Dogs are Ridiculous just like their… Owners! In Pictures.

Ridiulous surprise. Not!

Dogs are ridiculous, they are sooo unnecessary that we can provide a multitude of information on the issue — with all data based on facts and scientific research — without even showing a single image of them.

This page is the only one in this whole website where you could see pictures of dogs (actually, another exceptions are News, Videos and Dogs Are So Delicious! Uhmmm!!).

Yes, that IS Ridiculous

We show here the ridicule they present to people who own them. Obviously, only normal citizens can perceive and see the stupidity of those actions, most completely insane. No other way to name it.

When you see one, please let us know, no matter where you live. Dogs are ridiculous anyway. Actually, no matter what, just send us the info or link or he pic and let’s have a little revenge joy from the miseries we get from them.

Let’s have fun!!

» Dogs (well, pigs) are Ridiculous – A Lady and a Pig

Ridiculous - A Lady and a PIG!

We will start here with an example that even ODOrs (obnoxious dog-owners) may consider Ridiculous themselves and, man, something like that is too-hyper-super hard to happen.

That is a lady from the Carnivals of Brazil with her ‘lovely baby’. The ownership of a ‘pet’ reaching – or going over and beyond? — the limits of absurdity. If you didn’t notice, yes, that animal IS a real PIG.Not a teddy-bear, not a teddy-pig.

How clean is that, han?

» Dogs are Ridiculous – A ‘Macho’ Man and a Mutt

Dogs are Ridiculous! Their owners... too!!!

Could that be possible? Really? Unfortunately, yes. Lunatic ODOrs are capable of anything.

A very ‘macho’ guy on a pleasant morning walk pushing a baby stroller with not a baby, but instead… a mutt! And *proud* of that!!!

No, not just us here are astonished by this demonstration of beauty and intelligence (not), the guy with the lady is quite impressed as well. “What the H€ll??

If that ODOr was really capable to make a baby, one could only imagine how clean and safe of diseases the kid would be. Yeah, right.

» Dogs are Ridiculous – A Lion or a Dog?

Ridiulous kid or lion

Really, I am not sure if that is a lion or a dog but is that kid safe in any way, shape or form? Yeah, I know, ODOrs will come here and say “the dog is safe…”, “it’s never bitten anybody before…” and blah, blah, blah.

Ah, I see, his parents are fattening him for the weekend barbecue. The mutt, people, not the baby.

No matter what people say, that kid looks really ridiculous anyway.

More Most Ridiculous Dogs an Owners soon.

Keep posted! Let us know yours!

Remember: Dogs are Ridiculous.
CDC Dog Bites Statistics

135 Responses to Ridiculous!

  1. unlonfild says:

    Can I just say what a relief to get somebody who in fact knows what theyre talking about on the net. You unquestionably know learn how to bring an issue to light and make it crucial. Extra persons need to read this and fully grasp this side of the story. I cant believe youre not much more preferred due to the fact you definitely have the gift.

  2. KaD says:

    Here’s some more ridiculousness: how the law is extremely biased towards dog owners at the expense of everyone else: http://www.animaluncontrol.blogspot.com/2012/06/unequal-protection-part-i.html

    Pet owners are held to a wildly different standard than others. It is clear to me that dog owners have been granted the power to take the rights of others at whim. And, they do this while THEIR rights are usually fully protected.

    I’ll give you a good example. My county leash “law”: Extremely weak and unenforced. It used to be that all owners of off leash dogs were supposed to get a citation. Now, they have to get CAUGHT THREE TIMES before a citation is written… and that is only in theory. AC never writes citations. So, my neighbors have the POWER to turn their dog loose on my land and I have no legal recourse. My right of property has been taken.

    Now, juxtapose the above with the fact that, if I were to shoot or poison those dogs I would be arrested. I used to think I could simply shoot any canine trespasser. I cannot. I cannot use force against the trespassing dog unless it is actually attacking me.

    So to summarize the situation:
    – My right to property is gone. Surrendered to dogs and their owners who want to use my lawn as a toilet and my trash cans as a food bowl. The government flat out refuses to do anything about that.
    – The rights of the dogs and their owners is fully protected, as I am fully restrained by the government from any “self help” options.

    Therefore, THEY get protection from the government and I do not! In fact, I am now overrun with loose pit bulls and I can’t do a damn thing about it until one of them sinks his choppers into my face. What kind of life is it when I have to pack a rod when moving the lawn? I can’t even leave a window open due to all the barking dog noise and loose dogs. My land is unusable! I don’t even bother calling AC anymore, I may as well complain to a freaking brick.

  3. VioletMaria says:

    In honor of Easter coming this Sunday, here’s my NO DOGS PLEASE-dedicated re-write of ‘Peter Cottontail’

    Here comes Peter Cottonmouth
    The Cuddly pittie from ‘way down south
    Rippin’ ’em up, whomever gets in his waaay.

    Scarin’ every girl and boy
    Let’s shoot him down, oh what a joy
    We shall ruin that Frankenmauler’s daaay.

    There goes Peter Cottonmouth
    The Cuddly pittie from ‘way down south
    To the underworld, he’s on his waaaay!

  4. VioletMaria says:

    We know all too well that the USA is ‘sheeple’ country.


    timestamp 0:08…but why MULTIPLE dogs?!

  5. snakelady says:

    I am SO sick of seeing DOGS in almost every freaking commercial on TV these days…and car companies are the worst offenders.Everyone these days trying to shove dogs down our throats.

    • MrMAD says:

      Disgusting, isn’t it?

      Like if anyone would buy a new car because of the smell (actually stench/malodor) that a mutt brings to a closed compartment. “Oh, you can open the windows”. Sure, raining/-10C outside with my windows open toshow my mutt to the world.

      That remembers me of one day seeing a woman in her car stoped in a traffic light, full of numerous dogs inside, windows fully open, several heads almost outside (even on her neck!), desperately barking to the whole world. As I was crossing the street and approached her car I said something like “your dogs are quite annoying, ahn?” when she looked back at me with that face of how someone dare to not appreciate them. And yes, it was a shiny new car. And expensive too.

      Welcome to our blog, Snakelady!

      • snakelady says:

        Thanks nice to be here!

        Back in January, when it was 10 F outside, I was behind a minivan crawling along and moving erratically. I soon found out WHY….there was a HUGE mutt hanging halfway out the driver’s side window, barking at everything. I passed them as quickly as I could. I didn’t want them taking me along if they drove into the ditch. Really…you’re going to freeze your ass off and risk your life and everyone else’s so you can show off your big, slobbering bag of fleas? Leave the damn thing home where it belongs!

    • VioletMaria says:

      Not to mention home-improvement commercials (like Lowes) they love to show families frolicking in the yard with the newly-built deck or patio, and there’s a dog, ALWAYS a dog! Wouldn’t a ferret like to be ‘frolicking’ there too?

      • KaD says:

        Home improvement places LOVE dogs because they tear up the yard and house, providing more business.

        • Fred Barnard says:

          I know someone who works there and they have a sign and a policy which they do Not enforce. This is likely because they want the dog owner’s money. They have even started carrying dog chew toys, cages, and have long carried kennels.

          My friend is allergic to, has been tormented by, is afraid of, and disgusted by Dogs.

          Tortured every day, unable to say anything because management cares more about money than the worker. Or safety, for that matter. Dogs in carts, dogs off-leash, non-service dogs – mostly.

      • NO Off leash dogs! says:

        When I see an ad with a happily frolicking dog in a yard, all I hear is BARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARK. Then I think about the neighbors (imaginary, thankfully). Maybe also a few loud “shut up dog”, here and there, IF the owner gets annoyed.

