Contaminating Dogs

Dogs – Dirty and Dangerous – Stop Contaminating People!

Dogs contaminate and kill people

Dogs smell. Smell badly. However, I don’t care about that, simply because I’d never get even close of them, much less to feel their aroma. The simple stench of a particular dog doesn’t necessarily make me sick. Or other people’s sick, by the way.

The problem is when the stench is caused by their feces (stop calling it ‘poop’, it’s just for little kids not to learn bad words, sorry ), droppings that are full of highly dangerous contaminants. You may see why I am so sensitive to this issue at “Why? The reasons why I started this website” and understand my sentiments.

“The real danger from dog feces is biological in nature — bacteria and even parasites that can cause a number of serious diseases.”

Dog feces do not ‘smell’ but actually malodor, stench, reek, and stink. All together with dangerous contaminants.

An odor (that we know as a smell) is caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds, generally at a very low concentration, that humans perceive by the sense of olfaction.

In simpler words: when you get to feel the smell of dog feces you are actually breathing diseases, a number of them, actually.

One single gram of dog feces contains over 23 million fecal coliform bacteria along with giardia, salmonella, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and roundworms causing numerous health problems for humans, pets and wildlife.

Beaches, rivers, lakes and parks are often closed because of irresponsible dog owners and their failure to pick up their dog’s crap and this is now compromising the world’s water supply.

With well over 500 million dogs in the world dropping an average of over 200 grams of feces everyday, we get well above of  2.300. contaminants (2 quadrillion and 300 trillions), as listed above,  each and every day! Tell me of a disease’s factory!

“When I did the exit walk through, they had all the doors and windows and garage door open. The tenant said she bleached the garage floor. There was a slight smell, but after closing everything up and coming back to my property after being gone only 2 hours for lunch, I opened the garage door and threw up my lunch.”

Living With a Neighbor who does Not dispose-off his/her ‘pet’

People who live with animals do Not realize how they — both the animal and the owner — smell bad. That is due to a human condition that makes them to get used to those odors, not triggering a threshold level in their brains to alert of the danger. Their homes, clothes, sofas, curtains… the general ‘smell ‘of a house is fetid. Most normal people (the ones who do not live with an animal) can notice that the first second they enter those kinds of houses. Allergic people so, they are lost.

Sure, animal-people may say “it is my house, I do whatever I want, I can let it smell all the way I want, and nobody can tell me the contrary”. They are right. Only to a point.

Fences are not impenetrable shields. Not seeing the poop (“quit peeping through the fence” is their argument) is hardly a remedy for its odor.

As soon as those odors start to travel though walls and fences, like from decaying feces in the porch, decomposing naturally on the grass… It’s no normal dog poop smell. It’s the bad odor of months and months of sitting dog poop. Just visualize a meat eater in a small area that never has $Hit cleaned up.

No one needs to spy on that patio to know what is over there, they can smell for themselves rightly from Their own property.

Good-mannered neighbors — mostly non dog-owners — are forced to keep putting up with this for days, weeks, months or even years, either consecutively or alternatively, still paying their dues, still obeying the law, but not being be able to enjoy their homes, their porches, their gardens, their backyards. A barbecue? Forget it!

When that happens, a matter of Public Health ensues and authorities MUST take immediate action, as soon as they are informed or notice the problem themselves.

Just by being responsible, they would help to:

  • Keep property values increasing, not decaying.
  • Improve overall safety since these offenders many times commit other crimes, even felonies. Police know that very well when they do traffic stops.
  • Reduce local public health costs by helping hospitals not to have to treat too many people affected by a number of diseases, including allergies.
  • Increase the overall nice feeling of a community, what makes people wanting to live there.
  • Due to the above, help with a higher economic activity that brings more commercial taxes from businesses to the city
  • Tourist area? Better advertising for the city everywhere, without having to pay anything for that. What brings even more tourists, let’s not forget..
  • Politicians would get a better profile among voters and get much higher chances of bein re-elected.

All this while bringing MORE REVENUE MONEY for the city.

If Animal Control can’t do even this little, their services are no longer needed.

