she seems to be from Ohio, in the region of Caledonia and Mansfield.

          That state is not faring well on the issues of Responsible dog ownership and Laws protecting law-abiding citizens (concerning that man who shot a pitbull biting his dog in a park and he was arrested).

          I’m sorry for Ohio.

      • When Lori states that only Golden Retrievers have a better temperament than pit bulls….temperament for WHAT exactly? I’m sure she means that they as a “breed” (some eadvocates insist there is no such thing and that it’s not possible to identify them anyway)they are passing the ATTS temperament test, which is used to determine suitable candidates for PROTECTION SPORTS. Aggressive breeds score better. Imagine a Beagle doing Schutenhund or a Maltese being used as a police dog. Silly!

        As for the statistic that pit bulls are 14X more likely to escape from their enclosures, you can go to animal control, and see how many “strays” there are.

        Here’s the link to the report: It was republished by, but the author is Randal Lockwood Phd from the Humane Society of the U.S., an organization that like Best Friends, has found thatusing the poor maligned pit bull as the poster child of redemption and second chances equates to $$$$$.

        This seems to be a copy of THIS blog, scrubbed of it’s quasi “churchy” theme, which has links to the sources.

        More numbers from Animal People, show that the dog responsible for 99% of all dog attacks on other animals is the the dog that scores right behind the Golden Retriever on the ATTS test. Got to love numbers.

        “The animals killed included about 12,000 dogs, 8,000 cats, 6,000 hooved animals, and 17,000 other small domestic animals, primarily poultry.

        The seriously injured included about 12,400 dogs, 4,000 cats, and 1,700 hooved animals. Few small mammals and poultry survived reported dog attacks.

        Pit bulls inflicted 99% of the total fatal attacks on other animals (43,000); 96% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (11,520); 95% of the fatal attacks on livestock (5,700) and on small mammals and poultry (16,150); and 94% of the fatal attacks on cats (11,280).

        About 30,000 pit bulls were involved in attacks on other animals, many of them killing multiple other animals.

        There are about 3.2 million pit bulls in the U.S. at any given time, according to the annual ANIMAL PEOPLE surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption via online classified ads.

        Thus in 2013 about one pit bull in 107 killed or seriously injured another animal, compared with about one dog in 50,000 of other breeds.”

        Complete details of the year-long epidemiological survey that produced these estimates will appear in the January/February edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE.

        • MrMAD says:

          Thanks for the data. It’s always important to be reminded, to remind others, of the dangers of pitbulls.

          Let’s also remember that pitbulls are ‘just’ one of the most dangerous breed of mutts, while our fight is against ALL kinds of dogs that are not well cared for by fully Responsible Dog Owners.

    • KaD says:

      Yes the tide IS turning. Fifty years ago the powerful well funded and completely dishonest tobacco industry had doctors prescribing cigarette smoking; telling people it was good for them because it decreased stress. The powerful, well funded lying their assess off pit lobby is finally being found out. The lies are coming to light. One day people will realize you never had any credibility to start with and literally LAUGH the whole lot of you out of every town hall and counsel meeting across the US.

    • S. D. Martin says:

      To Lori:
      Oh, dry up and blow away, as my grandmother would have said!
      You’re a perfect example of someone with a complete blind spot who’s unwilling to listen to FACTS…
      Go blather on a pitbull nutter site. I’m sure there are plenty of them out there. You won’t change your mind, and we won’t change ours, so you’re wasting your time yapping here.

    • Mike says:

      Here’s the problem. You’re one of the animal lovers who is cited. You obviously will be very bias and irrational. Time to face that facts Lori. You can’t argue FACTS, but you can argue OPINIONS which is what your comment is. It’s like trying to say 2+2 doesn’t equal 4. It’s simply being irrational.

    • WhiteLionheart says:

      You rant overly long about the percentage of pits that escape their cages as being incorrect. What does that have to do with pit bulls killing alarming numbers of people? You insist that they are products of their upbringing. Only mistreated pits attack? How then, would you like to explain the countless incidences or loved, spoiled, cherished pits that attack their owners with a single warning sign? Then you say they can be “rehabilitated”. Your intelligence is declining rapidly for each thing you say. You CAN’T “rehabilitate” DNA. It doesn’t work like that. Just as you can’t train a greyhound to run SLOWER.

      • MrMAD says:

        You CAN’T “rehabilitate” DNA.

        That says it all. Point proven.

      • MegE says:

        Your DNA does not necessarily dictate your behavior. By this logic, you would say that children of rapists are going to become rapists as well because it is “in their DNA”. Behavior is learned it’s not genetic. It has been proven that nurture is significantly more important than nature in regards to the behavior of any animal. If you have taken at least one psychology class you would know all of this by now. Also you really shouldn’t be questioning anyone else’s intelligence. Not only is that rude but it makes you sound extremely pretentious and conceded. I also couldn’t help noticing you made a few grammatical errors yourself. Don’t throw stones at glass houses.

    • Driveby says:

      Who give a damn? If you won’t keep your damned worm factory on a strong leash when in public, or leave it in the car when you go for groceries or to pharmacy, you are simply and completely disrectful of others.

      Here is a tasty tidbit (no pun intended)for your edification. Note that the lovely piss bull is wagging its tail while attempting to rip the man’s arm off. Some fun huh!!!

    • S. D. Martin says:

      Well, well, well…here’s dog-nutter Lori yet again, after promising a few months ago that “reply to my post all you want, I will NOT be back, so there”…
      I’ll say to you what I said before: Dry up and blow away, sweetie. There are far too many doggist sites out there–go sniff, lick, and slobber with the other doggers! THIS site is for those of us who are fed up with you doggers and your noisy, smelly, dirty, dangerous beasts, AND the problems you and your mutts cause, and who need a place to vent!

      • MrMAD says:

        That’s not only Lori the dog nutter, S.D.Martin.

        Grandma Linda is back as well. In full force. A post just on her coming soon.

        It boggles the mind of any normal person why dog fanatics never, ever learn, and still love to be beaten to the ground every and each time. Unbelievable.

  6. S. D. Martin says:

    Leaving aside the reputation of this breed, they’re truly UGLY dogs, and why anyone would choose to have one is beyond me when there are so many beautiful breeds out there. Call me superficial, but I believe life’s too short to have ugly animals!

    • KaD says:

      I agree, I think they look like elephants a**holes with teeth. Gads they are UGLY dogs.

      • snakelady says:

        That’s what I was wondering. Why would the average person want such a butt-fugly beast in the first place? I also wonder about people who think pugs are “cute”. Yeesh.

