Dog Repellent With… Water Bottles!


Keep those pesky dogs away from your home!

A clever, and unexplainable at least for me, is a trick done by regular folks down in Mexico. The sane people who do not have dogs.

For several decades people in the countryside of Mexico used to place transparent bottles of water on their windows and doors to repel not dogs, but mosquitos.The same ones tat today carry the Zika and Dengue viruses, for example.

It was funny and amusing to see so many water bottles everywhere.

For some reason, or reasons, mosquitos almost never cross the windows or doors where the water bottles were placed. Maybe because they relate that water to rain that could crush them or due to some water physical/chemical characteristics we don’t know about.

Well, some astute observers down there noticed that where they placed those water bottles, the same would happen to those pesky dogs. They wouldn’t come either!

Dogs see the bottles and turn back!

Not just in Mexico but also Italy, Malta, Greece, Brazil, Spain… Dogs are hated anywhere anyway.

How to do it?


Just use any transparent or translucent bottle, PET or glass doesn’t matter, fill it up with tap water, close it, and place where you want to keep those dogs away. Right on the ground. Your front door, back door, near the garden, front gate… anywhere.

You don’t need any additive in the water.

The water bottle must be a few feet from where you want to keep the dog away, 3 or 4 max. It won’t work for a distance of tens of feet or more.

Again, the bottles must be fully closed to avoid the spread of mosquitos.

Will just leaving a full jar of water in the middle of your lawn keep dogs from defecating on it?


This is Not a trick for the wide open lawn! Or any other open large area.

This water bottle trick only works when you place the bottle upstanding along the door frame, for example. And to avoid the dogs crossing that door or gate.

It does not avoid dogs defeating in your lawn after you have thrown a bottle there.

Explanations why it works?

Possible “reasons” for why this works:

  • They relate that water to rain that could crush them or due to some water physical/chemical characteristics we don’t know about.
  • The glinting of the water in the bottles emits some special canine danger signal.
  • Dogs won’t foul a source of drinking water, or they won’t mess where there’s food or water to be found. (of course they would, dogs defecate anywhere)
  • Pooches see their reflections in the water, are disconcerted by them, and run off.
  • The smell roiling off jugs filled with pure bleach or a bleach-and-water combination drives the mutts away.

Myth? Superstition?

Many people will say it is a myth, superstition, April 01st…

Were they dog lovers who would avoid anything ‘bad’ for their mutts? And say anything like… lies?

Try it for yourself. And please let us know how it worked for the pooches in your area. You may be known as the crazy water bottle guy/gal but who cares when the mutts are far away!

Sorry, I’d like to write more but my time is short these days.

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6 Responses to Dog Repellent With… Water Bottles!

  1. Rojan says:

    I heard that too but I haven’t tested it yet. Hope it works and all houses have lots of wtaer bottles aound here. It’s insane the amount of dogs in my area. Thanks you for your posts man.

  2. Kelly Hale says:

    I started following this site about two years ago in deep desperation to stop my city from putting in two dog pens in a small residential park that is less than an acre in size and is the only open area we have in this housing district for two miles on either side. It has been a battle, with everyone telling me how crazy I am because I do not want a 100 x 50 foot dog pen next to my home, nor does anyone except two people of the more than 100 homes that directly surround this park. I have decided to start a Go Fund Me Page so that this neighborhood can sue the City. I am hoping by posting the Go Fund Me Page here, others will read it and help our cause if they can. I am beside myself. I cannot believe the city is doing this to us. It’s crazy.

    • MrMAD says:

      It’s quite a horrible situation you are in, Kelly.

      Your property would be hugely devalued if this goes ahead. You – and your neighbors – won’t sleep well, or at all, anymore. Your health – mental and physical – will be severely affected. Certainly several of the residents there will start to get sick due to the enormous amount of feces and urine and airborne diseases in the area around this insane dog park. And not to mention the high risk of dog bites, maulings, maimings and even DEATHS. Human deaths!

      If I may give an advice is that you may try to firstly find a lawyer willing to work pro-bono. As this will be a lawsuit against the city it may generate a lot of free publicity for him, his office. Contact all the ones you could and see what they say. This should be your first option, imo.

      Please let us know what else we can do. Perhaps a specific full article on this.

  3. Kelly Hale says:

    I am desperate to stop my city from putting two dog pens on a small residential neighborhood park of less than one acre in size. If you can help the neighbors of this residential neighborhood stop this insanity, we would be very grateful. Thank you.

  4. Kelly Hale says:

    Mr. Mad,

    How kind of you to reply. Yes, all of the above. Not to mention I already have a pit bull living in front of me that growls at me when I’m sweeping my sidewalks, trimming my hedges. The city allows them! And that thing could kill me! He’s too stupid to know that he could plow right through that window screen, but one day, he might just figure it out. Very scary.

    I think trying to find a lawyer willing to take the case pro bono is certainly worth a try. I have already put my house on the market because of this predicament, but in one year’s time, I have not found a buyer. I just want to leave at this point, but with coal dead, this town is dying, and few homes are selling. This has been nightmare for me.

    I enjoy receiving comments from your site. The breast cancer link to dogs is pretty interesting. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your support. I had dog once, and she was a sweet one, but I am quickly becoming dog tired.

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