Dog-free Communities – How can we live safer in our own cities?

NO Dogs Allowed Neighborhoods – A Safer, Peaceful Way of Living Pet-Free

Dog-free Communities - NO Dogs Allowed - Pet-Free Places

 “I just want a peaceful life!”
No Dogs Anywhere Petition

Yes, the picture above is of a *real* pet-free, *no* dogs allowed community (in Dubai)!

For most people, their home is their most valuable investment, their security, and their sanctuary. Living next to a bad dog owner can destroy all of this, making home a hell, the investment money thrown away, and creating a sense of insecurity, anxiety, and tension, as well as serious health problems. Those people who have endured such a harrowing ordeal would prefer to not take the risk of its re-occurrence. Dog free communities would be great for victims of dog attacks, either physical ones, verbal threats, or through constant toxic barking, just as a quick example.

That’s why many people are looking for these places.

What would the Major Benefits Be of a No Pets Allowed Community?


  • No barking, no dog mess, no gardens ruined, no barking again, no dog odors, no loose dogs, no dog attacks, no dog mauling, no barking again, no dog maiming, no dogs killing people…
  • Being able to enjoy our backyards/patios without a dog raging at your family through the fence
  • Being able to sleep through the night, and did I mention with no barking?
  • Residents tend to be much more pleasant
  • People who are allergic to dog hair/fur/dander.
  • People who are afraid of dogs (no doubt that many people quite understandably are).
  • Kids could play safely outside, go to parks and enjoy playing with KIDS.
  • A place where neighbors would treat neighbors with respect.
  • Quality of life preserving ability to concentrate and relax. The most basic right of all.

A Few Sayings on the Matter of Dog Free (Prohibited) Areas

“One question: why must it be us who moves and not the dogs?”

“Too bad believers-in-living-without-dogs…are forced to put up w/this, much like being told smokers can pollute the air of the health-conscious!”

“Let’s lobby our legislators for freedom from this menace!”

“Dog free zones and communities are a must. No canine owner anywhere has any moral right to savage/destroy any homeowner or pedestrians quiet enjoyment of residence or street. Nor should it remain a legal right.”

“I want to live in a dog-free world.”

“I support dog-free communities as a refuge for those who don’t want to live around barking and increasingly undisciplined, potentially dangerous animals.”

“The same way people have the right to own dogs and enjoy them being around all the time, we have the right to disown them and enjoy having none of them around ever.”

My Ideas

A few basic points that just came out of my mind. They are not specific to any town, city, state or country so they could be beneficial to most.

One thing we must always keep very clear in our mind: it will Not be easy.

At the very least, pushing for dog-free communities might show inconsiderate dog owners that this is a serious issue And people are starting to do something. Something effective.

Which places could be free of dogs? Any. Countries (Iceland), states, counties, cities, communities,  streets, residential buildings, condos, apartments, or just hotels and campsites.

Awaiting your contributions (including from you ODOrs, so we could do the exact opposite of what you say).

Dog-free Communities – NO Dogs Allowed, Finally!

Option 1 – A New Private, Gated Community for Houses

– Enter into an agreement with an interested real-estate developer (redev). They buy the land, a large parcel to be built into a gated community with controlled access.

– We, prospective buyers, agree to buy at least our specific lot, for future construction.

– The redev is allowed to build new homes on the lots not sold immediately, if there was any left, but to sell just to people agreeing to our ‘code’: “No dogs, No exceptions”.

– This parcel of land should be well distant from regular, dog-plagued areas.

Points to note:

– City zoning would not be a problem since we’d have only residential houses. The “No dogs, No exceptions” would be set by our own without interference from anybody outside

– One example: a relative of mine lives over 600 meters/1,800 feet away from a NGO that is harboring tens of dogs in the hope of adoption, so you can imagine the level of barking noise right there. However, even at that distance, over half a kilometer, it can be quite difficult to concentrate during the day and, worse, to sleep at night).

– People living on the limits of this community would still be affected by exterior barking noise. No trees, noise barriers, high walls… would prevent that pollution coming to their houses.

Dog-free Communities – Living safer in our own cities

Option 2 – Rezoning an Existent Whole Neighborhood into a “No dogs, No exceptions” area.


Not easy at all, all homeowners And residents should agree to it, an uphill battle. The city would still have the final say. Expect a lot, and I mean a lot of backslash from dog nutters and the dog lobby.

If that neighborhood is adjacent to others, there is no point even in trying. It would be totally ruined by residents from other districts.

Option 3 – Getting New Neighborhoods to Be Zoned as “No dogs, No exceptions” from the Start


Many cities are growing to beyond its original limits so it’s theoretically possible to have the city turn one of them into a “No dogs, No exceptions” area. Residents would live on the outskirts of the city with weak infrastructure as an example.

Option 4 – A New Apartment Building/Townhouses Complex

Similar to Option 1. Being a high-rise, it must include double-pane, sound proof windows, what will make residents to live indoors with constant air-conditioning.

Ideas for Advocating Dog-free Communities – NO Pooches Allowed

Option 5 – An Existent Private Apartment Building/Townhouses Complex 

The owner/resident’s association could get together among themselves and make the changes.

Option 6 – An existent Rental Apartment Building/Townhouses Complex 

Residents, meaning renters, could request the complex to have it turned into a dog-free zone. By clearly demonstrating the benefits, like liability, the owner could come to agree and enforce the change as current renters move out. Real Non-pet-friendly apartments.

Option 7- A block of streets

When you live in a close community even without a neighborhood associations

Option 8 – Neighborhood associations

For the ones who live in an area with just a few dogs whereas this area has a strong and active neighborhood association, perhaps it could be voted to have the few dog owners ousted, either by the force of the city or with the association members getting together and buying the property of the perpetrators. Then those homes would be resold to like-minded people. Maybe a real estate agent could get involved.

Option 9 – A whole town

Want to see controversy (and a lot of death threats left at your door)? Make a petition to city/town hall demanding the city to downright prohibit dogs.

However, it may be possible in sensible towns like Rainsville (AL), Piscataway (N.J.) and Canby (OR).

Option 10 – Your own street

On your own street, start advocating for the informal ordinance of no dogs allowed.

Option 11 – The Millionaire’s Option

Buy an entire island in the Maldives where not even a boat with pets could get close to you!

Examples of Already Existent Dog-free Communities

Not saying that we are going to live there tomorrow, just to show that they exist and are a civilized way of living.

Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

JBR-Jumeirah Beach Residence

Also known as JBR, Jumeirah Beach Residence is a 1.7 kilometers (1.1 mi) long, 2 square kilometers (0.77 sq mi)  waterfront community located against the Persian Gulf in Dubai Marina in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is the largest single phase residential development in the world and contains 40 towers (35 are residential and 5 are hotels). JBR can accommodate about 15,000 people, living in its apartments and hotel rooms.

The Project has 6,917 apartments, from 900 sq ft (84 m2) studios to 5,500 sq ft (510 m2) penthouses. JBR has a total of six residential blocks, viz., Shams, Amwaj, Rimal, Bahar, Sadaf and Murjan. The developer, Dubai Properties (a subsidiary of Dubai Holding), launched JBR in August 2002. This 6 billion dirham project was completed in 2007. More info here.

JBR-Jumeirah Beach Residence2


Cerro Gordo Community – Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA


From their site: “We are a dog-free community founded on ecological values, including organic land care & gardening. We practice sustainable forestry on 1100+ acres. Our houses are clustered into two neighborhoods, surrounded by shared forests and meadows, with many seasonal streams.

We have shared water and septic systems, and share maintenance of the roads. Please note: in accordance with our state/county zoning agreements, we are a dog-free community, and we love it that way. In other words, dogs cannot live here.” More info here.


Nalcrest, FL – No More Biting, No Dogs Allowed: Retired Postal Workers Rest Safely

No Dogs Allowed - Pet-free Community

Nalcrest, FL – A nice retirement community in Florida that caters to retired mail carriers with the U.S. Postal Service. Many prefer mail to email, and no dogs are allowed. More info here.

Exceptions in a dog-free residential zoning – No pet policy

Residents shall not allow pets of any kind on their property, save for aquariums.

Visually impaired people and their guide dogs are exempt from the rule since this is internationally accepted. However, it must be confirmed by a corresponding third party. Even though, those residents and visitors must be fully responsible pet owners.

What ODORs will say about Dog-free Communities

“I will go as far as saying that pet owners in many cases are more responsible tenants than the ones without. Pet owners usually don’t smoke indoors, they don’t play loud music and have massive parties. Why? because pet owners usually love animals and wouldn’t make their pet go through that torture.”

As I said in the beginning, it won’t be easy.

As seen at (sorry, I won’t link to them) the dog lobby, cultists and followers will not let it happen smoothly.

The only way to counter this is for us to get together and fight, fight stronger and stronger.

So, what do you think?


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153 Responses to Dog-free Communities – How can we live safer in our own cities?

  1. S says:

    That’s it — I’m moving to Oregon! :D

  2. Catherine Barber says:

    Just how would one START to lobby for these No-Pet-Dog-Dreamlands….? And even if -amazingly! – the powers-that-be agreed to implement this, in a small country like England UK, one’d have to find big enough tracts of land so as to be reasonably out-of-earshot of other parts that do have pet dogs (like everywhere!).

    • MrMAD says:

      Again, you post a great question: How to start?

      My answer is: do whatever you can. Like this simple guide:

      Phase 1, get people together, your immediate family, extended family, friends, neighbors.

      Phase 2, closest neighbors.

      Phase 3, start contacting the press (expect to be called all sort of names).