    • Puma says:

      Dogs aren’t beautiful. Their very nature, by itself, is appalling. Don’t be fooled by the appearance. Pit bulls are the WORST of these sickening, gruesome “pets”. They must drop to extinction first. Not only will the streets be safer, but we can turn our pursuits to the other aggressive biters and barkers.

      The madness must end, and we will end it.

  7. CT says:

    Nutters frequently refer to the Pomeranian that killed a child. Sad and tragic as any time a child is hurt by a dog. I could find only one instance of this in an internet search. Lets see…one Pomeranian in how many years? How many pit bulls in just one of those years? Nutters will never get it.

    • MrMAD says:

      They won’t. And will reffute all facts.

      Welcome to the blog, CT!

    • KaD says:

      Here’s the comeback to that one:

      How many times have embecillic Pit Bull Advocates reflexively parroted the above line making it the most famous DBRF in history?!? Yes, this statistical outlier and bona fide freak accident was horrifying. However, it is not nearly as horrifying as the systematic lies and deception that the Pit Bull community pushes on the public to keep it’s breeders of mankillers in business. The rudimentary graph below illustrates the stark differences in the safety record of both breed communities.
      If one was to stack the caskets of victims on top of each other, the Pomeranian stack would be a trip hazard at 23 inches high. The FAA would need to issue a Flight Advisory for the evergrowing Pit Bull stack which is currently at 857 Feet tall.

  8. snakelady says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t mention how chihuahuas are notorious biters or how coconuts kill more people than pit bulls. And if I ever see a tree with coconuts growing in Wisconsin, I will believe that one…maybe.

    • KaD says:

      Yes, because coconut trees chase people down the street, jump off second floor balconies, and tear through screen doors.

  9. Big George says:

    Pit bulls are truly Beasts of Satan, and are generally owned by lowlifes. I would like to one day see a universal KILL ON SIGHT ORDINANCE commanding any law enforcement officer to IMMEDIATELY dispatch ANY pitbull roaming around the streets off leash in America. As for the lowlifes that own them, they usually wind up in the penitentiary anyway. Pit bulls and their owners are bad juju anyway you look at it, let’s get the ball rolling and ban this vile breed of dog forever.

    • MrMAD says:

      A Kill on Site Ordinance would be perfect! I support that (but not just for pit-bulls, any free roaming mutt would apply)!

      • Christie says:

        So you guys are saying that lowlife’s only own pit bulls and they should be killed on sight. So if a little girl was walking her pitbull puppy you should kill her dog right then and there in front of her. What a bunch of idiots.

        • MrMAD says:

          We Never said that Only lowlifes have pitbulls, but that a huge number of lowlifes do, yes they do.

          Christie, just look how ludicrous your argument is: “a little girl walking her pitbull puppy”. Really? A little girl that has no way to control a notoriously strong and vicious type of dog that could attack her or any other people? Well, sure, if I had the chance I’d not specifically kill that canine but would try to find a way to have that beast away from the girl who doesn’t know better. A little girl with a pitbull… oh, my.

          Well, I guess that clearly shows who are the idiots.

      • I really do hope they instate a kill on sight ordinance, not for dogs… but for inflicting a horribly painful death (in which you are conscious throughout the entire process) for bigoted hateful people like you. I hope that one day I am able to meet you just to imagine what sort of twisted wreckage my pitbull would turn you into in the situation ever came about. if I where you I would keep your hateful conjectures and fallacies to yourself as people don’t take to kindly to having one tell them their dog should be killed. and at any rate, what you strive to accomplish will never come to be, because what you lack my friend (I use that term as loose as it can be) is conviction, (and a legitimate case not based on personal feelings and twisted data) because I guarantee that if you put forth a reasonable argument worth doing something over, perhaps something would have been done already

        • MrMAD says:

          Dear (this is the email you used to threaten me so nothing more just than to post it here even if it’s fake),

          Usually I don’t respond to the numerous, all sorts of coward threats I receive but this time I want to clarify something: I do NOT want to have your or all pitbulls killed. Or any other kinds of dogs btw. You and your doggers colleagues could have all them and I wouldn’t mind a bit, just like most decent people who btw do not have dogs.

          However, for that to happen, and that you could be part of a civilized society, there must be just a few basic conditions:
          – Your pb (pitbull) should be confined 24 hours a day (actually 24x7x365 +1) in a cage, specially designed with sturdy double metal walls with at least 10 feet tall, or totally enclosed, even the ceiling. This cage is that where you open the lock, enter, close and lock the first door, and only then with the first door closed and locked enter the second door, reuniting you with your beloved angel.
          – Your pb would be declawed.
          – Your pb would have all its teeth removed.
          – Your pb would get a debarking surgery.
          – Your pb would get a muzzle whenever you are out of the house or have visits. Off course the visitors wouldn’t get into the cage but I wanted to clarify it for you anyway.
          – You must be a Responsible pb owner as well.

          Than, if and only if you did all that, probably nobody would want to have your killing machine dead. Simple. Quite fair, isn’t it?

    • Randy says:

      How many pit bull owners do you even know?
      I have my 8 month old pit (yes a true american pit bull terrier not a watered down or mistaken breed) sitting next to me right now cuddled up with a Chihuahua and a 4,5 and 6 year old kids in the other room. I am in no way shape or form a “lowlife” I am a collage student going to get my bachelors in nursing.
      the whole reason i decide to go with a pit is because i had such wonderful experiences growing up with my aunts pits. She also is definitely not a “lowlife” considering she is a research scientist working for a large pharmaceutical company on cancer research.
      And you might have a hard time to get police officers to agree to that considering there are pit bull k9 officers. like this one here: not the only but proud to say it is in my area.

      • MrMAD says:

        I’m glad you are not a lowlife but as a collage student I start to doubt.

        Anyway, I never said that all pitbull owners are lowlifes, but most are, yes they are. The occasional ones that are not just make bad decisions, and choosing a viciously killing machine is one of them.

        Remember, it’s not because your pbs haven’t attacked you YET that they will not in the future. Furthermore, you are not the only person your pb gets “in touch” with. Just remember that.

        You like cops have dogs? Just imagine the situation when the police is called to your house specially when you are not present and your beloved angels attack the k9. Do you think the cop will say “How cute is Randy’s pitbull!” while yours tries to kill the k9? Uhmmm, I don’t know but I can foresee that bullets would fly.

        The one thing I fully agree with you though is about police officers not enforcing the law, not just against pbs but any other sorts of dogs and the crimes committed by their owners (Yes, irresponsible dog owners are criminal, like them or not). Cops have dogs, dangerous dogs btw, I have never seen a cop with a lap dog. Most cops are bullies (not all, but most), and bullies love to show they are the boss.

