Dogs, Fireworks, Hysteria, Madness… in N. England – Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Dog Victims

This is a story from a resident in Northern England telling about the insanity that took place in the region, all because of a dog.

Scary, but quite the norm in several other places today.

Here it is:

I live in a seaside town in the North of England called Whitley Bay and people here have gone completely crazy for dogs.

Almost all of the pubs, cafes and snack bars advertise themselves as dog friendly so if you want a guaranteed dog free drink or snack you better stay at home or be content with a very limited choice.

There is only one pub that does not allow dogs, part of a national chain with a national no dogs policy. Dog worshippers nationally spew out their vitriol about the issue on Trip Advisor.

Many local shops, travel agents, newsagents, food shops, general dealers etc have bowls of water outside their premises as if there are hordes of dehydrated dogs staggering from one oasis to the next. This is the North of England where it rains twenty percent of the time, not some tropical island.

All the local public transport allows dogs on and they sit on seats without complaint or comment from any human travellers.

Anyway, the big issue in the local paper this week and last week relates to an event that took place just over a fortnight ago.

The claim is that a husband and wife , both aged 78, took their dog, Shearer, for a walk near a local nature reserve. Just as they released Shearer from it’s leash some people decided to have what was described as “an impromptu fireworks display with professional standard fireworks”.

Shearer bolted and was not seen again until its body was washed up on a beach around ten miles south of Whitley bay.

The death of this dog elicited mass hysteria in the national mainstream media and on the dog worship sites.

There were calls to ban fireworks.

It was an attempt to create a moral panic.

The local paper ran a full front page spread plus an additional half page on page 5 last week encouraging readers to sign an on line petition to ban the sale of fireworks to the general public.

This week they ran a lengthy letter from a pressure group entitled, “Firework Abatement Campaign” in Lincolnshire which is around 200 miles from Whitley Bay.

The British Government debated a petition to ban fireworks because they frighten dogs in June of this year and wisely came to the conclusion that existing legislation is sufficiently robust to remain as it is.

As well as these articles, the newspaper is running a poll on whether or not readers want fireworks sale to the general public banned or not. The poll presently stands at 92% for banning, although there is no number of respondents given so it could be 92% of 20 for all we know.

This newspaper, like many of the nationals in Britain likes to run emotionally laden dog positive propaganda. Any attempt to question this is dismissed as a rant. No one has questioned the spontaneous firework display in the middle of the day story and no one has come forward to corroborate this extremely unusual event.

In England we average 2 humans killed a year by dogs, half of them children. 13 children have been killed by dogs in the last ten years. This year, unusually, we had 2 deaths in the one week.

There was no outcry about doing anything or banning dogs, or bringing in tighter controls about dog ownership.

In May of this year a staffordshire terrier got among a playground of children in Blyth, a town seven miles away, and eight of them were hospitalised. The local paper did not run a campaign to protect children or to manage dogs.

Whenever dogs seriously injure or kill people , the prevailing mood is one of concern for the future of the dog involved.

This is the kind of madness our society has turned a blind eye to. We have acquiesced to the erosion of our freedoms by irresponsible dog owners. We have accepted some really stupid ideas and junk logic as if it was common sense and natural.

It doesn’t have to be this way. When I was growing up in a working class area of Glasgow in the 1950s, no 0ne in my street had a dog. No one in my school had a dog.

We knew that some people had pet dogs because, when we went into middle class areas there was often shit on the pavement.

If anyone had openly said that dogs were better than humans or more important than human children, if anyone had said that dogs were their friend, companion, family member or that their dog loved them society would have ridiculed them or pitied them. It’s not too late.

We have to stand up to these canine loving misanthropes.

In 17th century Holland the dominant belief was that a tulip bulb had the same value as a house.

Because the majority believe something doesn’t means it’s right or that it makes sense.

I have provided place names and the name of the dog so that the readers can check the level of stupidity and hysteria for themselves.

By JC, from England

Thanks a lot for your story, JC. Hope you guys could ammeliorate this situation in such a nice place like Whitley Bay.

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19 Responses to Dogs, Fireworks, Hysteria, Madness… in N. England – Personal Stories

  1. S says:

    Wow. That is just insane. If Shearer had run out into the road and been struck by a car, would they be campaigning to ban cars? They just might! But this is why most places have LEASH LAWS. They protect not only innocent strangers and the environment, they protect the dog itself, because dogs are too stupid to keep themselves safe. Apparently their owners are also too stupid. But that doesn’t mean everyone else should give up something fun.