      Phase 4, contact authorities, policy makers, politicians

      Phase 5, contact real estate developers.

      Will it be easy? Certainly not!

      No doubt people out there will have better ideas. Please let me know! Please!

  3. Dog Dispatcher says:

    HOW AWESOME, The one in Oregon is right in my area! I will be looking into this ASAP.

    Muslim majority nations will have areas without dogs because Islamic law considers them unclean. Muslims think it is disgusting to live with them, and cannot fathom the Western love for them. It’s not a religion I would choose, but it got this right at least.

    • S says:

      Tell me about it! I too am not about to become a Muslim, but I definitely respect this aspect of their religion.

      Judaism and Christianity *should* be the same, as dogs are not at all highly regarded in the Bible. [shrug]

      Muslims probably view us in the west they same way I would see someone who has a pet cockroach, and cuddles with it in their bed at night.

    • MrMAD says:

      As far as I know, you do NOT need to be Muslim. Just have the money and desire to live there.

  4. Paula says:

    I HATE to tell you- I live in Dubai- IN JBR.
    I have a dog. They were unable to enforce it- it is mostly bought by investors- who wanted to RENT out their apartments, and a lot of people have dogs. They- TAZIZ- the property management have signs every where- No DOGS. No Skateboards. No Ball Games. They are all ignored. AND not enforced.

    • MrMAD says:

      Sorry to hear that, Paula. Really sorry.

      I have no idea about the laws in Dubai but I suppose they could be used to enforce what is supposedly in contract when one bought an unity there at the JBR. This is an option.

      Another possibility is that affected people may not accept that nicely for too long. Muslims do Not regard pooches as good pets, actually for Muslim, dogs are the filthiest animals. I wouldn’t be surprised if the barkers started to appear dead for “unknown reasons”.

      Here I re-emphasize my argument that normal-non-dog-people are being tooooo nice to the doggists. They can and do destroy any and everything, IF allowed.

      But so You have a dog there, Paula? I’m confused…

      (PS. In case anyone thinks Paula is just a troll with her claims, well, she really seems to live there as her comment does, yes, appear to come from Dubai.)

      • Debra says:

        So… why would Paula choose to ignore that law and bring her dog there? If she smokes would she ignore the NO SMOKING signs and smoke anyway, or would she ignore the NO LITTERING law and litter anyway??? See how people just don’t care about laws…If you love your dog so much take it somewhere other people love them too, not somewhere that clearly states they DO NOT WANT YOUR DOG OR ANY OTHER DOG THERE! SHOW SOME RESPECT!

  5. OK, so I am starting right here and now. Anyone living in Victoria Australia, that wants to live in a dog free community, contact me and if we get enough numbers, we can plan our new community. I would prefer a total ban on all pets, because I believe any exceptions create a weakness in our fight for peace. (“They have a cat, and our kids want a dog now, why can’t we?”) Then it is off to the courts and the judges love animals right?

    So any Victorians in Australia, here I am waiting for a pet free community.

  6. Dear Anilak. Maybe you can create a dog free cell page and show the numbers of people wanting dog free living in each area? I would love to be the start up point for Victorians in Australia! I know there may be people in many states in the USA.

    One problem is, people must be prepared to move and be part of it. Sitting at home amongst dog owners will not work.

    • MrMAD says:

      “One problem is, people must be prepared to move and be part of it. Sitting at home amongst dog owners will not work.”

      I absolutely agree with that!!!

      Sufferers MUST get off their butts and buts (laziness and excuses) and *DO* something, *DO* something useful. All because suffering in silence while drowning in barking noise and other types of pollution won’t help anyone or anything at all. Nobody will help you, YOU have to help yourself!

      Do it NOW, not tomorrow after the soap opera or the footballs game.

      What one can do? Read and learn from this web site.

      “Maybe you can create a dog free cell page and show the numbers of people wanting dog free living in each area?”

      I’m all ears for that.

      Not sure about what to do right now but give me suggestions on what to do and I’ll do my very best.

      Something I want to mention is that one of issues most searched for on internet that makes people find this website – after are pitbulls dangerous? and how to kill a dog? are related to “no dogs allowed communities”. Like (only during last week or so):
      – dog free communities
      – no dog communities
      – where to live without dogs?
      – dog-free communities
      – no dog neighborhood
      – places without dogs
      – neighborhoods without barking dogs
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      – pet free communities
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      – neighborhoods with no dogs in mississippi
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      – how to make dog free area
      – i want to live in a building with no pets
      – no dogs allowed communities
      – dog free neighborhoods
      – countries where pitbulls are banned
      – places to live where no dogs allowed
      – pet free neighborhoods
      – neighborhoods with no dogs
      – dog free areas

      As we can see, normal people are completely fed up and not accepting to live close to vicious dogs and criminal owners anymore. Decent tax-paying citizens are definitely looking for solutions for peace and quiet. Time for the idiocy to stop.

      >>> Message to Real Estate developers: Are you taking notice?

      • irritated says:

        It’s easy to say “you need to move” If it were that easy, there would be no need for your blog. Not everyone can just pick up and move. I don’t know where you live but I live in CA. It cost to move. That’s the problem here in that dogs are everywhere and the ordinance are worth shit and you need more than one person to file a complaint with the city.

        • S says:

          Absolutely correct. Also, moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life — right up there with divorce and death of a loved one. You have to pack all your stuff, find a new place, secure it, unpack all your stuff, get your mail forwarded, set up utilities, etc., etc. And then what guarantee do you have that a criminal ODOr won’t move into your new neighborhood, too? We’ve had enough of being driven from our homes by these cretins. Enough is enough. We need to stand our ground and fight them.

        • MrMAD says:

          I’m absolutely sure I never said “you need to move” – while you still have several other options before that!

          Moving is one of the very last resorts. Together with killing the dog or killing the owner, options that almost noone wants to take, for obvious reasons.

          Of course moving is not easy, quick, cheap, rewarding, pleasant…, like you may confirm here with my personal nightmare on this matter.

          We need to stand our ground and fight them.

          Sure! The point is that is not always possible. If any regulat person thinks that, because of dogs, he is going to sue/fight against the vice-mayor/city judge/major politician in your city and win(!), well, I can tell he is absolutely delusional.

          We must choose our battles carefully.

        • MrMAD says:

          If it (moving) were that easy, there would be no need for your blog

          …while you still have several other options before that!

          That’s why my blog exist. And that’s why you visit it. To become aware of all the options we have available and which ones are the best for our very specific circunstances.

        • MrMAD says:

          To finish.

          This is the Dog-free Communities – How can we live safer in our own cities? – NO Dogs Allowed Neighborhoods – A Safer, Peaceful Way of Living Pet-Free post.

          An article created to present options, gather ideas of a specific place when a person Wants to move, to better their life, not just another temporary place to live/reside just to scape the harrowing problems they had with dogs in their previous location.

          Like “S” said, just moving to any other regular place – regardless of how nice and wealthy it is today – will imply in the very high risk of getting another ODOR neighbor, sooner or later.


          Ah, no.

          A few of these places already exist.

          And I personally know of a certain guy who is building such a community as we speak.

      • MrMAD says:

        Two more:
        – places to live where no dogs allowed
        – pet free neighborhoods

  7. S says:

    I think there is certainly broad public support for dog-free neighborhoods. Given such support, it’s conceivable that a few politicians and lawmakers might be sympathetic to our plight.

    This raises the question: What can actually be DONE, even with public and political support?

    Most existing neighborhoods already have dogs, and the average person will not want to kick people out of their homes or even force JUST the dogs to leave just to create a dog-free neighborhood.

    Existing dogs might be grandfathered in, but you can bet their owners will raise a stink about wanting to get a new dog when the current one dies.

    It would have been much easier to segregate dog owners and non-dog owners BEFORE the two became mixed in the same neighborhoods. Unfortunately, planning commissions and zoning laws didn’t have the foresight to do so. The problem has already been created; the damage is done.

    This just leaves new construction. But there are limited places available to be built up in places where people need to live.

    So my question is, even with public support, HOW can we create dog-free communities in places people need to live? I would love to have at least a few such places available in every major city, or at the very least every county. But it’s a daunting task, I think.

  8. D says:

    I dream of a planet with NO DOGS

  9. PeaceSeeker says:

    The only way I see possible is for us to take this problem in our hands. By starting from scratch our own private compounds, so to say.

    Expecting politicians to take action, it won,t happen.

  10. Lorne says:

    That would be heaven!!

  11. Cam says:

    Great blog. Looking for a place to retire with no dogs. If I never see a dog in my lifetime, I will be happy. They are a noise nuisance. The owners allow their yards to be used as toilets.

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks, Cam.

      But please do not expect for this place to come by just by chance. Do whatever you can either to find or create your own, otherwise your retirement years will continue to be plagued by dogs.

  12. Cam says:

    I’m thinking about this, where I can find or establish a quiet place to live. Finding quiet is not so simple nowadays. Communities don’t always strictly enforce noise ordinances. The bark of a dog is nothing like a chirp of a bird. It is simply an unpleasant sound. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

    • Lindsay says:

      I’m sure everyone here would like to recommend all such places they knew of.
      But we may not do so.
      Dog people are so paranoid about their holy dogs and their supremacy over the lives of non-dog less-humans that they would literally destroy those communities in any way they could imagine.
      My suggestion: keep it low profile, talk with your closest non-dog friends and see what you can do, either finding or building a new one.
      My 2 cents.

  13. D says:

    I agree…and sadly also the neighbors yards. I would love to mow my yard and not run through dog shit. Disgusting.

