Why Do People Need Pets? Ehhhrrr… dogs?

Why Do People Need PetsWhy do Some People Want Pets? Specially a dog???

“It’s an epidemic – most likely caused by a yet to be discovered virus; because no sane person would make such a sacrifice, of their time and money.”

Why do People Need Pets?

They don’t. As simple as that.

People are made to believe they need a pet, specially a dog. The demand for pets determines the supply and what we see are huge amounts of dogs outside, anywhere we go. Lots of advertisements with dogs. Lots of dog people claiming their dogs are wonderful.

Many people can see the usefulness of keeping pigs, chickens, or cattle: they serve as food for people. But what use are pets? The most common reasons people declaring for keeping pets are:

  • Company
  • Socializing
  • They are beautiful, nice and interesting
  • Status
  • Something to do

Ahn… really? Let’s see:

Company – You need an animal as a company? Sorry, but if you are incapable of finding a Human being as a company, you have a social dysfunction. You don’t need a pet dog, you need a doctor.

Socializing – You need an animal to socialize? Cant you go out and simply talk to people – humans – in a supermarket, bus stop, community meeting? Sorry, but if you are incapable of finding a Human being to talk to, you have a disability in engaging in social contacts. You don’t need a pet dog, you need a doctor.

Dogs are beautiful, nice and interesting– Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Would you find my Tarantula pet beautiful, nice and interesting? No??!! Exactly, I don’t think your dog is beautiful, nice and interesting at the least. By the very contrary.

What you think you see is what other people say they see. Those people have a variety of very strong reasons to behave that way: purporting dogs as gods of no evil doing (to make money in the process) or just going with everybody because everyone out there – specially the Hollywood Super Stars in movies and TV – has a dog so you must have a dog too, after all this is the new trend!

You want to be cool in the eyes of anybody else, instead of being yourself. Sorry, this a poor personality trait, a mental disorder. You don’t need a pet dog, you need a doctor.

Status – You want to show other people what you are really not. You need a pitbull to show you are bad and brave. You need a Azawakh dog ($3,000 and up) to show how rich you are. You need any dog whatsoever so your status in the community is as good as anybody else, except for the ones who do not have any dog at all. Sorry, this a poor personality trait, a mental disorder. You don’t need a pet dog, you need a doctor.

Something to Do – So just because you have nothing to do, you choose to get a dog. A dog? An animal that is loud (bad to your health, unless you are profoundly, 100% deaf) Dirty. Smelly. Destructive. Dangerous. Diseases carrying.
Exceptions – If you are an elderly, lost your spouse, your kids moved to another country, you are terminally ill… so, you may have plausible reasons to want a pet.

That does Not say that that will be a nice fit for you. You will spend lots of time (you have plenty), effort (you do Not have lots of energy), money (you may Not have if you need to take care of your general health). You are committing to a new job that you didn’t have to but, because “everybody else” does it, you can do too.

Dogs carry and spread a huge variety of diseases. Hazardous, life threatening diseases as well. Being an elderly, your health probably is not so good as it was when you were a teenager and a dog will just make it get worse.

Pooches are highly movable, they pose a serious hazard for your mobility in and around your home. Not a wise choice choosing a hobby that strongly increases your chances of a many falls.

You want ideas on what you can do as a senior, this site has a great list of *productive* activities, both for you and the environment. Please check it and open your mind.

Excuses on “Why do People Need Pets?”

We are all too familiar with excuses like “the many benefits of having a pet pose”. If not all, most are constantly debunked in a regular basis.

I won’t list them all but just give you one another example:

Petting animals does not result in lower blood pressure

A Dutch (http://dierenrechten.blogspot.com/2008/12/dieren-aaien-leidt-niet-tot-een-lagere.html) Health Insurance Company (De Friesland) wondered if petting animals can help to lower your blood pressure. The company did a number of “humorous” tests and arrived at the conclusion that petting animals does not, in fact, help against high blood pressure. The Insurance Company still advises keeping a pet, but then, of course, one that suits you best.

All I ask is that you make up your OWN mind and please don’t go with the fad crowd.

You may want a pet dog. But you do not need a pet dog.


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Goats kick dogs – Goats are smart, better pets than pooches

Goats kick dogs - Even Goats are better than dogs

Goats kick dogs’ rear… in everything!

Goats kick dogs’ rear even as a better pet!

Take a look at the picture above; do you see a calm, silent animal, or a noisy, barking one?Do you see a lush green yard or a yellow-spotted unseeing area? Do you see piles of excrement all around? Would people pay top dollars for that place? Can you feel how pleasant is that natural smell in the air? Can you feel how peaceful is that property?

Obviously, and fortunately, we are talking about goats. Not dogs.

Goats don’t ‘bark’.
Goats don’t bite, maim, or kill.
Goats are not overly noisy animals.
Goats don’t constantly bother your neighbors.
Goats don’t warrant you regular visits from the Police.
Goats’ poop are immediately compostable and ready to use, fertilizing the soil.
Goats feed themselves, with grass, keeping the yards tidy and pleasant to look at.
Goats enrich your property, in numerous positive ways.

Dogs on the other hand… not at all!

Goats kick dogs’ rear as a better animal in general

Buying a goat can cost between US$70 and $350 depending on sex, age and temperament.

Buying or getting a dog no matter where (Not ‘Adopting a rescue dog…‘) is roughly the same, but a pedigree puppy can be sold by hundreds or even several thousands of dollars, and there are people who pay that!

The average lifespan of a goat is 12 years, while most dogs live between 10 and 13 years, without ever producing anything useful in their whole lifetime.

Goats are curious animals and may escape easily. But they will never bite, maim, or kill anyone. A 6ft high chain link fence which can cost up to $5,000 is recommended, but as a farmer you probably lready have one. They also need a warm and dry living space. A large doghouse will do, which costs around $400. Of course, goats deserve something much better than a dog house, simply because dog houses are for… dogs.

Goats need hay as bedding as well as 10lbs/5kg of hay per day to eat which will cost around $200 a year.

Dogs usually live indoors but costs for food are estimated to be around $400-$550 per year.

Routine vet bills of around $200 a year are likely for both animals. Dogs have additional costs of flea and worming treatments, neutering and spaying, kennel costs, microchipping, grooming as well as annual vaccination and booster shots. And all the extra, repeated fines after barking non-stop and by being re-captured by Animal Control after wandering freely in the residential neighborhood.

Overall a goat is likely to cost roughly $13,000 over its lifetime, compared with between $20,000 and $40,000 for a dog, depending on its size. Otherwise, you could feed them grass clipings or let them splurge on your lawn.