        LOVE the ferret comment! They are my choice of pet, since they are QUIET. And cute. (but a little stinky)
        And yes, ferrets love to frolic outdoors too (on a leash of course, they cannot be trusted alone). At least they are quiet!

        I AM glad they don’t use ferrets in ads, we don’t need any more idiots that buy them knowing nothing about them, just to dump them a few months later. The less people ignorant people that like them, the better.

    • Catherine Barber says:

      Isn’t it just SOOO tedious and boring and downright depressing! And it’s always dogs that are plastered everywhere, hardly ever cats. Many people hate cats BECAUSE they’re quiet (‘creepy’) and contained (‘boring’)and fastidious (‘effete’)and adore dogs BECAUSE they’re loud and aggressive (‘fun”friendly”wholesome’) and can be deployed as weapons to bully and intimidate cat-lovers and non-dog-owners. Oh the tedium and boringness and depressingness of it all!

  6. snakelady says:

    At least the insanity hasn’t reached our area YET of stores allowing non service animals. Home Depot is one of the worst…but we were at Home Depot in Minnesota over the weekend and they had a huge sign stating No animals except service animals. Of course that doesn’t solve the fake service animal problem….but happy to say I did not see any dogs there.

  7. Steve O. says:

    A few days ago upon asking a dog owner to walk his dog on a leash in the park between little children he declined arguing that my child is not on a leash either. Is that ridiculous or I am going crazy?

    • MrMAD says:

      You are not getting crazy, Steve. ODORs already are. The excuses for their beasts increase day after day. Just check the Excuses from Dog Owners, just updated.

    • NO Off leash dogs! says:

      This is a common ODOr thing. They love to make nasty comments about kids, as if their dogs are the same, as if that excuses their law breaking, rude behavior.

      Tell them there is no law about having a kid on a leash, but there is one about dogs, and if he would like you to call AC/cops, then that would be fine. Then smile. That really infuriates them.

      • MrMAD says:

        I have been recently invited to a “conference/debate” on barking/nasty dogs, still in the planning, to which I already said I am certainly coming. Just need to know the details to know if that is a truly real thing. This tactic of clever replies, followed by smiling and thus infuriating them surely would be used.

        I even dream of beating those doggists to the ground, just with my words.

  8. Frank says:

    Glad I ran across this page. I’ve been reading all the comments. I’m a Vietnam Vet with a piece of shrapnel in my left leg I received protecting the rights of people in this country. Now I’m told I have to cower in my house from three Brain Dead dogs that moved in next door. I called AC I have to Document two weeks of Barking for them to even consider sending a (nice) letter to the (nice) people to let them know their dogs are barking. What a waste of time. I wish the 100 ways of Killing a dog was up. I only need one..

    • MrMAD says:

      I have a lot of respect of you, Vietnam Vets, Frank. Hope you are doing well, even with those mongrels near you. It’s truly a 24 hour nightmare what you are enduring.

      Regarding the letter, you do Not need to wait to send one to those inconsiderate neighbors stating what is happening. Just send an anonimous letter with nothing incriminating you. Just for the “legal stuff” is that you have to wait those two weeks they say. Remember, you do not need to go through just AC, you may hire a lawyer and make Their lives a misery,legally speaking. Surely it’s easier saying, not so easy when in your shoes, specially because it’s not cheap.

      The page “100 ways of Killing a dog” is going to be updated quite soon, I promise. Just remember that those tactics are the ones that people Aready used, not the ones I’m suggesting people to use, of course. Of course.

    • NO Off leash dogs! says:

      Thank you for your service. I know I am late in replying but I figured it ought to be said.

      I hope that you have resolved your issue.

  9. Frank says:

    Back again. Does anyone know if those things that send out a high frequency sound that (supposedly) gets dogs to stop barking ? Or is it just another waste of time and money ?

    • MrMAD says:

      Welcome to our community, Frank.

      On those ultrasonic devices, I have bad news for you. And good news, too.

      Those little things you buy on stores, petshops or the likes of eBay/Amazon, unfortunatelly do Not work for most people. If they run on batteries, forget it. They are too weak.

      However, they work for a few people, where just a little ‘incentive’ is needed to make the mutt ‘get it’. The mutt has to be very near to you, not yards away. They are not quite expensive and so, if possible, a try would be worth it. They could also be bougth second hand and be resold right after, regardless if they worked or not. But again, do not expect muh of those devices.

      Those ultrasonic devices on the market are clearly built to appease the dog lobby so to not cause any ‘harm’ to mutts as they are gods for ODORs. Those lobbyists don’t care the harm that mutts cause to decent people. Such products are too weak, intentionally, even though the technology exists to make it powerful, really powerful I mean, and thus quite effective.

      I have an electronics background and built myself a number of off-the-shelf ultasonic equipment that are the same sold on the stores and others specially designed. I even got a design from a company that provides military equipment to the US Army, applying that to shutting mutts up. So you may hve an idea of how it is powerful.

      As soon as I have time I will publish them here, at the least the major ones. They work.

      I will Not be selling them, just providing the electronics schematics so that anyone could build their one or have them built. I do Not want to make money on them (so that the dog lobby could Not get that money from me) just to help suffering people out there. Not everything is running on money on this life.

      Another article I’m writing is on what suffering people can do using cheap devices that most already have at home. So no extra money is spent but some sort of solution can be achieved. Soon.

      Just need time to do all I want.

  10. Frank says:

    Got one of those ‘Dog Silencer Pros’. So far, nothing ! Might be too far away but right now the only way it’ll get a dog quiet is to tie it to the end of a stick and beat him with it. Will keep trying. If I start getting any results I’ll post it.

    • Peter Bright says:

      Ultrasonic transducers are almost futile unless used at very close range such a several metres atmost.

      The reason is that the higher the frequency the more rapid the rate of attenuation in air.

      The only way to overcome that problem is to use a really powerful device and a heavy duty battery to operate it.

      Hand-held devices running from a very small battery are a waste of money.

    • S. D. Martin says:

      Hi Frank,
      I got one of those Viatek ultrasonic “gun” gadgets (9-volt battery-operated, with a red laser dot target indicator) in an attempt to keep the yapshit terrier downstairs from me out of my garden, since the ODOr wouldn’t bother teaching the thing any manners, much less control it. Don’t know about the ultrasound that only dogs are supposed to hear, but when the trigger is pulled, the gun does make a strange chirping noise that got the yapshit’s attention, even from upstairs at my back door. Then I’d aim the little red laser dot right into one of its eyes. I know the instructions tell you not to do that, but by jove, it works! Sent the damn thing scurrying every time. Bwah-hah-hah!!

  11. Frank says:

    My wife and I were at Lowe’s yesterday and you will not believe what we seen ! A couple with a Mutt in a ‘Baby Carriage’! Pushing a dog around in a store in a Baby carriage. My wife said those carriages are designed just for Dogs. Had a little zip-up top so the Mutt wouldn’t jump out. Little plastic windows on each side so it can look out. I guess these people don’t realize how ridiculous they look. I wish I’d taken a picture of them so as to post it here. Ahhhh. Anyway, I ongoing saga of the Neighbors from Hell is still ongoing. Have all the documentation I need to take them to Court soon. Will post what happens.

  12. Catherine Barber says:

    Does an EFFECTIVE ‘dog silencer/zapper/dazer’ really exist!???

    If so, I’d LOVE to hear of it and know how I could get one!

    What is this ‘Viatek’ one like? Any one that I’ve tried to use are completely useless.

    I can’t believe that a really effective one would or could ever exist – or be allowed to exist! – in this DoggoCentric Dog-Crazed world.

    My best fantasy would be aiming a piercing red laser beam – and seeing that annoying dog SCARPER for its sanity!!!!

    • MrMAD says:

      I have good and bad news.

      Good news: Effective Dog Silencers DO exist.