“Shit happens. Yes, and we are fighting against it”

Dog Feces – a Public Health Matter

There is an excellent paper from The University of Minnesota that treats about dog feces as a Public Health matter, and we take the liberty to list some major findings below.

Is there any human health danger to this practice (using dog’s feces as manure)?
Yes, both dog and cat manure contain organisms that cause human health problems.

What is the hazard in dog manure?
The common large roundworm, called Toxocara canis can also infect humans.

How common is this worm in dogs?
It is estimated that 90% of young puppies are infected with ascarids or large roundworms.

How do humans become infected?
They get the infective eggs in their mouth. The eggs are transferred to mouth by the person’s fingers, food, or other objects contaminated by dog feces.

What kind of symptoms would a person have who is infected by dog worms?
1) A condition called Visceral Larval Migrans. The ascarid eggs hatch in a person’s small intestine. The little worms or larvae get into the blood stream and float to the liver. They migrate in the liver and get to the blood stream that goes to the lungs. Some may enter the general circulation and end up in different parts of the body. They have been found in the human heart, brain, spinal cord, skin, and other tissues. The symptoms would vary depending on where the larvae become attached.

2) Another condition is called Ocular Larval Migrans. The immature ascarid worms or larvae can affect the human eye. The larvae attack the retina and cause blindness. Many eyes of children have had to be removed which until recently was the only treatment for this problem.

How long can ascarid eggs live in the soil?
They can live for many months, or many years depending on soil conditions.

How common are these infections in humans?
Probably more common than the figures show. It’s a difficult disease to specifically diagnose. Physicians are not required to report this disease so there are no accurate statistics. A test in 1978 used by the U.S. Public Health Service on 2,606 human samples showed 30% positive. In a pediatric hospital 37% of all the retinal diseases of children’s eyes were positive for dog ascarid larvae. This is definitely a potential human health hazard.

What problem does cat feces pose as a human health problem?
The principal disease transmissible to humans is called Toxoplasmosis.

What is Toxoplasmosis?
This is an intestinal parasitic disease of cats and other animals. It affects the intestines and other tissues and the cysts are shed in the feces.

How does it affect humans?
It is associated with abortion and malformation of the unborn child in pregnant women. How common is this disease in Wisconsin cats? About 45% of the cats tested at the Central Animal Health Laboratory were positive.

How long do cats spread this organism?
They spread this organism for about 7-10 days after they become infected. They then become resistant, and fewer eggs are shed.

How is Toxoplasmosis spread to humans?
The eggs are usually placed in the mouth by fingers or objects contaminated with cat feces. Garden produce contaminated with cat feces containing infective eggs could be a human health hazard for pregnant women.

With all that and you still want to have a dog? And say it is safe? Well, I say it’s INSANITY!



The University of Minnesota

P.S. – This page is a constant work in progress. The best educational tools come from experience. With your help and expertise we can do anything. We want your feedback, tell us what you think.

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28 Responses to Contaminating Dogs

  1. KaD says:

    And they shit SO MUCH:

    Here’s an example, for ONE dog:

    Poopy will deposit approximately 13,936 pounds of poo and use 13,936 dog poop bags while residing on planet earth, based on the life expectancy, metabolism and weight of a typical Golden Retriever. That’s a lot of dog doo bags.

    By weight, that’s roughly equivalent to 5 Toyota Priuses, 42,230 iPhones, 11,149 Starbucks Venti Lattes, or 30,969 Big Macs. Get scooping!

    And how many people have 2, 3, 4, or more dogs???

    • MrMAD says:

      I almost fell off my chair when I realized it was really a Dog Poop ($@|t) calculator!

      Just got a new one: the English Mastiff, the world’s heaviest breed. More weight means more… $@|t!!!

      English Mastiff – Weight: Between 175 and 250 pounds – will deposit approximately 24,638 pounds (12 tons) of poo and use 12,775 dog poop bags while residing on planet earth, based on the life expectancy, metabolism and weight of a typical Mastiff. What an overachiever!
      By weight, that’s roughly equivalent to 8 Toyota Priuses, 74,661 iPhones, 19,710 Starbucks Venti Lattes, or 54,751 Big Macs. Get scooping!

      Have to update my article. It’s clear that we overly(!) underestimate how polluting dogs are!