Goats can be destructive to simple fences, housing and gardens and can call loudly, which some neighbours may find a nuisance. But infinitely less than a barking dog.

Goats that are lactating (producing milk) need to be milked twice a day, every day. You should only consider getting a lactating goat if you’re prepared to put in the extra work and time needed for milking. But if you milk your goats you may either use it for your own family comsumption, or make money by selling them. Do dogs allow that?

Goats kick dogs’ rear as a better companion for the lonely

Now, pets? Goat pets? Please…

Goats are not for cities, only farms or cottages. Just like dogs are nor for homes or apartments, only to the outside, preferably far away from humans, close to where their ancestors, the wolves, live.

Animals are animals and should be left to live as such. Period.

But, if you still think you are psychologically attached to live with an animal, choose a goat. You will suffer less. And your neighbors, too.

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“My neighbor has just gotten a pit bull puppy.”

Personal Stories of Dog Victims

I just got this question in the private messages area but I think I could reply here as it could hopefully help other people. Certainly, no private details are mentioned.

Let’s call him/her, Stormy:

“I don’t know if this is the right area to put this in, but here I go: My neighbor has just gotten a pit bull puppy. It doesn’t appear aggressive, but I still don’t feel safe with it around. What should I do?”

Hey, Stormy.

Well, at this point all you can do is nothing. Ethically or morally, nothing.

The dog is not barking. Yet.

The dog is not loose on the street. Yet.

The dog is not defecating in your front yard. Yet.

The dog is not breaking a fence and going to your backyard. Yet.

The dog is not a health hazard with its odors from uncollected feces and urine. Yet.

The dog is not preventing you and your family of enjoying your property in full. Yet.

The dog has not bitten anyone. Yet.

The dog has not attacked/mauled/maimed anyone. Yet.

The dog – a PITBULL – has not KILLED anyone. YET!

So, there is absolutely nothing at this point that you can do. Or is there?

Yes, there is.

I suppose you agree there is no point trying to convince your neighbor that pitbulls are dangerous and you would immensely appreciate if him/her could get rid of the canine.

I also suppose you once more agree that calling police/animal control/city officials would lend your complaints in death ears only. You may be ridiculed, too. Just because many of them are dog lovers nonetheless.

My suggestion is (because that is what I would probably *personally*) do:

  • Start reporting to the appropriate department in your city every little infraction Unrelated to the pitbull;
    – Loud parties
    – Invalid/expired car license plates
    – Unkept gardens
    – Untrimmed trees
    – Cars parked on the sidewalk
    – Smells of marijuana from their house?
    – Anything that could either annoy them like paying repeated fines or make their lives difficult and dangerous (police coming to their property when those are drug users?).
    – You got the idea: make their lives hell.
    (as that is what they are trying to do to yours, intentionally or not)
  • Start documenting every little infraction regarding that dog, right at this time, problems that will grow bigger and bigger very soon if you allow it to happen, infractions that are now Related to the pitbull:
    – Get a video camera/cellphone and start recording with clear audio and video everything that that neighbor is wrongly doing related with the dog, and the dog is doing by itself. If possible, this is the best, also get a Security Camera that records the limits of your property, 24×7.
    – Keep documenting EVERYTHING listed at the beginning of this post AND reporting them to appropriate department(s).
    – Keep copies of all this documentation in a safe place.
    – We all know what happens next: you will be dealt with indifference. Do NOT give up. Keep on documenting And reporting. At one point these logs will grow so big that they will HAVE to do something. If they don’t take action and something happens, eg a kid is mauled on your street, you may make good use of this by yourself or helping other affected neighbors.
    – You may call the press and provide them copies of all the documentation you collected. Please choose a serious, professional reporter and news organizations that seem to be more receptive to your story, than those dog-loving reporters and outlets.
    – You may even get to the point of threatening to sue those officials who didn’t do their job well. Or at all.

Easy? Of course not.

Quick? Of course not.

Stress-free? Of course not.

Perfect, 100% sure-proof? Of course not!

But even worse is if you do nothing, or do half heartdely, because in just a few months YOU will be the one who will HAVE to think about moving.

Well, that is sincerely what I’d probably do myself.

Hope you all the best, Stormy.



“It’s just a puppy…”

This is a phrase regularly used by doggists of all kinds. I’m not referring to Stormy above.

Instead, I say: No, it’s NOT JUST a puppy.

Just a puppy would be a puppy teddy bear, a simple teddy dog. Simply because that teddy dog will never grow bigger than what it is today. It will always be small and harmless.

Real dog puppies on the other hand will grow to become too big, too loud, too stinky, too annoying… too dangerous!

All you need is to wait just a few months and those little ‘cute‘ puppies will Not exist anymore. Before, they used to fit in a little bag that the owner could carry anywhere, easily. Later the now fully grown mutt is the one that pulls the owner anywhere it wants to go. Many times to bite you or to poop on your immaculate begonia garden.

During this later stage, the barker barks more and louder, defecates more, urinates more, probably carries more diseases, and can cause bodily harm several times more serious and even life threatening than that little puppy from a few months ago.

Landlords are one class that is constantly deceived by this statement, actually a lie, a white lie, but a lie no matter what: “Oh, it’s just a puppy, there will be no problems…“. Yeah, right.

Other people, normal people, decent persons with big hearts many times succumb to this, well, how can I say, just like a little kid when she says “Ahhh, but I want this soooo much… please buy it for me… please, please… I love you sooo much…“. Emotional chantage?

Point is: Please don’t let dog people deceive you, or anyone you care for, with the fake mantra of “It’s just a puppy…“.

It’s not.

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Different Types of Dog Owners – Driven by Insanity to Greed.

Dog Owners, dog lovers, dog supporters… lots and lots of people promoting everything dogs.


You’re going to find the major 3 types of dog ‘lovers’, not necessarily dog ‘owners’, just because some people who ‘love‘ dogs – because of the money they make – not always ‘have‘ dogs, just promote them in some way. Or several ways.

I’m not going to describe Responsible or Irresponsible dog owners, or if they are the bullying or the introvert type. No. There are countless lists like that, almost all from dog loving sites and that is not what matters to us, regular people who just want peace and quiet.

Here is, the major 3 types of dog owners, actually dog lovers, are:

  • Dog Worshipper
  • Mary-Goes-Round
  • Dog Greeder

In greater detail…

Dog Worshipper

The person who feverishly adores dogs at no cost, no matter what. This is the real ODOR (Obnoxious Dog Owner) who will never, ever listen to reason, even after tragic events happening even to themselves.