    • MrMAD says:

      Dog shit on your own yard?

      Buy a dog catcher, spread vinegar on cemented areas, plant thorny and/or “specific” plants all around your yard…

      Those “specific” plants are for the landscaping and enjoyment of your property but in case they occasionaly happen to be poisonous or even lethal to dogs, their problem, mutts should never be roaming freely, much less into other peoples properties. Dog dies, their problem.

      • D says:

        I am completely puzzled as to how the dog population has gotten so out of control. They are everywhere…they chase your vehicle which is so stupid. And people refer to them as their fur babies and/or grandpups, wtf… When I see a dog I see a filthy animal and my hatred for them keeps growing, especially when I have to deal with dog shit in my yard…I know it’s not the dogs fault they are just being what they are (filthy animals) but I can’t help but be disgusted by them…because of it.

        • S says:

          Yes. They truly are vermin. I feel exactly the same way.

        • titus says:

          D, whoever you are or wherever you are, I LOVE you!!!!! I literally thought I was alone in my hate for this. get this: i recently found out we have a drive-in theater here. my friend and I were going to see suicide squad..exciting right? wrong! when checking the site for details I found out they allow “quiet well behaved dogs”!!!!! DOGS!!! at the drive-in!! wtf doesn’t even say it strongly enough. I’ve given up. the only solution …real, guaranteed solution I’ve come up with is land. a nice big piece of land.

  14. Catherine Barber says:

    Quote “Dog dies, their problem.”.
    …..Until they go and make it YOUR problem: ie, by making out that you’ve knowingly planted thorny and/or poisonous plants round your yard where dogs could come into contact with these? If it came to a court case, who would win, I wonder.

    Having said that, of course I think it would be rather ironic and amusing that your nice thorny, and possibly poisonous, plants just happened to be killing off annoying dogs that have no right to be coming there in the first place.
    My only ‘conscience’ would be in what form any revenge-attacks by these holy-dog-people would would be.

    What’s a ‘dog catcher’ by the way?

      • MrMAD says:

        I just didn’t see anybody asking what to do AFTER you get a dog on your property…

      • Catherine Barber says:

        Thanks Mr Mad (for pic of dog-catcher/trap). I’ve never come across one of these before. One’d probably be lynched for owning one! (Pity it’s not a ‘wormhole’ into which the annoying/ferocious dog could be made to disappear from this universe forever…..).

        It seems to me that cats are happily seen as ‘vermin’, and can be pretty widely disliked, whereas it’s rarely if ever I hear this applied to dogs. This preference for a noisy, smelly, messy, disruptive animal over a quiet, clean, fastidious and self-contained animal is what tells me a lot about humans.

        Which is that many humans are to be as much avoided as most dogs.
        And councillors and town planners and government officials and whoever makes the laws and decisions in the first place, are, regrettably, humans.
        Most of whom are likely to be ‘doggist’ too. Get the picture?

    • Lindsay says:

      I agree with Mr MAD.

      Perhaps you misread the “plants are for the landscape and enjoyment of your property” part. It means you can do whatever is legal in your own property. Like if you had a swimming pool and some teenager drowned there after trespassing. Their problem, not yours. Sure some parents may sue claiming you should have done this and that, but a good lawyer could resolve that (and even take some money from the complainants due to a frivolous lawsuit). This world has gone insane anyway.

      • MrMAD says:

        Thanks, Lindsay.

        Something disturbing is that now even regular people (who do not have dogs) are starting to change their lifestyle or preferences just because of dog lovers.

        It’s not because doggists don’t like thorny bushes that I won’t plant them on MY OWN PROPERTY. The same way it is not because thieves don’t like electrical wire fencing that I won’t install them all around MY OWN PROPERTY.

        Same case, both are criminals.

  15. Cam says:

    This is endemic in our society, having less concern for the welfare of our neighbor and community. When I lived in Los Angeles, the saying was, “It’s okay for me, so !!!! you.” So this is beginning to be the norm.

    • MrMAD says:

      That’s why normal people – non-dog people – are saying “It’s okay for me, so !!!! you” as well concerning the killings and poisoning of uncontrolled dogs. People ARE fighting back. Some people at least. And growing each day.

      Of course it doesn’t end well, but the outcome is even worse when nothing is done.

  16. Cam says:

    Great post Catherine. The behavior of the pet reflects the personal culture of the owner. 40

    • Catherine Barber says:

      [I’m presuming this compliment was meant for me…..?] If so, thanks, Cam! Sadly, I know only too well what we minority non-doggists are up against.

      A pipe-dream of mine would be if enough non-doggists were wealthy or landowning enough – and desperate! – we could band together and buy a huge enough plot of land onto which to build homes for ourselves in a dog-free zone….. Dream on, probably.

      • Sleepy says:

        I am not wealthy, but how about a “Tiny Home community,” and community garden… a nice climate? (Colorado/New Mexico?) Could we eliminate Febreeze-type sprays and pesticides also? Oh, and motorbikes over the allowable decibel level (Harleys)….and?

        • MrMAD says:

          I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic or, not but:
          – A Tiny Home community, with community garden, is totally feasible, specially in states where large parcels of land are still affordable. And could be made of no dogs allowed.
          – Eliminate Febreeze-type sprays and pesticides? Yes, a guy is doing that Already in New Zealand. An no dogs around.
          – Motorcycles? No. Harleys, much less. The same guy above.

          Perhaps that beyond prohibiting dogs, it will be necessary to also prevent morons, if you are not being sarcastic.

          • Sleepy says:

            No sarcasm. Last night’s neighborhood barking frenzy inspired a “dog-free community” search, and brought me here. Thank you for this blog. I am waiting on a response from the Oregon community as I type. And I will look into the New Zealand situation…even though I am not quite ready to move overseas! (yet)

            From what a “tiny home” presenter at a local City Council meeting said … there was only one city in the U.S. (TX) that allowed “Tiny Homes.”
            Walsenburg’s (CO) City Council had no problem adopting a “Tiny Home-Friendly” status. Unfortunately, this city has a past water debt (and, consequently, high city water bills.) A stipulation is that folks tie into the existing city water.

            So far there has been no talk of being “dog free…”) But who knows…. thanks again for the blog! And perhaps some of the other tiny home/organic/ “communities” might be affordable to those of us with less than expanding pockets….

          • MrMAD says:

            That’s ok, Sleepy.

            I had to doubt because some doggists acting/trying to act like normal people come here with the intention to destroy the conversation, like saying that we should get ICBMs in an aircraft carrier as a weapon to kill dogs. Yes, that was a true comment.

            As the NDA communities, Cisilia below has one possible idea.

        • Cam says:

          Sleepy, I found Cerro Gordo Community in Cottage Grove, Oregon. It is a dog-free community. I would call it an ecovillage where residents contribute to better the welfare of all. When I visit Oregon, I will look this up.

          • Sleepy says:

            Thanks, Cam.
            Am waiting for response from them.
            Wondering how cost-prohibitive it might be, as there seem to be but few residents… If you visit there, I would be interested in your review!
            thanks, Sleepy

          • Cam says:

            Sleepy, It looks very inviting by their mission. Of course, visiting there would be mandatory to see what is offered. The website sure looks right. The weather in Oregon is not so bad.

        • Catherine Barber says:

          A friend of mine agrees that Febreze is vile and intrusive – as are all perfumes and fragrances. We need a scent-free zone as much as we need a dog-free one. For myself I would also welcome a car-free zone!

        • Vince says:

          Here’s a list of the things we can do without in a nice community.

          1. Dogs.
          2. Motorcycles, Mopeds, Minibikes.
          3. Leaf Blowers, Gasoline Powered Lawn equipment. Period.
          4. Loud car stereos.
          5. Fireworks.

          I would also add the other two things that I deal with every day. Train horns through residential areas, even in late at night and in the wee hours of the morning. Also, low flying commercial air traffic. You can’t even hear yourself think.

          Funny how I was thinking about this site today when I got home from a hot day at work. I heard the neighbor’s landlord’s dog barking. I got home at 4 p.m. The dog was outside for until after 9 p.m. Barking at will. The darker it got, the more it barked. I had called the police on them several times last year and I thought they finally got the hint. But as I have to get up early for work in the morning, I had had enough. Believe or not the police responded in about 20 minutes. 10 minutes after that the dog is quiet. Then 20 minutes later some people show back up at the house at about 10 p.m. Of course this is when the noise ordinance is in effect.

          So the search continues for that dog free community, or at least housing. Every prospective rental or condominium that is for sale that prohibits pets is for seniors. I still have a few years to go before that would be a reality.

          A municipality with my own zip code would suit me. Somewhere I could live and truly call home.

          • Catherine Barber says:

            [Quoted from Vince]
            “Here’s a list of the things we can do without in a nice community.

            1. Dogs.
            2. Motorcycles, Mopeds, Minibikes.
            3. Leaf Blowers, Gasoline Powered Lawn equipment. Period.
            4. Loud car stereos.
            5. Fireworks”

            I’m particularly in agreement with No 5 – NO fireworks! These rank alongside barking dogs and slamming car doors in terms of utter depravity, lack of consideration, mindlessness and thoroughly horrible people!

          • Vince says:

            In response to Catherine Barber.

            Amen. My newest neighbors are nice people. But every time they get in and out of their SUV I get to hear the percussion of slamming doors. Their driveway is right next to my house. Then there is of course the utterly useless feature of car alarms to blow the horn when they are armed or disarmed. I have this feature on my car. I turned it off. There is no need to blow your horn to let everyone know that you have a car alarm.

