Barking Dogs

Barking Dogs – The Source of Strong Noise Pollution

Barking Dogs? Silence, please! No barking. Barking dogs are extremelly annoying. Chronic barking (including whining, howling, whimpering, yelping) is more than one barking episode per day with no emergency present or dogs barking at everything and anything too much and too often.

Dog barking is the number one nuisance complaint in neighborhoods. Constant barking is puppy behavior from dogs that have not been trained and socialized properly.

“It is not about being anti-dog,
just anti-noise pollution.”

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons such as fear, abandonment, illness, frustration, attention, anger, abuse and most often, boredom.

The major reason dogs bark uncontrollably is because their owners allow them. Their not responsible owners enclose their dogs on small properties or on ropes or chains, leave them unattended for long periods of time, do not feed or water them adequately, and do not give them enough attention, exercise, supervision or socialization.

Barking dogs’ owners have failed to make the effort to train and socialize their dogs or care for them properly because they are too apathetic, lazy or stupid. This creates unnecessary noise pollution which affects the peace and enjoyment of neighborhood environments, health of victims, a serious issue that has become an overwhelming human rights issue worldwide.

Problems created by barking noise pollution:

  • Individual human health decline
  • Lifestyle disruption
  • Decline in property values
  • Animal health decline
  • Violence towards dog, owner
  • Violence towards the victim by the criminal.


All parts involved can and should do their fair share of the problem. Victims, Offenders, Public Servants. However, victims of barking dogs should never expect someone else to take care of their own problems.

“The problem of animal control is a worldwide issue. It’s time we fight together for our right towards a safer, peaceful environment.”


• Why does barking drive people mad?

Constant exposure to the sound of barking really can induce extreme physical and psychological distress.

The reason for this lies in your autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls core body functions such as your heart rate and breathing.

When you hear a sudden, sharp noise, the sound waves are transmitted to the brain, which interprets them as a potential threat.

The brain then sends signals to the ANS, and we start to feel tense — leading, typically, to an increased heart rate and higher blood pressure.

If a dog barks once or twice, there is no harm done. Our heart rate and blood pressure return to normal. But if the noise is continual, every time that dog barks, your ANS repeatedly fires up, and this starts to have an impact on your endocrine system, which is the collection of glands that release hormones throughout your body.

Your brain tells the adrenal glands to release adrenaline, which is the hormone that prepares your body either to take flight or fight in the face of any threat.

In addition, the pituitary gland can release the hormone called corticotropin, which in turn causes the adrenal cortex to release corticosteroids, which make your body more sensitive to the effects of all that adrenaline.

By now, instead of lying back and wondering how many sausages you are going to burn on the barbecue, you are a cocktail of hormones that is causing you not only to feel anxious, but also immensely angry.

So angry to the point of commiting otherwise unthinkable acts.

• What VICTIMS of Barking Dogs Can Do:

Many of you being victimized by dog barking noise pollution are hesitant to fight for your rights towards a peaceful environment. However, whether you know it or not, you ARE fighting – for your health and sanity. The bad dog owners have waged a war with their inconsiderate, anti-social  behavior and to ignore them is allowing domestic terrorism to continue. You have the right to a peaceful, bark-free environment on your own property and within your own home.

1. Contact police or animal control for information on local ordinances regarding barking dogs. Ask for procedural advice and if they give advice, follow due-process steps.

2. Contact bad dog owner either in-person or anonymously at least once in writing. No more than twice or you might be accused of harassment or stalking due to the warped sense of bad dog owner judgment. Be prepared, they will always try to pose as the victims, so you have to be careful.

3. Keep records of all bad dog owner contact, specially confrontations if any. Record on video with your cellphone or digital camera, or record the audio with a hidden voice recorder, whenever possible.

4. Keep a dog log of barking episodes. Although we understand this further victimize the victim, currently it’s all we have for evidence without law enforcement taking due responsibility and doing their jobs accordingly. No other assault victim must keep a log of the abuse.

5. Call the police every time the dog barks so it’s on record. Let the dispatch know you want the officers to come to your house to speak with you personally after they investigate the dog noise (unless you prefer anonymity, which leads to a very low effectiveness). Otherwise, the police will often drive by the house, not bother even getting out of their cars, drive away, and file a report that no dogs were barking.