One example? We have Grandma Linda who was allowed to spill her insanity here on this site until we could take it no more.

They border insanity, or already crossed that border.


The person who got a dog just because of social pressure; “As everybody has a dog, I have to have one , too!”.

I remember one of those Candid Camera episodes on a Saturday/Sunday night when the presenter was talking – live – to a family and they told him that they did Not have a dog. The presenter’s immediate reaction:”What, you guys do NOOOT have a dog???!” Yes, he was joking, but the family made that face of “We are being ashamed… on national, live TV…” and they certainly were. They were made of fools in front of millions and millions of tv spectators who then either thought “I have a dog!” or “I have to have a dog…

Dog Greeder

The ‘propagandist‘. This is the person or group of people or even entire businesses and organizations that promotes dog ownership, either directly or indirectly.

They are, in no specific order:

  • Dog breeders/ Puppy Mills – Low level business people, usually with no formal education at all or professional qualifications, who decided to open a business, many times to run unlicensed, to start raising dogs for profit. They can do that because there is No entry barrier to start such a business, but lots of unwary customers. Anyone can do it, in the worst meaning possible.
  • Dog fighters – People who raise fighting dogs for profit during and after fighting sessions and sell them at a later stage for a lot of money. Winning fighting dogs selling for up to US$40,000 at that point are common. Most are career criminals, convicted felons. Pitbulls are their dog of choice.
  • Hollywood actor/actress – They may even hate dogs to their heart but always have a dog on their movies. Pay attention if you can find a movie nowadays without dogs or a barking noise in the background sound. They won’t be easy to find. One exception are independent movies and actors/actresses, simply because they are independent, they do not receive orders from the big H.
  • Hollywood Studios – Their movies have to have a dog, specially in the beginning. Those dogs are always smart, well-trained… and never do evil. Nor are ever hurt.
    From one of our commenters on Facebook:

From Rick

Think about the movies made in America. Arnold or Bruce can kill dozens of people in the movies, but even an attacking dog has to be shown to be “okay” or you lose your audience. (Example: “True Lies”, where Arnie bops the heads of two dobermans together, and they have to show them running off unharmed.). In the movie “Dante’s Peak” Children risk their lives to save the family dog, then watch Grandma die a horrible death in some lava. But they don’t mourn her, the dog is ok. In the movie, “The War of the Roses” The climax of the movie is when Michael Douglas believes Kathleen Turner has cooked his dog “Benji” and served it to him for dinner. The whole dark ending hinges on this moment, but of course, they show Benji hiding under a desk unharmed. In the movie, “A Fish Called Wanda”, Michael Palin plays a hit man who is supposed to kill an eyewitness, but accidentally offs her poodles instead, which upsets him to great comedic effect. This was a BRITISH movie, and I talked to some people who would not see it because a poor doggie gets killed. This mentality of elevating canines over people is why some people (a lot) want to “rescue” defenseless pits instead of putting human children first. And it gets worse every decade. I remember vividly going to the beach 30 years ago and though everyone was smoking cigarettes, there were very few dogs. People left them home. Now there are few cigarettes and everyone brings their dogs to the beach because they are “sad” if they can’t come.

  • TV Producers – Similar to big H, you won’t find too many TV series or even documentaries without dogs wandering around. Discovery Channel, History Channel, NatGeo… almost always currently portray dogs in their programs. It was not that way a few years back.
  • Dog Sellers – Self explanatory, isn’t it?
  • Petshops – Have you noticed the explosion of pe$t shops near you?
  • Dog “rescue” organizations – Are dogs ever “rescued“? Please! Dogs are ONLY TAKEN from the streets or from a previous dog keeper who discarded the dog. Unless it is a scenario where a dog is taken from a house on fire or pulled from a drilling well, that is NO rescuing operation whatsoever! Just a ploy to deceive the least intelligent.
  • Dog “adoption” agencies – As above, are dogs ever “adopted“? Please, again! No, dogs  are not adopted! Dogs are BROUGHT to a home for a person to TAKE CARE of the animal. Hopefully. The word “Adoption” must be reserved only for people, humans, like the millions of kids in orphanages who are expecting a loving family to really adopt them.
  • Dog “adoption” events – Dog  supporters promote several kinds of events, like in parks, for current non-dog owning people to adopt get a first dog, or for people who already have a dog to get a new dog(s). Such events are almost always supported by petshops or pet food companies.
  • Dog shelters – Shelter? No. That is a kennel. Nothing else.
  • Dog “shows – An event where excentric people take their dogs to prove how special and the best of the best they are. Such events are almost always supported by petshops or pet food companies. The media is always present because it makes money for them.
  • Main Stream Media – The big websites and news media organizations that are constantly promoting dogs, including pitbulls as is the case of the Huffington Post. Their “news” attract gazzilions of Type 1 and Type 2 of dog owners and so make them tons of money in advertising. More people coming means higher fees for all advertisers, including those that have nothing to do with dogs whatsoever.
  • Veterinarians – Those professionals today see to care just for dogs, other animals, like farm animals, seem not to interest them a lot. Maybe because dogs are the ones that make the most money?
  • Veterinarian Associations – They are in the plural form because basically every major country has one. They are always promoting the virtues of dog ownership. Virtues, yeah…
  • A satellite dog-industry that will do anything and everything to keep their businesses running and profiting from this fad, from the “Sexy Beast Dog Perfume” to “Rear Gear Butthole Covers”. Only the greeders can sell, only the stupid will buy.

A special category within Dog Greeders

The three groups below seem not to financially and directly benefit from the dog business, but let’s see:

  • Animal Control – If there were No dogs, there would be No dog problems, so that there would be No need for Animal Control officers, and other employees, who are all government employees, seemly incapable or unwilling to find a better job in the real world. Still worse is that some of those public servants are connected to groups like kennels and shelters an d such. Please refer to http://cravendesires.blogspot.com/ and http://animaluncontrol.blogspot.com/ that you will find several real life examples there.
    By not doing their job well they negatively contribute to the dog problem. First one.
  • Police Officers – Similarly to Animal Control people above, cops love dogs, specially the more dangerous ones. Cops are usually bullies and so they need a dog to match their personality. As dog lovers, they do whatever they can to not solve any problems created by dogs, for example, barking dogs. One example here: Why cops do Not come for dog violations?.
    By not doing their job well they negatively contribute to the dog problem. Second one.
  • Politicians – In view of not losing voters, they follow the herd. If there are lots of dog owners, they will legislate in benefit of them, who cares about the rest of the population with barking and getting killed. Also important are the dog lobbies, for example, highly vocal pitbull advocates breeders that always make a lot of noise (pun intended) and so frighten and intimidate them.
    By not doing their job well they negatively contribute to the dog problem. Third one.
  • Judges – Lately we have seem numerous absurd decisions by judges benefiting dog owners of all kinds in all cases: barking dogs, ok; dog mauled baby, ok, community service; dog killed elderly, ok, a $100 dollar fine and one month prohibited of possessing a dog; and so on. Even though they are paid for by the entire population they seem to be protecting only the lives of dog owners, mostly criminals.
    By not doing their job well they negatively contribute to the dog problem. Fourth one.