        Well, this is starting to change.

  10. S. D. Martin says:

    “Kill on Sight” ANY loose dog…I’m with y’all on that! One way to kill a dog; 99 to go *snicker*

  11. Thomas McCartney says:

    32 dead by dog attack so far in 2013.
    Pit bull type dogs killed twenty-nine of them. sixteen of the twenty-nine dead are children.
    Stars indicate people killed by a ‘family’ pit bull – ones that had been raised and cherished as an indoor pet, ‘never showed aggression before’, and knew the victim.

    Child fatalities by pit bull type dog (16):
    Christian Gormanous – 4 yrs old Montgomery County, TX
    Isaiah Aguilar – 2 yrs old Sabinal, TX
    Ryan Maxwell – 7 yrs old ** Galesburg, IL.
    Dax Borchardt – 14 mos old ** Walworth, WI.
    Monica Laminack – 21 mos old ** Ellabelle, GA.
    Tyler Jett – 7 yrs old Callaway, FL.
    Jordyn Arndt – 4 yrs old ** Prairie City, IA.
    Beau Rutledge – 2 yrs old ** Fulton County, GA.
    Ayden Evans- 5 yrs old ** Jessieville, AR.
    Nephi Selu – 6 yrs old ** Union City, CA.
    Arianna Jolee Merrbach – 5 yrs old Effingham, SC.
    Daniel (surname as yet not revealed) – 2 yrs old (Gilbert, Arizona) **
    Samuel Eli Zamudio – 2 yrs old** Colton, CA
    Jordan Ryan– 5 yrs old Baker city, Oregon
    Levi Watson-Bradford-4 years old** White County, Arkansas
    Jah’niyah White – 2 years old ** Chicago, Ill

    Adult fatalities by pit bull type (13):
    Betty Todd – 65 yrs old ** Hodges, SC
    Elsie Grace – 91 yrs old ** Hemet, CA
    Claudia Gallardo – 38 yrs old Stockton, CA.
    Pamela Devitt – 63 yrs old Littlerock, CA.
    Carlton Freeman – 80 yrs old Harleyville, SC.
    Linda Oliver – 63 yrs old Dayton, TX.
    James Harding – 62 yrs old -Baltimore, MD
    chased into traffic by two attacking pit bulls
    Juan Campos – 96 yrs old Katy, Texas.
    Terry Douglass 56 years old. **Baltimore, MD
    Katherine Atkins-25 years old ** Kernersville, NC
    Nga Woodhead-65 years old Spanaway, WA.
    Joan Kappen, 75 years old Hot Springs Ark
    A Valencia County woman was killed by her Pit Bull **

    (1 non-pit type killing) [Rachel Honabarger – 35 yrs old – mauled to death by her own GSD mix] Coshocton, OH.

    (1 husky-mix killing, unknown if the other half of the dog was pit bull) [Jordan Lee Reed – 5 yrs old] Kotzebue, AK

    (1 Shiba Inu killing) Mia Gibson – age 3 months, of Gibson, OH – mauled to death by family Shiba Inu.

    Three of the pit bull type dogs were BULL mastiffs, ie 40% pit-fighting bulldog.

    If 26 of 32 dead were killed by pit bull attack, that’s 81% dead by pit attack, 9% dead by ‘molosser’, 3.7% by some kind of GSD mix, 3.7% by a husky + possibly pit mix, 3.7% by Shiba Inu.

    If you count the pit-mix mastiffs as pit bull types, that’s 91% killed by attacking pit bull types. Pit types are only about 5% of the entire dog population.

    The man who ran into traffic kept pit bulls himself. He knew perfectly well what the two stranger pit bulls that were chasing him would do if they caught him, so he preferred to risk a swift death by oncoming car.

    534 maimed by pit type dogs 2013 (as of November.28).

    • MrMAD says:

      Hi Thomas. Thanks a lot for the data.

      It’s disheartening to read about so many deaths and maims, specially when done by dogs, pitbulls mostly, as described. Worse, many of the victims are Kids, Children, Babies and still those people, ODORS, don’t get it. Or they do get it but they don’t care, they just want to show how they are ‘special’ because they have a mobile killing machine, like if it was something to be proud of. A clear psychopathic behavior.

      Let’s also not forget those who were attacked and needed medical attention, over 800.000 people in 2012, in the USA alone. Of course those didn’t get the media focus they deserved.

  12. jane says:

    Hiya! I just wanted to ask you guys and gals a question, do you guys realize that all dogs bite? Not just pit bulls? Of course the pit bull has bitten more people than any other dog! Why? Well because people like you whom have no respect for a life that god put on earth toss away an innocent soul.
    Honestly do you think that right when a pit bull is born that it imeaditly decides “well I’m gonna go bite and kill some one!” If you do your obviously the one with the problem! No dog is just born with the drive to kill someone! No, they are taught to be that way. I used to have neighbors that owned like 10 dogs almost all of which were labs and st.bernards and they were neglected, this pack of ten ended up either biting, chasing, or growling at almost everyone in our neighborhood! Every dog has the ability to kill. Unfortunately for pitbulls because they are strong dogs they are often mistreated abused and neglected. Please Don’t say otherwise because then you would just be flat out lying, if you want proof just go to your local shelter and look at a pit bull there, more often than not they will have scars on their head, face body, legs, basicaly anywhere jaws could reach. Why? because someone whom had no respect or self dignity chose to fight this Innocent dog.
    My pit bull, is a retired drug dog, and honestly he is one of the best dogs I’ve ever met. He has never bitten snapped or growled at anyone or anything! Well accept for the random squirrel running up the trees in our yard. He is an extremely well behaved boy that I never worry about. My 2 year old brother would often feed him his dog food (and eat a little himself). While my brother did this he would tug on our dogs ears, stick his hands near his mouth and put his face near his face all while he was eating!never once has our pit bull growled or snapped at him! we accidently left our pitt bull in the front yard one time (which has no fence) for three hours!!! We all freaked out and ran to the front door only to find him laying on our front door mat.This was a dog whom had been tied to the front door of our local shelter overnight because they didn’t want him anymore.
    I’m fully aware of the many
    Innocent animals and children that pit bulls have maimed and killed, and yes that is not something we should ever forget or forgive! But I am telling you that it is not only the dogs fault, it is also the owners. Every dog should have a fighting chance at a good life. Sadly many pit bulls are not given this chance. If every pit bull was bad and the breed deserved to go extinct then why does ceasar millan (the dog whisperer) have pit bulls, and such well behaved ones in the least! Anyways thanks for reading my little rant :)

    A happy 10 year old

    • MrMAD says:

      I though for quite some time if I should reply to this post, but here it goes, since it may be educational for pit lovers:

      – All dogs bite, not just pitbulls. Some dogs bite and KILL more than others, like pitbulls.