            What this our culture lacks is mindfulness. An almost complete lack of respect for the other or the commons. This has been fostered by a lifestyle born out of isolation within a society. People are isolated by their TVs, smartphones, cars, especially with screens, etc.

            The thought process plays out daily in public life. Just look around you. How many self important people are walking around talking to someone that is not present? Remember, it’s all about them.

          • MrMAD says:

            I recall your story above, Vince. You were persistent and because of that you got your well deserved peace of mind. At least for some time. Now it comes back and then you have to do it all again.

            Probably only a NDA community would suit us to be away – definitively – from this mess.

            Dogs in first place, but what all the others have in common? Noise.


            If we could eliminate that, for good, at least in our little “utopic” world, it would worth way more to me than winning the super lottery.

          • Vince says:

            I play the 3 Lotterys every week. But I keep looking for someplace new to live.

            After all, people just don’t get it. Dogs left outside all day to bark at will. It is just like a car alarm waiting to go off because of any moving object.

            After working all day, especially during the hot summer, it is difficult to concentrate on getting something done to the house so that I can move.

            I am almost ready to purchase that super tweeter system just to shut any and all dogs in proximity up.

            Thanks for the kind words.

          • Cam says:

            Vince, I agree. Dogs barking constantly is almost like listening to a car alarm. I could never understand how dog owners find this acceptable. You would think anyone would find this noise annoying.

          • Sleepy says:

            YES, like car alarms! I guess that’s why they have dogs…insecurity.
            Barking is a startling noise…it shocks our involuntary muscle group.

            A neighbor once told me that “Thats what dogs DO.” (bark)
            Yes, well, I wish I had thought at the time to tell them that “That’s what roosters do”…or “a band in your backyard does,” but, because people anthropomorphize dogs, and “authorities” are afraid of backlash) dog barking is not illegal, as other less startling things ARE. I like Mr. Mad’s idea of the snake in a box on a cart…maybe add sound effects…a hidden amplified snake sound?

          • MrMAD says:


            Unfortunately snakes don’t bark, nor make loud sounds, so we can’t retribute the favor – noise.

            But, wait, snakes, specially big snakes vocalization is something like “SHIHHHHHHHHHHHHHH“, as in asking for silence…

            Have you ever heard a 20+ (twenty+) feet Anaconda when being captured? No…? I’ll ry to find one.

            Wild imagination:
            After you’ve told and exposed your big, dangerous snake all around, you went back to your apartment and placed your stereo next to your front door with an MP3 sound of your snake(!), in a loop, pausing every minute or so, so that everyone walking by your door would listen that “SHIHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and think “That snake lady is so fv€k!n8 crazy!!! She has a SNAKE as a pet!!! Let me get my doggy out of here!!“.

            Not a bad idea at all!


          • MrMAD says:

            This is funny:

            You may also use this video and tell your dog-owning neighbors the people in the video are part of your extended family living in French Guiana when you visited them in Africa.

            This is Not a Giant Anaconda, as a matter of fact, just a Regular adult Anaconda.

            Safer than dogs!


            We may have some of those in our future NDA Community! No dog lovers would come for sure!

            (French Guiana is not located in Africa, but they are dog lovers…)

  17. Cam says:

    Catherine, Last year I went on a vacation to Germany for two weeks. During this time, I never heard a dog bark. In fact, I never heard a child make a tantrum in a store like in America. It was absolute heaven. I didn’t want to leave Germany. Coming back was like arriving in a third world country.

    I have been looking into buying an RV when I retire. The RV parks are overwhelmingly pet friendly. I visited two of them locally. One owner told me that as many as 90% of RV owners have dogs with them. I see nothing but problems here.

  18. Vince says:

    I found this site by just putting “dog free neighborhoods” into the Google search field. I can’t tell what a relief it is to know that people are starting to take action on this insidious nuisance. I am a homeowner in Dearborn, Michigan near a local park. Let me give you a description of the dog problems that I experienced next door to me since 2010. Of course all of these these problems occurred after the house was purchased by a renting landlord after housing crisis of 2008.

    First renter has a cat. Cat kept the squirrels at bay. I managed to convince it to stay out of my yard without too much work.

    Second renter moves in in 2010. Comes in with 3 dogs, landlords “limit”. Smallest of the three barks non-stop day and night inside and outside of the house. As soon as the dogs are let out to do their business they start barking. City officials are not able to do much because the renter was dying of cancer and not going to live long. They take on a 4th dog. Yard smells like a toilet. Dogs bark nearly around the clock. Renter finally dies and his daughter admits that smallest dog was uncontrollable. My pleas to the owner of the home to rent to tenants without dogs met with indifference at best.

    Third renter moves in late 2010 early 2011 with 2 dogs. She is a single female with dogs that bark at any movement of anyone. First encounter is when she comes home for a girls night out and she leaves the dogs out barking at 12:30 a.m. next to my bedroom window while she is talking to her girlfriend. Police are called. She pleas the single female scared for security routine. Officer makes her aware of noise ordinances. We don’t speak after that. She leaves the house everyday just before I come home from work with windows open. Dogs bark themselves into exhaustion EVERY DAY. I call the police and animal control is out to talk to her several times. She closes the windows before she goes out. Dogs still barking so loudly that I can’t read, sleep, study, etc. I have to literally leave the house to go and read / study in peace after work. Animal control officer comes out and finds the dogs barking so loudly that she can hear them through the windows in the house and her truck. She is so mad at this situation that she tells me that I must sign a ticket. Pleas to the landlord again meet with indifference and are ignored. Renter tires of the police visits and leaves in the late summer of 2011.

    Renter 4 moves in fall of 2011 with a Pit Bull. Real white trash of the criminal class. Dog is left outside all hours of the day and night. It urinates on my house. Rummages through the trash in their yard. Defecates frequently and sickens everyone in proximity of my back yard. I explain to the new renters that I have already endured almost 3 years of dog issues and would appreciate that they maintain control of their animal. They tell me that their dog is “protective”. Shortly there after I have to start calling the police due to incessant barking and all hours of the morning, day, and night. Renter threatens to sue me. Animal control officers warn renter that ordinances are very clear and fines are in place. She starts getting fines. Dog gets loose about a year later and attacks a lady with a baby in arms. Dog disappears. Renter get another dog. It is a Pomeranian. Barks for hours at a time. Police are called numerous times. Fines are issued. Renter’s son on probation for a felony at 19 starts to let the dog out 1/2 hour before I have to get up for work at 5 a.m. He knows this. Dog has to bark to come into the house. This goes on until I threaten to kick his ass and have police start to track his criminal movements. Renter’s son gets another dog, a boxer / doberman mix. He is neglected / underfed and left outside for extended periods of time. He hides under their pop up camper which is illegally stored in the driveway along with all of the trash that they have been cited for. all the while barking, barking, and even more barking. Dog gets loose and is roaming the front of our houses. Neighbors take note and start to call the police to protect themselves and their children. I contact the City Council President, Head of Residential Services, and the Chief of Police. City starts to crack down on the residential issues. Police start to crack down harder on noise and criminal activities including drug dealing, drinking, domestic violence, extremely loud car stereo, and of course barking. Renters and owner finally tire of the pressure and renters move in late 2014, yes 3 years later. Owner has the house fixed up and sells it to an Iraqi family which is Muslim. No more dogs.

    As a note to those who read my story this far. I had to indicate to my neighbors that if there was no coordinated effort to put a stop to the problems that I was going to sell.

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks for your post, Vince.

      What an ordeal you had there.

      A few comments:

      – “First renter has a cat. Cat kept the squirrels at bay. I managed to convince it to stay out of my yard without too much work.”
      What did you do? If you prefer you may tell me in private here

      – “City officials are not able to do much because the renter was dying of cancer and not going to live long.”
      Wow, that is a new excuse by city “officials.”

      – “Renter tires of the police visits and leaves in the late summer of 2011.”
      You did the right thing. Calling the police and animal control (since they were professional in your case) repeated times showed the dog keeper that she is not allowed to break the law in that place. Criminals don’t like being bothered (and, no, before doggists start saying “YOU dog hater are the criminals who don’t want to be bothered”, we normal people are NOT the criminals when fighting for our safety and well-being.)

      Again, you at least had somewhat responsible public servants in your area. It helped a lot even with all the hurdles and hasles you had to endure.

      You were problably one of the few neighbors who did (really did) something and so the other neighbors would strongly want to keep you there. Telling people you would leave may have alerted them more than anything else as otherwise THEY would have to deal with those dog problems all by themselves. Smart move yours.

      And, yes, I read your story all that far.

      Normal people all dream about the “dog free neighborhoods”. Some of them are even making them reality. Soon.

      Welcome to the blog, Vince.

      • Vince says:

        I just hissed at the cat a few times and chased it back into the yard. It got the hint. I have usually found that cats are smarter than dogs.

      • Vince says:

        Some of my neighbors were actually calling the police when I was not home. But in the end it took a concerted and determined effort to put an end to the nonsense.

        However, I have had some work done to the house recently so it will make it more attractive to sell. I am hoping to find a condominium, or something similar, that has a strict no pet policy.

        I really could not endure another ordeal like the ones that I have described, especially the last one. And really NO one should have to.

  19. Cam says:

    Vince, I feel bad for your experiences to simply enjoy the peace and comfort of your home. My lawyer friend once told me this that you have this right to enjoy the peace and comfort of your home. As I entered earlier, the behavior of the pet reflects the personal culture of the owner. People who allows dogs to behaved uncontrolled usually exhibit a disorderly life of their own. I personally don’t understand how anyone can listen to dogs bark no matter how much one likes dogs. I had to take my neighbor to the magistrate three times for barking dogs. After he fined her continually, she finally got the message together with a $1200 lawyer fee for defense. In this case, the money could have better used on updating a home that needs bulldozed. Thousands of dollars were spent on her dog problems while her house was falling apart.