I left one major, most obvious group out, on purpose; can you guess which is that?

There are more, perhaps.

People Who Do Not Own Dogs – But Do Nothing – The Cowards?

There is perhaps a fourth category, so not included the other three above, that are the people who do Not have and may not even like dogs but, due to social pressure, they never do or say anything against dogs.

They are different from the Mary-Go-Round, as those ones HAVE a dog.

They are afraid of what their family, friends, coworkers… will say about them and so they keep quiet, even during a non-stop barkathon or a vicious attack on a children they know well. They don’t call the Police, AC. They don’t attend HOA Homeowners Association meetings to tackle the problem. They don’t agree to  testify as a witness for a neighbor who is suing the criminal dog owners. Some are even cautious of clicking a Like button on Facebook because ‘everybody’ will know they are ‘dog haters’.

Anything that needs their help, a minimum help, lifting a finger, they refuse to take part. Even when strongly benefiting them.

They simply chicken out.

People who refuse to criticize the danger of dog ownership and worshiping to friends, family and co-workers, makes them a willing part of the problem that society is not changing as fast as it could be for the better.

With their passivity and complacency they seem to agree to the dog pushers so their numbers seem even bigger.

Dog business grow. Normal people lose.

Silence encourages the tormentor,
never the tormented.”

Elie Wiesel

People Who Do Not Own AND Do Not Want Dogs

Those are us.

Me, at least.

And me being me, I ponder: How can we combat all those people and stop this craze?

(if that is ever possible)

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Man Sneaks A Dog Into Hospital To See His Dying Wife (FAKE!)

fake-dogsPlease, take a look at this ‘story’:

His Wife’s Final Wish Was To See Their Beloved Dog Again, So He Came Up With A Clever Plan.


After suffering complications stemming from an invasive surgical procedure, one woman had undergone the procedure to save her life – but after a few days, it was clear that things were not going well.

Her last wish was to see the couple’s dog, named Bella, before she passed away. Of course, dogs aren’t normally allowed in hospitals, but her husband wasn’t going to let that stop him from granting his dying wife’s final request. So he came up with a brilliant plan.

Before she passed, the woman had one final wish.

She wanted to see the couple’s dog, an Australian shepherd named Bella, one last time.

Her husband knew he had to grant her wish, but there was just one problem: dogs aren’t allowed in hospitals.

But he wasn’t going to let that stop him. He got a suitcase and put the 50-pound dog inside.

When they asked him what he was carrying, he told them it was something for his wife’s comfort.

“Unbelievably, she never whimpered, barked, or whined. When I walked past the station nurses, I told them I was simply bringing items to make my wife more comfortable.
He took the bag into the room and unzipped it. Bella hopped right out and up onto the bed, positioning herself so she could look right into the wife’s eyes.

When she woke up and saw Bella there, she burst into tears. She was just so happy.

She hugged Bella for over an hour. A nurse that noticed what was happening was so overcome by the scene that she let Bella stay.

Sadly, the wife passed away a few days later. Her husband says that now, whenever he grabs his suitcase, Bella gets uncontrollably excited because she thinks they’re going to see her again.

What an incredible thing to do for your loved one. I can’t imagine what she must have felt like, looking into her beloved dog’s eyes one last time.

Share this touching story with your friends below.

I call it total BS!

Almost all the photos are of different dogs, most from Flickr.

Dog nutters, specially dog greeders, are capable of anything, and I think this clearly is one of those cases.

A dying wife. A loving husband. An elderly couple. A life-long marriage. A loyal dog…

A woman. Not named.
A husband. Not named.
A hospital. Not named.
A nurse. Not named.
A story. No source.

A dog. That is ‘named’.

This story was picked by big media sites like:

  • http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/man-smuggles-dog-hospital-suitcase-6594733
  • https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/223373/man-smuggles-dog-in-a-suitcase-to-see-dying-wife-in-hospital/?CMP=spklr-_-S9SunSocial-_-TWITTER-_-TheSunNewspaper-_-20151011-_-Features-_-252493511-_-Imageandlink

It’s clear that they didn’t verified anything, just wholeheartedly trusted the word of a Reddit user named Mellifluous_Username.

So, just invent a ‘touching’ story and the easily influenced dog lovers out there, current and soon-to-be-dog owners, would feel touched and encouraged to get a new, or another, dog.

More money in the doggists pockets.

Dog nutters; how low they can go?


Wait, that story may be fake, I stand by my assumption. But this insanity is real, this time again in Brazil, a news story that just broke up at the DailyMail in the UK even though it is said to have happened october last year (would there be a reason for that, eg the contamination the mutt brought to the hospital?). Here is:

Moving moment a terminally ill mother, 49, with cancer is granted her dying wish to be reunited with her beloved pet dog for the last time

  • Rebane Chili decided to discontinue her treatment after a long battle 
  • She had not seen her dog Ritchie since being hospitalized in Porto Alegre
  • Both Brazilian mother and her dog were overjoyed to see each other again
  • Doctors said they noticed a change in her mood and she was more active 


The Hospital’s name is Hospital Ernesto Dornelles. That is ALSO a hospice hospital.

Hope none of the Olympic athletes need to be treated there.

Fake or not, insane, yes.

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“Today it finally, FINALLY happened!” – Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Dog Victims

This is a post from a commenter on a forum with people victimized by the dog insanity, specially barking.

One single forum thread that is 158 pages long. Pages, not posts (actually 1,574 posts, in case you are wondering).

Their first post was from 2007, so 9+ YEARS long, and still running!

Let’s just remember – before ODORs and all other doggists alike come fuming with death threats of all sorts – that, if YOUR dogs were not menacing the lives of so many normal people, those same many normal people would Not need to resort to such drastic measures. If you dog lovers were minimally responsible, this article wouldn’t exist.