      – Dog did NOT put the life of a pitbull on Earth, it was manipulated by Men during millenniums.

      – Pitbulls were created to Fight, so to be mean and dangerous. Thus they are Not innocent souls. (Dogs have souls?)

      – Yes, pitbulls are “just born with the drive to bite and kill someone!”. See above.

      – Yes, “Every dog has the ability to kill.” We never said it was only your animals.

      – It’s Not because other people mistreated abused, neglected and even tortured other dogs, and they became even more vicious, that your dog gets safe. No. Your dog is still a threat to society, regardless of other canines.

      – I have never been or will to a dog shelter, I have respect and dignity for myself. And almost non dog people as well.

      – If “retired drug dog” is the best one you ever had, I can not even imagined the worst ones.

      – So your pitbull “has never bitten snapped or growled at anyone or anything”? Sure, I believe in Santa Claus.

      – Your dog is Not a boy. Dogs are Not people, just ask Bill O’Reilly.

      – So you let your 2 year old brother to be in close contact with your dog. That says it all about certain dog owners level of responsibility.

      – So your pitbull stayed 3 hours outside, once, and because it didn’t bite or kill anyone, you think that was an astonishing accomplishment…

      – Let me tell you: your pitbull stayed laying on your front door mat Not because it liked you but because it wanted more of the FOOD you give it.

      – So you are “fully aware of the many Innocent animals and children that pit bulls have maimed and killed” but still has one.

      – By admitting “it is not only the dogs fault, it is also the owners.” you so admit dogs are dangerous. Please understand that there is no way for normal people to know if a dog, pitbull or not, is dangerous. That is why we normal people do NOT want your dogs close to us, never, ever.

      – So you say that “Every dog should have a fighting chance at a good life.” That’s ok with me, but please read the item above again (hint: we normal people do NOT want your dogs close to us, never, ever).

      – So, because the ubber celebrity(!) Ceasar Millan(!) has a pitbull, we all have to accept those vicious animals among us, our kids, our parents??? This question is answered below.

      – You sign your comment as a “happy 10 year old”. Well, I can truly say that your mental capacity is certainly of a 10 year old girl, totally alienated from reality.

      Jane, I really feel sorry for you.

  13. Paige says:

    I get it, you guys don’t like pitbulls. Yes, although relatively rare, they do kill people and other animals. I wont deny it. The thing is, nobody is forcing you to own a pitbull, or any dog for that matter. Nobody is forcing you to send your children to a friend or relatives home with a pitbull either. To some they may be a menace but to most, they are man’s best friend

    • MrMAD says:

      We have No problem if you want to have a pitbull, *IF* it would be restricted to YOUR property only, and only there, with numerous and all protection measures, just like lions or hyenas have in the zoo.

      Then, and only then, you can love your animal as much as you can and we will never complain.

      Quite fair, don’t you think?

      Off course we would never, ever have a pitbull. Period. The problem is that you dog people try to force or impose your animals and their bad traits on us, all without our consent or enjoyment. You want us to:
      – Listen to barking
      – Step on crap
      – Get jumped on
      – Get bitten
      – Get sick
      – Smell disgusting dog odors
      – Change our lifestyle
      – Avoid places to go

      All totally unacceptable.

      We, non-dog people, just wan to have a dog-free life. In all means.

  14. May says:

    I own a pit bull and he has never even attempted to bite anyone at the park or in my family. (I have a 4 year old brother). I also haven’t been to jail (I have never even gotten a driving violation.) everyone has their opinions and I shall respect that but my dog will not bother anyone.

    • MrMAD says:

      May, I hope that your dog never attack anyone in the future, either in your family or others in the public, these people who have no guilt at all for your horrible decision. However, It’s HIGHLY unlikely that it won’t attack someone, sooner or later. It’s just how they are wired, at some time they will explode, with a reason or not.

      Please, take a good look at your 4 year old brother and imagine if he was DEAD because of your pitbull. That is all I ask you. Please.

      • Portia Porter says:

        I disagree with you strongly. The only reason pit bulls attack is because they have been trained to do so. I have a pit bull who is 13 years old and I have had her since she was a puppy. She has never killed or even been close to biting anyone or anything.

        Pit bulls are Not born aggressive. No dog is. Are they the only dog that has ever killed someone? The reason they have killed more is because of irresponsible owners or men that have trained them for fights.

        You will have to get some strong proof to convince me that my dog will hurt anything at some point in her life.

        • MrMAD says:

          Sorry to say, Portia, but you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

          It’s Not because you say your pb never attacked, bit or killed anyone that it proves they are safe. It only proves it didn’t happen to you YET.

          According to your ‘logic’, so snakes, scorpions, bears, or mountain-lions only attack people ‘because they had bad owners’. Enough said.

          Pit bulldogs are Not the only dogs that kill people, bite kids, maul seniors. All normal people know that.

          I and we all here on this blog do NOT want to convince you that your dog will never hurt anything or anything. No. We understand that when people are blind in their unfounded faith for something, be it terrorists for bombs, criminals for weapons, vampires for blood, or pet lovers for vicious dogs, no convincing in the whole universe would make you change your mind on that.

          However, we DO, yes, want to clearly show and prove that your behavior as irresponsible dog owners is NOT acceptable AND will NOT be tolerated anymore. Unfortunately you will – perhaps – only learn from the *consequences* of your own actions, not from reason.

          Worse, many of the insane dog lovers will never learn, at all, no matter what.

  15. elizabeth mesahill says:

    …. You pit bull haters sicken me. My Pit Bull snuggles with my CAT! on the couch, in fact Chance (my Pit Bull) would protect Spaz and Wheezy, (my cats) my family and anything he loved from anyone even if he knew it would kill him! Pit Bulls have a strong need to please their owners, even if they come from a hard past, they can always become good dogs, and you fools are getting your information from Colleen Lynn the owner of She is a women who was “attacked by a pit bull* And in reality she scared the dog and the owner. She is very unreliable and just happens to be good at building websites, if anybody tries to contradict her, she will call you a pit nut. Colleen Lyn also resorts to a lot of name calling, such as calling people who study pit bulls science whores. You all should know that there has been more bites from Golden Retrievers then Pit Bulls, which by the way consists of many different breeds. Pit Bulls have many desirable traits, they also do not lock there jaws. Although much of their brain is built for using there jaw, and they resort to shaking. Pit Bulls have also saved lives, they have sacrificed themselves for their owners, taking bullets from them, and saving them from fires, thousands of innocent Pits have been executed for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I’m extremely sickened by the people who have been behind the deaths of all these wonderful dogs, uneducated fools who believe whatever they see. The way a dog acts is reflected upon the way they are treated, and to be honest Pit Bulls are probably the most tolerant dogs out their. I do understand why people conceive them to be scary, with their bulging muscles and their large chests, but i think they are the cutest dogs out there. Every dog attacks for a reason, they are not just ruthless killers. Think of all the deaths by drunk drivers, murders, and so on, does that mean all humans should be killed? And as with small dogs, even they can do serious damage, they could puncture an artery and other weak places. If you think all fighting dogs are dangerous i guess you should kill all the Boston Terriers to! Did you know Colleen Lynn supports dog fighters, but not the fighting dogs! That is absolutely bogus! Guys I’m 13 and am already more educated then you. Anyways, just think about it for a while,