    • Vince says:

      I have read the same thing. Your home is your sanctuary. Unfortunately there are people who do not get the reside in residential area. I read on another blog that billions of dollars are wasted on pet ownership every year. It has to make you wonder if we survive another 100 years on this planet how the future generations will look back on the whole pet “ownership” phenomenon.

      Thank you for your kind words

  20. D says:

    WOW…I feel for you having to put up with that. It’s ridiculously insane the amount of people that get these disgusting animals and don’t give a f**k about how disgusting and noisy and disruptive they are. Ots just not right we have to put up with other people’s animals.. I’m to the point I am sickened just at the sight of dogs, all dogs!

  21. Cam says:

    Agreed. If I never see or hear dog the rest of my life, I would be content.

    • Vince says:

      Amen to that!

    • Catherine Barber says:

      I second that! I could oh-so-happily live without seeing or hearing another dog. I just never have discovered the ‘pleasure’ of something that is so universally-adored but which messes, smells, drools, chews, makes a hideous noise (the ugliest sound on the planet actually), and hurtles itself at you, and smears its drool and its dirty paws on you….. I mean, give me a break!

      Give me CATS anytime (now, that’s un-pc in a world that, for some mystifying reason, can largely dislike cats).

  22. vi says:

    Anybody out there knows about dog free community in Dallas, TX area?
    cant stand anylonger these neighbors dog barking every day !
    The owners become more irresponsible letting the dogs out in the backyard barking during the day even at night.
    Tried to report to HOA they said the dont handle this, quite surprising for us to pay HOA dues not to touch this issue, but if your lawn looks not good you get the letters from them, ironic.
    Tried sending a letter to one neighbor , they were offended and confronted saying that it’s not just our dog, others as well.

  23. Cam says:

    I would like to find a retirement community with a strict no dog policy. I will try to retire in two years. Even these retirement communities are pet friendly. So the search is one.

    • MrMAD says:

      If you find some you like, please share with us. I’d gladly post about them here,

      The problem is that doggists WILL try to destroy them, in any ways imaginable, so it may be counter-productive. Alternatively, I could share Only among us, registered members. Fewer people but greater peace of mind for us.

  24. Cam says:

    I went to a family gathering last year. My second cousin brought her dog. It barked and barked at the dining area. Then it tried to bite me. My family didn’t have enough sense to put the dog outside while the family members were conversing. This is the stupidity of a dog owner. Putting the dog ahead of civility for others. I can’t see going to their house again. I found this extremely embarrassing for a family guest.

    • Vince says:


      I can relate. I went to my cousin’s house several years ago for an Easter visit after I had to work that day. I got showered and put on some clean clothes. Went over to her house. She is a very nice and loving person. But she had 3 dogs running around all inside the house where the food was. I was there for an hour. Can we say hair. I went home, took my clothes off, and took another shower. I went to a wedding a couple of years ago for one of my other cousins. He had the wedding at a friend’s house. The person living next door to his friend let the dogs out, 3 of them, and all they did for about an hour was bark non-stop.

      Some of my family members think that I am weird for not wanting to visit relatives that keep dogs. I did what I could to explain. They understand a little bit more after hearing my stories of the idiot renters that used to live next door to me. But I still get the eye rolls and condescending sighs.

      After my vacation next month I am putting my house up for sale. Now I am open to the option of just leasing a place that strictly prohibits these creatures.

      Peace of mind is much more valuable than a piece of property.

    • MrMAD says:

      I quit visiting family members who own dogs looong ago. And I’m quite clear about it. Not that my presence is of such high importance, but my message is.

      • Vince says:

        I just visited someone close to me last week. They have a dog. We were outside and I kept my distance. They could see how uncomfortable that it was for me. So they did what they could to keep it away from me.

        But at the end of the day, I still can’t stand them. They simply do not belong around residential areas unless they are for blind or legitimately handicapped people.

  25. K says:

    Dog owners think it’s ok if their disgusting dogs jump on other people or slobber on the table during dinner, always referring to them as a member of the family. where does that kind of thought come from?? They are filthy animals not people!!! And yes, the shedding is so gross….Seems like you can’t go anywhere without having to deal with someones pet and they get so upset and offended if you say you’d rather not have the dog(s) on you. It’s a shame you have to avoid people now because of their dogs.

  26. K says:

    Catherine, I agree with you. I would take a cat over a dog any day! Cats aren’t needy like dogs and they don’t stink either.
    I just saw a person bring their dog outside the other day to let it use the bathroom. The girl carried a biggie and scooped up the turds when the dog was finished. I am so glad she did that, but eeeewwww what a life going around picking up and packing dog turds….smh

  27. Cam says:

    I’m also at the point that I don’t want to visit someone who has dogs. I had cats growing up because they are less disturbing. I hope you can find a quiet piece of property without dogs nearby. I was thinking about buying an RV when I retire, but I found almost all of these RV parks allow dogs.

  28. Cam says:

    Maybe Google and see what comes up. I did live in a small apartment complex when I lived in Glendale CA and there were no pets allowed. Some property owners don’t want their apartments damaged by animals. There are places out there.

    The police in my community cited my neighbor for noise nuisance for barking dogs. Some $300 fines finally improved the problem.

    • Vince says:


      The search is on.

      The fines finally had some impact on the last set of renters (Section 8).

      • MrMAD says:

        Fines work. Most of the time. Sometime some doggists will pay them gladly and keep on with their crimes until the day these fines amount to significant values AND come togetehr with the possibility of JAIL. Then they get the message.
        And if you find some some NoDogsAllowed Communiies, please let us know.

  29. D says:

    It makes absolutely no sense to me how dog lovers expect you to take your shoes off before entering their house when they have one or more filthy, stinking, disgusting dogs in there that shed all over the floor and furniture and slobber everywhere. I would say a pair of shoes that have been worn in a cow shit pasture would be cleaner and better smelling! Seriously, I’m not taking off my shoes just so I can walk through dog hair and slobber with my clean socks/feet. And people can’t live 2minutes without them!?! Do they really have to bring them to every family function knowing full well that they are a complete nuisance. ANIMALS ARE NOT PEOPLE OR CHILDREN!

    • D says:

      I used to like dogs when I was a kid and they were pets. Now people have become obsessed with them, replacing human companionship with a disgusting animal. Eating, sleeping, bathing, cuddling, and kissing dogs! I need to go throw up….yea a dog free planet would be so nice..

    • Vince says:

      Amen D. Dogs are not people. Renter’s dog 2 doors down from me barked so loud at 6 a.m. that I nearly jumped out of bed. This was one of my rewards for having to change shifts and being off on Mondays.

      Renters 2 doors down to the west of me were watching the owner’s dog and I had to call the police on them several times. They got the hint. When they see that I have come home from work the dog is taken inside.

      It is a shame you have to be like that. But that is the society we live in today. One need not look any further than the people who are leading the primary elections to understand that George Carlin was right. The majority of the people we are dealing with today haven’t a clue.

    • MrMAD says:

      If I have to take off my shoes when entering a dog owners’ home (that I didn’t previously know he had a dog) I’d just say:
      – Sorry, I’m allergic. I can’t take off my shoes with a dog here;
      But you have to! Your shoes might make Mutty sick!
      – I am the one who, already, got sick. Bye.

  30. D says:

    Yea that’s what I am saying now is that I’m allergic to dogs. My reaction is complete disgust…

  31. PeaceSeeker says:

  32. Cam says:

    D, I agree with your comment. I like cats because they are quiet and cleaner animals and not a disturbance to my neighbors, but they don’t take the place of human companionship. I’m at the point where I don’t want to visit a home with a dog. The house can have a dog smell. The dog might misbehave. I’m an overall animal lover, but dog owners in general don’t take the time to train their dogs. People own dogs and let them behave as the dog sees fit. It is almost like letting a child bring himself up without discipline. I work in a school and this pretty much case anymore with children.

  33. Cam says:

    In my case, the police took my neighbor to the magistrate three times. The third time, the neighbor decided she didn’t want to pay the $300 fine, so she got an attorney for $1200 to fight it. Tell me if this makes sense. She ended up paying $1200 to the attorney and I dropped the charges because she was making an attempt to control the dogs. I told her to quit wasting money on fines. The community is only asking you to put your dogs inside when they bark too much. Meanwhile the house is a slum and needs repair.

    • MrMAD says:

      “…she didn’t want to pay the $300 fine, so she got an attorney for $1200 to fight it.”

      That’s the dognutters’logic.

      I loved the part when you dropped the charges. That was a very smart move, even if you didn’t do that intentionally.

  34. Cam says:

    Vince, It is sign of the times where people don’t care about the best welfare of the community or neighbor. George Carlin was right. He had sharp political satire and the general mass of people were getting screwed and didn’t know it.

    I will be going on vacation for two weeks soon. I hope not to hear a dog bark. I went on a vacation last year in Germany for two weeks and didn’t hear a dog bark that whole time. I felt rested. If I never see or hear a dog again, I would be happy.

    • Vince says:

      Cam, Enjoy the vacation. I just got back from mine. And the only dog that hear bark was when I went to visit a relative who has a dog and their neighbors have 3 dogs. We did not spend a lot of time there.

      I heard not one dog where I was staying. It was very nice. I was staying with another relative in a town home.

      It has me thinking about one for myself.