      Great addition, KaD!

  2. VioletMaria says:

    Wow, what is wrong with the internal workings of dogs? They don’t compress/compact anything they digest (like a human’s does when they eat ‘right’) They seem to eject(crap) up to 5 times the volume that they actually eat!

    • Brenda says:

      Nothing wrong with the dog it’s the owners feeding them “crap food” literally. If you look at the first ingredient on cheap dog food it’s corn or wheat. These are not ingredients the dog uses. There is a huge difference in the amount and nature of dog poop depending on what it’s feed. When they are fed the RAW diet natural diet and their stomach systems finally heal from years of commercial kibble the amount of poop is half to a third, kinda of a chalky white from eating bones and no odor. The food is all being used.

  3. Warren says:

    OK I got a neighbor who’s throwing dog shit into a big pile in the back of his yard. Which gov agency should I call to report?

    • MrMAD says:

      Well, that is the Health Department but each city, depending on its size, has some kind of people responsible for it. Garbage collection, city coding, other ordinances.

      Perhaps the best idea would be going to your local representative and explaining the matter to them. Hopefully they could direct you not just to the right department but actually to the right person, but in this case only if live in small cities.

      Make it clear that this is a serious health matter anyway. Good luck.

  4. Jane Schroeder says:

    There are way too many all kinds of dogs fanatics in america. Me and my famly are sick and tired of being constantly harassed by the “mutts and nuts” as you very appropriately call them.

  5. Laurel says:

    Dogs spread a huge number of serious diseases that can even cause… DEATH!!!

    If that’s not enough to convince dog lovers about the dangers they pose to them and anyone around then nothing will.

    Great blog yuo have there. We need more people like you Mr. MAD!

  6. Jeff says:

    I am happy to see people are starting to pay attention to the dangers of dog poo.

    Think about this, if you walk your dog where other dogs poo then guess what? More times than not your dog will step in the left over dog poo from other dogs. Then what? You bring your dog inside, they walk on the floors, the lay on the couch, they lay on your bed etc. The ONLY way to fix this problem is to keep the poo off the ground, period!

    I invented a new device that does exactly that. It’s a light weight portable device that catches the poo before it hits the ground. Comes with a LED flashlight and 15 bags. Retail price is $19.95. Check it out at:

  7. S says:

    Thank you for such great information, Mr. MAD. By the way, did you know that there is some research indicating that dog pathogens cause breast cancer as well?

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks, S. Both for the tip and the compliment. I really like these “medical stuff” as we can be even more convincing.

      No, I didn’t know dogs can cause breast cancer. I heard runours before but not a well written professional article on the problem. Will carefully read it soon.

      Thanks again.

      • S says:

        You’re very welcome. Notice that the article says the research is “controversial.” How absurd is that?! Why should scientific inquiry of any sort be controversial? And you know it would not be if the animal in question were ANY species but dog.

    • D says:

      I read about this also, and was totally disgusted. Why would someone even take a chance on getting cancer just to have a stupid dog…dogs are the worst.

      • S says:

        Someone in an internet forum commented that he did an image search on all the celebrities he could think of who were known to have breast cancer… and as I recall he reported that every one of them, or nearly every one, could be found pictured holding a dog!

        I haven’t checked for myself, but I believe it!

        • S says:

          Just for kicks and giggles, I did a very cursory search myself just now:

          The following two sites list 21 famous women who have had breast cancer:

          The 21 women are:
          Cynthia Nixon
          Sheryl Crow
          Edie Falco
          Kylie Minogue
          Elizabeth Edwards
          Robin Roberts
          Jaclyn Smith
          Christina Applegate
          Melissa Etheridge
          Diahann Carroll
          Olivia Newton-John
          Carly Simon
          Dame Maggie Smith
          Suzanne Somers
          Gloria Steinem
          Giuliana Rancic
          Hoda Kotb
          Judy Blume
          Kathy Bates
          Nancy Reagan
          Wanda Sykes

          Of these 21, a full TWO-THIRDS (14) can be found pictured with dogs (in most cases holding the dogs closely) in a quick Google Images search. The fourteen are:

          Sheryl Crow
          Edie Falco
          Kylie Minogue
          Robin Roberts
          Jaclyn Smith
          Christina Applegate
          Melissa Etheridge
          Olivia Newton-John
          Carly Simon
          Gloria Steinem
          Hoda Kotb
          Kathy Bates
          Nancy Reagan
          Wanda Sykes

          According to the site I listed earlier ( ), “From a group of 69 women with breast cancer who consulted on immunotherapy, they found that 26 patients (37%) had a dog at the time of consultation and throughout the previous 10 years. Using data collected for a public opinion poll held locally, the researchers found 1320 age-matched controls, of whom 195 (14.8%) had dogs.”

          In this search of 21 celebrities, the number of breast cancer patients with dogs is close to double that cited in the research (67% vs. 37%). The sample size (21) is fairly small, though. This is certainly not conclusive proof of anything, but it is noteworthy in my opinion.

        • Malmo says:

          That,s interesting, really interesting. Please share the link if you could.

          • S says:

            I don’t remember where I saw that. It might have been on Dog Haters Unite, which has been bullied into nonexistence by the dog nutters.

  8. MrMAD says:

    Lick of death: Woman contracts serious illness after ‘kissing’ her dog

    A 70-year-old British Caucasian woman developed a serious infection caused by a simple lick of her dog being then treated for Capnocytophaga canimorsus septicaemia. She suddenly fainted and only after 30 minutes was found unconscious by paramedics in her house and sent to hospital. The source of bacteraemia was very likely to be her household pet, an Italian greyhound.

    Initially, doctors thought the case of epilepsy, but after four days of hospitalization, with diarrhea, confusion and fever, the case has worsened. Investigations showed infection by the bacterium Capnocytophaga canimorsus present in some species gums of dogs and cats.

    The patient presented with a presumed complex partial seizure but deteriorated rapidly with sepsis and multiorgan dysfunction. Neither scratch nor bite was established, although close petting including licks was reported. Blood cultures grew Gram-negative rods, identified by molecular techniques as C. canimorsus—a bacterium frequently isolated in the oral cavities of dogs and cats. A full recovery was made but only after weeks of intensive care support and broad-spectrum antibiotics. No underlying immune dysfunction was found.

    British Medical Journal

    Yeah, a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. (NOT)

    • S says:

      This sort of thing happens more often than people realize. There are cases of humans losing limbs and noses after minor puncture wounds contaminated with dog saliva (read: dog bites, and I don’t mean necessarily major mauling, just a small prick). There was a story of a little girl in the U.K. who went blind in one eye after contact with pathogens in dog poop left on a playground.

      DOGS ARE FILTHY AND THEY CAUSE DISEASE. When will people wake up and smell the dog crap?

      What’s especially disturbing is the major push to allow dogs into hospitals, sometimes as “therapy” dogs, sometimes simply as pets to “say goodbye” to their owners.

      This is pure madness. If dog pathogens can do this to a person who reportedly had “no underlying immune dysfunction,” just think of the havoc they can wreak on hospital patients.

      When, oh when, will the insanity end?

      • MrMAD says:


        Beyond that, the plural form, you said it all.

        I remember that little girl’s case:

        Thirteen yo girl inadvertently ingested a parasite spread by animal (dog) faeces, called Toxocara, which can contaminate the soil in gardens, parks and even playgrounds. The roundworm eggs hatch into larvae that penetrate through the walls of the digestive tract and can also migrate to the eyes and cause serious sight problems, even several years later from when the parasite was ingested.

        Toxocara parasite, already described at Diseases Transmitted by Dogs that Make Humans Ill

        Or a brief:


        Toxocariasis is a rare infection caused by roundworm parasites (Toxocara). It is spread from animals to humans via their infected faeces.

        Ocular larva migrans is the least common but potentially most serious type of toxocariasis. The condition can develop if the roundworm parasites move into the eyes.

        The main symptoms of ocular larva migrans are blurred or cloudy vision and irritation of the eyes. Left untreated, ocular larva migrans can result in permanent vision loss, although only one eye is usually affected.

        It affects around 50 people a year (in the UK only) and usually affects young children.

        Source: National Health Service (NHS)