Pit Bulls, the Number One Killers of Children

Pit Bulls, the number one canine killers and mutilators of children bar none, for decades now.

Fatal Pit Bull Attacks

Yet STILL pit bulls are being lauded as ‘Nanny dogs’ and ‘Baby-sitters’. They are not. They never have been. It is a lie, a myth, and a gross and willful misunderstanding of a dog purpose-bred for NOTHING but violence.

Worse, it is a gross and criminal mischaracterization conducted by a multibillion dollar lobby with billions of incentives to perpetuate this falsehood, be it on TV, in the movies, magazines, internet, everywhere.

Even ‘Bad Rap’, a group that ferociously advocates for pit bulls, have advised people to STOP quoting the dangerous old Nanny Dog lie, even indirectly, in view of the amount of children killed and mutilated by these dogs.

Last year 2013, SIXTEEN innocent American children were brutally, painfully, miserably and terrifyingly slain by fighting breed dogs. Many of those children were slain by their very own loved and loving family ‘pet’ pit bulls. This year 2014, nine children have been killed by dogs, and EIGHT of those children were killed by fighting breed dogs.

Those are ONLY the American kids whom were murdered by pitbulls. There are also countless numbers of dead babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults and elderly ALL AROUND THE PLANET where the statistics didn’t care a bit about them. Pit bulls killing people EVERYWHERE.

It IS the dogs; it IS the breed; it IS the type. It is no longer good enough to squawk ‘it’s the owner, not the dog‘. No. It IS the dog, YES.

The one uniting factor in all pit bull attacks, IS the dog itself. Chained, free-roaming, house pet, loved, ignored, hungry, trained, not socialized, well-trained, highly-bred, home-bred… it doesn’t matter. The blood that runs through ALL of them is more powerful and meaningful than training, love and socialization.

A dear woman who lost her only son last year 2013 to the pit bull they had raised well since puppy-hood, described the animal standing next to the gruesome spectacle of her child’s dead body, looking ‘confused’. NO other dog would do that. Other dogs would KNOW that doing such a thing was ‘WRONG’ whatever the way pit bulls minds work, if so.

But it wasn’t ‘wrong’, not to that pit bull. That dog went on to PASS a week’s worth of Aggression Tests. They are not born evil, not born full of traditional ferocity; theirs is a ferocity that takes some deeper understanding. It is a violence that is craved, that is enjoyed, that is spontaneous, that is sudden, that is a welcome reaction to centuries of purposeful breeding for nothing but violent activities.

Pit bulls love what they do, and beware when they DO it.

If you claim to know and love your pit bull, then you HAVE to dig into its history both near and distant. You CANNOT claim it to be a Nanny Dog, not when you investigate the child deaths and mutilations. You cannot DO that, when you find out so easily that it has caused more child deaths and mutilations THAN ALL OTHER DOG BREEDS COMBINED.

If you claim to know and love your pit bull, you HAVE to embrace its terrible failings, and if you cannot or will not do that, then you set the dog you claim to love, up for failure. And more importantly, you endanger everything with a heartbeat that has to live around that dog of yours.

Pit bulls do not need owners. They need HANDLERS. Pit bulls are dogs unlike other dogs. Those vicious animals are not SUPPOSED to be like other dogs. You have in your home an ancient and proud gladiatorial dog, whose origins began in England as the old bull-baiting and fighting dog. This is NO lap-dog. This is an old fashioned working dog whose work is obsolete in polite society.

No longer able to express its genetics by gripping large livestock in the face and bringing that huge animal down to the ground for open field slaughter; no longer able (legally) to fight dog-on-dog to the death…. what did you THINK would happen when these canine gladiators left the blood-red fields and the slippery fighting pits, and were pimped into your nice modern homes, with children running around – with your neighbors, your neighbor’s harmless pets, their children, moving around like SUBSTITUTE PREY or OPPONENTS – what did you think might happen? Happy ever after, for all pit bulls and their ‘owners’?

It hasn’t happened. Instead, we see rising attacks. And we are NOT talking about ‘simple’ single BITES here. We are talking about relentless MAULS, with chunks of living tissue ripped from faces, limbs and torsos. We are talking about a dog who is not BRED to back off, but that has been designed purposefully to keep going forward, to not stop, ever, until either they or their SUBSTITUTE PREY OR OPPONENT, is dead.