      Bad news: Effective Dog Silencers are NOT for sale to the public.

      The dog silencers on the market are too weak, just for training, not for the enforcement of silence or safety. Those devices may work against a few dogs dogs but it’s hit or miss, and victim (us) and target (mutts) have to be really close to no more than a few meters. Forget about trying to silence the dog across the street. This is probably to please the dog lobby (mafia?) and related lunatic organizations.

      The reason is that any really powerful and effective device would bring tons of lawsuits against these companies manufacturing them, even though they would sell a ton of silencers and make lots of money.

      Good news again: some people have made (designed and assembled) such devices. They are not cheap and are not for sale to anyone. But they do exist.

      I myself have a couple of those and they do their job well, very well, I must say. No, I’m not selling them but I plan to post the diagrams here in this blog so that anyone affected by the mutt pollution could ask their trusted electronic engineer/technician to build one for them. I’m still thinking the best way to do that but it will be published soon, somehow. I just keep imagining the barrage of criticism and threats I will get. Just keep posted.

      • Peter Bright says:

        As an experienced and qualified circuit design technician/engineer who once designed and built his own, I can confirm the uselessness of ultrasonic devices in a peace-lover’s desperate attempts to control barking from next door’s backyard.

        They can’t work at ranges of more than a few metres because of the huge attenuation of ultrasonic frequencies in air.

      • Catherine Barber says:

        That would be good to have these diagrams posted up. I don’t know who I could ask to actually make one up for me….; I couldn’t really ask an obvious dog-lover could I (!).

        Yes I could imagine the barrage of lawsuits that would be unleashed – perhaps even riots – lynchings even (!) – if one dared to market such a blatently anti-dog device.

        • Peter Bright says:

          You could ask an electronics technician to build one for you, preferably one who is sympathetic to those suffering the everyday living hell of uncontrolled neighbourhood barking.

          But in all these discussions we should never see the dog as the problem’s cause. The true cause is the reckless, mindless selfishness of idiot owners thinking that keeping an animal almost continuously trapped in its backyard is OK.

          It’s the owners we should target. The dogs themselves are also victims – of their insensitive, uncaring, mad owners.

          It is quite wrong to inflict further hurt on any creature which is itself already suffering.

          • Catherine Barber says:

            Oh yes, I fully realize, in these cases, that it’s the animal’s owners who are truly the culprits.

            Realistically, I would more likely only use a powerful Ultra Sonic to make a dog move away from me – I hope I would never use one on a dog in a enclosed situation: where the dog couldn’t move away.

            Actually I can’t really see these devices – however powerful they might be able to be – stopping a dog barking anyway – or not for very long.

            To me, the whole big culture/problem of dogs started when humans started making pets of them. In the wild, dogs would simply just be other animals, instead of people’s socialized pampered trained-as-weapons status-value accessories.

          • MrMAD says:

            I agree, in part.

            It’s Not about injuring, but informing, alerting, warning.

            Otherwise what would be the solution? Suffer in silence until the owner fix the problem? I don’t think so. I myself already suffered too much in my life. I’m sure you have as well.

            Sure, taking any measures to silence a dog should be done after the owner is quote aware of the problem but have not corrected them. No one wants to wait for weeks, months, years for some peace.

            Does it sound heartless? Maybe, but it’s my well being I’m fighting for and it supersedes the well being of any animal in the world.

            I’m Not talking here about the likes of shooting powerful laser beams to physically injure the animal.

        • MrMAD says:

          Yeah, the lynching would be a high possibility these days. Seems like we’re living in the middle ages when we, normal non-dog owners, are the “witches” being ratted, hunted, hanged and burnt in a public place, as an example to all non-believers, just because we say – and prove – dogs are Not Gods.

          What a sick world.

          If you haven’t seen the riot similar to this dog lunacy in Brazil, please take a look.

          Ah, and don’t worry, there will always be sane engineers to build one of those devices. And I’m also going to include some options that could be built with equipment you buy at your closest Walmart or electronic store and just plug them in. Yes, I’m going full force on those noisy beasts.

  13. Catherine Barber says:

    PS Meant to also add, I live in England UK (yay, just ONE of the completely Dog-Crazy nations!). And I am a 100% Cat Person.

    • MrMAD says:

      It’s not just England. It’s everywhere, basically.

      Here in this site we have people commenting from the USA, France, Brazil, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa… just to mention a few. Hollywood movies go a long way around the globe.

    • KaD says:

      Me too! Cats are SO much easier! Less expensive. Less noise.

  14. Fred Barnard says:

    I have been working on an overall statement that I post anywhere I can. It’s purpose is to awaken people to the DAMAGE that dogs cause.

    Comments, stats. Welcome.

    Waste: The 78 million dogs in America collectively produce 10 million tons of poop each year — enough to fill a line of fully-loaded tractor trailers stretching from Seattle to Boston.

    Dog waste contains nutrients, bacteria and parasites that can contaminate water bodies and make people sick. Left on the ground, droppings from about 100 canines over the course of two or three days can generate enough bacteria to close bays and other bodies of water in a 20-mile radius.

    Dog Bites: Roughly five million Americans are bitten by dogs every year. Around 800,000 of those injuries are serious enough to require medical attention and 5,000 of those are so severe as to require hospitalization. On average, 20 of our countrymen are mauled to death by canines each year. As a society, dog bites cost us $1 billion dollars a year in medical expenses and liability claims, and another $310 million is eaten up yearly by insurance payouts.

    Dog attacks are the leading cause of traumatic injury throughout the general population, according to the New England Journal of medicine, and they are the leading health problem among children.

    Also: Dogs eat meat. Nearly 10.2 billion land animals were raised and killed for food in the United States in 2010. Meat production is a huge source of pollution. The devastation caused by the meat industry makes it one of the top three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.

    Noise Pollution: Finally, (for now) People who have never suffered through extensive exposure to chronic barking often find it difficult to understand why it should be such an incredibly upsetting, debilitating ordeal.
    The owners of barking dogs will sometimes tell you that the fact that you are bothered by the sound means you have some deep psychological problem, but it is not so. It is normal and natural for people to be irritated and upset as a result of exposure to sound, especially loud, sharp sounds that erupt suddenly and without warning.
    When chronic noise rings throughout your home, as it does with a barking dog, it is even more upsetting than it would be if the same noise occurred in a different setting, because your home is your place of refuge. It is where you go to get away from the relentless hammering of the outside world. If you cannot find refuge in your own home, then where are you to go? Most people find it upsetting to be forced to listen to a barking dog. I’m sure it is worse yet for those who are tuned-in enough to dogs to be aware of the underlying desperation that drives chronic barkers to cry out endlessly.
    Intrusive sound, like that of a barking dog, constitutes a potent stressor that can result in increased blood pressure, essential hypertension, increased heart rate, ischemic heart disease, headaches, nausea, an altered blood flow, changes in blood viscosity and blood lipids, and shifts in electrolyte balance, along with elevations in gastrointestinal motility. In addition, according to WHO, exposure to noise increases drug use, fosters substance abuse, and promotes anxiety, stress, irritability, depression, aggression, and interpersonal conflict.

    comments to self / useful words and replys

    Non sequitur misanthrope

    Typical non-responsible answer – trying to shift blame – without addressing the problem. For example, I do not eat meat products as your dogs do. So I do less to mistreat the earth than the average meat eating American.

    A non sequitur argument.

    Just because these other things (waste from / overpopulation by humans) are a problem – does Not mean that dog overpopulation and the resultant noise issues are Not a problem.

    The majority of dog owners let their dogs bark unnecessarily and often incessantly. Many dog owners don’t care about their neighbor’s right to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, or they care about dogs more than their neighbors. Many like that their dogs are barking, makes them feel safe.

