Dog Psychology 101 – Grandma Mauled by Her Own Dog

Dog Psychology 101 – Grandma is mauled by her own dog and she still keeps ferociously loving and defending them…

You won’t believe that post.

I promise you; it’s not made up. Really.

Grandmother on fixed income,
has lost many teeth,
and my smile!

Dog mauls grandma mouth, loses teeth

I was really curious about Grandma Linda and her extreme behavior on this site, always reverencing dogs and blaming the ‘haters’. It was over the top, even for the average type of regular dog owner of today, that seems to be the vast majority.

So, I did a little research on her.

Nothing found on Facebook that could conclusively prove that one of the people I found there was her.

I was just about to give up, as it was meant to be only a quick search, not a thorough investigation, when I remembered I could use one last trick. And that worked! I found her! At least one comment that, as I said, you won’t believe, but is true. Would be comic, if not tragic, as it is.

That is, by Grandma Linda herself:

“I’m 64, and until my dog chewed up my upper partial, I at least had some teeth on top that preserved my beautiful smile. My grandchildren now say I don’t smile anymore, and it pains me for sure! A few of the teeth that broke off, still have the roots in the gums. I can make small monthly payments, but who will help me?”

Again, I didn’t make that up.

That request for close-to-free medical assistance because of a dog mauling – her own dog – was posted on September 23, 2011 – 6:02 PM at Dr. Oogle – The Best Dentist Guide – By Patients for Patients, well before we came to know her, or when this website didn’t even exist.

I’m not the kind of person to poke fun on people suffering from catastrophic events, even by dogs, and I’m not, but this case is absolutely worth mentioning. It was catastrophic as an event by itself, but not traumatizing for her, as it seems.

I was not expecting to find that, at all. Surely I was suspicious that I’d see some compromising stuff, but not that.

What can we learn from this tragedy?

What can we get out of this story? Well, that dog owners, pooch lovers, canine apologists and the like are persons with extreme mental problems. Clear psychological issues.

They can not deny that anymore, although they will, for sure.

Worse, they undoubtedly will claim that us the ‘haters’ are the ones  who suffer from a mental disorder.

Normal people can clearly see who are who.

This is not an isolated case, as ODORs will certainly say, we can find numerous comments that support this assertion. Please find some on the links at the bottom of this page.

Stockholm Syndrome from dogs?

Is that a case of Stockholm Syndrome as well?

No, it’s not. At least not exactly, let’s keep it this way.

According to the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary, the Stockholm Syndrome is, summarized, defined as:

The psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor.

Grandma Linda above was not a hostage (actually she was the captor of the dog that mauled her) but had and still has a clear “psychological tendency…  to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with… her ” mauler!

To me, that is an obvious mentally challenged person – a regular dog owner of today.


PS. Before you all canine apologists who consider yourself Responsible Dog Owners start to call me all names, please read this post here and then, only then, decide if you are a normal person an still want to scold me.

If you are fully responsible, as in the previous link, then congratulations; you are Not a regular dog handler as Grandma Linda unfortunately is.


You will surely enjoy these pages, too:

Stupid Comments – Mentally Disturbed dog owners.

“Dog Haters, You are So Arrogant!” – Stupid Comments

Excuses from Dog Owners – Lies, Tactics, Accusations…


Ps 2. I just noticed that without this exact paragraph here, at the time of first publishing right now, this post has exactly 666 (six hundred and sixty six words), the number of the beast, something that Grandma Linda and her doggists colleagues love to venerate. Again, I did not make any adjustments for that to happen. Coincidence?

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21 Responses to Dog Psychology 101 – Grandma Mauled by Her Own Dog

  1. S says:

    Did the dog actually maul her? Based on her comments alone, I would have assumed the dog chewed up her dentures after she had taken them out. But it’s not clear.

    Either way, it’s obvious that the dog has caused her a real problem, and she doesn’t care and continues to love these beasts despite the evidence that they are very destructive.


    • S says:

      Oh, wait…

      “A few of the teeth that broke off, still have the roots in the gums.”

      This suggests that they were her real teeth, I think…? So it WAS a mauling, unless I’m misunderstanding?

      Good grief!

  2. Dayna says:

    It’s not really clear what happened, though at first read it does sound like the dog chewed up her dentures. And am I reading correctly that she wants other people to pay for them to be replaced? Typical. If she’d get rid of the stupid dog she’d probably be surprised how much extra cash she has.

  3. S says:

    Amen to that! Dogs are money pits even when they don’t destroy your stuff.

    I can’t help getting a little offended whenever I hear about a family that receives welfare but owns a dog. If you can’t afford to feed your kids, how are you buying food for a dog? Oh, that’s right: my tax dollars. I’m paying for you to have a yapper keeping me up at night. Thanks so much for that.