  2. anon says:

    Putting animals to human status is one of the dumbest things society has done.May even say, they have surpassed human status in the eyes of some people. If only people cared about each other the way they do about animals, we’ll be doing alright.

  3. BK says:

    I’ve read more than a few articles where dog nuts complain about fireworks because it scares their precious little furbaby. Sorry, but your dog’s paranoia doesn’t mean that you get to ruin fireworks displays for everyone else. Maybe I’m biased because my own dog isn’t bothered by fireworks at all, but even if that wasn’t the case, I would want to ruin the fun for everyone.

  4. KaD says:

    I’m not a big fan of fireworks myself, while I like the ones that go up and make pretty lights in the sky I don’t care for the ones that just make alot of noise. That said, ONE day a year we get to disturb dogs as much as they disturb US the rest of the year. PAYBACK. And if this moron kept his precious shitbaby on a leash like any dog owner who actually gives a rats arse about their dog should, none of this would have happened. As usual, totally the owners fault.

    • KaD says:

      And here’s a link to the PIT BULL that bit 14 kids on a playground sending 11 to the hospital:

      • MrMAD says:

        Thanks for the link.

        Did you notice other links are only local? Nobody else cared for the kids, in UK national media, much less internationally. Just 8 eight comments on the post above.

        Now just imagine if the opposite had happened; that a guy with a knife, after spending several nights asleep because of barking dogs, went to a dog park and had ‘simply’ hurt a few 14 dogs. I am absolutely that ALL newspapers, sites and whatnot would be covering this on the first page, non stop for days, at least.

        Insane world.

    • MrMAD says:

      There are FireWorks and FireCrackers.

      FireWorks are the ones that go up and make pretty lights in the sky, as you said. They make relatively very little noise and are used quite less fequently. It seems that more responsible and law-abbiding persons use them. Their noise, even being lower, also scares dogs. Good for us. But ufortunately they’re used just one or two times a year! Too little!

      FireCrackers on the other hand are the ones that make a LOT of noise, and I mean a LOT! Also called Rockets in many places, they are cheaper than FireWorks so it helps to make them being used by not so responsible people. Actually, criminals love them. For example in South Africa when Police is coming to let’s say bad neighborhoods, criminals blast a number of them to alert their crime partners and so avoid arrest and had their stuff (drugs) of being confiscated.

      This because the noise is so strong that it goes a looong way and anybody can hear, even deep inside their homes.

      There are FireCrackers so powerful that if placed near a window they will shatter the whole glass, not just make a few cracks.

      There are either FireCrackers that blast up there in the sky, as well as the ones that blast anywhere you throw them, like near the fence in your own backyard when a pooch is barking non-stop. These are cheaper. Actually so much cheaper that basically anyone could have a “collection” of them at home in case of any “emergency”.

      FireCrackers range in a variety of intensities/power and melodies/number of sequencial blasts. Some explode making just one noise, some others make several noises in a row, like blast,blast,blast,blast,BBBLLLAAASSSTTT!!!

      Sold in sports shops for example, it seems that anyone can buy them, even kids. At least the less powerful ones.

      As far as I know they are legal anywhere, but I may be wrong.

      Another great advantage is that they can be used as many times as needed, since we all know that dogs need “a few attempts” to make them understand that their barking will not be tolerated by the ghostly noisy alpha dog nearby.

      Well, why they scare dogs so much?

      Obviously because they are loud, much louder than an alpha dog as this is one of the few things dogs respect, but it also seems that FireCrackers produce lots of harmonics (a variety of different noises, varying from Infrasonic (inaudible to humans), audible, and Ultrasonic (inaudible to humans)). So a salad of noises that muts cannot tolerate. Good for us!

      I know, I have to make a post on this.

      And, no, I’m not a fan of FireCrackers either.

  5. MrMAD says:

    Let’s all remember that this is the second case of mass-hysteria caused by the dog-loving insanity mentioned on his site, the first one was the The utmost INSANITY of dog lunatics, in Brazil.

    And there is one related Animal Insanity Again – Zoo Allows Petting Lions

    I’m sure there are many more happening in a constant basis that we don’t get to know about. The one one in Blyth was unheard of by me.