A long read, 2,000+ words, but really worth of our time.

So, here it is:

By: ‘The Noose Guy’

Today it finally, FINALLY happened. At long last I succeeded in killing my neighbour’s dog. After 6 or 7 unsuccessful attempts. It was not a pleasant experience. I had to put a cord around its neck and strangle the f****** life out of it, and I’m still a bit too traumatized to start celebrating regaining what I hope will be a normal life. But after three months of what amounted to torture caused by the noise created by this animal, with noticeable effects on my mental and physical health, I relish regaining the reasonably quiet life that should be every human being’s right.

I could write a book about the last three months since my nearest neighbour, who works away from home for weeks on end in between brief visits home, decided it would be a good idea to acquire a large husky dog and to leave it there alone inside his empty house while he is away. How anyone could even consider doing such a cruel thing is beyond me. Unfortunately the dog had access to at least one open window, and all windows have security bars as is normal here in Spain. So it was able to pollute the air with its incredible volume and wide range of obnoxious sounds. They ranged from a full-on bark that would wake the dead, to all sorts of “Oh I’m so unhappy” noises like whimpering, sounds similar to something a cow or donkey would make, and lately a low, fog horn-like sound that was hard to place at first, but I realised it had added something new to its repertoire. Straight barking is extremely annoying in itself, but to have that compounded with a whole range of “emotional”, crying sounds really really got to me. Worse than having to listen to a crying baby. At least babies or toddlers eventually stop, but this thing just never, never, ever gave up.

I read once that huskies have the highest measured VO2 Max of any animal on the planet. More the double that of the very best cyclists and cross-country skiers. That explains why they can run all day long in the frozen north for 16 hours a day, pulling heavily-laded sleds if need be, do it all with a smile and a wag of the tail and get up the next day eager for more. Knowing that made me feel extremely sorry for this poor innocent creature, imprisoned and isolated by a thoughtless, ignorant, stupid, heartless “owner”. For what reason I know not. The dog obviously had nowhere to shit and piss other than in this house. The smell coming out of the window was horrendous, and flies were everywhere. It had some kind of access to food and water, in what form I have no idea.

So anyway after one or two unsuccessful poisoning attempts and could feel my sanity slipping away. I could either abandon the home I had spent over a year renovating and fine-tuning, or try to sell it (but who would buy a house with that noise next door?) or kill the dog. Being a reasonable, fairly intelligent, mild-mannered sort of person, I had done all the things that naturally come to mind. Spoke to the neighbour, several times. Contacted the police over twenty times, even playing them recordings and quoting the laws that were evidently being broken. Tried to have a dialogue with the town hall, but after four written, hand-delivered, officially-receipted communicatins were ignored, I gave up. I realised, like so many others in this forum have before me, that complaining is useless. But it is counter-intuitive to think, at the onset of the noise pollution, that your best course is to say nothing to anyone and just kill the dog.

At this point I really don’t care if the neighbour suspects me or if a Crime Scene Investigation Unit turns up looking for fibres, etc (Ha! This is southern Spain we’re talking about). I would argue until my final breath that it ended up a case of my sanity and physical health versus one neglected, maltreated and forgotten dog’s life. I was in as much danger as if a dangerous dog were ripping lumps of flesh out of me. I uphold the view that dog noise is a form of torture to those who have it force-fed into their lives. In fact there are many cases of exposure to noise being used as torture by security forces. They often like to use methods that do not leave physical marks.

If I wanted a siesta outside or inside, I had to use in-ear foam earplugs, PLUS industrial ear-protectors on top. And STILL there was no complete escape from the awful noise. And it wasn’t just the noise itself that damaged me. The silent periods between noise outbreaks were blighted by the uncertainty, dread and expectation of when the noise would next resume. Again this has a parallel with torture techniques used in detention camps.

So yes when I found this forum thread I read it ALL the way through, yes all 9+ years’-worth! It took over a week of coffee-time reading to do it, and I made notes along the way. It was reassuring to know I was not alone in my suffering and that others’ experiences were very similar.

Now here is a summary of what didn’t work:

1. Meatballs laced with raisins, garlic, dark cocoa powder that I read elsewhere were supposed to be harmful to dogs.

2. Meatballs laced with antifreeze, with some ibuprofen and paracetamol mixed in for good measure.

3. Rat poison, antifreeze and more painkillers in, you guessed it, meatballs.

4. A meatball flavoured with the concentrate from 60g of pipe tobacco. That should have been enough to kill two big dogs.

5. A meatball with a huge doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol, in theory enough to kill two large dogs.

6. Sponges chunks tightly wrapped with thin rubber bands.

7. Had a job finding them, but eventually managed to locate macadamia nuts (delicious but rather expensive!) and made another meatball with those and the dark cocoa powder, with bread and water to bind it all together.

Well, NONE of those techniques worked in the case of this dog. Each attempt took a lot out of me, as I had to enter my neighbour’s land and put the doggy treat through the bars of the open window. Invariably the dog was there to welcome me. And each time I was left wondering if it would be successful. In some cases the noises changed somewhat, so maybe the poison had some effect, but evidently not enough.

So I decided I could not let this drag out ANY longer. I filed a large metal spike to a very sharp point, and mounted to the end of a long pipe. Like a lance. I realised this would be gory way to do it, and I wasn’t keen to actually do the deed that way. But one day I noticed the dog had started to shove its head through the metal bars of its prison. Then a flash of inspiration came to me. I could easily use that opportunity to slip a noose around its neck, silence it that way, and when the owner returned he would (hopefully) assume the beast had strangled itself. And happily dogs are very hairy creatures, so unless the carcass is shaved any rope marks would remain invisible.

After a full day of horrendous noise last Monday, I made up my mind that Tuesday would be D-Day (Dog Day? Death Day? Dog-gone day?). I had to “man up”, use my bare hands and end both my suffering and the poor unfortunate dog’s, too. So I laid out the nylon cord for the following morning. But Tuesday morning was strangely quiet. Would you believe it the owner had returned. Mixed emotions, as the resultant peace was wonderful but my plans to make it a permanent peace had to be put on hold yet again. The owner appeared to be gone by Thursday yet it remained quiet. Had he taken the dog away? Had it died after all from the macadamia nuts & chocolate? No, too good to be true, the low moaning fog horn noise eventually turned into the usual 130 dB barking and the horrible complaining sounds.

