Mutts and Nuts Latest News – Daily Dangerous Dogs Stories

Latest News on All the Problems Created by…Dogs!

Latest News on Dogs Barking

Want to know what is happening in the world about the problems caused by dogs?

Now you can.

An online ‘newspaper’ that showcases the most important news and events about unruly dogs and the accompanying ODORs, doggists, dog mafiosos and the should-be responsible so-called authorities, has just been created, specifically for us here at NO Dogs, Please!.

Mutts and Nuts – Latest News

Many visitors here on this site have mentioned about the lack of current news about dogs, like dog killing people, victims suing owners of barking dogs and so on but, as I do not really have time for that (I’m still expecting a collaborator on that, publishing news) so the “Mutts and Nuts Latest News” will fill this void, at least for now.

Please note this is an automated, external site and so I have almost no control over it. The news come from everywhere, and some times will be shown duplicates although from different newscasts.

Ease of Use

You just have to click on the link above or on the Mutts and Nuts section on the right-hand side of your screen to access all the news. You may come here right after that and make your comment on those news as well.

Daily Updates – 7 Days a Week

The journal is updated daily so every new afternoon, 7 days a week, you will find out what those four-legged dumbs and two-legged dumbers are doing to destroy our communities.

All editions are also archived so if you missed one just look for the Archives link there and then you will have access to all previous editions since day one. It started today.

How to Comment on those News?

Just return to this post and comment on any news or subject you want. Unfortunately there is no place for commenting there.

This page here is made for open discussion about anything you saw out there, even in other news websites not mentioned on the “Mutts and Nuts Latest News”.

Note that most newscasts in the west now are cancelling the Comments area that they used to feature until recently. So, one more reason to post your views here and also not have them deleted because you are doing “propaganda against dogs“.

However, if you go to any of those news sites and decides to leave a comment there, it’d be highly appreciated if you please try to include a link back to this site NO Dogs, Please by using the full web address, like Just do not forget the http:// part or the link will not be clickable.

Let’s see how it goes. Please let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Mutts and Nuts Latest News – Daily Dangerous Dogs Stories

  1. MrMAD says:

    One first interesting news is this:

    Texas Mom Bites off Dog’s Ear in a Fight to Save Her 2-Year-Old Daughter from Pit Bull

    Yes, normal people are not taking that lunacy anymore.

    • PIT DISPATCHER says:

      Well, she DID offer to pet sit for the pit, which belonged to her boyfriend.
      Wonder how the kids dad feels?

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