  35. Cam says:

    Vince, when I was in Germany for two weeks, I never heard a dog bark. People had dogs in the parks and they didn’t bark. I didn’t see anyone walking their dogs on the streets. I don’t know what kind of rules they have there. I never saw a dog leashed outside and barking. And I did quite a lot of walking through neighborhoods. It was really civilized.

  36. D says:

    Cam, I’m finding more and more even if people do what they are supposed to with their dogs, I still have disgust because people treat them like humans. Kissing, bathing with, sleeping with and….none of that is the way it’s meant to be! I certainly wouldn’t want to kiss someone that kisses dogs too-GROSS. They are just disgusting, filthy, stinking animals. My opinion is some people just can’t handle rejection and get a dog to compensate for a partner. “Dogs give unconditional love” well boo- hoo, those are some needy people! They need to gather up their “signigficant others” and go somewhere WAY out in the country where they can have their “loves” and not bother other people with all the barking and everything that dogs do.

  37. Cam says:

    D, even me who is an animal lover find dogs to be disruptive to peace. Part of the problem is the owners. They make no effort to discipline them. The dogs bark at will. Dog owners tend not to understand when their pets are annoying to others. They think it is okay for them to bark throughout the day. I feed some stray cats in the neighborhood. I never hear a peep out of them. They bury their excrement. They have a better temperament than dogs. There is good reason why cats were revered in ancient Egyptian society and religion.

    • MrMAD says:

      “They bury their excrement.”

      You reminded me of my childhood. No, not that I buried my excrement when I was a child (well, today I DO bury my excrement when I am out in the wilderness and there is obviously no washroom around. That’s simply the right thing to do then letting it contaminate local fauna and flora, plus the humans who would come after me).

      What I remember about dogs at that time, decades ago, is that those animals DID use to bury their excrement! At least partially. A dog defecated and then almost immediately would throw some dirt with its back legs. I don’t see it happening anymore.

      That time we also saw that “white excrement”. Today, with all the extra food they are given, that thing changed its color.

      Summary: If dogs were bad in the recent past, today they are even worse.

    • irritated says:

      Cam your post reminds me of the bitch and her dumb as dishwater dog that lives next door. The dog is afraid its own shadow. She thinks there is nothing wrong with the dog barking because a cat walks across the yard or along the fence. There are a lot of strays because, once again, irresponsible pet owners had cats, moved and left them here. The dog barks if I turn on my kitchen light, when I come home and I am unlocking my door. If I am too close to the window, the dog growls. Keep in mind I am in my own apartment next door to this house where the dog lives. San Diego has become an expensive dog pound and it breaks my heart. People bring their pets in the bars, the stores. Everywhere. In order for the city to do anything about a formal complaint, I have to find another person who lives near me to file a complaint and of course no one else seems to be bothered by the dog. Am I the only person with any sense here? They do nothing to stop the barking and the owner of the building is an idiot. He never saw the dog, she told him it was a puppy. Of course these POS dog owners never have the pets with them when they meet the property owners for the first time. I talked to the property owner but that was a waste as he is just some 20 something trust fund baby who jus wants the place rented. He claims his “hands are tied”. Proves money and daddy gave him and his brother the money to buy the place.

      • S says:

        “In order for the city to do anything about a formal complaint, I have to find another person who lives near me to file a complaint…”

        It’s the same in my city, and it’s insane. Is there ANY other crime which the police will refuse to investigate without a second witness? If you got mugged and reported it, would they be all like, “Sorry, you’ll need to find someone to verify your report before we can take action”?

        Nuisance barking is a CRIME but it is not treated as such.

      • MrMAD says:

        “I have to find another person who lives near me to file a complaint and of course no one else seems to be bothered by the dog. Am I the only person with any sense here?”

        It’s not that they are Not bothered by the barking. They are. Maybe not as much as you but they are.

        Cops and legislators clearly know that those neighbors almost never want to take part, for several reasons, like:
        – They do not want to get involved.
        – They do not want to face retaliation b the criminal.
        – They do not want to get in bad terms with the criminal who seems to be a nice person.
        – They expect that someone else would fix the problem for them, except them.
        – They are plain lazy.

        That is a law meant not to work at all. So you have to find other laws, more powerful and effective, which only a good lawyer will be able to tell you since each area is different.

        • Vince says:

          This is the way I felt when I had to deal with the renters next door to me. I literally wanted to burn the damned house down to the ground.

          The people who now own the house are very nice. They are a Muslim family from Iraq. Thankfully Muslims believe that dogs are a filthy animal that have no business in your home.

          Unfortunately a couple across the street from me purchased a home several months ago. And wouldn’t you know, it is another loud mouth pit bull.

          I will be hiring a realtor at the end of the month. Enough is enough.

  38. D says:

    Are you kidding?!? Cam, your neighbor must be insane-well obviously, since she is a dog lover….spent $1,200 to not have to pay $300….smh…. I would love to know what in the world they see when they look at dogs, I mean how do they love them so freaking much!? I just don’t get it, and they just seem to not even hear the barking and ignore the odor…

  39. D says:

    Irritated, could you find a pet snake, say one that eats small animals, and take it on a walk and if it gets loose near your insane neighbors dog then too bad. It’s terrible these dog lovers have pushed other people into thinking this way. If they can’t control their dogs barking then I can’t control my snakes appetite…

    • MrMAD says:

      I had thought something like that in the past. And now I’m gonna share it.

      First let me tell you an occurance I remember.

      A beach goer was in the Santa Monica beach just relaxing on a bench, sitted civilly. A simple, normal guy on the beach. Just by himself. However, he had a pet. A snake pet. A big snake, several feet long, which was all the time under his control and close to him, most of the time around his own neck. He was not pushing it on anybody, nor the snake was threatening anybody. It was just a pet with its owner.

      Guess what? Dog lovers didn’t like it! Their dogs were wandering offleash, of course. They called the police. Cops talked to the guy and said something to him, probably threatened him with some BS law that only applies to whom do not have dogs.

      The guy was not up to any argument on a sunny day on the beach and so he left.

      True story.

      Ok, then back to your suggestion, Irritade could do something similar.

      My idea:

      – Get a snake pet. A big one. The biggest you can find.
      – Get a transparent box that you can fit the snake in. Make tiny holes for breathing.
      – Put it on a skate, a cart, anything like that, over wheels.
      – Start to take the snake in the box on the cart for regular walks around your area.
      – Make it a statement, let everyone see it. Actually, FORCE people to see it: “Do you want to pet my snake? She never killed anybody!“.
      – Do that for a few days untill when most people are fully aware that you have a DANGEROUS snake (it doesn’t even have to be poisonous, but say it is (would anyone challenge that?). And also that it likes to eat dogs, specially noisy dogs, saying it like if it was the most normal thing in the world, just like ODORs do about their mutts).
      – Take a few pictures of your snake like with its big mouth open and facing the camera, or pick one on the internet.

      Now comes the best part:
      – Print signs with the photo of your snake, with some wording like “MY LITTLE SNAKE GOT LOST IN THIS AREA! HAVE YOU SEEN HER? PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY DAUGHTER!”

      Of course you have not lost any snake, you probably already returned it to the pet shop in a city 100 miles away, but now you see no dogs wandering around your area anymore.

      Don’t forget to give a copy, or many, to the building administration.

      Enjoy while you can!
      (but do not be surprised if you, now, receives the visit of a police officer)


      ps. Sorry to say but this last sunday one acquaintance of mine, working on the outskirts of the city in a place where I’ve been just minutes before, in the most complete darkness except for a cheap flashlight, had to kill an anaconda, a real one, over 6 six feet long. It was really scary, although not poisonous but who cares, its open mouth was something that would make most people run away. And fast. That’s why I mentioned the snake’s open mouth above. True story.

  40. D says:

    That just f**king pisses me off, a guy minding his own business, keeping his pet to himself, and stupid loose dogs get to roam freely hiking their legs on everything from beach chairs to bags to even people! this happened to me on vacation, someones dog came and pissed on my beach bag, too bad I didnt have my pepper spray! I hate HATE shit like that!!! And that is a brilliant idea with the snake!

    • S says:

      OMG. If someone’s dog did that to me, I would MURDER them!

    • PeaceSeeker says:

      You may not need pepper spray.
      It’s illegal in many places anyway.
      Carry a bottle of vinegar and spray it around your personal space. No regular dogs will get close to your area.
      And no need to “murder” anybody (I’m sure Ms/Mr S below meant s/he would “slaughter” the overly stupid dog lover but with “kind” words only. We are not the criminals, dog worshipers are).

      • S says:

        I meant murder. Temporary insanity. That is NOT an okay thing to do to someone.

        • MrMAD says:

          That is NOT an okay thing to do to someone, I totally agree with that.

          I just hope that we all could save our strongest moments of “Temporary Insanity” for when we really need them.

          No doubt dogs can bring the very worst actions out of each one of us, normal people who just want to live a normal – humane – life.

    • irritated says:

      I stopped going to camping with a group of people because the guy would bring his two dogs and they would lift their legs all over everything like the tents and ice chests, etc. Of course, I was the one with the problem.

  41. D says:

    Irritated, yea why must they bring the POS with them everywhere….they roam to other camp sites and raise their leg on everything and take a dump right in front of ya which makes me want to puke! I don’t want to see that, or lick themselves, I don’t want to see that! I feel for you, it’s a definite problem. I mowed my lawn yesterday and as usual ran over dog shit, wish it was the dog I ran over….