Well I am here to report that four hours ago the deed was done. It almost wasn’t though. When I had it in the noose and pulled with all my might the damn cord broke, such was the force of his struggling. I had to return home and make a quadruple cord noose just to be sure. And it took forever before he stuck his head out again. It was surprisingly quick, just a minute or two before I thought life had faded away. But I kept up full tension on the cords for a timed TEN MINUTES. I had to be ABSOLUTELY sure this time. It was a long, long ten minutes, but after almost 100 days of total life disruption and torture I wasn’t going to skimp at this point.

The biggest living creature I’d killed before was a mouse in a trap, so this was a real “cave-man” moment for me. My heart was beating like crazy and I felt I had the strength of ten men as I hauled on that rope, while the dog pulled equally hard in the opposite direction (but not for long).

No, wait, I just remembered, I did kill something bigger than a mouse before – a few weeks ago I was driving along and a stray dog ran out straight at my car. I did try to avoid it (automatic reaction), but there was nowhere to go it ended up under my wheels. And man that car is heavy! I cheered a big cheer and smiled a huge smile that day, another noise- and shit-maker removed from the planet. If I hadn’t been suffering as I was from neighbour dog noise pollution/torture, I would’ve felt really sad for the poor little thing…

Ok, I feel better now having put my story down. There is nobody I can talk to about it so you anonymous internet people out there will have to do. I hope my tale has some value to others who suddenly find themselves in a similar position. I’m still going to see if any company will supply me with 1080 poison (sodium fluoroacetate). I want to be prepared in the future. That’s what they use in Australia to control the wild dog population. It works. Apparently 1 gramme will kill around 300 dogs. And for around $60 a gramme online, that’s only 20 cents per dog! And easily slipped into doggie treats for handy dispensing when the need arises. I hope, I hope…

Just a quick postscript to my post above. I missed out the nail-in-sausages technique from list of failures. I had high hopes for that one. It’s hard to think of the words to describe the sheer bliss of being noise-free. And anxiety-free too. I probably wouldn’t trade this feeling for a dozen semi-clad nubile virgins,, enthusiastically massaging every part of me with exotic scented oils from the four corners of the world. (But I would need to try it first before saying for sure).

This evening I returned home and noticed some people busy with shovels in my neighbour’s land. I doubt they were planting almond trees so it seems poor doggy is now safely and quickly underground, thanks to some friends or relations, one of whom must have looked in at the house today. That’s a relief, I was a little concerned about bad smells coming from the carcass now the summer weather is here. And since they didn’t turn up at my gates bearing pitch forks and flaming torches, it appears my plan worked and I may be in the clear.

Well I hope the poor suffering beast is now running happily around in a snowy paradise with all his furry doggy friends. He didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was, and neither did I. But all’s well that ends well. My healing is already underway.

Me again. My enjoyment of life in indescribable now, feel like I’ve been reborn. Only now can I see clearly how badly my life was destroyed by a neighbour’s baffling decision and then his failure to respond to requests to do something about the noise.

Some notes:

  • I have no way to confirm if this story is really true or not, but I highly doubt someone would be THAT creative.
  • I’m not telling anyone to follow his/her steps and do what s/he did. I’m just reposting his story.
  • I have No info about this person; no IP, no email, no nothing. So no point in asking.
  • I don’t know if s/he is or is not from Spain, Siberia or Swaziland.
    Who knows. S/he may be your next door neighbor…
    Think of that.

So, is YOUR dog barking to your neighbors right now…?
(Then you just turned your face and looked to your dog’s mouth? Ah, I see…)

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No more dogs? A whole country is exterminating all non-native predators!

New Zealand is exterminating all rats and non-native predators


But, wait, they are not exterminating dogs?

No, they are not.


The biggest and most dangerous, damaging invasive predator of all times is not on the list of peSts to be eliminated from the face of the Kiwi country.

The New Zealand government has announced an ambitious, “world-first” project to make the nation predator free by 2050.

The prime minister, John Key, said on Monday it would undertake a radical pest extermination programme – which if successful would be a global first – aiming to wipe out the introduced species of rats, stoats and possums nation-wide in a mere 34 years.

Well, dogs are like rats, although barking rats.

Prime Minister John Key also said introduced predators are a bigger threat to native animals than deforestation and poaching.

Professors and activists expressed excitement about the government’s announcement. Manager of Campaigns & Advocacy at the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Kevin Hackwell told The Guardian, “I think 2050 is a conservative goal, we could be on track to doing it by 2040. The government has just come on board but many groups around New Zealand have been working towards being predator-free for years…The biggest hurdle in the end will be public support for the project.”

Amazingly, dogs are Not included!

Even more amazing are the comments; they are focused almost 100% on cats…

Existing pest control methods in New Zealand include the controversial and widespread use of 1080 aerial poison drops, trapping and ground baiting, and possum hunting by ground hunters (possum fur has become a vibrant industry in New Zealand, and is used for winter clothing).

The 1080 is, or was until recently, widely used also in Australia to “control” the population of unruly dogs anywhere in that country. It’s not that easy to fins and buy it anymore mostly due to the fear that dogs could be harmed. But we can see that for other Less dangerous predators that is ok to  be used.

Ah, dogs are people too. Not PeSts.


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100+ Likes on Facebook! Fantastic achievement!!!

no-dogs-please-facebookYeah, right…

I just noticed that this site’s page on facebook reached the “fantastic” mark of 101 Likes as of this writing.

That page is live since February 4, 2014. Over two years so.

I just want to show that the victims from all kinds of dog insanity by the animals themselves and their owners are still a gigantic distance of achieving something useful, eg silence from barking.

As long as we could not get together and DO something pro-active and useful, well, nothing will change. Nothing at all.

Why do I say that?

Take a look at that:

The GoD and DoG fb page has 10,001 likes.
The Doug The Pug, 4,894,584.
Funny Dog Pitbull  on YouTube – 8,214,620 views.

Well, they are doing something, even if that is just BS or time-wasting. They are getting together. Those numbers show they have strength (again, for BS or time-wasting). This per se encourages more people to jump on the bandwagon and them too worship dogs. No end in sight.

Sure we may see it fading away, many people are dumping dogs for a variety of reasons, the fad may be starting to come to an end but, without normal non-dog people banding together, nothing will change significantly.

Unleashed dogs.

Barking everywhere, all the time.

People getting sick, attacked, maimed, mauled, killed.

Ah, ok. That happens. Only if allow hat.

Take a look at that, again:

Yes I Hate Dogs

That is a page I created just to see how it worked. I set, posted a few scheduled ugly pics of dogs and voila, I just checked it and now it has More likes than my major page, which btw is focused on a more serious approach to the dog problem, not something unproductive or silly like the one above or even how DogHatersUnite was.