    • MrMAD says:

      Excellent comment, Mr Barnard.

      It’s always nice to have more and more statistics on this huge problem. If possible, I’d just as you if you could help me by including the official sources where you got that data so that we could reinforce to ODOrs that we are not a bunch of animal haters but instead follow logic and reasoning.

      Again, thank for the post.

    • lee77 says:

      Dogs are unnatural creatures because they did not evolve naturally, but were created by man. As such, they have no place in the natural order of things. Dogs are detrimental to both the environment and other animals because unlike the wolves from which they are descended that kill only for food or out of fear, dogs chase down and kill wildlife and livestock animals solely for the fun of killing. They chase deer and other animals in the wild and even when they aren’t able to catch and rip the defenseless creatures limb-from-limb, they often separate fawns and other young animals from their mothers and the poor things starve to death or succumb to other predators. In late winter, when large wildlife animals such as elk, etc. are at their weakest, they often die of exhaustion after being chased by dogs, assuming they are lucky enough to avoid being ripped to shreds by the marauding demons. Dogs also disturb and destroy the nests of birds that nest on the ground and chase down and kill young waterfowl such as ducks and geese. Dogs are the sadistic serial killers of the animal kingdom.

      Dogs are so detrimental to the environment that even birds that nest in trees disappear from areas when it becomes overrun by dogs. As aforestated, dogs have no place in the natural order of things and natural creatures such as wildlife and livestock animals are defenseless against the 4-legged spree killers.

      In addition to the dog-waste problems you cited, in some large municipalities, dog waste accounts for more than a third of the pollution in bodies of water and for some unknown reason, many cities/towns locate bark parks (aka dog parks) on the banks of rivers, lakes and ponds. When it rains, the waste washes into the water where it depletes oxygen and kills marine life. The primary cause of cyanobacteria (blue green algae) in bodies of water in thickly-populated areas is dog waste. On the plus side: cyanobacteria kills dogs. The idiot dogs swim in the water, get covered in slime and then lick it off themselves. In New Zealand, there are reports of dogs dying within minutes of ingesting the algae.

      • MrMAD says:

        I use to say that dogs are the GMOs of all animals. That’s why they are so dysfunctional, in all manners imaginable.

        Regarding birds, I also noticed their disappearance from city parks and forests where dogs are unfortunately present. On my neighbors’ properties as well. On my property, where no dog ever put a paw, nor ever will, there are many trees with countless birds beautifully singing. But, when nearby dogs start yelling with their sound pollution, the singing stops, birds fly away, specially the smallest ones.

        Remember that birds are an essential part of human living, and all the planet as well, by their polinization and the spread of seeds creating and preserving forests, crucial for the planet. In other ways we can say that dogs are contributing enormously to the destruction of humanity.

        Message to ODORs: Birds droppings are organic, they decompose in nature and become fertilizer, helping life in general. They are also quite small, almost unnoticeable. On the other end, Dogs excrement are toxic, they dehydrate and spread diseases in the air. Pooches feces do Not serve as fertilizer, they actually Kill plants. Just try for yourself. And they are always a big pile of shit!

        Interesting to know about the cyanobacteria (blue green algae). Dogs dying within minutes of ingesting the algae? Quite interesting! As mutts always eat anything they see, probably they would be attracted to delicious muffins filled with the tasty New Zealand blue green algae.


        • MJC says:

          Blue-green algae also kills dogs in North America. A few years ago, numerous dogs in the Midwest were killed by the algae, and last year it was killing dogs in New York and other states. Google “blue green algae kills dogs” and you will find many sites documenting dog deaths and warning people to keep their mutts out of the water if there are any signs of algae.

  15. Frank says:

    MrMad. Yes, post the diagrams. With as much detail as possible. I will build one with pleasure knowing I’m at lest going to have something to fight back with. I do not understand, … I do not understand !!! How DOGS can drive a human into hiding in his house with (Dogs barking as I write this) the radio on to try to drown out the barking. And you can’t do a thing about it. Animal Control (Worthless) won’t do anything. Police say to call Animal Control. YES, MrMAD. post the diagrams.

    • MrMAD says:

      I will, Frank, I will. Soon. I just need more hours in my 24 hour days.

      One extra thought I have is to include other unhn… let’s say, “creative arrangements” for the tech less inclined people out there. There are many items in our homes, and others that we could buy for cheap, that would suffice in many cases. The ultrasonic ones are for the cases when the owner should not be aware that someone is ‘training’ his animal since he is clearly not. And it is all safe and humane, to calm the critics (but you, ODORs, still have the option to correct the problem(s) before someone does it for you, agreed?).


  16. meagan says:

    Why not come up with a thing that gose off every time the dog barks, but aim it at annoying the owner more than rhe dog. Maybe rig up a hidden air horn, pointed at these jerks windows that will go off every time there dog barked. Then they could share in your pain and maybe get the point. I unfortunately married a man who refuses to train his hound, the dog barks non stop for hours at a time and I am the only one who ever dose anything to get her to stop. And she is not even my dog!! I do have a dog but she is not a god in my house nore will she ever be, she is a DOG first and foremost. Never allowed on the sofa never brought out in public were she could bother anyone and I have spent alot of time training her to be a “good dog”… I was told when we moved in to our nnewly remodel home that if my dog did anything to harm our new home I was to get rid of her asap, I agreed 100% with my spouse. But apparently the rule did not aplly to him and his dog. To this day she has distroyed my yard, tore up door molding, riped out windows, shit and pissed on my clothing guests clothing, my childs belongings.and cant forget barks non stop for hours on end. Keeping me up at night when I have to work or go to school early the next day. Waking my child ect. I have pleaded with my spouse to get a trainer, a bark collar or anything that will make my life a bit easier. He refuses to do anything to make this dog stop, and I have told him that if she is not trained or brought to a new home that I will make her disappear and we will no longer be together… I will never own a nother dog again after this and I wish I had known I was marrying an irresponsible dog owner be for hand. I would have reconsider the union !!

    • MrMAD says:

      The device that Hose off already exists and is for sale, for example here on Amazon. However, it sprays water when the dog gets close to a certain area, like your garden. After a few showers even the most stupid of dogs learn to not come again.

      I’m not sure, but I guess I have seen a DIY similar device for when a dog barks but I have to search further in my files. I’ll let you all know if I find it.

      The air horn already exists as well, either electronic or manual, but I haven’t seen them for sale on the market (the automatic ones). One commenter already did that and the news is: it works! It annoys both owner and mutt! Mission accomplished! The problem is that you have to hear it as well.

      In your specific situation, one remedy could be one of those airhorns in a bottle lithe this one here. Perhaps a few blows your dog and your husband will notice the problem and get up o the act. (Ps: I’m not responsible for any divorce, ok?).

      Let us know what happens, perhaps good news.

  17. Fred Barnard says:

    Unfortunately, they don’t work. Tried them, dogs 10 feet away – no effect.

    • MrMAD says:

      Which one didn’t work? The tiny and weak ultrasonic gimmicks that appease the dog mafia? Ok, already answered.

      If something else doesn’t work for a person, for that dog, in that situation, one must try again. With even more creative solutions. Saying the likes of nothing can be done will lead us nowhere.

      Regarding the advice above, for *that* circumstance, yes, they DO work.

  18. phil says:

    As a police officer with a neighbor whonhas the worst dogs ever my frustration knows no ends! Im always cleaning poo off my shoes and the barking drives me insane it has reached the point that we can not even enjoy our deck because his dogs just bark at us the whole time. I have talked to him as a neighbor first in a very friendly way but with no results. Then I talked to him in an offical capacity giving him a warning and he had the balls to complain to my chief! Saying that I was harassing him. So F that guy and F his dogs If you are gone for weeks at a time like he is WTF would you gwt two dogs for?