    • MrMAD says:

      Dear Elizabeth,

      We’re Not getting our data (a big difference from info) from Colleen Lynn the owner of , just you know. Our data comes from official, government sites. Our info comes from news sites all over the internet. Those are Not created out of thin air, like your opinions about pitbulls. If Colleen Lynn says pb owners are pit nutters, it’s because they are, just like you saying “Pit Bulls have a strong need to please their owners, even if they come from a hard past, they can always become good dogs“.

      The only parts I agree with you are when you say “Every dog attacks… And as with small dogs, even they can do serious damage, they could puncture an artery and other weak places.

      Elizabeth, you say you 13 yo, what I doubt, but your mentality is truly of a pre-teen. Please, spend more time at your school perhaps at least learning the difference among “there jaws” and “dogs out their“. That proves who are “more educated”, don’t you think?

    • MrMAD says:

      Btw, your dogs sicken us, decent, civil, clean people waaaaay more than we sicken you.

      That’s for sure.

  16. Bob says:

    After reading through these comments, I understand the reasoning behind this site. It isn’t a place for rational discourse, or for the unbiased debate of information. It is pure unadulterated hate and vitriol, not just towards canines, but anyone who doesn’t share your tiny, little, narrow minded worldviews. You’re calling people names when you’ve never met them and have no idea what kind of people they might be. You have perhaps 4-5 people who disagree with what you are saying, and the rest of you lambaste and attempt to verbally crucify them. I say attempt because as negative as the hate speech is on here, it’s so much worse that the majority of negative comments have terrible grammar and punctuation. And you call yourself educated?
    I’m glad I found this site. I want to thank you for reminding me that there are people out there who enjoy nothing more than to torment, belittle, insult or even murder those you deem inappropriate. And I thank God that you don’t have your way.

    • MrMAD says:

      Bob, you’ve NOT understood the reasoning behind this site. At all. I don’t blame you, that’s the norm for dog owners.

      We provide facts and real information, not affectionate opinions, like ODORs do. Just look at the number of death threats I receive.

      We do Not need to know people to understand that they’re criminal, like those prisoners on maximum security prisons. No. We know they are uncivil and not respectful of others.

      I agree with you when you say “there are people out there who enjoy nothing more than to torment, belittle, insult or even murder those you deem inappropriate.” However, it’s YOU dog owners the ones who do that, Not us who just want a safe, clean and peaceful place to live. You are the criminals, Not us, please don’t try to shift blame. You are Not the victims. Decent people are.

      To finish, yes, we don’t have our way today, I concede, but we are undoubtedly getting there. Step by step, closer and closer to your vicinity as well.

    • melissa says:

      I don’t hate any dog. That being said I would never own a pit bull. I would never be able to live with myself if it did hurt someone. I think it is crazy to try to prove to everyone they won’t attack while putting others in danger. I also will not associate with anyone who owns one. I don’t trust them. Watch a few videos of a pit bull attacking animals, owners, strangers. They just charge out of nowhere. I think there should be strict limits as to how many of these dogs are bred and who gets to own them. I think they need to wear muzzles while in public and when they are home they should have the strongest measures possible so they don’t escape. Old people and children particularly do not need to be exposed to them. This is not hating a breed of dog, this is understanding the danger and living accordingly. If an adult wants to take this chance I have no problem with it. The problem I have is exposing others to something just to prove a point. Sadly the point has been proven but not in a good way. Own a pit bull if you want but don’t try to force others to feel the same way. I don’t want to force a person who loves pit bulls to feel differently. Just take responsibility for an animal that is capable of doing serious damage in a short amount of time.

  17. Dog Lover says:

    I love dogs… I have a Rat Terrier…
    He is my little buddy and, hunting dog.
    I love the way these pit nut jobs say “all dogs will bite” Hey, no kidding… Yeah, my Rat Terrier might even bite you. He never has nor has he offered to BUT… Since I’m not mentally defunct, I can assertain that you would (If not mentally defunct) rather have my dog bite you than, a pit bull? Grow up, wake up and, quite huffing paint. A chihuahua will bite you too. AND, piss you off. A pit bull will KILL YOU if it wants to. How bout a simple test so, you can prove how smart you are?
    Take a 1 year old black lab puppy and a 1 year old beagle, that have never been outside your yard, to a pond and throw a stick in the pond. See what happens then, ask yourself “Hey self, why did that happen”?
    Your right, pit bulls can’t help it that they have a reputation as a killer, THEY ARE. It ISN’T there fault, it’s yours.
    The are only two legitimate reasons to own a pit bull.
    1. You want to own a killer so it can purposely kill. (good choice, they can/do)
    2. You want to own a killer so, you can prove it won’t kill and, you think it’s neat that you can prove that it won’t chew some kids face off. UNTIL IT DOES.
    Then, you can try to disapear and, act like you never did it.
    Meanwhile, that kid can grow up with half a face and get picked on for the rest of his/her life or, not go on another day.
    But, hey, it’s worth it… Look how cool you’ll look if you can keep it from doing it.
    Let your pit around my family and, you can get the collar back.
    By the way, maybe you could pass an ordinance so you can own alligators too? Then you can let your kid play with it too. I hear they will only bite the same person once?

    • MrMAD says:

      (All profanity deleted, ok?)

      Just a few points:

      – Normal people do NOT want to be bitten by a dog, any dog, be it a barking rat, a pitbull, or whatever.

      – Normal people don’t do tests with dogs, they are working, productive members of society.

      – There are NO legitimate reasons to have a pitbull. There are excuses.

      (And I’m still not sure if you are against or in favor of dogs…)

    • PIT DISPATCHER says:

      “Let your pit around my family and, you can get the collar back.”
      You let your loose pit around me or my kids, it will be the last thing it ever does. If it hurts my kids before I succeed in killing it, it will be the very last thing YOU do too.
      Not a threat, a promise.