Even dog victims seem not to want doing anything, just complaining.

Well, let me tell all of the ones out there: nothing will happen.

Point of this post was: I resent not too many people are taking action against this dog insanity.

So, I ask: What can we do about it, this inaction, this apathy?

Are we wasting our time?

I don’t know.

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How Dog Barking Sounds Around the World

Dog Barking is Annoying… No Matter Where.

dog barking sounds around the world

Woof is the conventional representation in the English language of the barking of a dog.

Linguists would tell you that the words that we use to represent dog barks are based upon onomatopoeia, which is the process by which we try to characterize a real world sound with a word that sounds something like it.

There is no universally accepted sound that humans use to represent dog barks. Even in a single language there may be a number of different words used for a dog’s bark, for example, in English we recognize “woof-woof,” “arf-arf”, “ruff-ruff” and “bow-wow.”

Many languages also have different words for the barks of large versus small dogs, thus “yip-yip” or “yap-yap” are used in English for the barking sounds of small dogs, never for big dogs.

Double Barking – Dogs almost always bark twice

The only thing that seems to come close to being unanimously agreed upon about dog barks is that dogs almost always speak twice—thus a Hebrew dog says “hav-hav”, a Japanese dog says “wan-wan” and a Kurdish dog says “hau-hau”.

Dogs are annoying not just once, but twice, and for hours on end.

As with other examples of onomatopoeia or imitative sounds, other cultures “hear” the dog’s barks differently and represent them in their own ways. Some of the equivalents of “woof” in other European and Asian languages are as follows:

  • English – woof woof; ruff ruff; arf arf (large dogs and also the sound of sea lions); yap yap; yip yip (small dogs), bow wow
  • Afrikaans – blaf; woef woef; kef (small dogs)
  • Albanian – ham ham
  • Arabic – hau hau; how how (هو, هو)
  • Armenian -haf haf
  • Basque – au au; txau txau (small dogs); zaunk zaunk (large dogs); jau jau (old dogs)
  • Balinese – kong, kong
  • Belgium – woef, woef; blaf, blaf; waf, waf (large dogs) Keff, keff; Wuff, Wuff (small dogs)
  • Bengali – gheu, gheu; bhao, bhao
  • Bulgarian – bau-bau (бау-бау); jaff, jaff (джаф-джаф)
  • Burmese – woke, woke
  • Catalan – bau-bau; bub-bub
  • Chinese – 汪汪
    • Cantonese – wong1 wong1
    • Mandarin – wāngwāng
  • Croatian – vau, vau
  • Czech – haf, haf; štěk (the bark itself)
  • Danish – vov, vuf
  • Dutch – blaf, blaf; kef, kef; waf, waf; woef, woef
  • Esperanto – boj, boj
  • Estonian – auh, auh
  • Finnish – hau hau; vuh, vuh; rauf, rauf
  • French – waouh, waouh; ouah, ouah; ouaf, ouaf; vaf, vaf; wouf, wouf; wouaf, wouaf; jappe jappe
  • German – wuff, wuff; wau wau;
  • Greek – ghav, ghav (γαβ, γαβ / γαυ, γαυ), bhav, bhav (βαβ, βαβ)
  • Hebrew – hav, hav; hau, hau
  • Hindi – bho.n, bho.n (भों भों)
  • Hungarian – vau, vau, vau-vau
  • Icelandic – voff, voff
  • Indonesian – guk, guk
  • Irish – amh, amh
  • Italian – bau bau
  • Japanese – wan-wan (ワンワン); kyan-kyan (キャンキャン)
  • Korean – meong-meong (멍멍)
  • Latvian – vau, vau
  • Lithuanian – au, au
  • Macedonian – av, av
  • Malay – gonggong (“menggonggong” means barking)
  • Marathi – bhu, bhu (भू भू)
  • Norwegian – voff, voff or boff
  • Persian – haap, haap (هاپ، هاپ)
  • Philippines – Aw Aw, Aw
  • Polish – hau, hau-hau
  • Portuguese – au-au; ão-ão; béu-béu (toddler language); cain-cain (whining)
  • Romanian – ham-ham; hau, hau
  • Russian – гав-гав (gav-gav); ряв-ряв (ryaf-ryaf angry dogs) тяв-тяв (tyav-tyav (small dogs)
  • Serbian – av-av
  • Sinhala – buh, buh
  • Slovak – haf, haf; hau, hau
  • Slovene – hov, hov
  • Spanish – guau-guau; gua-gua; jau-jau
  • Swedish – voff; vov vov; bjäbb bjäbb
  • Tagalog – aw aw; baw, baw
  • Tamil – வள் வள் – wal wal;லொள் லொள் – lol lol ;வௌ வௌ – wow wow
  • Thai – โฮ่ง โฮ่ง (pronounced [hôŋhôŋ]); บ๊อก บ๊อก
  • Turkish – hav, hav
  • Ukrainian – гав, гав (hau, hau); дзяв, дзяв (dzyau, dzyau)
  • Urdu – bow bow
  • Vietnamese – gâu gâu; ẳng ẳng
  • Welsh – wff, wff
  • Tamazight– hav hav; haw haw

No matter how the barking is represented grammatically, the two major forms are probably woof, woof and au, au.

Anyway, we all know how it is annoying, distressing and harmful to our health. No matter where in the world we are.

Just a little of info to hopefully help with your day.

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Shut Up Barking Dogs! – Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Dog Victims

This is a post from a commenter on Google Answers that do not exist anymore (it’s still online but noone can post there anymore, or contact anyone btw. It can be found here). So I’m reproducing it below. We can all learn from his experience.

Just note it’s from 2005, over a decade ago!

Here it is:

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: upthewallwithpeople-ga on 15 Apr 2005 10:33 PDT
I say, enough of the suggestions of all the ways we, who are the
victims of annoying dogs, can put ourselves to expense and trouble to
appease the dogs, quiet the dogs, make friends with the dogs, or
protect ourselves from the dogs' annoyances and abuse.  I've been
through the East-side, West-side, all around the town run-around in
this miserable excuse for a municipality as far as the annoying dog
problem and the fact the nobody wants to address it.  In a town of
half-a-million people there is NO animal care and control division,
and the problem has been passed from the police department to the SPCA
to the City Attorney's office to the Code Enforcement Division and now
back to the police department and nobody is dealing with it.  All you
get is static from the police about how busy they are with more
pressing problems and then you're given three more phone numbers to
call and you get nothing but apologies about all the things that
nobody is able to do about the problem.  Consequently, all the
poor-downtrodden cases who claim they can't afford to keep themselves
in food or their homes in a decent state of repair can manage to get
away with keep four dogs on the premises who either end up breaking
through fences that are in a state of disrepair or else bark
incessantly and annoy everybody around them.