  6. друг says:

    Food, EMP/electromagnetism, radiation.

  7. fred barnard says:

    “If anyone had openly said that dogs were better than humans or more important than human children, if anyone had said that dogs were their friend, companion, family member or that their dog loved them society would have ridiculed them or pitied them. It’s not too late.”

    So true (though I don’t know about the “not too late” bit). A person can hope.

  8. Vince says:

    Here is some more ridiculousness.

    $5.7 Million! For a f***ing dog shelter with a storefront.

    Meanwhile the end of the street where I leave remains in disrepair despite major street construction all around me during sewer work. City refuses to fix it stating it is the county’s problem. County says it is a city street.

    One of the ironies of this story is that it will be where the old Amtrak station is currently located. Now that the new Amtrak station has opened, getting a good night’s sleep is near impossible. This is compounded on top of the idiots in our neighborhood who continue to let their dogs out in the evening to bark like car alarms until they are let in. These same idiots leave their dogs alone at home while they go to work on the main floor of the house. So when I am home from work while they are at work I get to hear dog after dog barking because someone is walking down the street, i.e. postman, solicitors, other people walking their stupid dogs, etc.

    One of my neighbors has a Dachshund. One of the most annoying dogs on Earth. She complains when people light of their fireworks because it scares the dog. But she will leave the dog out to bark and bark and bark. She will walk across the street to talk to neighbors while the dog sits at the gate barking for her like a little baby. Totally tone deaf to the dog’s insidious barking. One of my other neighbors that lives next door to here finally admitted that she used to have TWO of them. And she also used to let them out at 5:30 a.m. during the week before he had to get up for work.

    Everyday when I go out into this world I ask my self the same question. “What the f*** is wrong with people?!” But then I defer to Morris Berman. “Most Americans have the head buried squarely up their asses.”

    May you find peace wherever you find it.

    • MrMAD says:

      Ridiculousness for sure.

      Isn’t that Dearborn Metro Detroit that has NO money at all?
      Where lot’s of people are unemployed?
      Where lot’s of people became homeless?

      Yes? Yes.

      Have you noticed that the article barely mentioned dogs (once) but that actually over 99.9% of the ‘animals’ will be only dogs?

      KaD, a member from this site too, made the following comment:

      “Until you address the root of the problem-gross overbreeding of animals by people too lazy, stupid or cheap to have their dogs and cats fixed-you never get close to solving it.”

      Exactly. This problem will never be solved as breeders will always breed more and more dogs to infinity if they could. Dog “greeders” make money, politicians get their briberies, and Stupid think they are doing something good, while they are actually just being used as a tool, a money-making tool, for others, not them.

      Anyway, we cannot fix stupid.

      Wild imagination:

      They are helping homeless animals, right? Well, all animals are animals, right?

      So, how about someone start collecting all homeless cocroaches in the neighborhood, and beyond? A good samaritan’s job! Just adopt all homeless cocroaches with the goal of finding a new, loving family for them. Cocroaches are so sad, living anywhere, alone, in the dark, without adequate food or water and much worse, without LOVE!

      Let’s give cocroaches a new LIFE!

      Afyer a month of two, after collecting – and breeding – a 3x3x3 feet sized box – providing food and water daily, as all animals deserve it, take this box to that ANIMAL shelter and tell them that you want to help them find a new adopive family!

      Of course they will promptly accept the new cocroach colony, so many abandoned creatures of God! Of course.

      It’s INSANE leting so many loving creatures abandoned! Unacceptable!

      Then, at the right moment of certain acceptance by the shelter, the box drops from your hands and the cochroaces somehow get out of the box! They quickly run to all imaginable spots in the shelter, including and specially the legs of prospective adoptive mothers! Cocroaches just want to know their new mommies, and quickly give them a loving lick! How sweet!! Much better, cocs ALREADY LOVE their nemw mommies!!! Fantastic!

      You just say “they somehow got out…”. It’s not your fault, absolutely.

      No problem, little cocroaches are now ready for adoption by their new, loving, caring adoptive pet parents!


      Just inform your lawyer right before you do that, ok?!

      • KaD says:

        This is a classic case of retail rescue. If the glut of ‘homeless dogs’ stops these people sadly have to get a REAL job, something they don’t want to do. So they fight any real solution, aided and abetted by the breeders lobbies, who also have a vested financial interest in NOT controlling the pet population.

