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Warning Letters and Phony ‘Awards’ to Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Letters to Dog OwnersAs activists destined to change bad dog owner behaviors, we need to communicate the changes we expect. One form of communication is to write.

Write to your city council members, county commissioners, representatives, newspaper editors, Internet sites and blogs, tv reporters, attorneys and anyone else who will listen and help create change. Perhaps even a letter to Jay Leno or David Letterman, who knows, we can dream a little, one day they may notice the problem due to the hefty number of letters they receive.

Back to seriousness, it’s also necessary to put in writing our requests for peace from bad dog owners in order to establish a legal, documented paper trail. This is not always an easy task for those of us who do not enjoy writing or confrontation, but hopefully we can help to make it as effortless as possible without removing your own personal style.

Listed below is a helpful anti-dog assault, pack-a-punch vocabulary to help you express yourselves:

domestic terrorism

noise assault










constant interruption



chronic barking


sociopathic behavior


violence escalation




force-fed noise

dog epidemic

health ramifications

anti-social behavior


Peace and enjoyment of home and property.Animated lawn ornaments.

Below are sample letters and “awards” to send to dogs owners. Feel free to adopt or adapt and use the below samples for your own personal correspondence. Always try to be polite since cursing seems to never help. Also, do Not make threats, otherwise the letter could be used against you in the future, in case something happens, even if you are not guilt of any wrongdoing.

These are some examples:

Example Letter #0 (Most Effective, To-the-Point, Polite)


Dear full name of neighbor here,

Sorry to bother you, but we are forced to ask for a moment of your attention.

Regarding the repetitive and loud barking from the dog(s) in your possession, we kindly urge you to take immediate action to permanently cease this problem.  That excessive noise is strongly interfering with our sacred sleep and enjoyment of our homes and properties, thus profoundly affecting our private lives.

All we are looking for is to protect the basic rights and well-being of all persons affected in our neighborhood.

Please be assured we do not want to offend or embarrass you, just to ask for your collaboration, according to the legislation regarding nuisance dog barking and other problems, listed below:

specify all city/national ordinances/laws on the matter you know

We look forward for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.


Your neighbors.


Example Letter #1 (Effective, To-the-Point, Firm)


Dear fullname of neighbor here,

Your chronic barking dogs are creating unnecessary noise and disturbance in the surrounding community and your neighbors are complaining. Constant barking noise creates abnormal amounts of stress and personal health damage for everyone involved. Allowing this behavior to continue is an inconsiderate breach of social decorum.

The City of name of city here‘s nuisance law regarding barking dogs is:

specify all city/national ordinances/laws on the matter you know

Please control your dogs with either training, no-bark electronic devices, or adequate human companionship to help your dog socialize properly. A professional veterinarian can provide you with effective advice on the matter.

Your neighbors would like to use their own property without constant disturbance from your dog.

Thank you,

Your Neighbors


Example Letter #2

Dear Dog:

Your obnoxious owners are inconsiderately allowing you to bark uncontrollably. We understand your distress due to either boredom or abuse as we also feel irresponsible owners such as yours should not ever be allowed to own pets or impose their animals on other people.

Please take your bad dog owners to obedience school so they know how to live in a civilized neighborhood and be socially responsible. If they don’t have the time to care for you as they should, please run away from home and find a new owner. You deserve better.

 Thank you,

Your sleepless neighbors


Example Letter #3

Dear Bad Dog Owner,

Allowing your dog to bark uncontrollably has inspired our film-making followers to video and post your obnoxious animal on YouTube. Please logon: video address here

Feel free to be ashamed as we are all embarrassed for you.

Thank you,

Your sleepless neighbors


Example Letter #4

Dear Bad Dog Owner,

You have been nominated and selected as a recipient for the BAD DOG OWNER AWARD for failing to meet basic standards in dog ownership. Your qualifications for this award include, but are not limited to:

  • Irresponsibly allowing your dog to bark uncontrollably without any consideration for your neighbors.
  • Inconsiderately failing to supervise or properly train your dog to be socially acceptable in society.
  • Creating a nuisance in what could be a very peaceful neighborhood.
  • Defying city nuisance laws designed to protect citizens from self-serving dog-owning population.