6. If possible and if you’re comfortable with, find neighbors to support you, especially in the case of multiple neighbor requirements regarding barking dogs. This is quite difficult to obtain since most neighbors do not want to get involved, even though they are suffering in silence.

7. Video recording barking episodes with date and time as well as a radio statin on the background to provide you with more authenticity. This serves as evidence for future legal procedures

Posting videos on YouTube for all to see has had some effect to curb bad dog owner behaviors, and overt vs. discreet recording sends a clear message! This is usually a sign you are gathering evidence for a lawsuit. However, do NOT publicly identify the neighbor on the video, like with his name, face or address. Many judges will disregard this evidence as if you have publicly harassed him, and even get him to sue You instead! Insane, but true.

8. If bad dog owners are renters, contact the owner or manager of the building.

9. If bad dog owners are living in a gated community or subject to neighborhood covenants, contact the governing committee.

10. Contact a lawyer and have this professional write a firm letter to the bad dog owners. This is costly, but effective. A second letter may be required, but not more than this. Hopefully you won’t even have to proceed and formally sue that criminal in a court of law. A good number of bad dog owners will be afraid of the high costs involved and will comply with the lawyer requests.

11. Write letters to the local newspaper, city council, city mayor,and/or county commissioners demanding better animal control and enforcement.

12. Join anti-barking dog lists and become an activist for better dog control and ownership requirements.

13. Work with city and county councils to update and create effective dog barking ordinances. Or better, become a city or county council member!

14. Report the bad dog owners to various websites fighting pet abuse.

15. Contact politicians who have supported, in the USA, the “Quiet Communities Act” HR 2895 of 2005 and insist the act be resurrected and dog noise be added as a source of noise pollution.

Dogs Barking – A Public Health Issue

16. Some victims have experienced great satisfaction from “nuisance retaliation”. We know of one woman who sends her daughter out with cymbals to march along the fence line banging away “clearing the air”. Another victim, after no response from law enforcement, rigged a car horn to a pole on his property connected to a push button.

The horn was honked as often and as long as the dogs barked. Since the bad dog owners just had a new baby, they asked him if he would stop the noise as it kept waking the child. They finally moved.

Yet another victim sent his young daughter outside to practice her clarinet. He claims she was a beginner. Weed whackers early in the morning, unmuffled lawn mowers, Jingle Bells barked by dogs over loud speakers, rap music…. The risk is the police showing up on YOUR doorstep, but sometimes you do what you need to do to make a point. Be prepared to risk the consequences.

“Chronic sleep deprivation can reduce your body’s resistance to infection and increase your risk of for more serious medical conditions,” said Dr. Teofilo L. Lee-Chiong Jr., a professor of medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver and the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. “There are many consequences of disturbed sleep, such as impairments in attention, memory, response time and performance, increased risk of falls, and greater use of healthcare resources,” he added.

17. Last “easy” option, you should move. As a renter, this mobile freedom might be the only worthwhile solution unless you end up living next to another barking dogs. The problem is, due to lack of adequate controls, they are all over. As a home owner – easier said than done, right? Who will buy your house next to a barking dog? Will you be required to disclose the barking dog to prospective owners? How will this lower the property value (as if it’s not already low enough due to the barking problem)? A lot, and you are the only one to suffer the financial loss consequences. Not your criminal neighbor.

18. Get an anti-barking device with enough power to at least mitigate your misery. With this worldwide epidemic a growing number of people are taking the matter literally in their hands. They are called “anti-barking devices” with a number of different brands. Some equipment, like the cheaper ones, work well for some people, but not for most. You will only know if you try them. Even more desperate people are getting to a point of buying really powerful, highly sophisticated equipment that conditions the hellhounds to not bark anymore after a few days or weeks. This is due to an “invisible force” that only the dog can notice, totally imperceptible by the owner. Obviously these equipment are not cheap but who are at the point of losing their sanity do not care about this expense.

19. Killing the barking dogs. No, we do Not recommend that, You would go to jail for that, not the real criminal. Yes, that is crazy. Laws nowadays protect more dogs than tax-paying citizens. However, over-desperate people are doing this regardless of any consequences since there were no other recourses left for them. Any veterinarian can confirm you that.