    Oh no! A poor person that buys pet food. Jail them! How DARE they keep their pet when they lost their job, or work a low wage one? Poor people should have NOTHING but a hovel, beans and rice, water, and a hole in the ground to shit in. The disabled? SHOOT EM!

    Really though, I prefer to save my ire for robobarkers, lawn shitters, dangerous breeds, fur mommies, rescue angels, and insane ODOrs. I would be happy if they were all wiped off the face of the earth.

    (The only people I hate more are the greedy bastards that are actually killing the nation and decimating the working and middle classes. (Hint: it’s not poor families!))


    But she WUVs her fuzzy wuzzy wiggle butts! They were just bein’ dogs.
    I do wonder if it mauled her, or simply chewed up her dentures.

  6. S says:

    You don’t get it, and in your ignorance you spew snark at those who do get it.

    The point is that the poor person is NOT paying for their dog. I AM. And YOU ARE. Taxpayers are. That is the problem

    I don’t mind if my tax dollars go to help someone who is down on her luck with necessities, such as food, shelter, utilities, clothes, toiletries, education even.

    A dog is not a necessity, and I should not be forced to pay for your decision to own one. Especially when it reduces the quality of my life, which, very often, it does.

    Idiot, you.

    • This is turning into such a great conversation, it inspired a new post on my blog.

      • MrMAD says:

        It is a great post indeed, and everyone should take a look. An introduction from the site:

        “Some folks indicate that the poverty stricken should not have to give up everything. I agree with this sentiment in a very limited sense. However, dog ownership is nothing more than a lifestyle choice and a luxury for most people. The majority of the population does not own a dog and get by just fine.

        Let me expand into allegory. Would/should I be eligible for public assistance if I:
        – Own an expensive, fuel inefficient car?
        – Own a large home in an expensive neighborhood?
        – Continue to pursue expensive hobbies such as scuba diving, flying airplanes, or golfing?
        – Make sufficient income to meet my core needs?

        I’m sure the vast majority would say NO to public assistance for any of the above. Should I be collecting welfare/food stamps/section 8/etc… so I can keep my Mercedes/beach house/and country club membership? You need to keep in mind that everyone paying taxes is not some Scrooge McDuck with a silo full of money.

        Again, I personally don’t think that anyone should be allowed to starve, die from exposure, or lack basic/emergent health care. However, if you continue to pursue expensive lifestyle choices, you should not be asking for a handout. Why should I be forced to give money to someone who has something I don’t have? I should not be on the hook for someone else’s frivolities.”

        The link is

        Do not forget to read the comments as well.

        “Am I a mean bastard? Of course I am. Nice guys finish last, and nice people do not solve problems.”

        Make that two.

    • PIT DISPATCHER says:

      I can call you a POS if you like, I thought the snark was much funnier.

      I PREFER to stand UNITED against the dog menace. NOT divided by political ideology.

  7. Frank says:

    well, after MONTHS of trying to get AC to do something, they finally came out to Investigate these ‘Barking allegations’ I kept bothering them with. When I saw the Animal Control truck parked in front of their house I thought “YEAH”! “now they’re going to get it.” I was like a giggly school girl on her first date. Kept looking out the window to see if they were going to ‘Take’ the Mutts and put ’em in Dog heaven. (All Dogs go to Heaven, you know) No such luck. The Guy got fined $75 bucks for not having fresh water available for the Mutts. Seems if Dogs bark all day and night they can get dehydrated. So, I guess I’m in for another day of a ‘Bark-Off’ between the Light brown dog and the dark brown dog. At lest they’ll have fresh water. When I was in Vietnam I never thought at 69 I’d be hiding in my house from two brain dead waste of dog food dogs. Oh, to have my M16 back.

    • Frank,

      Yes, I’ve heard that one too, i.e. “as long as the dog has food, water, shelter there is nothing we can do”. My understanding is, however, that often that excuse is just that – they COULD cite the owner, but being dog fanatics themselves, are reluctant to do so.

      If I were you, my next move would be to report this your local health department. That, or the cops – fido IS disturbing the peace after all.

  8. S says:

    Great. Give ’em water so they can bark even MORE! Great job, Animal “Control”!

  9. S says:

    If you prefer to stand united, there’s no excuse for your snarking at your fellow dog haters. You were the one who started the ugliness here. You can own it.

    If you want to have a respectful dialogue like mature adults, then let’s do.

    I have the right to not want to subsidize dog ownership, and I am far from alone in that position. That does not mean I am anything but respectful and loving to the poor.

    I recommend you read Animal Uncontrol’s excellent blog post on the topic.

    • MrMAD says:

      Please, let’s calm down all of us.

      Dogs undoubtedly cause this anger that we must release in some form, like from the mutts barking crazily in the background right now, but let’s try to keep our eyes on the real issue: unruly dogs and crazy owners. Appreciated.