      • Vince says:

        Foreclosures are still an ongoing problem here in Dearborn. A man across the street lost his home to the bank. Tragedy isn’t it? We can find homes for animals, but not humans. That is a very valid observation.

        But critical thinking skills are not part of the American culture. Sensational and instant gratification are the norm. No real thought is given to the long term consequences.

        I am actually considering a dual citizenship so that I can weigh my options of moving to Canada. Someplace quiet of course.

        • MrMAD says:

          “long term consequences”
          Like you said about diseases in your post above, dog lovers don’t realize those – real and life threatening – long term consequences.

          Remember the Marlboro man anyone?

          An example to be followed!

          Marlboro man - Dogs kill too

          In a hospital bed.
          Or dead already.

          Yes dog lovers, that can happen to you too. And probably will.

          Regarding moving to Canada: please choose carefully, it’s waaay worse than it was eg a decade earlier. Calgary and Montreal are horrible nowadays, pitbulls specially, just to cite 2 large cities.

          • Nerdbird says:

            Trust me as a Canadian you don’t want to live here. It isn’t what people think it is. People see Canada as it was back in the seventies and early eighties but is has changed dramatically since then. Crime rates and murders have sky rocketed, the city of Toronto is worse than New York, the country is one of the most expensive to live in and few jobs provide sufficient income to make a living. Drug abuse is one of the worst in the developed world, and getting worse thanks to the legalizing of marijuana next year which has pissed off most of Canada’s trading partners making it difficult to import anything which is dangerous since the country relies heavily on imports to provide for people, and our health care is no longer free, only a general practitioner is covered and they do squat all plus our health care is so poorly run and operated it’s like going to a hospital in a third world country.

            I should also mention that the province of Ontario alone has a debt greater than the entire United States and the whole country has one of the highest debts in the world and it just keeps sinking. Our government sold all of the countries assets to foreign countries and most companies have pulled out favoring cheaper labor elsewhere.

            I should also mention that the whole damn country is dog nuts! It’s always dogs this and dogs that and they push them on people like crazy. I should also mention dogs have greater rights than people. Thanks to our idiot dope headed media hog prime minster Trudue, you can’t lay your hand on a dog or risk jail time. Yet if you suffer from mental illness or disabilities you can be abused and that’s fine your abuser gets away scot free or even praised. And should a dog hurt someone no one takes action. What kind of country puts a fleshy daemon higher than your sick or troubled? Hell that’s what, that’s what this countries turning into and people wonder why every where else in the world thinks Canada is some sort of joke, smarten up and set priorities straight and then other countries might see us as legitimate. I can tell you it ain’t happening any time soon, our governments corrupt and run by people who should not have any power, citizens don’t have a say here we are slaves in the eyes of the government nothing more. A lot of what goes on in Canada is hidden from foreign eyes and ears and even the citizens and I can tell you it’s disgusting some of the stuff that goes on here, I know cause I have an aunt who’s always snooping into the governments business and posting it on Facebook.

        • Vince says:

          Mr. MAD,

          Couldn’t agree with you more. I had to work on a truck yesterday that had dog hair inside of it. Truck had a somewhat strong smell of dog inside. I really do not know how people can live like that. Imagine that you are on the road all week with a dog inside your cab. What is the point? Must be needy people.


          Thanks for the information. I trust that your description of the situation is correct. I went to Toronto, Mississauga to be more specific, 4 years ago. I wanted to experience what our family used to experience when we used to visit on the weekends back in the mid 1970’s.

          You are right. It isn’t the same. What I saw was a lot of Indians, Pakistanis, Asians, etc. Some people were polite. Others made rude comments in their own languages. It was very busy and crowded. It wasn’t as clean as it used to be. I remember thinking that Detroit should look to Toronto as a role model when I was younger.

          If I could only find a balance of peace, quiet, and civilized life without being too close to Metro Detroit, then I might find some sane way to live. Dearborn has changed considerably in the last several years. Priorities have shifted away from the traditions of the past. This is because of many factors such as the economy, demographics, and poor governance.

          Thank you again for the information.

        • KaD says:

          Not only that, Dearborn is becoming loaded with muslim immigrants. Those people wouldn’t take in a dog if you PAID them. Building a bigger, better dog pound won’t solve that.

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