You will be reevaluated in 30 days at which time you will either be personally reprimanded by a police officer or thanked for adjusting your bad ownership behaviors.



Example Letter #5

Dear Bad Dog Owner,

You have been nominated and selected as a recipient for the:


Your qualifications for this award include:

  • Properly containing or confining your dogs.
  • Properly caring for and training your dog so as not to create a chronic barker.
  • Properly walking your dog with leash or confining it to your own property.
  • Properly picking up dog waste.

Thank you for being a model dog owner. We appreciate your kindness to the animal community at large and your consideration to those of us who do not want to be imposed upon by the animals of others.


More Letter Drafts on Problems Created by Dogs

Example Letter #6

Letter to the Editor of Your Town Newspaper – Dog Barking
Click to see the full letter


Important notes

In order to avoid confrontation and specially being a target of even more serious attacks or retaliation, it is recommended that you, as the communicating neighbor, do Not identify yourself. Only specific public servants (animal control personnel) and authorities (police) should approach the offenders as they are paid for that, their obligation, not yours.

The only moment you should personally confront an inconsiderate neighbor is inside a court of law.

Also, address the letter to the offending neighbor with his full name, not simply ‘neighbor’. The return address should also be his address, not yours, nor left blank. If that could be a certified letter so you’d get a receipt, the better, but that’s not possible in all places. Be sure to send the letter through the post office, do not leave it in his mailbox.

An alternative, a fax transmission, with no identifying info or trace from your part, would be a nice option. Just get and keep the receipt.

Remember: Do Not put yourself in a position of even higher danger.


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6 Responses to Letters & Awards

  1. S says:

    #2 made me laugh out loud. Thanks! :D

    • MrMAD says:

      Yes, it’s clever and funny. We got this template from a no-dog website that doesn’t exist anymore.

      However, we suppose the owner would have some difficulty understanding the message but, if they do, the letter must probably make him/her even more enraged than just having received a ‘complaining’ letter. But every try is worth a try.

  2. KaD says:

    As you can see from the testimonials this gift has worked for some dog owners that don’t pick up: http://www.poopsenders.com

    • MrMAD says:

      He, he… that is funny, never knew pop was so expensive.

      Anyway, if one has access to plenty of poop (farm) he/she could use it with the business card idea. That is clever!

  3. Matthew Ridgeway says:

    Maybe, as an organization, letters from No Dogs Please could be representatives for a victim and post letters for the cost of time, materials and effort. Being seen posting letters identifies ones self also. EVERYTHING VIA POST OR REPRESENTATIVES. An organization such as this could also gather support from other neighbours too!

  4. Matthew Ridgeway says:

    Dear FIDO (Freakedout Irresponsible Dog owner).

    I am Matthew Ridgeway, a representative of No Dogs, Please, and I am writing to you because we have been appointed as communications fascilitator because your dog barks to the detriment of peace in your neighbourhood. I ask on behalf of the people in your community, please take better control of your pets and keep them in the confines of your property and in a way that is consistent with the local animal control laws.

    I have forwarded a notification of the problem your pets are creating in your neighbourhood to the local animal control authority and have saught support from the broader community to keep records of the disturbances and behaviours of your pets. The longer you leave the situation un-attended,the more evidence will be gathered against you for actions to be raised against you. As the issues has been raised with us and the informant wishes to remain anonymous, I suggest any futher communications regarding this issue be with me and I will communicate on the behalf of the effected persons. Do not assume you may know who it is, as it could be a person different or a group of people. It is best to work together with ma or your local animal control if you want to see this resolved with as little distress as possible for all concerned.

    I hope you can change the way you keep your pets resulting in a more peaceful community and that nothing more will come of this effort to communicate with you about a problem that stems from your keeping of pet in the area.

    Looking forward to a positive result.

    Matthew Ridgeway.

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