  10. MrMAD says:

    Off course Grandma Linda would reply to this post, and she did.

    To be fair, I’m going to post her last comments and that’s it. She is now 100% banned, for good. No more posts from her, at all.

    With her discussing, we accomplished almost nothing. Except a few basic assertions that could be once more reinforced as clear as “2+2=4”:
    – Dogs are Dangerous.
    – Regular dog owners have serious mental issues.

    There are many more but I’ll not list them again. Over.

    I don’t have time for this, and our members here as well, I’m sure. This site is for collecting intelligent ideas and creating effective solutions to eliminate the dog epidemic with live in today. If dog owners are unable of learning by being educated they, perhaps, hopefully, will by understanding the wide range of serious consequences of their own insane actions.

    Normal decent people will not degrade their civilized life style to become like ghetto people in their filthy slums full of dogs byproducts, from feces to barking to stench all around. No. Law abiding citizens will always fight to make *better* neighborhoods, not worse.

    So, here are Grandma Linda’s comments, last comments:


    By Grandma Linda

    • Submitted on 2014/05/03 at 8:01 pm
    I’m sure most of my posts will be edited or omitted, by the likes of MrMad, but there is something really necessary to get across to each and every one of you.

    When I first found this blog, I was dumbfounded when I read one of the sub-headings; 100 Ways to Kill a Dog. For no other reason, I was compelled to read further and make my thoughts known. To think that otherwise intelligent people, maybe family folks, maybe professionals, or maybe lonely and bitter old men, could actually let such a hideous act cross their minds, was so revolting I cried! Is it the dogs fault that he or she is doing what comes naturally? Is it the dogs fault that the owner did not properly train, nor cares to?

    Am I wrong for finding MrMad repulsive, when he viciously acts me and my thoughts and love of nature, wildlife and pets? Are you all just as vicious, or are you hiding under anonymity, but I on the other hand, have been exposed to the world.

    You can be assured an attorney is working on this as I write. MrMad’s site states that identities would not be divulged, yet mine was. I can picture his countenance now, as he grins with that “Joker” grin! He takes glee in hoping he makes someone else as miserable in life as he is. WOW! You are really a sick human! Every dog I have ever had the privilege of petting and loving, has more of my respect!

    I recall many years ago, when a dog in the neighborhood was allowed to bark excessively. All it took was a knock on the door by me and several other neighbors, to ask the dog owner if we could help them in their obvious lack of training. The owner kept putting the dog outside, because they were having a hard time housebreaking him and children were not any help. I had several books that the children could use to help mom and dad with the training, and in a short time all was well.

    Don’t any of you realize, that in most cases it’s the approach to the owner that needs to be sensitive to the subject? If you go off screaming, swearing and shouting, why would you think you would get a positive result? My neighbors son was afraid of one of my dogs, so we put up a taller fence on that side of the yard and the child’s fear was gone. It’s called cooperating together so a solution will make for a happy result. I have a very hard time believing that all of you have such horrible stories of uncooperative dog owners.


    • Submitted on 2014/05/03 at 6:06 pm
    What I find most comical, is MrMad’s reference to Grandma being mauled. Only from a demented mind, could you come up with such a ludicrous inflammatory story heading! How you must relish in the juiciness of your descriptive heading, when it was just a puppy finding a denture at easy access. Then of course, if the truth was known; there goes the incitement of your story line and the provoking of your blood thirsty readers. Actually, a few find your blog distasteful and depraved while most other responders are repugnant evil excuses for the human kind!

    I also find it most revealing, that you hold my posts back from publication. What are you afraid of MrMad? Do my writings hit a nerve? When my book is ready for printing, I’ll be sure to give you the first copy! NOT!!!! Please, please….keep the fires of hate and loathing coming! I can always add more!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:41 pm | In reply to S.
    Not clear! Gosh you are all near brainless!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:39 pm | In reply to S.
    HaHaHaHa! You must be one of those 20 or 30 somethings! Those are the ones we seniors have the most contempt for. Think you own the world, and believe me, when the next World War comes, you’ll grasp hardship then. I’m so Blessed to be surrounded by “real” people, that do not judge. What miserable inner beings you must all be!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:30 pm | In reply to Dayna.
    It isn’t clear because you obviously can’t read with comprehension. Might I suggest night school, if you are a cashier at the local grocery store!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:28 pm | In reply to S.
    Excuse me! Who said anything about welfare. Apparently you must be familiar with it! Never been on it, and worked from 15 years old to 65. Anonymous “S”, in case you don’t understand “fixed income” is usually Social Security that I worked 50 years for. At this age, I don’t have children to feed either. Gosh, can’t you people read correctly, or is it you just don’t have the IQ to understand?