    • MrMAD says:

      Phil, it’s really nice to have the presence of a police officer here in this blog.

      Your situation just shows that dog owners don’t accept blame nor respect anyone, so you could imagine when we are just regular neighbors. They think they are special, entitled to torment people doing whatever they want. They pose as victims and still lie shamelessly about the situation.

      Not your case but even worse is when police officers don’t enforce the law, instead allowing the criminal behavior to persist, what leads them to keep doing so. That’s what is probably happening with your neighbor. Your colleagues may have been called regarding the barking, at least, and nothing was done. Sure, I’m just guessing but that is the norm nowadays.

      Why that happens? Well, maybe because most police officers Have dogs, specially strong ones. I say that because I myself have several cops (and police chiefS (2), lawyers, even one judge) in my extended family. Well more than half of them have dogs, the big ones. One of those dogs already attacked a 3 yo nephew of them (but was unsuccessful, fortunately) and the dog was not put down. Actually they thought it was funny. Those relatives are just regular people, at first, but when dogs are brought into the equation, all changes. Not necessary to mention, I do not visit them, not in their homes at least, only in family congregations, where dogs are NOT allowed at all, regardless of any excuses.

      To finish, if cops didn’t have dogs, we would not have the absurd level of crimes committed by dog owners, through their dogs. Well, that’s what I think.

      So, Phil, perhaps you could tell us more about this matter from your point of view. We’d all really appreciate.

      Again, welcome to the blog.

    • Anti Bark says:

      This is what it comes down to. If we cannot be helped and protected by laws, while fido and their ODOr are protected, direct action will be the only tool we can use to regain peace and safety.

      With enough years of torment, even sweet, animal loving, peaceniks, will turn into gun toting, poison feeding, blade carrying “peace and safety” enforcers.

  19. Frank says:

    Just finished filling out all the forms needed for Animal Control to finally do something about my White Trailer trash neighbors (maybe?) My wife and I were out yesterday and we stopped at an Antique shop. The owner asked how I was doing and I told him about my Dog problem. Then he proceeds to tell my about a dog Problem of his own. Seems there’s two dogs living next to him and they actually get into his house! (he has a doggy door for his dog) One night they woke him up rummaging around his house. said they were tearing things up and making a big mess.
    Said he called the Sheriff. they came out and ran the dogs off and talked to the owner. The Antique shop owner told the Officer the next time he’ll shoot the Dog and the Sheriff told him that if he did he’d have to come back and arrest him. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!
    Dogs now have more rights than humans. What a sick word. I’m almost 70 yrs old and I’m tired of this %$#@ world and the #@$% dog owners. Sorry, to all the decent good people out there. But it does seem the BHs are gaining on us. Gonna go watch the news. see if there’s another wacko doin’ something crazy.

    • MrMAD says:

      Frank, answering your question: Yes, I believe it!

      Unfortunately, these are the times we’re living in, dogs with more rights than people. The sheriff would undeniably agree with your friend if he said he’d kill a thief if he came again. But a dog? No, not the ‘poor’ doggie.

      I just made a comment to a – professional – police officer who commented here as he’s also dealing, meaning suffering, with this dog problem. You may want to read it here.

      What can we learn from that? Police will Not help victims of the dog craze, we are on our own and have to take the matter on our hands and do all by ourselves, paying attention to never let cops, or obnoxious neighbors, to know that we dare to complain or not idolize their canines. We don’t want to ‘kill’ the beasts, just to have them disappeared, in some sort. If that was a repeat situation, your friend could perhaps get a crate, lock the mutts when the pooches come, make a 100 mile trip and forget that crate on the side of a deserted road. Some people will have other ideas.

      That is the aim of this site, to counter this lunacy, a goal that we are getting there, in a future no so distant.

      All the best with your dealings with the local animal control. Please let us know what happens.

  20. Driveby says:

    Hah!!! The picture of the man with the mutt in the stroller reminded me of a recent experience. We paid a visit to our local Fred Meyer store the other day. While grocery shopping we encountered a jackass pushing a grocery cart WITH A DOG SITTING IN IT. My wife mentioned this to store staff and was told that “the manager doesn’t care”. Don’t these fools understand that dogs can carry diseases that are communicable to humans and that many people are allergic to dog hair/dander? We are in process of writing to the CEO of Fred Meyer. This is beyond the pale.

    • MrMAD says:

      I totally support you write the letter to the CEO. It’s just not only a safety issue but a public health matter as well. You may add the liability possibility as well, they love when money gets in the mix.

      You bet the dog owner knows about it, they simply don’t care, just have total disregard for other people.

      Let us know what happens and we will publish it here.

      Welcome to the blog!

    • MrMAD says:

      Yeah, I saw that before, good now that police found the owner *And* Lowes provided the video surveillance evidence that they previously were *Refusing* to. Probably due to the oncoming litigation they will hopefully get.

      And shame on the police, again, for not pressing immediate criminal charges against that criminal, for at least endangering the life of a child.

      The boy got 50 fifty stitches, for God’s sake!

      Below you can find the number of dog bites just in the San Diego area in 12 months:


      TOTAL 2,694 (people injured by dog bites)

      … and the police still do basically nothing at all. What a shame!

  21. Frank says:

    Here we go again !

    PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix judge on Tuesday spared the life of a pit bull that mauled a 4-year-old boy last month and touched off a polarizing Internet debate on mercy, blame and animal violence.

    • MrMAD says:

      Unfortunately it’s not about “mercy, blame and animal violence” but instead corruption, unprofessional-ism, incompetence, derelict of duty…

  22. I’ve been following the Kevin/Mickey debacle very closely. The judge’s decision did not surprise me. I had predicted something like this last week.

    As you noted, the judge may be a corrupt dogger. Its also very probable that she simply caved to social pressure and spared Mickey to avoid the wrath of the nuts.

    • MrMAD says:

      In case she just caved to social pressure, then she is simply incompetent. A judge can not base her decisions on what she hears on TV or read on the internet, instead her obligation is to provide a fair result for the honest part of the population who pays her salary. That’s why she was appointed for.

      • lee77 says:

        Judge Deborah Griffith — like the majority of judges and other elected/appointed officials — who allowed that monster to live, resides in a neighborhood where there are no pit bulls. Unless she makes a habit of driving through trailer parks, ghettos and other low-class neighborhoods, she’s probably never even seen a pit bull!

        It is for this same reason that legislatures in some states have passed anti-BSL laws. The people who vote for such asinine laws live in areas where there are no pit bulls and until some politician (or his/her family member) is attacked and badly injured or killed by a pit bull, the lawmakers will continue kowtowing to the vociferous pit bull lobby.

        • MrMAD says:


          I already lived in an affluent private gated community with armed guards and such. Politicians, business people, doctors, lawyers… you name it, lived there.

          Guess what, several of them had and still have numerous pitbulls. Many allowed to roam freely. My former left neighbor had two. One of them terrorized the street until it fortunately HANGED itself with its own leash when inside the crate, in the few times it was kept there. Yes, the dog Hanged itself, all by itself, I had nothing to do with that. But I was extremely happy anyway!

          Today, I hear from friends who still live there that my former street is avoided by everyone on their way to jog around the private lakes. The number of free roaming dogs and the noise of barking are unbearable, even worse than when I lived there.

          My message: It doesn’t matter if they are rich or not, what does matter is their criminal mentality.

          (BTW: I have never been rich, just was lucky of being able in a certain moment of my life of building a nice house there, when prices there were still affordable, before the dog lunacy spread like a plague, which it really is. Ah, today there are numerous ‘For Sale’ signs and, trust me, dogs were at least among the top three reasons why people are selling in droves (or trying to sell since not too many buyers exist)).