    • D says:

      Of course I wouldn’t run it over, but I get so mad I have a moment…

      • irritated says:

        That’s nasty D. I would destroy the dog next door to me if I knew I could get away with it. 2am this morning, the dog was barking for nothing as always. The ordinance laws here are too black and white, there are no loopholes. This city is pathetic. PETCO park just opened up some dog boxes. these are boxes where people can bring their damn dogs to baseball games. The box holds 4 adults and 2 dogs and has turf in them. How low can you stoop? One lady was complaining because she use to take her dog into the bank and the branch manager told her dogs are no longer allowed in the bank and she got butt hurt over it. SD has become an expensive dog pound lately.

  42. D says:

    What the freak..?? So now you have to listen to dogs at baseball games too? 6 dogs in one box? OMG can you imagine the nauseating stinch, dog odor makes me want to puke! And so the last can’t leave her dog in the car while she goes into the bank? It is such a problem anymore there is no escape from damn dogs!

    • MrMAD says:

      “It is such a problem anymore there is no escape from damn dogs!”

      I may disagree, D.

      People bothered at the PETCO park due to new dog boxes should be more vocal, effectivelly.

      Complain in person to the staff handling the mutts, their managers. Send strongly worded letters to their PR department also telling like that you visited that stadium for decades since when you were a little kid with your grandfather to watch a GAME, not to listen to barking dogs. Send another registered letter to the president of the stadium perhaps in the same line and maybe including the odds of being attacked, bitten, getting a severe allergic reaction from dogs where they should not be, and specially the high probability of litigation due to these unhealthy and unsafe practices, something that would dramatically hurt their still nice reputation. Also tell them that you are posting all about it, together with photos, documents, etc, and expect their response and a change soon.

      Something like that.

      Regarding the bank, we can do the very opposite. Let’s tell everyone in the bank, from the security guard to the cashier to the branch manager and maybe their PR dep/president, that you and your family, who had been doing business with that bank for generations greatly appreciated that they continue to respect PEOPLE instead of dogs in their premises.

      A drop in the ocean? No.

      Nice words go much further than the negative ones. Positive messages ARE listened by people AND they remember.

      Everybody wins.

      • D says:

        Why is it every other animal is regarded as a nuisance or forbidden to tag along with the owner, except for dogs!? I personally think NO animal should be allowed in public places unless it is a service animal. Granted some (very few) dog owners do train their dogs, but that number so small, still I don’t want to be around even those all because of the other 99.9% that let their dogs rule. In regard to the woman wanting to bring her dog to a date…maybe she wanted a three some, and I’m serious these dog worshipers do everything with their animals…dress them up, eating, sleeping, bathing, cuddling, kissing, flirting….EVERYTHING. And referring to them as their “child” or family member, and partner, honestly these people have to be mental. If you need an animal to make you feel worthwhile or have a purpose in life, or for “companionship” because you need a dog’s unconditional love, then there is something wrong! Here’s an idea why don’t they go live in the jungle with the other animals since they love to be surrounded with animals.

      • irritated says:

        I don’t go to PETCO park and if I did, I’d just make sure I didn’t get a seat near those “special boxes”. The bank the person was complaining about not letting her dog in was in Los Angeles and not in San Diego and I live in San Diego. I just thought it was comical that she was so butt hurt that she was told no dogs in the bank anymore. Someone probably got tired of dogs in the bank and made a fuss or some dog took a dump and an employee pitched a fit after they had to clean up. LOL.

  43. irritated says:

    I don’t like a lot of dogs that belong to other people. I think I am starting to not like dogs in public because I see too many poorly behaved dogs. I’ve only seen a couple of well behaved dogs that I really liked and you can tell the owners trained them and took time to train them properly. The rest of these dogs disgust me. I have a friend who is answered an ad from one of his online dating profiles and he told the lady she can’t bring the dog on their day date. How insecure are you that you must bring your dog on a damn date. If your afraid to go out with a man alone, then don’t go out or make sure you go in a public place.

    • MrMAD says:

      Something like that happened to me. A very beautiful lady from Danmark (think of Nicole Kidmann in her golden years). One day she said she had a dog. I said bye.

  44. Cam says:

    D, it made absolutely no sense. I don’t know if she was trying to make a point legally. The house is a mess and the money could have been better spent. I have to get out of this neighborhood.

  45. Cam says:

    After reading all these, it’s getting some tough to live a peaceful, private life. What a world we live in. A quiet responsible person is being shoved around like a second class citizen.

  46. Cisilia says:

    Maybe a far fetched dream of mine but have anyone thought of this:

    New Zealanders harness the power of crowdfunding to turn a private beach public

    Could we do something remotely like that?

    For non-doggers certainly.

    • MrMAD says:

      That is a great idea. I had mentioned this story already but nobody noticed, I guess. Anyway.



      – A very large parcel of land, perhaps over a thousand acres
      – In the middle of Beverly Hills or Manhattan? Of course not, it’d had to be located in distant places in the middle of nowhere basically. Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Australian outback, Amazon Forest, African jungle.
      – People would donate accordingly with what they expected to do there: live, visit, invest…
      – Strict rules on silence; no need to specify all and each one of them since that is simply impossible. Keep it simple.

      A far fetched dream like Cisilia said?

      Please let us know what you think.

      • J says:

        Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Australian outback, Amazon Forest, African jungle.

        Northern Canada. A place where dogs don’t fare well.

      • sleepy says:

        Would a “Kickstarter” campaign work? (to fund a “one-time project”) In Australian beach article, “Givealittle” was the funding platform. I know of a beautiful area–with wonderful views. Perhaps “half” could be inhabited with low impact, and “half” donated to nature? (a designed permanent buffer zone?) Here passive solar could be great asset. Southwest USA. I saw a property listed for a 1000+ acre ranch for just over a million$. 100 people, 10 acres each, $10,000 each, and we’d have our land. Any remote interest? Might need a snowplow in winter! And re-zoning…. well, it’s a thought, anyway.

        • S says:

          I would definitely be interested in that, although I’m not sure how feasible it would be for me and my spouse to pick up and move. Maybe in a few years. But it sounds like a great deal for a great paradise. I would LOVE to live in such a community! And I would make sincere, good-faith efforts to work toward it. I just don’t think it’s something we could do immediately.

        • MrMAD says:

          A place like that would be absolutely WONDERFUL!

          And tottally feasible.

          Perfect? Of course not, but a nice place to rest our ears, let’s say.

          The buffer zone would be a Must, to keep most of the ‘inconveniences’ out, far and away. However, if this BZ occupied half the area, our costs would come to $20K, each, still quite feasible.

          Please keep the ideas coming! You and everybody else, please!

  47. Sleepy says:

    I did see (and hear) that parks article. Thank you for that. I have enjoyed that area many times. (though last time I was going to camp there, (first time since it’s become a Ntl. Monument) I thought I saw dogs there, and lots of noisy family camping.) Nothing is perfect, you are right!

    Regarding the $10,000 parcel….Yes, $20,000 w/buffer zone. I did think of that-(and thanks for catching that)- but I forgot to mention it. I’d venture to say that in this particular area, the zone might not be necessary. The way the world is populating, however, one never knows. I know folks who have built at the edge of town and soon were inside the town.

    I might also easily live on even ONE acre or less, provided there are no dogs, and no intrusive “security” lights. (or Weed and Feedbreeze)

    Some could opt for 5 acres, which could bring that price way down, also….the big trick here is procuring zoning, perc tests, water rights/well drilling, septic field, permits, etc. (I know of a small town in an adjacent county with a shared septic field)-and being in closer proximity might benefit some. Perhaps the 1000 could be broken into 100 acre units, to serve smaller group areas?

    One last thing, this county is also very possibly the one who banned the fracking? or drilling near the Dunes. I think I was at that county commissioner’s meeting where there was resistance to it. This county might be very willing to help us along, from what I’ve seen and experienced there. There ARE good people everywhere, it’s just that some have dogs, etc.

    It might be much easier for a neighbor to approach another to say “now, now” in a community when there are set guidelines and like minds. For instance–when someone’s relative comes to recover or stay for a while, and they “misbehave” by setting off fireworks or inviting their Harley riding friends over, I think group conscience can be extremely effective. ps. I still hear fireworks where I live now.

    • MrMAD says:

      Perhaps the 1000 could be broken into 100 acre units, to serve smaller group areas?

      I’d Not reccomend that. The real problem is the outer limits of such a smaller community where basically everything they were trying to avoid would come to them in one way or another. Just like you said “I know folks who have built at the edge of town and soon were inside the town.“, sooner or later they would bring all those nasty things. One really important feature, I think, is the Buffer Zone in the outer limits encircling the residences in the center. Chances of a better environment would be much greater. No problem here to include other options of lot sizes like 5 or 2 or even 1 acre WHEN there are LIKE-MINDED people. THIS is the key to success.

      With like-minded neighbors, possibly only owners of their own properties, basically all we would need is a simple guideline and that’s it. Otherwise, open to anybody, like greed investors, we would need a full encyclopedia of very specific and detailed rules and regulations, but even with all that someone would try to sneak a dog in and then come lawyers, courts…

      I emphasize: like-minded people is the key.

      Let’s keep the conversation going!

      Quite a coincidence you mentioned fireworks; I’m just finalising a story on that, as we speak. Soon.

      • Sleepy says:

        Great…would like to hear the FIREWORKS story. The “season” of celebrating “Freedom” here has been from late April/early May, thru now(fireworks)… this, my first year here. Freedom FROM Freedom celebrations is what I would like.

        I was picking bugs off my squash outside this morning when overcome with “Febsneeze”…and my lungs started hurting…so I am now inside, to try and do more about finding a breathable, quiet place to reside.