Not all pit bulls will fulfill their dark genetic inheritance. But many will, and they will do so with little to no warning, and in many cases you will stand there in horror as you watch destiny unfolding, and you will NOT be able to get that animal off your child’s face, or your neighbor’s neck; many of these dogs will take multiple bullets before they fall, pepper-spray is useless, and by that time the damage has been done.

You will train your dog, you will love it, and it will love you, but it is what it is – a fighting breed dog in a setting it was not born for. You trust it, but you are trusting the wild wind. And it may be the face of your own child that is sacrificial to your choice of pet dog.

So many Pit Protectionists whine about Chihuahuas, about falling coconuts, they seek to obfuscate from facts by bleating about vehicular fatalities, or gun killings…. but this is about DOGS. This is not about the less usual and less random fatal attacks from other breeds of dogs, this is not about the endless claims that Chihuahuas are more deadly or bite more, this is not about high-fiving yourself because YOUR pit bull has not (yet) hurt anyone – this is about dead Americans. Dead American children. And it is about American children who survived with mutilated faces and broken hearts.

And more to come – more deaths, more closed-casket funerals, more sobbing parents lamenting the same lines we hear again and again and again – “Can’t believe it; we loved that dog; never showed a sign of aggression; never harmed a fly“. But still the tragedies continue – those tragedies that you THINK only happen to strangers, but could happen any day to you and those you love.

If that does not touch you, then nothing will. You are prepared to make a point to the world about your choice of dog, knowing that your CHILD may pay the ferryman for your gamble.

Be better than that, please.

Do not trust that goofy, fun-loving, dual-natured Fighting Breed dog with the sharp teeth and the hot blood that runs richer and deeper in its veins than all the love and training and hope that you throw at it.

Because if you have a Fighting Breed dog in your family home, you have handed your child over to Hope. That is ALL that stands between the life of your child, and a small grave. Hope.

Good luck to you with that.


The above is a slightly modified version from an awesome, epic rant posted on “The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine” Facebook page group, a post that seems to have been deleted for some reason.

As reality about pit bulls needs to be spread everywhere it was re-posted here.

► Need hard and cold FACTS about pit bulls? Find them here.

Image credit to Fatal Pit Bull Attacks
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4 Responses to Pit Bulls, the Number One Killers of Children

  1. S says:

    The problem is that pit lovers are living in a fantasy world (probably replete with unicorns and fairies), where genetics mean NOTHING and if you love something, then there’s a 100% probability that your love will make the object of your love good.

    It’s a beautiful sentiment and I think we’d all like it to be true that love conquers all. But that’s not the world we live in.

    These fools care more about their idealistic fantasy than about reality, though. And their neighbors’ children keep paying the price.

  2. Great Post. The “Nanny Dog” nonsense always blew my mind – First off, NO dog is competent to “babysit” a human child! What are they thinking, “hey honey, lets go away for the weekend! Fido will take care of the kids!”. This idiotic conceit was borne from true dog nuttery. Is the dog going to call 911 if the kid falls down the stairs? Yep, I thought so!

    The whole pit problem is the pinnacle of out of control dog worship: I.E. So what if its been bred for 500 years to attack and kill? Its a DOG and as such is absolutely wonderful by default. Its a given (/snark) that it is vastly more intelligent than any human, so it MUST be able to differentiate between “targets”. It would never bite a kid, and if it does its the kid’s fault!

    I wish these morons would get their narrative straight… are these beasts safe around kids or not? They sell them as “nanny dogs” but when Fido bites the kids, they IMMEDIATELY throw the parents under the bus!

  3. Erica W. says:

    May I just say what a relief to uncover a person that really knows what they’re talking about over dangerous dogs.

    You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important as it is.

    People are suffering, by a large margin, all because of dog owning men and women imposing their beloved canines on other fellows. It shouldn’t be it this way. It doesn’t need to be this way.

    A lot more people ought to look at this and understand your side of the story.

    I can’t believe you are not more popular given that you surely possess the gift.

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Erica.

      Regarding becoming more popular, our blog is steadily growing each and every day. Many more people are getting aware of what is happening in this dog plagued world.

      Some of those really motivated people are joining us and getting together to become a stronger voice and force. Lot’s of interesting things there already! Perhaps you want to join, too.

      Welcome to the blog!

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