          • MJC says:

            I guess it’s different in different parts of the country. Where I live, you never see a pit bull in a decent neighborhood, but drive through the slums and that’s just about the only kind of dog you see.

          • MrMAD says:

            I agree that in areas where there are gangs and slums, sure, the number of pitbulls is even higher than in other regular districts.

            What I noticed on those regular/nice districts is that pitbulls are far less in numbers than other breeds but the number of dogs Per house is higher and over 3/4 of residents have dogs.

            Sure, it varies by location. In Canada, there are some cities with no pit problems but ‘just’ the barking, which is not even that bad anyway (when compared to other cities in the USA).

            And thanks about the info on the blue-green algae in North America. I’m sure it’s gonna be quite useful (for information purposes only, off course).

            Welcome to the blog, MJC!

          • lee77 says:

            I’m sure there are some well-off people who own pit bulls — Mark Bueherle (the baseball player) and his white trash wife own a pit bull and made a big production of not living in Mimai-Dade because pit bulls weren’t allowed — but I can honestly say I do not know a single person who owns a pit bull who isn’t white trash or ghetto. This isn’t to say that sometimes white trash people (and Mark Bueherle and his wife are good examples) get lucky, make some money and move into decent neighborhoods and I suppose when they do, they take their “dawgs” with them.

          • MrMAD says:

            You remember me of a saying:

            “Ghetto people can leave the ghettos, but the ghettos can never leave the ghetto people.”

  23. lee77 says:

    The quote below is from a March 11, 2014, article entitled “Attitudes against pit bulls soften, but attacks continue.” I found Don Burmeister’s take on the “dog” situation refreshing in our present-day dog-obsessed society:

    “Don Burmeister, assistant city attorney for Council Bluffs, Iowa, led the effort to pass a local pit bull ban that took effect in 2005. He recalled first reading about the issue in the July 27, 1987, issue of Sports Illustrated, which carried a full-cover shot of an angry pit bull baring its teeth. Across the top, it said ‘BEWARE OF THIS DOG.’

    “After the Council Bluffs ban went into place, the number of pit bull attacks that resulted in hospitalization plummeted from 29 in 2004 to zero the past few years – proof, Burmeister said, that breed-specific bans work.

    “The opposition to pit bull bans, he added, is a sign that many American pet owners have lost touch with reality.

    “‘Fifty years ago, you could take a sick animal behind a barn and put it out of its misery,’ he said. ‘That’s just the way it was done. Now they would investigate you for doing that. The emotional irrationality of Americans and their dogs has never been worse than it is today.'”

  24. Frank says:

    Mr.Mad. Just a quick question. I’m getting no help from the (so called) authorities. Do you think the Dog silencer canon would work effectively at over 200ft? I don’t want to spend the time, effort or money if it’s just too far away to do any good.

    • MrMAD says:

      Sorry for the late reply, Frank.

      Unfortunately, I do not think that the standard (1x, one tweeter) Dog silencer canon would work effectively at over 200ft/~90 meters. The barker would for sure hear the sound but it would not be strong enough to have an impact to dissuade the mutt of barking. There is also the possibility it would bark even more due to the new, strange sound (something that could be used in your favor, to annoy the ODOR with extra barking while you are away, but the chances I think are slim.).

      Possibly the 4x or the 8x cannons could do the job you want. But, in this case, it’s just speculation on my part as I have not tested these two (4x and 8x). I couldn’t get my hands on so many yet.

      A solution for your problem — at such distance — does not lie on regular ultrasonic devices, I’m sorry.

      An alternative, from a guy who *already* did that was (automated translation from the source, I’ll post those alternative solutions in a better way soon):

      Friends, after some time seeing this topic, I’ll tell you how I resolved this problem a few years ago.

      Well, in short, we ‘trained’ dogs of neighbors! lol My street today is absolute silence!!!

      Desperately trying to talk to neighbors (as we read in several posts here are the biggest culprits of all) are screwed for what I said … I realized that when fireworks were released at the end of a football game, the animals were dumb !

      Without saying anything I passed in the house nearest fires and bought 10 boxes of rockets … those 12 shots after 12 little blasts give a really big noise blast in the end…

      But, as I also own a dog, I learned what good they hold fireworks are not to disturb the animals morning … then one of my friend who is an electronics technician, developed a small device that, depending on the noise in the street, fired a boring Ringer/Bell and we use these same home.

      So it worked well, every time the dog barked … this bell rang loudly and soon after I let out a rocket, so after midnight … DURING A WEEK!

      The result was that the dogs learned that barked when they heard the sound of the bell and soon after the noise of the rocket … After a week or so I just left the ringer on, barked when the doorbell rang and they stopped barking immediately … After one month the problem was resolved by final and no longer need the bell.

      I hope I have helped you guys with this experience of mine.


  25. Frank says:

    Just found this on MSN. This is where I live. Don’t know this Lady but Kudos to her.

    Woman Stabs to Death Two Attacking Pit Bulls
    A woman used a filet knife to kill two pit bulls that got out of a yard while she was walking her dogs in a Southern California desert city.

    Debbie Duran and a friend were walking her three German shepherds on Wednesday in Apple Valley when she said a pit bull charged them and began attacking her friend and her dog, Jodie. Another pit bull ran up seconds later.

    Updates: Download the NBCLA News App
    “They had one thing in mind and that was to possibly kill me, to definitely kill my dogs,” Duran said, adding that she carries the knife for protection.

    But Kathy Suggs, the owner of the pit bulls, said Duran didn’t have to kill her year-old dogs, Angel and JoJo.

    “She’s just here stabbing like a wild, mad lady,” Suggs said. “I can’t even reach in to get the dog because she’s swinging the knife.”

    Read: Mother Shot in Garden Grove Home Invasion
    Suggs acknowledged that her pit bulls got loose through an open garage, but she believes Duran overreacted.

    “This lady was walking around, I think, with the intent to kill the dog,” Suggs said. “Who walks around with a butcher knife? We all walk our dogs around here.”

    Duran’s dog suffered bite wounds to the back.

    Sheriffs deputies and animal control officers questioned the women and allowed Duran to keep her knife because she was acting in self defense.

    Suggs was fined $200 for having loose dogs.

    — Jason Kandel and Tony Shin, NBC Los Angeles

    First published May 24th 2014, 10:29 pm

    • Puma says:

      That lady needed to be fined more than that just for having pit bulls. They’re weapons, not animals. Pits are living pistols, and need to be treated like brandishing a deadly weapon in public. They have their own triggers and they shoot themselves off without human assistance. That’s more dangerous than any gun, since when not used, a gun just sits there and collects dust. A gun can even be put on the highest shelf in the house and the ammunition in a box in another place to keep the danger away from children. You can’t do that with a pit. It is born with bullets (the teeth), recoil (body power), and trigger (unpredictable behavior).

      Tools can be kept away from the mentally unstable and very small (i.e put the tools on a shelf, lock them in a trunk, dismantle them, etc). Dogs clearly cannot and must have stricter rules due to their presence in society and unpredictable behaviors.

  26. Frank says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen that too. Only two things are Infinite,…The universe and Human Stupidity.

    Albert Einstein

  27. Frank says:

    I just finished watching a News segment about a 3 yr. old girl who was asked to leave a KFC Restaurant because the Scars she had received as a victim of a Pit Bull attack was making the other Customers uncomfortable. The news piece showed the after effects on her face. Looks as if they had destroyed her right eye and there were deep scars around her mouth. I can’t imagine the terror that little girl went though. Now she will have live with the consequences of her AssHole Grandfathers’ decision to keep 3 (known) killer dogs around his granddaughter. What in the Hell are we doing to tolerate this kind of BS in the world? We should take him, and his 3 mutts
    behind the Barn and shoot them in the head. Oh, wait, that would be Animal Cruelty….We sure don’t want that.

