Dog bite leads to lawsuit against NYC for $2 undecillion

Undecillion dollars claimed by man suing NYC for a dog bite on city bus

A US man has filed a lawsuit over a dog bite, demanding what is believed to be the largest amount of compensation ever – US$2 undecillion

Anton Purisima, 62, a Manhattan resident, is suing New York City, a dog owner, bakery and café chain Au Bon Pain, LaGuardia Airport, Hoboken University Medical Center, a Kmart store, and thousands of others — for two undecillion dollars.

That’s the number “2” followed by 36 zeroes. Written out, it looks like this: $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

A undecillion is one trillion, times one trillion, times one trillion. Times two, in the case of this dog bite victim. All in US Dollars as well.

Mr. Purisima filed a handwritten lawsuit in New York Southern District Court on April 11, 2014, after his middle finger was bitten by a “rabies-infected” dog on a city bus.

The lawsuit claims that additional damages he suffered can’t be repaired by money, and are therefore “priceless damages.” Included in the suit as evidence is a photo of his bloodied finger.

Mr. Purisima is representing himself.

If he wins in what is the largest lawsuit ever filed, Purisima stands to be awarded more money than there is in the world.

Unrelated, but Purisima has previously sued the People’s Republic of China and several major banks including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Wachovia. No words if he had won one of them.

Off course he will Not receive that amount of compensation from a dog bite lawsuit, even by filing it in New York City where all is possible. However, that will hopefully raise the issue on the matter of dogs biting people as a regular occurrence and, even better, that people are biting back hard.

Can you imagine what you could buy after winning 2 undecillion dollars? Better, all from a dog bite lawsuit settlement?

Yes, that is priceless!

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6 Responses to Dog bite leads to lawsuit against NYC for $2 undecillion

  1. S says:

    The amount he’s requesting is obviously absurd and unreasonable, and I wish he hadn’t because it turns the case into a laughingstock when it should instead be taken seriously. Dog bites are serious matters, and this man SHOULD be compensated, although obviously not that much.

    • MrMAD says:


      Several news sites are treating it as a laughingstock, because of the compensation sought, and at the same time making a disdain of the dog bite, a serious issue that originated it all.

      In the end it will depend on a single judge to decide even the merit of the dog bite. And we all know what could happen.

  2. “If he wins in what is the largest lawsuit ever filed, Purisima stands to be awarded more money than there is in the world.”

    Someone cue Janet Yellen… I think she can accommodate.

  3. Janice says:

    I agree with you. He’s making a serious issue into a big fat joke. Wait until the next person that gets bitten by someone else’s dog attempts to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog. Will they laugh him or her out of court by mocking them as just another Purisima follower?

    • Puma says:

      Probably, unless the demand for money is reasonable and not this absurd, off-the-brain number that Purisima decided to spout off. What, did he do this just to spite the courts and those who legitimately demand PEACE, SAFETY, and SILENCE? The man should be compensated, but the number he’s asking for is beyond current means. Does he want them to pay him off little by little until the number has been reached? Is this an artistic stunt to get people to wake up to what’s happening? Is the man just plain stupid? Or is he a genius and the courts are just too plain stupid?

      We’ll never really know. To quote Spock from Star Trek: “No one can guarentee the actions of another.”

  4. I wish I could stand outside the court with signs and chants of support. I can’t afford the ticket to get there, or the time off work!

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