      Here are two excellent graphics, to share so that pit nutters know we mean business:
      (I prefer the knife)

  18. Chels says:

    If you do your research, you will find that in the previous century, pit bull types were commonly known as nanny dogs because many families with young children owned them. And in the previous century, I’m willing to bet there were more sensible people than there are today.
    1. Who could afford to own a dog in the 1900s? Especially the early 1900s when put bulls were used the most? Only a stable and well-off family, obviously; not “crazy lowlifes” as you call them because they could not afford to have a dog AND food and a home.
    2. You’re saying a Kill on Site Ordinance for any loose dog… I own a Peekapoo that goes all around my neighborhood and you’re saying anyone who sees my dog should kill it? Seriously? How about a loose puppy of any breed? That happens a lot when trying to teach a dog to stay inside a yard. We should kill those dogs?
    3. I babysit for a family with a 3 yr old son and newborn daughter that owns a pitbull. I have played and wrestled with that dog (the butch strong type you visualize when you think of a pitbull) and it has never shown any aggression other than playfulness toward me or those children. My OWN dog has nipped at people only a few times, but more than that pitbull.
    4. Let people who want to own one be responsible for THEMSELVES and THEIR DOG. Of course if a dog of any breed were going to attack me, I would shoot it. But I am also willing to accept responsibility for my dog and my choice in breed, and I will also accept the consequences. THAT is what good dog owners do.
    5. Maybe a better ordinance would be to shoot ANY dog that aggressively bites one time, if you really must have your stupid ordinance. MrMAD (I think that’s the right person), would you be ok with someone kill your rat terrier if it bites anyone? I’m sure it has before, ALL dogs bite. But as for me and my house, I will accept responsibility for my dog.

    • MrMAD says:

      Regarding the Nanny Dog Myth, I’m going to refer you to excellent article The TRUTH About Pit Bulls: The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed. They did an excellent research and no one honest could deny it. Have a good read.

      noun \ri-ˌspän(t)-sə-ˈbi-lə-tē\

      : the state of being the person who caused something to happen
      : a duty or task that you are required or expected to do
      : something that you should do because it is morally right, legally required, etc.

      At least we agree on one point: All dogs bite.

      Ah, I’d never be dumb enough to have a dog. Period.

  19. RJ says:

    MrMad is a fitting name, in the sense that “mad” means “crazy”. Dogs are not mean. I’ve worked in shelters most of my life and have NEVER been bitten. NOT ONCE. EVEN by Pitbull rescues. Your perverted fears and irrational assertions are ridiculous.

    As an actual dog owner, with actual experience — something you, admittedly, can not claim — only dogs who have been abused and made to fear are mean. Even then, when you love them, that dissipates quickly.

    You’re nothing better than a racist who, with no actual experience, makes broad-sweeping, stereotypical, and asinine accusations based on fear on ignorance.

    • MrMAD says:

      Usually I don’t reply to your kind of comment but in this case I will.

      Mad, means, as its first and most important definitions: angry, really angry, furious. Once more, you dog owners do not know what you are talking about.

      To finalize, it’s not because You have not been bitten – if that is true – that others have not. I have, my father has, my brother has, just to name a few.

      So, who is making “asinine accusations based on fear (of people telling the truth about dogs) on ignorance” is you, not me.

      Oh, and btw, racist? Really? About dogs? You just made my day ! LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

      • RJ says:

        Clearly, even simple analogies elude you. The comparison was that your attitude about dogs was LIKE a racist, since racists typicslky have limited experience to back up their claims. Furthermore, that your dad has been bitten doesn’t make it a regular practice, and doesn’t justify your carte blanche dismissal of all dogs.

        • MrMAD says:

          Just two statistics:
          * Five million 5,000,000 dog bites a year, just in the USA.
          ^^^^ This is NOT limited experience to back up my claims.

          * Eight hundred thousand 800,000 required medical treatment.
          ^^^^ Yes, it DOES make it a regular practice. A really DANGEROUS one!

  20. lee77 says:

    The quote below is from a March 11, 2014, article entitled “Attitudes against pit bulls soften, but attacks continue.” I found Don Burmeister’s take on the “dog” situation refreshing in our present-day dog-obsessed society:

    “Don Burmeister, assistant city attorney for Council Bluffs, Iowa, led the effort to pass a local pit bull ban that took effect in 2005. He recalled first reading about the issue in the July 27, 1987, issue of Sports Illustrated, which carried a full-cover shot of an angry pit bull baring its teeth. Across the top, it said ‘BEWARE OF THIS DOG.’

    “After the Council Bluffs ban went into place, the number of pit bull attacks that resulted in hospitalization plummeted from 29 in 2004 to zero the past few years – proof, Burmeister said, that breed-specific bans work.

    “The opposition to pit bull bans, he added, is a sign that many American pet owners have lost touch with reality.

    “‘Fifty years ago, you could take a sick animal behind a barn and put it out of its misery,’ he said. ‘That’s just the way it was done. Now they would investigate you for doing that. The emotional irrationality of Americans and their dogs has never been worse than it is today.’”

  21. Janice says:

    Pit Bulls and all other breeds of dog that have been bred to be aggressive killers should be treated the same as if they were a dangerous wild animal. They should come under the same controls that apply to a regular citizen owning a tiger, african wild dog, chimpanzee, zebra, deer or elephant. They should be considered a dangerous exotic, and not a domestic animal. Come to think of it, domesticated bovines, swine, and equines all have laws about their containment and control, and those laws are normally enforced. I’d rather have a domestic bull living in the pasture next to my house than a damned pit bull running loose. Pit bull type dogs should not be considered companion/pet animals the same as a tabby cat, spaniel dog, or parakeet bird.

    • MrMAD says:

      Wonderfully said, Janice.

      One must be fully and totally responsible for what they, and they only, decide to bring into their lives.

      No exceptions.

  22. Hollyleaf says:

    If your saying pit bulls are mean because they BITE, you are being racist! All dogs bite!

    • MrMAD says:

      Racist? About dawgsss? Please…

      Try to understand that ‘race’ is ONLY applied towards HUMANS, humans only, NOT animals.

      That is another crystal-clear evidence that your vicious beasts are damaging even YOUR OWN lives.

      Instead of going to university or getting any form of formal education – investing your time into something useful, – no, you doggists and pit nutters keep wasting everyone’s time with your killer canines with plenty of free time to still come here and elsewhere to propagandize that people who don’t like dogs are… racist! Wow!

      And all dogs bite? Really??? Man, ‘we didn’t know that‘!!!