Always keep in mind irresponsible that dog owners are known for their sociopathic mental illness including symptoms such as, but not limited to, aggression, paranoia, and entitlement delusions. They have been known to attack and even kill complainants with little provocation.

” The problem of canine noise pollution still exists and won’t go away until laws are changed. And enforced.”

• What OFFENDERS — Bad Dog Owners — Should Do

1. Understand and recognize that YOU are the problem and YOU have created the behavior problems of your animals. No one is blaming your dog. It is YOU we are blaming because YOU are the responsible party.

2. Train your hounds of hell not to bark without proper emergency stimulus. Below are useful websites for basic instruction.

3. Buy a no-bark electronic device, collar, or muzzle and use it.

4. Hire dog-sitters or take the belligerent, spoiled, (or) abused dogs to doggie day care rather than leaving them alone.

5. Lock the dogs in the house, close the curtains so they are not sensitive to light and movement, and sound proof the walls.

6. Do not add another dog. It’s ignorant to assume two dogs won’t cause twice the noise. Dogs have been conditioned to rely on humans for companionship, not each other.

7. Do not respond to bark-harassed victims who ask for your cooperation to mitigate the problem with any of these comments:

* Dogs are good for security.
(Dogs are NOT good for security. At all. Over five million dogs are stolen each year and those are the ones reported. Others are killed.

It’s ludicrous to imagine a dog could be an effective security device when it can’t even protect itself. Barking noise camouflages vandalism noise and creates a distraction advantageous to criminal activity. Neighbors forced to call the police because your dog is a nuisance detracts police away from other criminal activity. Electronic security devices are much more effective, cost efficient and less work than a dog. A chronic barking dog creates a safety issue (while actually reducing real safety against burglars and other criminals) for surrounding homes in the neighborhood. Barking when there is no security risk present is like calling 911 for fun and that is illegal.)

* My dogs don’t bark any more than other neighborhood dogs.
(YOU are responsible for YOUR own dog, other neighborhood dogs are not the source of the problem your dog is causing. It’s not because some people are also committing crimes that you could do the same. It’s junior high immaturity to blame someone else for your own bad behavior.)

* If [factory, industry, construction, airplanes, motorcycles, cars, kids, church bells (!)…] can be noisy, so can my dogs.
(Car alarms are not allowed to go off continuously or intermittently, neither should your dog. Car horns aren’t allowed to blare all day long disturbing the peace, so shouldn’t your dog. Construction is temporary. Airplanes and cars are momentary. If you don’t like traffic, airplanes or industry noise then support “Quiet Communities Act HR2895”, but your dog noise isn’t allowed to contribute to the already overwhelming noise of modern society.)

* My dogs have to bark, they can’t be trained.
(Your dogs can be barked trained if you would take the time and make the effort. A useful dog is one that only barks to signal an emergency rather than barking constantly for no reason other than boredom. Play barking for recreation or communication may be monitored and controlled with your guidance, attention and effort at appropriate times in appropriate places. Bark training will help the dog understand when it is acceptable to bark. Search the websites listed below for tips or hire a dog trainer.) Can you still say your dog can not be trained not to bark? Then the only solution is have the animal to get a debarking surgery, at your expense.

* Dogs bark. Barking is what dogs do.
(Barking is what dogs do when they need attention or are being neglected or abused. YOU have conditioned, trained and encouraged your dog to bark and YOU are responsible for this behavior. When you leave them alone for long periods of time, don’t train or socialize them so they feel secure and/or don’t care for them properly, they are vocalizing their boredom, nervousness, anger, frustration or pain. If you do not have the time, patience or intelligence to care for your dog properly, give it to someone who does.)

* You are stalking/harassing us.
(NO, we are NOT stalking or harassing you in any way, shape or form – we are ONLY asking for your cooperation and we only ask YOU to stop harassing AND assaulting US with YOUR dog’s noise. Your paranoia assumes we care about your life outside your anti-social behavior. We don’t.)

8. Understand most barking victims are not stupid enough to believe your ridiculous arguments. We all hear the same excuses.

9. Get psychological counseling. Your obvious sociopathic behaviors, paranoia and anger management issues have gone unchecked long enough and need to be monitored.