        Re– 1000/100 acre…, yes, the “donut” idea of buffer zone is really the best. Keep the perimeter quiet, if not impermeable by noise. (well, we can’t control airspace, unfortunately, but the only air traffic around is probably drug-runners, the military experimental stuff (aircraft, that is,) or UFO’s from elsewhere in the universe.

        The more localized smaller uncharted microzones might be for community gardens or work areas, or shared maintenance equipment shed, etc.? (I’m still so very new to all this) for local services….ie, shared water/sewer?

        NO investors or developers allowed! I am trying to study and use existing models as framework. There probably will need to be at least gravel roads, and electricity run, (unless there are enough wild west survivors out there who can do without, or afford solar on the front end) ….so some type of ongoing funding might be necessary. Whether by community agreement/dues, or self-repair for roads, the County ultimately decides what the “real” rules are, I suppose.

        After speaking with someone at Cerro Gordo in Oregon, I find that the reason for no dogs there may be largely to do with the “Wildlife Preserve” status… The person I spoke with sounded like they came into the area –able to withstand and thrive on bare-bones-living when the community was in it’s infancy. The community has recently received a well-fought for “Conservancy Easement” and so there are changes afoot there. They are trying to bring awareness of the area’s ecology/wildlife, including the spotted owl.

        As I understood, there are no lots available (all are sold) at the moment. So it’s time to do some serious looking and planning if there is to be a community elsewhere. Also mentioned was that something called “Co-owning” is becoming popular in that area.

        With 500 acres of forest land, they will be trying to educate. Again, maybe nature could be our saving grace? A big Nature Doughnut with some sort of park or preserve designation? Is anyone out there knowledgeable about what starting this process would entail? Maybe paired with a non-profit for teaching/educating/classes on bikeriding and birdwatching?? Meditation and yoga? Nutrition, wild plant identification, animal tracking, or Walking in nature- program for weight-loss? ?? Pack mule/camping/winter camping trips? Don’t laugh…there’s an old timer who did that –in neighboring county.

        The guy who used to volunteer his time to leading birdwatching and canoeing trips has recently moved. So… shoes to fill…. People still NEED to see and experience nature more desperately every day, and many probably have the moola who would be willing to pay for a nice, quiet, guided tour through nature…in it’s rare form. Thoughts?

        Oh, and I didn’t see the French Guiana video. Could you send link or link name? Thanks!

        • MrMAD says:

          Here is the video:

        • S says:

          Big trees around the perimeter would be ideal for minimizing outside noise. Depends on the local environment, though. Is this a desert area? You said it was the southwest, I think?

          • MrMAD says:

            My 2 cents:
            – Trees are not ‘ideal’ but certainly are one of the best for minimizing outside noise. I just want to point that out that none of us should ever expect total silence or peace. Even if we lived in the center of a 1 million hectare area, surrounded by dense forests, we would still have a few occasional inconveniences.
            – Even in the desert, trees can be planted. Not easily, not cheaply, not quickly, but doable. A previously barren plot of land could then be transformed in a let’s say highly valued property, in less than a decade. A true Real State investment. Check for Afforest or Groasis , for example.
            – Granted, deserted areas in principle would be terrible for silence, noise can travel for several and several miles, except if that was located in an area with strong winds or surrounded by high hills or mountains, for example.
            – I’m not selling anything, ok?!

  48. MrMAD says:

    As this comment section is starting to get too long, I’m rposting the snake’s post published above for beter viewing:


    Unfortunately snakes don’t bark, nor make loud sounds, so we can’t retribute the favor – noise.

    But, wait, snakes, specially big snakes vocalization is something like “SHIHHHHHHHHHHHHHH“, as in asking for silence…

    Have you ever heard a 20+ (twenty+) feet Anaconda when being captured? No…? I’ll ry to find one.

    Wild imagination:
    After you’ve told and exposed your big, dangerous snake all around, you went back to your apartment and placed your stereo next to your front door with an MP3 sound of your snake(!), in a loop, pausing every minute or so, so that everyone walking by your door would listen that “SHIHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and think “That snake lady is so fv€k!n8 crazy!!! She has a SNAKE as a pet!!! Let me get my doggy out of here!!“.

    Not a bad idea at all!


  49. MrMAD says:

    This is funny:

    You may also use this video and tell your dog-owning neighbors the people in the video are part of your extended family living in French Guiana when you visited them in Africa.

    This is Not a Giant Anaconda, as a matter of fact, just a Regular adult Anaconda.

    Safer than dogs!

    We may have some of those in our future NDA Community! No dog lovers would come for sure!

    (French Guiana is not located in Africa, but they are dog lovers…)

  50. MrMAD says:

    You guys should see this:

    The Cheapest Way To Build A Sturdy, Reliable Bug-Out Retreat

    Overall, land is expensive. But it is still possible to buy land cheap, if you aren’t picky about what you buy. Land values are based upon the land’s utility, so the key is to find land that doesn’t have any real utility. While that land isn’t going to have electricity, water, phone service and city sewer, that doesn’t mean it’s totally useless. In fact, if you can come up with those things on your own, then that land becomes ideal for a bug-out retreat.

    He’s talking about a place to escape problems, we about scaping problems, and dogs.

    • MrMAD says:

      Forgot to say: This is the option for you to get a Private property instead of living in a community with other people. Your world, your rules.

  51. jordi says:

    I love animals with a preference for cats :) Well i moved to Spain in Barcelona 2 years ago and i can’t believe there is so so many dogs everywhere i love pets but now it’s truly a nightmare dogs barking all the time dogs owners have no respect they are like a mafia nobody do nothing it’s like a religion to have a dog here, i want to change country just because of this. It’s fucking my mind everyday and i have nobody that help me … People thing i hate dogs but they never think about other people that can’t live in peace without this noise it’s crazy ! I go to the beach i see dogs i go to the market once again dogs everywhere ….. Only one dogs barking can ruin near 1km area….
    If you can’t support dogs barking i suggest you to not leave to Spain !!!
    I will think to moved in Dubai :)

    • Vince says:


      I understand completely. I have been looking for a new place to live for a few months. Dogs, dogs, and more dogs. The only thing that comes close is renting with strict prohibition of animals.

      Take my advice, if you have the ability to move, then do so. Only true lovers of peace and quiet understand what you are going through.

      Hang in there. I wish you luck finding a new and quiet place.


    • Catherine Barber says:

      If one is at all noise-sensitive (to anything as well as to dog barking) yes, it’s probably best NOT to choose somewhere like Spain to move to.
      I’ve heard that it’s one of the noisiest places to live in – clearly the Spanish culture revels in noise noise noise (and late into the night too), and anyone who doesn’t go along with this is considered a wuss.
      (One of the reasons I’ve never ever wanted to go to Spain!).

      Even if the Spanish didn’t particularly have a culture of actually loving dogs as the English do (though it sounds like plenty of Spaniards do), they seem pretty noise-insensitive, so the barking is just one more noise mingled into all the rest – so who’s going to care?!
      Only a few sensitive people like some of us.

      And I’ve always preferred cats to dogs anyday. To me it says something about the majority of humans that they could prefer this invasive, noisy, smelly, saliva-drooling, mess-producing animal to a clean, quiet, self-contained cat.

      • S says:

        It’s completely an ego thing. Dogs are needy, and narcissists love the ego-stroking that dogs give them. They call it “love,” but every thinking person knows it isn’t actually love. Dogs will “love” a robot if it feeds them. Dogs have mastered sucking up for survival, and like all living things, they just want to survive.

      • Cam says:

        Catherine, well stated comment. I will make sure not to visit Spain. I didn’t notice a dog problem when in Germany.

      • Vince says:

        You are absolutely right. Dogs are master manipulators, albeit very filthy ones. I saw a customer park in front of our location a couple of weeks ago. Dog was sitting in the front seat. It was drooling over everything. Nasty!

        I would have to say that the majority of people that I know who are dog owners have some sort of frequent sickness. An animal that goes outside to relieve itself and then sits on your furniture afterwords. What could go wrong?

        I will definitely stay away from Spain. Germany is understandable. The people that I have met from Germany are pretty mindful people. Very respectful.

        On another note, I am seriously considering the sound device that was posted on this site to thwart the dog barking until I can find my new home / city to live in. We have some younger people in the area with yes some very loud dogs that seem to be new to the area.

        What I wouldn’t give for a real live Star Trek phaser.

      • MrMAD says:

        Basically all latin countries, in Europe and America alike, are noisy places, even extremely noisy. Not the only ones, but if you want silence, stay away from them.

        Best places to live in silence (in big cities): Japan and Scandinavia.

        • Catherine Barber says:

          Other places to avoid if one’s sound-sensitive:

          I can feel sure that that’s one of the noisier places. And what from I’ve seen or read plenty of Chinese love – and have -dogs.
          Also, on another noise issue: most of the horribly LOUD fireworks that we get now come from China.

          Middle Eastern/North African countries, and India.
          Most of these places also have a culture of loving loud fireworks. And I’ve also noticed that quite a lot of people from these places have pet dogs.

          So, with 24/7 noise, and probably a total lack of anti-noise laws, or the implementation of these – best to steer well clear!
          And stick to well-governed relatively ‘sympathetic’ cultures like in Scandinavia, or ‘well-behaved’ ones like in Japan.

  52. Claudio Pascual says:

    Dog victim here. Nice to find this initiative. Will follow up.


    • MrMAD says:

      Welcome to the blog!

      ps: Just for curiosity I checked where you were from and boy, even in your island you have problem with dogs?! This world is really insane!

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