  23. tg says:

    I’ve lived with pit bulls. Those two were not dangerous, or at least at eight and five years old never showed any signs of it. You could even take things out of their mouth if they picked up something they shouldn’t. My son likes to play with dice, and he dropped a few, the dogs would pick them up, either the owner or myself could get them with no problem. Now, before I sound like a nutter, I’m starting to believe those two were the exception, rather than the rule. I have the Ambully down the street who terrifies me. It’s not because I’m “racist” or because I hate dogs. It’s because the dog acts like it wants to attack every time it sees me. For the pit lovers, let me clarify, the first time I met this dog, I asked if I could pet it. The guy walking it told me no, don’t come any closer as the dog started to snarl and growl. It continues that pattern and I keep making police reports. God help us, school gets out soon. Please let the dog be gone before it kills one of the kids out playing or walking.

    I’ve posted in other places about the pit that lives next door to my niece. The dog has killed cats, can not be in the same room with the much bigger mastiff mix it lives with, and attacked a bigger pit mix. It has a record, in other words (this is for the people who think there’s no such thing as bad “pebble”). Well two weeks ago it came into my niece’s garage, her boyfriend, their roommate, and another friend were in there, with Frank, their pug. This dog silently walked in and cornered them. De, the boyfriend picked up a hammer and was going to beat Tank with it. His owner, who has been in prison for fighting dogs (maybe if you’re convicted of that, you should NEVER be allowed to own another animal of any kind, not even a fish), came in and yelled at De for threatening his dog. De told him, next time, he’s shooting Tank. They just got the house, they have friends with kids, I’ve been over there with my son. They have their dog, and cat, who never gets out, but likes to lay in windows, and other people bring their dogs. I guess if dogfighter wants to keep his precious pittie he’ll listen. While I’m not in favor of poison, and I like dogs, I believe all of us have a right to protect ourselves against vicious dogs. Hopefully our cats, or even our dogs aren’t the ones who have to do it for us.

    • MrMAD says:

      God help us, school gets out soon. Please let the dog be gone before it kills one of the kids out playing or walking.

      Yes, you really should keep calling the police. As many times as needed until the threat is finally gone for good.

      It’s truly a matter of public safety — now involving kids — and their excuse “we can not do anything until the dog attack” is pure BS. If instead of a vicious dog it were a thug pointing a gun through the window — without shooting, — cops would invade that house in a second, with no excuses.

      Ah, call the cops *AND* the press, too.

  24. tg says:

    @ Hollyleaf
    Not all dogs bite either. My parents always had dogs, I have older kids who have dogs, friends and relatives who have dogs. If all dogs bite, why in 42 years have I never been bitten by a family or friends dog? Why haven’t my kids, nieces, nephews, great nieces or great nephews? Trust me, the younger kids crawled around with dogs, pulled on them as babies and all the other things kids too young to know better do to dogs. Nobody has been bitten. Not all dogs bite, all dogs can, but a dog who knows it’s place in the pack doesn’t. Instead they trust the people to take the child annoying them away and give both child and dog a safe place.

    It’s not that pit bulls bite anyway, it’s that when they bite, they do so much more damage. They bite, shake, might let go to get a better grip, might grab you and scalp you, take a limb, kill you, put an eye out. They don’t let go, unless it’s to get a better grip. When normal dogs are provoked to the point of biting, they might bite you once, then let go, not keep going back at you.

    • MrMAD says:

      I reaffirm: “All dogs bite.”

      Postmen reaffirm: “If it has teeth, it will bite.”

      If a person has not been bitten in 42 years, well, it’s not proof that they do not bite. Not at all. Only that that person was smart enough to stay away from a dog bite.

      You also included “never been bitten by a ‘family or friends’ dog“. Why? Was there a bite by an unknown dog instead?

      I personally know persons (plural) who told me they were never bitten by a dog. Later on, in unrelated casual conversations, I came to know by other close persons that that was not the case. Maybe they were considering “being bitten” only as when one is sent by helicopter to hospital and undergo a six-hour surgery? I don’t know. But they were bitten, oh yes.

      For me, a ‘simple bite’ that ‘just’ required a band-aid with no visit to an ER is still a dog bite. Furthermore, we know for sure dog owners are Not the most trustworthy people out there.

  25. tg says:

    No MrMad, I’ve never been bitten by a strange dog either. I avoid those. The closest I’ve came to being bitten was one dog getting to excited when taking a treat, she almost got my fingers. I corrected her, and didn’t give her the treat. That one time, with a very firm NO, and refusal to give the reward taught her to sit, and not grab the treats. She’s middle aged now and has never bitten anybody. Even as a puppy she didn’t chew on humans. She could bite, but she’s been taught not to. She has been known to clean and cuddle newborn kittens when they’re mother needed a break. So I stand by my argument, well trained dogs don’t bite, but they could. My mom’s Chihuahuas were yappy, but they weren’t allowed to bite. Their not a dog for me, you can’t keep them quiet, but ours didn’t bite.

    As for the Ambully, I’m posting on the local community board, notifying everyone I see, and talking with the humane society. I’ll try our local paper. That landlord has been notified. My landlord knows, the people in my building know. The parents of the other kids at my son’s bus stop know.

  26. YoYo says:

    It always amazes me that people are willing to take on the liability of owning a breed of dog that have been specifically bred for centuries to kill and are almost impossible to control when they decide to do it. And for those people that get them for “protection,” dogs don’t have some magical intuition to know who is bad and who isn’t. They will eventually get it wrong.
    I can’t believe that someone could read the very long list of people (many of them children) that have been seriously bitten, mauled and killed by these dogs and still justify their ownership. Those same people blame the victims, the victims parents or the owners and claim their dogs would never do that because they raised their dogs right. What arrogancy these people show. “My dog would only lick you to death.” Many of the victims were just as ignorant, it was their family’s dog and never showed any previous signs of aggression. They thought they were raising their dog right too. And they may have.
    I’m disgusted by the people who actually blame the children for their own death, because it’s assumed the child had to have been doing something wrong and teasing the dog. Even if that was true, nobody should die, because a dog can’t handle it.
    Nobody can “love” them enough or train them enough to get them to ignore their natural instincts in EVERY situation. Dogs are not as predictable as people give them credit for and they should never be given the benefit of doubt. Those dogs shouldn’t be trusted just because they haven’t hurt someone yet, because the first time can be lethal. I for one would much rather be bitten by a Chihuahua than a PitBull, a breed of dog that is notorious for clamping on with its teeth, not letting go even when beaten and shakes its head in order to tear flesh. PitBull owners often talk about how dangerous other breeds are, like Chihuahuas. How they manage to compare a 1-10 lb. dog bite to a 40-100 lb. dog bite with a straight face is beyond me.