10. Recognize that you are NOT the victim, your neighbors are. You are the PROBLEM.

“Barking noise camouflages vandalism noise and creates a distraction advantageous to criminal activity.”

Noise Nuisance Laws:

The first thing a person victimized by dog bark noise pollution need to do is obtain copies of your local nuisance ordinances.

Read them carefully and assess wording for loopholes. Here are a few red flags to watch for that indicate lack of law enforcement and a desire to avoid the issues. If one or more of the following exists in your area, you’re more likely to succeed like hiring a good, and expensive, lawyer, or getting an anti-barking device with enough power to at least mitigate your misery. These absurd requirements are:

*Multiple neighbor requirements – the ordinance expects a minimum of two or three people of different households to collaborate and file individual complaints. This can also be worded as “…any sound which can disturb reasonable persons…”. See the plural? This is a requirement of more than one person. Now how many people want to get involved with an aggressive dog owner with a pitbull? Rottweiler? Doberman? Or any dog showing aggressive behavior including barking? Most dog assault victims are by nature easy-going, not wanting to rock the boat, nor wanting to create bad feelings among people they live near. Do you want to go out and round-up support for the next neighborhood war? You’d end up as popular as the bad dog owners. What about proximity? The person living ten feet away from the barking dog will be clearly more disturbed than those one hundred feet away. This is a loophole designed to shut down your every effort at safety, peace and quiet.

*Personal contact or mediation with bad dog owner – Yes, you are expected to walk through their dog-infested property and knock on their door so they can scream and verbally abuse you. Bad dog owners have been known to sick their vicious dogs on complainants and in some cases, have become so enraged they have shot or killed the complainant. Is there a reason law enforcement cannot do its job? Mediation, on the other hand, is you required to sit with a criminal who uses his/her property (dog) as an assault weapon clearly demonstrating anti-social and aggressive behavior. You are expected to reason with him or her. Would this be required in a murder case? Rape? Vandalism? Burglary? Any other kind of assault? NO!

*Minute requirements – the ordinance requires the dog to bark continuously for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. First, what does the word “continuously” mean to a defense attorney? Probably “no breathing.” Dogs by nature bark in patterns and every dog is different. Some will bark with natural breathing stops and others will bark intermittently all day long. Both are equally detrimental to the well-being of the victim. More importantly, if the dog barks for 9 minutes straight and takes a 10 second rest, time starts over. This is all-day barking. Multiply that by the number of dogs in your vicinity. Barking is then legally allowed 24/7.

*Vague vocabulary – “reasonable”, “disturbing”. These words are constantly fought in Superior Court as unconstitutional as each person’s definition may be different. Have them replaced with more specific phrasing “noise loud enough to be heard off the owner’s property” or “more than two barking episodes per day”. These standards can be easily quantified and witnessed by law enforcement officers.

“Barking dogs provoke long-term disease due to altered, interrupted night sleep. Even rats don’t bring such problem.”


• What PUBLIC SERVANTS — Authorities — Must Do

All Public Servants — Animal Control Personnel, Police Officers, City Representatives, Law Judges — must do is to ensure the well-being of all citizens, the collectivity of the population in their area, Not to play dumb or, worse, Not to side with criminals just because their personal preferences are similar.

City Representatives, for example, are *elected* by the populace they oath to serve. They must create And enforce laws and ordinances that are clear to understand and enforce. They must require that all expenses regarding dog ownership are fully paid by those dog owners, with increased fees and hefty penalties for the offenders. Think for a second, work a little, and you will be making a killing on getting new funds — meaning money! — from licensing, vaccination, penalties for first-time offenders, triple the penalties for second timers, and several others. We will talk about that ahead. Look at what yo gain: New money that was not available before!!!

Police Officers are *hired* by the people they also oath to serve *and* protect. Their most basic obligation is to enforce the law, to protect who are being victimized, Not to protect the criminals. Yes, noise disturbance IS a crime and must be made ceased. That’s not your choice, not your prerogative. It’s widely known that crime attracts more crime, and they always start with small things, a few here, a few there, and then you have an epidemic of crime. One of them is noise pollution by barking dogs. By reducing these problems you would be much more respected and admired by all people, something that is not happening a lot today.