    • Puma says:

      You mean this one? http://news.yahoo.com/kfc-girl-face-pit-bull-30k-201111771.html

      Notice how everyone in the comment section here is reprimanding the KFC employee for being “cruel” when everyone should be going after the grandfather who decided to keep three vicious maulers in his house. The cruelty lies in owning pit bulls, not asking people to leave because it is scaring the customers. The man was just thinking of his job.

      Since everyone is so damn brainwashed by the dog lobby and the crazies behind them, they won’t blame the grandfather and the pits. They just go for the human who politely asked the family to leave. Why not GO FOR THE DAMN DOG OWNER?! Put him under fire, and his abominations along with him! Assault and battery is what this became when those pits attacked in April. The grandfather should be charged with it, thrown in the slammer, and his choice of animal GMOs be put down! Having a dog is a privilege, never a right! It is never a right, and as such, it can and must be taken away if poorly handled! I guess people are dumb enough to believe anything repeated to them. Doesn’t it EVER occur to you sheeple that repeating the same thing over and over DOES NOT make it true?! Find the facts, do the homework, and stop sucking from the teat of the dog lobbyists! You’re drinking poison! Stop it!

      I digress… never throw your pearls to dogs. They won’t listen.

  28. Frank says:

    Haven’t heard from anyone in a while.

    Sent a Letter to the Mayor of San Bernardino. Been almost two Months. Once again it went into the black hole of ….’Nobody cares about barking dogs!’.. Talk soon.

  29. Frank says:

    By Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel….

    A Family dog attacked a woman, bit off her ear, report says. Duke, a 6-year-old boxer, was euthanized after the incident. 20-year-old woman’s ear on Monday, officials say. (Orange County Animal Services )

    The dog that attacked a 20-year-old woman at an east Orlando home Monday afternoon — biting off her right ear, according to a report — has since been euthanized, Orange County Animal Services said.

    The victim, Hershey Myers, was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center after the attack by her family’s 6-year-old pet boxer, named Duke, about 3:30 p.m. at a house on Nadine Street, the report states.

    And so it goes……

  30. Frank says:

    Where is everyone? Haven’t seen any new comments lately. MrMAD you out there? Hello!

  31. Puma says:

    Please don’t say this place died. The dog-crazies and lobbyists win if a place like this comes down.

  32. Frank says:

    Puma… AM I GLAD TO HEAR A FRIENDLY VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS. I am getting so exhausted with this Dog business. My Wife and I enjoyed living where we are until this ‘Nit-wit’ moved in next door. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! While they were moving in I thought..”Wow, we’re getting new neighbors”. Little did I know they were the ‘Neighbors from Hell’! That day the peace died. I still can’t believe that one man can disrupt the peace of everyone around him and NOTHING can be done about it. I have written to everyone about this with no help whatsoever. Two weeks ago I wrote to the Mayor of San Bernardino. Explaining (in detail) the problem and asking for help. I received a call from the Sheriff saying “Dog Barking” is not withing their Jurisdiction. They will turn it over to the proper department. Meaning Animal Control. Meaning NOTHING! The brain dead mutts are barking as I write this. I know if I would blow the Mutts out of their fir I’d go to jail and be the target of Dog loving fools who let their hounds lick their butts and then lick their idiot owners on the face. Call me old fashioned but I just can’t see the enjoyment in that. But, that’s just me.

    Still in the fight in Apple Valley

    • KaD says:

      Get a CD of a lion roaring and play it out the window nonstop.

      • Catherine Barber says:

        Good one! Better still, own a big cat yourself (!) and let it roar in the back garden – and maybe scare a few dog people and their endless dogs. And if it ate one of these people’s dogs…. well, so be it.

  33. Frank says:

    Here we go again !……………

    Two massive cane corso dogs maul to death Michigan jogger, owner could face charges
    Craig Sytsma, 46, was running along a rural dirt road in Metamora Township on Wednesday evening when the dogs latched on and wouldn’t let go, police said. The animals twice before have attacked pedestrians in the area since 2012, and the owner could be charged for allowing them to get out and kill someone.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/cane-corso-dogs-maul-death-mich-jogger-owner-face-charges-article-1.1880415#ixzz38sOLAGql

  34. Frank says:

    Haven’t heard from anyone in a while.. Is anybody out there? ……………..hello ………..hello ………….anyone ……………………………………………………………hello. Mr.Mad ! you there?………………………………………………..hello.

  35. Animal Uncontrol says:

    needz moar postz

  36. Puma says:

    I hope people are still against this mutt epidemic despite the rest of the problems that are going on with the world.

    • Peter Bright says:

      Some of us are still battling, and until mightily selfish humans eventually realise that keeping dogs unnaturally confined in backyards constitutes animal cruelty on an enormous scale it seems we’ll have to keep battling.

      Until then it seems no peaceful solution is evident.

      Perhaps we should consider freeing these tormented creatures and incarcerating their owners just as they do their dogs.

      Would that wake them up?

      • Puma says:

        It will unfortunately have to. There’s no peace when dealing with the likes of these owners. They had never given us peace in the first place. If they did, we wouldn’t be rising up and fighting against them. Call of the wild, natural selection, survival of the most adaptable. Dogs themselves are hand-bred by humans for humans. They’ve broken away from nature. Humans are sympathetic toward creatures that they can contain and control instead of, say, a tiger or a rhino or something on the verge of disappearing entirely from the planet. We’ve tried peace and it seems to be failing so far. They don’t want peace. We won’t give them peace. It’s said that pets reflect their owners and vice versa so this is no different.

        They would rather feed the greedy pet industry and do what Big Momma Media tells them to do, even if it means sacrificing peace and quiet for the rest of us to suffer and die horrendous deaths be it through constant barking 24/7 or getting ripped apart like some insignificant chew toy. Enough is enough. We fight until those selfish wastes of oxygen have completely lost on all fronts. Don’t give them an inch, they’ll take everything from you if you do!

  37. Frank says:

    Has any1 seen the news report about the town in Mexico where 65 dogs (and counting) have been poisoned ? They don’t know who’s doing it but if they are interested in relocating to Apple Valley I’d pay their travel costs. After reading the article I read the comments !!!! Man ! These ‘Dog Lovers’ are insane. They would put their Mutt before their children. One after the other of “What kind of a horrible Monster would do such a thing to ”innocent, helpless” animals.” Some even threatened violence … Saying: “If anyone ever killed my dog (Mutt) there would be no place they could go where I wouldn’t find them!” And it went on and on. THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS !!! The ‘NitWit’ that moved into the neighborhood a year ago ‘Still’ has his mutts and they are ‘Still’ barking all day and all night. The Police and AC ‘Still’ won’t do anything about it. Dogs have more rights than people … What a great Country !

  38. KaD says:

    Want a good laugh? There hasn’t been a peep next door for days. Last Monday was SO bad with dogs going off like TNT I anonymously mailed the Obnoxious Dog Dunce neighbors excerpts from this article about how much they’re NOT taking care of their dog (http://thedogsnobs.com/2013/06/15/owner-profile-in-over-their-head-ignoramus/) Along with this ad: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IX4LLY4/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2KDJVWGQXOKSL&coliid=I3TYN43EGHKLIK&hc_location=ufi Today I found the contents of the envelope in a different envelope stuffed in the door. I don’t care what they think, I’ll never fess up. I have a gun and martial arts training so it’s not like they scare me. And they can’t prove anything. And I’m not doing anything illegal. They seem-butthurt. Here’s my next go to: http://www.barkingdogs.net/quickexplanation.shtml

  39. KaD says:

    Check this out, it’s right in my area where AC won’t even accept a barking complaint unless you have a ‘witness’. The guy maced the dogs then killed one. This is what happens when AC won’t do their job and people have no other recourse. http://www.9news.com/story/news/crime/2015/04/24/dog-missing-after-arapahoe-county-burglary/26344713/ This is why when someone complains about your dog(s) going off like explosive diarrhea you need to do something not ignore your problem animals, which is probably why they’re going off in the first place.

