How to Compel Dog Owners Keep Our Communities Safe

A down-to-earth proposal to make our neighborhoods safe again

Dogs controlled - Safe communities

Dogs controlled – Safe communities

What can we do to make dog owners care enough to keep their dogs and our communities safe? Attacking dogs suffer too when their owners/keepers fail to understand those animals and/or fail to manage the dogs and keep them safe.

Fines alone aren’t working as the wealthy simply pay them and the poor simply don’t.

Our prisons are too full already and too expensive as well.

Here’s a cost-effective, breed neutral (not breed specific) plan we could implement.

Let me say before continuing that this is just a proposal so it may not be perfect. We are going to talk about that at the end of this article.


Start an animal abuser registry. All paid by dog owners, not all taxpayers. In the USA, the FBI has recently begun tracking animal abusers, so the FBI could easily become the national registry. Other countries may use their Animal Control agencies for that.

Charge all owners and all harborers of dogs that injure or kill humans, other dogs, farm animals, or other pets like cats, with felony animal neglect and abuse. They neglected to care for their dogs, to keep their dogs safe, to make people safe from their dogs,  so their own dogs and others – animals or people – also suffered.

This must not be directed only at severe injuries and fatalities, but also at non-severe-injury puppy nips, because dogs can and do spread a significant number of serious diseases, some of which can even lead to DEATH.

Dogs controlled – Safe communities

A dogs attacked? Remove all dogs from their property and management. No dog should be forced to live with neglectful animal abusers.

Found guilty, ban owners and harborers from owning, living with, or managing dogs, for LIFE, not 2 years, not 5 years, but for life. It must be a punishment that will make all dog owners and keepers pay serious attention to the matter.

Signs must be posted at their property “No Dogs Permitted.” A searchable registry must be implemented so people could be aware that an animal abuser is living close to them.

Any dogs later found on their property or in their care possession will be immediately confiscated. No questions asked.

Publicized and enforced, this law would reduce loose and stray dogs, reduce dogs being killed in traffic, reduce dogs causing accidents in traffic, reduce dogs being stolen (as responsible owners would supervise their dogs when outdoors) and would increase dog sterilization.

It would reduce dog fighting, as intent would not need to be proven. Dog fighting injuries alone would be criminal neglect.

Dog lovers, choose your dogs carefully, manage them well. Remember that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. If your children are neglectful of closing gates, better not own a dog “good” at maiming and attacking, of any breed.

This law would also reduce the breeding of aggressive dogs of any breed. Breeders who are producing reactive or aggressive dogs would have more difficulty selling their puppies as their dogs get a reputation for being dangerous and therefore their future owners/keepers are at risk of becoming convicted of animal neglect and cruelty.

This law would reduce dog attacks, dog fighting and would reduce irresponsible dog ownership.

No responsible dog owner would be punished.

Only dog fighters would reject this sane, compassionate plan. Or overly lunatic dog lovers, too.

You can legally own any dog until you prove that you can’t manage or train it safely.

Failure to keep you dog safely will mean that this dog will become your, and all other adults in your household, last dog.

A Perfect Solution?

The proposed law above is a very nice one, but not perfect at all.

It will have to wait for victims of dog attacks (biting, maiming, mauling, killing) to present themselves, meaning they were already injured, maybe fatally. Sure, the number of dog attacks may be gradually reduced along the years but it would take a very long time, specially considering the huge number of dogs in existence today and the growing insanity of people about dogs.

Another aspect is that this proposal does not includes barking, the very most prevalent problem when a dog is involved. A specific plan for dog barking could be implemented separately, though that would be another uphill battle.

Let’s also not forget unleashed dogs and dogs defecating anywhere.

It’s not perfect, but would be a very good start.

So, the question is:

What can we do RIGHT NOW to implement that law?

Would like to hear from you.

The above proposal is adapted from the public comment made by at on

Our congratulations to her.

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One Response to How to Compel Dog Owners Keep Our Communities Safe

  1. Ebbie M says:

    Another complementing proposal I found on the net:

    The safety of communities across the nation are being threatened by a system that fails to be pro-active, definitive, and consistent in handling of dog attacks. Specifically in regards to this, the effectiveness of municipal services is questionable at best, failing at worst, and without a doubt—not pro-active.

    We need:

    1. Stricter legislation, higher penalties, and criminal prosecution when appropriate. Current fines for breaking dog laws are too weak to be a deterrent. Example: giving false information or fleeing the scene of a dog attack should be treated like a hit-and-run felony. Another example: It should be a felony for individuals and organizations to make dogs available for adoption without full disclosure of its history (biting, aggression).

    2. Mandatory liability insurance for dog owners. Insurance protects the community from financially incapable owners of dogs that attack people and leave them with thousands in unpaid bills. Homeowners and renters with dogs are not required to have liability insurance, and if they are living paycheck to paycheck, suing them won’t do any good.

    3. Mandatory euthanasia of dogs that specifically kill or maul a human being, or kill another domesticated animal. Such aggression poses an immediate risk to the community. We need laws that actually protect the public.

    4. Make it illegal to use pit bulls as “Patrol” dogs in law enforcement. The job of a Patrol dog often involves being unleashed and attacking a human being. Using a pit bull for this purpose simply defies logic. It’s a bad idea simply made worse by any municipality that actually considers it.

    Fair enough.

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