Animal Control Personnel receive public funds for their services, which are to “control” animals, not “catering” for them. Actually, Animal Control Personnel obligation is to protect citizens from problems caused by animals, not the opposite as is happening today. They should be more pro-active, from the beginning to the end. Take all complaints with seriousness. To obey and enforce laws and city ordinances. At a minimum. Otherwise, your ‘services’ are not necessary.

Law Judges must decide based on the Law of Justice, no doubt about it, but something is lacking lately: basic common sense. We expect all Judges to be honest, professional and competent with their decisions. We expect them to see who is the real criminal and who is the real victim, not to turn this vision up-side-down. We expect judges to set examples to pre-criminals (those irresponsible dog owners not yet prosecuted and convicted) by imposing hefty fines and extended prison times for the offenders, not to let the criminal to freely keep on terrorizing the community. We expect judges to act with the same celerity when problems affecting victims as well as when other problems affect the judges themselves.

Is that asking too much? No.

“Barking is an assault upon the human psyche
and should be treated as an assault at
every stage.”


Ideal “Anti Barking Nuisance” model:

1. Education as prevention. How many dog owners know the nuisance ordinances? Prior to licensing, all dog owners should be expected to know and understand the local laws regarding their animals. This should be a signed document usable in a court of law.

2. Proper licensing with mandatory spay/neutering, vaccinations, health certificates, and microchipping requirements.

3. Clear, easily understood, written nuisance law with single person disturbance reference and no minute requirements.

4. Clear protocol for terms of enforcement including law enforcement investigation and officer witnessing procedures, citation scale for first, second and third offenses, impoundment procedures, and repeat offender consequences. Dog logs are to be kept by the complainant only if officers are unable to witness the dog(s) barking.

5. The system should be structured to pay for itself with offenders paying fines comparable to costs of managing the entire system from preventative education to impoundment and euthanization.

Websites and References:


Lighthouse Woods
Quiet Tasmania

Dog Training:

Dog Problem Solutions
Dog Owner’s Guide
The Dog’s Best Friend Dogs
Squidoo Animals

P.S. – This page is a work in progress. Please come back soon or leave a comment below that we will inform you of any major updates.

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34 Responses to Barking Dogs

  1. KaD says:

    As an addendum I thought you might like to see this:

    Everyone who lives in the City of Canby has the right and expectation to be able to use their back yards, work in their gardens, enjoy a summer evening on their deck, or sleep peacefully through the night. No individual should have to worry about whether they will be able to sleep or enjoy their home because of a neighbor’s dog.

    If you know that your dog has a tendency to bark at a neighbor, charge the fence, or engage in other inappropriate noise behaviors, FIX IT!

  2. S says:

    ONE bark from a dog can wake a sleeping neighbor, and many people have difficulty getting back to sleep after being awakened.

    Letting your dog bark even once is like going up to your neighbor’s window and banging cymbals. Just once is rude and can be detrimental to the neighbor’s health, sanity, productivity, job security, and so on.

    Your dog does not need to bark. Your neighbor DOES need to sleep. Or study, or focus, or just enjoy their home or yard in peace.

    • MrMAD says:

      S, with your permission, I’d like to include some of our comments below in my list of quotes. They are wise words and people should listen.

      “Your dog does not need to bark. Your neighbor DOES need to sleep.”

      “ONE bark from a dog can wake a sleeping neighbor”

    • MrMAD says:

      S, with your permission, I’d like to include some of our comments, below in my list of quotes. They are wise words and people should listen.

      “Your dog does not need to bark. Your neighbor DOES need to sleep.”

      “ONE bark from a dog can wake a sleeping neighbor”

  3. KaD says:

    Our idiot neighbor had a robobarker when we moved in two years ago-in that time I never ONCE saw them walk the dog, play with it, or pick up after it. It might as well have been a sack of rocks for all the concern they showed it-why have the dog at all??? No wonder it barked a lot. I called Animal Control every time it woke me up or kept me from getting to sleep-if you don’t like it take care of your dog. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to get a dog. No one has a gun to your head now forcing you to keep it.

    • S says:

      Someone I know who lives alone in an apartment and works all day, got a new dog… and routinely came home to complaints from the neighbors about the barking. He was all like, “what can I do about it?”