    As for the “Dog Whisperer” he might be good at what he does, but haven’t people learned yet that you can’t believe everything you see on TV? Even the show has a disclaimer at the beginning that says people shouldn’t attempt his techniques without a professional. What constitutes a professional in his mind he doesn’t explain. That show doesn’t follow up on every dog he has worked with and check to see if the dog has gone back to its old ways when life goes back to normal and the dog trainer isn’t there to correct the dog constantly and read its every sign. Many of the dogs on his show he has to take out of their home and into his special environment for months at a time where they are monitored 24/7 to accomplish his “rehabilitation.” I’ve even seen more than once where a dog immediately started biting again when it was taken back home and the Dog Whisperer agreed to adopt it permanently and replace it with one of his own dogs that had a “calmer mind.” So when the Dog Whisperer says that any dog can be rehabilitated, that isn’t true. He really should be truthful and explain that dogs can’t be trusted in every situation and that you have to be on constant guard with them like he is in the show. And if all these dogs with problems are caused by bad owners, like many Pit Bull owners claim, then why are the dogs allowed to go back to them? Why would he place another dog with them? In all the shows I’ve watched the families look and act normal to me. They don’t appear to have mistreated their dogs and seem to love them as much as anyone else loves their dog.
    The Dog Whisperer, like most dog owners, still blames the bite victims for getting bit. According to him if the victims only followed his rules of “no touch, no talk and no eye contact” they wouldn’t get bit. So, if you touch a dog, if you talk to a dog and if you for some reason make eye contact with it, you can expect to get bit. Maybe they are predictable after all. It’s crazy to think we as a society should have to tiptoe around any dog or we somehow deserve to be attacked. Man’s best friend? Not every man, just the one that feeds it.

    I’m not a dog hater. I’ve had at least one, as a companion my entire life. However, I recently witnessed something that concerned me and apparently is quite common. One of my neighbors reported that her son was walking home on the sidewalk and just as he passed a man walking a leashed dog, the dog turned around, jumped up and attempted to bite him, ripping his sweatshirt. There was no warning and the dog barely missed his hand. The man didn’t stop and quickly walked away. The mother wanted to let everyone in the neighborhood know that her son had a close call, was quite shaken up and that others might want to keep an eye out. She did mention that it was a PitBull. Many people thanked her for the heads up but at no time did anyone make any disparaging remarks about Pit Bulls in particular. When the mother stated that she was going to make a report with the Sheriffs is when all hell broke loose. At least 6 different Pit Bull owners started to blame the boy for the incident, bullying the mother and telling her she shouldn’t report it. “You’ll only get an innocent man in trouble and you better be prepared for the consequences. It probably wasn’t a Pit Bull. The boy must have tried to pet the dog. The boy was in the dog’s space.” They wanted to know how old the dog was, because it was probably a puppy and only playing. “It’s probably in its learning phase.” These people were willing to defend a dog they didn’t know simply because it was a Pit Bull. One lady stated it wasn’t her dog, but she had a Pit Bull that would jump up and bite, but it was only playing. One person went on and on about how lovable their Pit Bull was and if it was their dog it would have licked the boy to death. They went on to talk about the media conspiracy and how ridiculous banning was. “Pit Bulls only bite if they are mistreated. Its all about nurture and has nothing to do with nature. Pit Bulls are taught to be mean, they aren’t born that way. All Pit Bulls shouldn’t be condemned just because some Pit Bulls are aggressive.” One person would claim nobody should be afraid of their dog just because it was scary looking, it was just a big baby. Then another person would complain about the kids in the neighborhood coming near them at the park and how it would upset the dog. Nobody questioned why they took a dog that didn’t tolerate children running around to a playground. It turned into a big Pit Bull propaganda machine with nobody willing speak out against them. I was disappointed in myself, but I felt the intimidation I’m sure everyone else felt.
    I’ve never felt comfortable around Pit Bulls, but now that I’ve witnessed first hand how brainwashed some people can be about about them and what they are willing to deny and dismiss, I’m even more scared. People that love those dogs, treat them better than people and think they deserve more protection than the people around them. That scares me.

  27. Anne P. says:

    I admit I’m not well educated on this subject. I just over and over and over again keep being told “they’re not aggressive and it’s all about how you raise them”. However, like the article was talking about criminals owning pitbulls, my father who was abusive and committed domestic violence against me and my mother owned one, and he was saying the same old stuff that most pitbull lovers say. Oh and yeah I witnessed an attack, so I’ve never allowed my dogs to come close to one ever again after it almost killed my gran others maltese.

    • MrMAD says:

      You do not need to be more educated than that, Anne P.

      Being a personal witness And victim is more than enough to learn all we need about dogs, which are notoriously dangerous.

      Welcome to the blog!

  28. Krose says:

    A woman sadly was mauled by 11 stray dogs not one was a pit bull.
    I have a “pit”. All dogs are dangerous if they are not trained and given love and
    Attention. The pit bull is no exception. Drug dealers have given these dogs
    A bad reputation. Any dog can become mean if you beat it, give it no food, give them steroids which makes them off balance and a host of other bad choices.

  29. Alissa says:

    The most dangerous animals, hands down are humans. We are the ones who’ve destroyed everything in our paths, including the reputation of animals. ANY animal can be taught how to be aggressive, so stop the breed discrimination. Perhaps humans need some training. Pit bulls are certainly not the problem, people are just too damn busy looking for someone else to point the finger at for their stupidity. Grow up.

    • MrMAD says:

      “The most dangerous animal are humans.”

      OK! So start by killing yourself.

      This site is NOT Facecrook.

  30. Tania says:

    The advice of caring a ‘thick’ stick, for the mouth, is a good one. During a pitbull attack, hitting that vicious beast even with a heavy baseball bat won’t make it to release the victim. Pit bulldogs are known to be immune even to Tasers and Pepper spray when in their attacking trance. Only Bear Spray and Wasp Spray seem to be more effective against those canine killers of people, all while talking about non lethal defensive weapons, actually simple household items, but off course a bullet in their unthinking heads would definitely be the very best, but not most of us have this chance. So, one more possibility of protecting us when of a menacing dog attack.

  31. Kendall Teshita says:

    Because of the disproportionate damage pitbulls cause to other animals and humans, especially children, some 600 communities across North America have chosen breed selective legislation to ban pit-bull-type dogs. But Calgary opted for “responsible pet ownership”: strict licencing, public education and owner accountability. That is Not working.

    Compare pit bulls to humans…. if a human ripped a child’s face off, it would have consequences/punishment, not rehab…and certainly not a chance to do it twice… :/

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