I have owned a home for six years but never lived in it until this
last December.  I was caring for my mother whom I was losing to breast
cancer and living with her across town.  Consequently, during the
miserably hot summer months, I would water my yards in the dark of
night and I was amazed at the number of dogs that were running lose in
the neighborhood because they had been able to crawl through
disrepaired fence slats.  One night, two huge dogs cornered a
chihuahua about four houses down and the resulting squealing and
yipe-ing would have been enough to wake people three blocks away, and
NOBODY came outside to see what was going on.  I had to get after a
neighbor when his vicious dog got out of his yard and into the yard
next door to me and dug his way into my back yard.  I wouldn't
approach the dog because he was snarling and growling, so I went over
there at 2:00 a.m. and rang the door bell until I finally woke
somebody and told them to DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM.

The long and short of it is, each city (yes, even this poor excuse for
one in which I live) has a Municipal Code with an ordinance against
the maintaining of dogs that intrude on the use and enjoyment of the
property of neighbors.  Keep persisting in calling the police and
telling them you want to sign a written complaint.  Ask them to come
out and go through your yard with you to see what happens when you are
present in your yard and the dog(s) next door go nuts so they can see
for themselves.  Call the police department non-emergency line each
day, if necessary, and leave a "paper trail."  You're a taxpayer and
the sole purpose of the police department, even though they would try
to make you believe it, is NOT to handle rapes, murdens and
break-in's.  If you pay taxes, you have a right to the enforcement of
any code against improper behavior.  If you only need to call the
police department once every ten years, you do not have to tolerate
the attempts to push you aside for more pressing business.  After five
or six calls, if nothing is being done, call your local city
councilman and ask his/her assistance.  He/she will be able to tap
into the records and see the paper trail you've left behind and then
should then be able to get the City Attorney's office involved at that

The only way to deal with neighbors who turn blind eyes and deaf ears
to dog problems is to get their attention in no uncertain terms.  If
they were inclined to be concerned about others around them, they
wouldn't maintain dogs that are continual nuisances because they would
be thoughtful enough to consider their actions' impact on the
community (pardon me while I become hysterical with laughter thinking
about how long a time it's been since the vast majority of people were
thoughtful of neighbors).  A very good percentage of these people
maintain one or more dogs so they feel safe and secure in their homes
from all threats, however "perceived" some of their "threats" may be
and have little to no feelings for the dog other than as a source of
protection.  The now-deceased former owner of my home was a good
example, maintaining a Doberman in the yard year-round, even during
the 100-degree-plus summer heat.  Consequently, the door from the
kitchen to the yard had all but been ruined by the dog scratching to
get in, and the entire yard resembled the surface of the moon with
craters.  Every time I took a step, I was falling into a hole, and
someone told me that's what dogs do in the miserable heat; dig down to
attempt to reach cooler ground to seek refuge from high temperatures.

As far as the comment made about people who work during the day, I
say, that's not an excuse:  They shouldn't voluntarily take on any
responsibilities they're not capable of handling for themselves. 
Personally, I'm fed up with the perceived feeling that it's up to the
neighborhood to raise peoples' unattended children and put up with the
annoyances of their unattended dogs.  And, what about the ones who
don't work or claim they can't work because of disabilities (however
feigned some of those disabilities may be by some people)?  What's
preventing them from properly tending to their dogs and children? 
Alcohol or drug consumption or TV-watching or cell-phone

My point is, with most of the types who maintain annoying or vicious
dogs without regard for the community around them, the only way you're
going to get their attention is by taking "legal" action.  
Personally, I resent my neighbors dragging home a dog from the pound
recently who is charging the fence, barking, growling and attempting
to jump to the top of the fence the entire time I'm present in my back
yard (and bark perodically throughout the night), especially at this
time of my life when I have just lost my last relative and have more
than enough to deal with, mentally, emotionally and physically with
the continued unpacking of boxes in an attempt to consolidate my
mother's belongings amongst my own in my home.  To give myself credit,
I've been a considerate and thoughtful neighbor and have always been
aware of the needs of others, both in my family and in the families
around me.  During escrow for the purchase of my home, at one point
some of the redwood siding on the house was to be replaced and the
contractor needed to start at 6:00 a.m. due to the high summer
temperatures, so I made sure to leave notes for my immediate neighbors
if they weren't home or talk to them in person to apologize in advance
for the extra noise that would take place so early in the day. 
Unfortunately, when the shoe's on the other foot and you learn that
some around you don't give a damn less about you in return as a
neighbor, the only way to make things right is to take legal action.

Yes, and I'm sure somebody is going to stand up and say, "What about
retalliation?"  To that I say, "What about it?"  I'm not going to be
any happier with the inability to use and enjoy my yard due to an
annoying animal than I am if somebody comes over and throw eggs at my
cars or garage door in retaliation for my efforts to solve the dog
problem, so I guess I will choose not to make myself into a door mat
for the neighbors to use to wipe their feet and will take the chance
with retalliation.  Maybe they'll retalliate, but then again, maybe
they won't.  And, if they do, I'm fairly certain the local police
department will then put the connection together between the
complaints about the annoying dog and the sudden commencement of
property vandalism.

In summation:  If people aren't able to give animals or children the
degree of attention and care they need and deserve because you're too
busy working, don't have the money, don't have the time, "every excuse
in the book," they should do themselves, the animals, the children and
the neighborhood in general a favor and not have them in the first
place!  I learned the hard way that in today's "it's all about me"
society, going out of one's way to be extra considerate of others
around me did little but turn me into a doormat and make me appear to
be a pushover or somebody to be taken advantage of in the eyes of
others.  I won't be deliberately INconsiderate, but my days of putting
up with and making excuses for the thoughtless actions of neighbors
(and their dogs) are long since finished!  I guess I suddenly woke up
and smelled the coffee and realized, I have the right to enjoyment of
my share of space as well.  Too many of those with the offending dogs
feel as though everybody else around them relinquishes THEIR rights in
order to compensate for the rights of the dog keeper.

Call your city council-person, the police department or your attorney
or else you'll be spending countless sleepless hours and annoying days
and also paying high prices for destroyed property or increased
homeowners' premiums due to annoying and vicious dogs.

So, what is the moral of the story for you?

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