      I wanted to slap him — how about not having a dog if you can’t control it? If you can’t give it the attention it needs, and prevent it from torturing the neighbors for hours and hours all day, then don’t get a dog. That’s what you can do about it. A dog is not a necessity.

      If you choose to have a dog, you choose the responsibility of making sure it doesn’t disturb the neighbors. It’s that simple. Yet these people think that they are completely helpless to avoid bothering the neighbors!

      And there are lots of things you can do. Many dog owners think of their dogs as their babies — okay then, treat it like your child and take it to daycare when you’re not around to take care of it. Get an anti-barking collar (if it works). Get de-barking surgery, and don’t give me some lame excuse about it making the dog sound unnatural. (If the dog is neutered or spayed, or vaccinated, it’s already unnatural. Better to sound unnatural than to sound disturbing to everyone on the other side of the wall anyway, right?) Train your dog not to bark. Hire a professional dog trainer if you need to — they can do that. There are plenty of resources. Don’t just sit there and act like you’re helpless to take care of the problem that you voluntarily created.

  4. KaD says:

    THIS is how LOUD dogs can be:

    Pet dog credited with having loudest woof in the world at ear-splitting 113 decibels
    Charlie’s record-breaking bark is as loud as a rock concert
    The golden retriever is louder than a pneumatic drill or a jet taking off

    Yeah, like I really want to be this dogturd’s neighbor. NOT.

    • MrMAD says:

      That mutt so broke the previous world record of 108 decibels that was already unbeliavable loud (and annoying!). With 113 decibels this last dog’s bark is roughly 50% louder than his predecessor! See how loud (and health damaging it is) here Decibel Levels of Dog Barking – Loudly Unhealthy.

      Did you notice the ad on the mutt’s neck? Of course you did. That type of companies are promoting nothing less than noise pollution at it best (or worse).

      One commenter made a smart remark and obviously got the worst ratings:

      “There should be a law passed that all loud dogs have their vocal cords removed at birth.”

      I support that!!!

      • KaD says:

        That would be ALL dogs then. I think dogs canine teeth should be pulled too. They’re not ripping a deer apart for food anymore and too often rip people apart instead.

        • S says:

          I agree. It is routine to spay/neuter dogs at a young age, and nobody considers this inappropriate. Yet people object to surgical de-barking or de-fanging, which are much more important to making the dogs safe for a civilized society.

          They are also LESS of a violation of the dog’s innate integrity. All living things live for the purpose of reproduction, from a biological standpoint. Spaying/neutering deny dogs this basic biological life purpose. Removing their canine teeth and/or vocal cords does not.

          So, it is hypocritical and inconsistent for anyone to advocate routine spay/neuter practices but to object to de-barking/de-fanging as a violation of a dog’s supposed rights.

          • MrMAD says:

            You make excellent points here, S. Deserving of a new article.

          • S says:

            Thank you!

            I should have mentioned that I’m certainly not advocating that dogs go without being spayed or neutered!

            It’s just that even dog lovers understand that this is a worthwhile practice in order to have dogs live well in a civilized society. But the same is true when it comes to preventing biting and barking.

            Having dogs behave well, and be harmless to humans, is more important than their “right” to bark or their non-existent “need” for sharp teeth when they do not have to hunt.

    • S. D. Martin says:

      Re: KaD’s post about the world’s loudest dog…I’m also glad I don’t live anywhere near it–England is close enough! ha ha And the white-trash owner looks SO PROUD of her noisy crapping billboard for Purina. Having this dubious distinction is NOT something to be proud of…

  5. Puma says:

    Here’s an example of a terrible system for Animal Control and it must be changed. Feel free to click on the complaints sections. You’ll find that it fits the bill with everything said here.

    If there’s any of you in this particular city, THESE “LAWS” MUST CHANGE. ASAP.