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:24 pm | In reply to PIT DISPATCHER.
    Fixed income does not mean poor! It does not account for savings or bonds or stocks, or annuities. Fixed income, moron, means that I don’t have a REPORTABLE INCOME. I DON’T WORK, SO I DON’T MAKE AN INCOME! Gosh…where did you go to school? I see your one of those too that has to use vulgarity! Goodness gracious! You are the kind of class, not even near middle! Gross!!!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:20 pm | In reply to PIT DISPATCHER.
    My big 100 pound dogs are not little fuzzy wiggle butts, but are well trained and would protect me from foe! As a puppy, yes my pit mix chewed up anything she could get her mouth on. Something most pups do, but since you are such a dog hater it would surely be too much for your pea size brain to comprehend. Don’t even try!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:17 pm | In reply to S.
    You don’t get it! I’ve always paid my own way, but in this case, it was a payment plan! Can’t imagine what kind of quality of life you have! Sounds hateful, bitter and your nights must be spent rolling about in demented nightmares! Grow up, and you whoever you are, are the idiot!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/02 at 3:14 pm
    Strange how you have to “promise” it’s not made up! Obviously your word has been tainted by exaggeration! Grandma has her beautiful smile back!

    All you have proven is most of you are demented scumbags! I can’t help but wonder where you get your mental diseases from! Were you all molested as children? Were you beaten by the mean step-dad? Did your parents authorize shock treatments, or experimental drugs to control your evil thoughts?

    Yes, my puppy chewed up my dentures, and a very kind dentist let me make payments. Wow! Now that’s a big news story! What tickles all of you is beyond me! I’m so happy I grew up when neighbors looked out for each others kids, and a person’s word meant the truth. You all wouldn’t know it if it slapped you in the face! You probably only know the folks that have barking dogs, and snub the good people that would be better staying away from the likes of such egotistical morons!

    I’m so happy I can look in the mirror, and see a woman who has two beautiful dogs and a husband that I love. Adoring children and grandchildren, along with other family and friends. My lineage is all documented, and I come from good Northern European stock that lived off the land. I have grandparents that lived to over 100 years of age, and that comes from strong genes and good Christian living.

    You’ll also notice, that I don’t need to use cuss words or swear to make a point. I don’t blasphemy that others seem to take so lightly! My, my! Some of you will not like where you will spend eternity!

    I so enjoy sharing my life on sites like this. As I write my book, many of these posts will be shared, but there won’t be any slander issues with most; as their identity remains anonymous. Another obvious, that they are too embarrassed by their mental dysfunctions to actually be made public.

    Time to walk my dogs, and yes, bring along the doggie bags. Isn’t it funny how restaurants ask patrons if they want a doggie bag! mmmmmmmmm! Think of that next time you ask for one! LOL

    By the way, as to the 666 reference, you wrote it, and I’m sure you know where you are going MrMad! Thank God I won’t see you there! Ahhhhhhh! Live is good!


    • Submitted on 2014/05/01 at 9:59 pm
    Don’t worry folks! I’ll be here for the long term, until MrMad can no longer face the fact that he is the nut! My neighbors are wonderful people, and we all get along with our pets. Among us are pit mixes, American Bull dog, doberman, sheltie, greyhound and a dachshund. All dogs are family dogs and everyone picks up their waste. None of them bark all night! The only thing I can assume, is all you complainers must live next to a rescue kennel or puppy mill.

    I’ve rescued 3 pit mixes, and 2 had been used as bait dogs. Each one of them were properly re-trained and played ball with my young grand-children. I do on the other hand, subscribe to the fact that no child should ever be left alone with a dog. ANY DOG!

    What galls me about a site like this, is the lumping of thousands upon thousands of pit lovers, as low-life humans! I’m a 65 year old grannie, in a club of 100′s of local pit owners. Each one of us are responsible and contribute to the well being of our community.

    It’s amazing to me that all you can think of as a comeback, is to rip on my personal responsibility and my faith in fellow man. Each one of you that has slammed my integrity just because I respect and love all animals, should be ashamed. Pit bulls are just a small part of my animal activist interests.

    It restores my faith to see some on here agree with me. Those that are the haters seem so demented, I’ve prayed that each of you cleanse your heart and respect and love what God created.

  11. S says:

    I didn’t read all of that; frankly her inane ramblings are not worth my time. I read enough to realize that she’s mentally unbalanced and not very bright.

    She seems to have a lot of trouble with reading comprehension, and a lot of bitterness toward the human race. She even admits to contempt for people solely on the basis of age.

    I’ve never understood why people who hate the human race so much don’t just kill themselves.

    • MrMAD says:

      “I didn’t read all of that; frankly her inane ramblings are not worth my time.”

      Same here. We have more important things to do, actually, important things to do.

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