    • Catherine Barber says:

      Well, those barking-dogs’ owners had it coming to them – they must think they’re infallible and invincible and that NObody would DARE to strike back at them!

      Whereas I don’t condone gratuitous cruelty to animals, these dog-owners could have themselves prevented this (and spared their pets from being hurt/killed) by simply shutting their pets indoors and/or muzzling them.

      Instead, they CHOSE to leave their dogs outside – and, being dogs, will bark at everything, anything and nothing.
      In short they CHOOSE to have dogs at all.

      And someone was driven beyond endurance to take action into their own hands, instead of suffering in silence as many of us do.

      So – dog-owners, afraid my sympathies are with the dog-killer, not with yourselves for having lost your pets.

  40. Frank says:

    What is this latest craze of bringing dogs (Muts) into stores where people shop? My wife and I were in a WinCo Supper Market and this Man has a ‘Pit-Bull’ in the produce aisle at the supermarket. I even took a pic. I could tell he was flattered that I wanted to take a picture of his mut not thinking I was actually making fun of him. Today we were in a Lowes Hardware and 3 people were in there with dogs.!! An hour after that we were in a clothing store and a woman came in with a ‘Pink’ (Really) poodle. When are these insane dog nuts going to stop trying to shove their dogs up our ass.!! Now we can’t even go shopping without having to see and smell their Muts. We have a friend who works at ‘Big-Lots’ and she said, “It goes on ALL the time” said one came in and took a dump in the store. She had to clean it up – the customer just left. Told of another incident where a customer brought her mut in … Took a pillow From a display for her mut to ride around in in comfort and when she went to checkout she put the pillow back.! (Not making this up). My god … my god.! Now we can’t even go shopping .!!! My wife said “It’s just going to get worse”. They call them “Service Dogs” and get these Phony ‘Service animal’ papers off the internet. Oh, by the way, the three Muts who moved in a year and a half ago are still there and they are still Barking. AC and Police will do nothing while my wife and I hide in the house with ear plugs trying to cope with the insanity … Watda Country….!

    • KaD says:

      It’s stupid and dangerous. I guess these stores haven’t realized if the dog attacks someone they could be sued. Although I do kind of understand Lowe’s and Home Depot considering how much damage dogs do to the house and yard.

  41. Fred Barnard says:

    They think they will lose money are “hurt” someone’s feelings. They don’t want the hassle. I can’t wait for the day when two big dogs get into it and hurt both owners in the process. Course then some “rescue” rehab will come save the dog. idiots!

  42. KaD says:

    Owner of walking meat grinder gets 35 years in prison for murder by dog. One small step in the right direction. http://www.animaluncontrol.blogspot.com/2015/05/party-time.html

  43. Fred Barnard says:

    Yes! A brave voice. I yearn for the day dogs are as unpopular as cigarettes ! Get that THING away from me.!

  44. Driveby says:

    I have come to hate dogs with a passion. It seems that everyone who has a fenced backyard feels a duty to throw a damned dog in it. We are surrounded by dimwit dog owners. One crackpot woman has four. During the winter we don’t hear much from these turd ejectors, but the minute the temperature warms up out they come yapping. Every summer we have to write letters and call animal control. One individual I am linked to on Facebook can’t go a single day without posting four or five pictures of his ugly cur. I have read posts by dog worshippers saying that they can always judge a person’s character by whether they love dogs. These people are insane.

    • KaD says:

      My idiot white trash neighbors have gotten a lot better about shutting their neglected dogs up since I mailed them an article about ‘bark training your dog’, a snapshot from Amazon of a highly rated bark control collar, and a story about a man that got sued for his dogs excessive barking. http://abc7.com/pets/family-loses-$500000-lawsuit-over-barking-dog/511454/

      • Driveby says:

        KaD – Good suggestions. We fought with one neighbor for over a year. She purchased a bark collar at our suggestion but wouldn’t use it because “Little Chloe doesn’t liiike it”. We complained to animal control so many times that they finally paid the neighbor a visit. She has been much better a keeping her mutt inside since then. I like the law suit idea, and may use it. Thanks.

  45. Peter Bright says:

    Driveby “hates dogs with a passion.”

    Wrong response, sir or madam!

    The dogs, as well as you, are innocent victims of their imbecile owners.

    Hating THEM targets your rage most deservedly.

    Read why the imbeciles love dogs here:

    • Catherine Barber says:

      OK, rationally I KNOW dogs ARE really just non-brained victims of their arrogant owners – but sometimes one’s DRIVEN, just through sheer desperation and frustration and being trapped, into feeling one hates the dog/dogs in themselves. (Not that I would ever love these either – cats are far more my thing!).

      I fully emphathize with what DRIVES someone to feel they hate dogs per se, and even to put this hate into action (ie that man who ‘maced’ and killed a neighbour’s dog).

      And I have NO sympathy or pity for any dog’s owner in losing their pet in this way.

  46. Driveby says:

    Fair enough Mr. Bright. However, often times we don’t see the owner. We only see or hear the dog acting out. We have politely expressed our concerns to some dog owners and they usually feigned cooperation. That’s as far as it goes. Before we know it they are out there barking and howling again. I have no desire to harm these nuisance animals, but I can sure understand why some people would.

  47. Peter Bright says:

    Thankyou Driveby for your understanding evaluations so soberly presented.

    The only solution to this worldwide uncontrolled problem is to reduce the dog population, in my opinion, to extinction.

    But it is predictable that the imbecilic minds that cause and worship this hideous universal torment will simply branch out with alternative methods of creating havoc and relishing in it.

    Three online petitions would welcome your signatures as one way that even the weakest of us can protest.

    This link can then attract more interest by being appended to your emails of protest to your local authorities – they who through their inaction are complicit in havoc.

    Visitors with strong views are invited to sign all three petitions.

    Here’s the link ..


  48. Fred Barnard says:

    Wow. Read why the people love dogs here:

    Very well said, really gets to the deep down of why people are so taken in by vicious, or ugly, or sickly, or pain in the tail animals. WHY people bring them everywhere – and what I see so often – people bonding through their admiration of each other’s (often gross) dogs. Just like people do with babies. Explains this puzzling behavior, and why people don’t just put down sick or vicious dogs.

  49. KaD says:

    In 1990, Washington State legislators unanimously passed the first sexual predator law that allowed the state to lock someone up indefinitely in an effort to protect the community from future crimes they MIGHT commit.

    Over the next 25 years, nineteen states passed similar laws and of course legal challenges claiming the laws were unconstitutional were close behind. Funny, each time the laws were challenged, the courts upheld the right of the state to protect the community from violent predators.

    Hardly a day goes by where I do not read or hear about situations where people complain to the authorities about loose and menacing dogs but the response from law enforcement and animal control is “Sorry, we can’t do anything until after the dog bites.”

    The $64,000 questions is: Why do dangerous dogs have more rights than dangerous humans?

    If we as a society can lock human beings up indefinitely to prevent future crimes they might commit, why on earth can’t we take similar actions against dangerous DOGS? Why are dogs afforded this ridiculously excessive burden of proof?

  50. Fred Barnard says:

    A great website to dispel the myth that dogs (especially “bull” types) do not attack without provocation. They do, a lot! http://safetybeforebulldogs.blogspot.com/2014/04/pit-bull-attacks-with-no-warning-or.html

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