    • Peace says:

      SECTION 11. Public Nuisance.
      A. No owner or possessor of an animal shall fail to exercise sufficient care and control of his or her animal to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance. The owner of any public nuisance animal shall be in violation of this Ordinance, regardless of the knowledge, intent or culpability of the owner.
      B. The Division of Animal Control, the County Judge or Special Magistrate may require remedial measures in lieu of or in addition to fines for public nuisance animals. Remedial measures shall be indicated on uniform citation forms, notices to appear, or Court Orders. Proofofcompliance shall rest with the animal owner.
      C. An officer may investigate complaints hereunder and may require two or more affidavits from property owners or possessors in different households attesting to the facts establishing a violation prior to issuance of a notice of violation. Said witnesses shall be required to appear at any subsequent hearings on the matter.
      D. An animal is a public nuisance when it:
      Is repeatedly found at large (four (4) or more times); or
      Chases or molests vehicles (four (4) or more times); or
      Chases or molests passers-by (four (4) or more times); or
      Spreads trash or garbage on premises other than those of the owner or possessor (four (4) or more times); or
      Excretes feces on property not belonging to the Owner or Possessor ofthe animal, and the Owner or Possessor of the animal fails to remove the waste. This offense and may shown by a witness affidavit from property owner(s). Said witnesses
      shall be required to appear at any subsequent hearings on the matter.
      Is a feral or domestic animal or wildlife which has been encouraged by feeding, protecting, or other means, to breed or to congregate in inhabited areas.
      It shall be a violation of this Ordinance for any person in possession of real property to allow frequent, repetitive, or continuous howling, barking, squawking, or other noises made by an animal which disturbs or interferes with the peace, comfort, or repose or any property owner or possessor. Disturbance or interference shall be viewed objectively, based on all relevant circumstances, and without regard for the time of day or night. Such sounds made by livestock on land properly zoned to allow the keeping of livestoek, and such sounds made in pet shops, grooming parlors, kennels, and dog day cares licensed under and in compliance with this Ordinance or other applicable laws, shall be exempt under this subsection. It is an affirmative defense under this subsection to claim the animal was intentionally provoked to make such noise by any person. This subsection shall not abrogate, supersede, or affect the independent enforcement of any other provision of this Ordinance concerning noise.
      It shall be a violation of this Ordinance for any person to refuse or fail to surrender an animal or carcass of a dead animal upon lawful demand by an officer

      • MrMAD says:

        Hi, Peace. Nice name for this blog.

        We are aware of the existence of the many ordinances available out there. The one you provide is reasonable, however far away from the basic minimum. I highlighted a few points above, including my comments below.

        Anyway, the most important issue is that not even those basic ordinances are enforced, bylaws are not followed. If they were respected then we would have a much better place and not too many would hate dogs as they do today.

        Some points are quite vague and thus extremely difficult for the victim to prove AND for Animal Control or a judge to accept.

        Other points put the burden on the victim, again, and still try to preclude compliance since other residents may not be subjected to the same levels of attacks. Worst, most people don’t want to get involved, either with fear of retaliation or due to the waste of time and money (lost wages) of going to court repeated times.

        To summarize, a *real* ordinance must be fair to the *victim*, not to the criminal (yes, barking, littering, biting… are *crimes*, not just *nuisance*, not just *a minor annoyance*).

        There are clever people drafting real-life ordinances out there (no, not me). You will see them soon.

        • Puma says:

          That ordinance is reasonable… but not strict enough when dog freaks are involved. There are only too few cities with very strict rules regarding dogs. My city isn’t strict, unfortunately, as the link I posted up a while back clearly exposes. When we’re through and we expose the hidden industry to those who are unaware of it, it’ll be like the tobacco industry all over again. Say NO to dogs, kids!

  6. Susan says:

    In reference to the neighbor’s reply about his barking dog: “what can I do about it?” — so totally typical of these asswipe owners. Throwing the issue back at you, like it’s YOUR problem. They need to FIX the problem and immediately isn’t soon enough. I’m having this issue AGAIN myself. AGAIN with a jerk owner, AGAIN with animal control and laws that favor the owners so much it’s ridiculous. AGAIN with the ludicrous time limits they give to the owner. TEN days to stop the barking? What the hell for? It takes TEN MINUTES to buy an antibark collar. Animal control is useless. They throw the problem back at me too. I must sign a complaint under perjury. I don’t want this drug-dealing lowlife to know it’s me and he doesn’t need to know. The barking is waking me up. That’s all he needs to know. The initial letter usually does nothing. The owner ignores it and the barking will go on until he gets the notice to appear in court. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. It’s all a big joke to these assholes. Then when someone just can’t take it anymore and kills or takes the dog, or lets it loose or whatever, all the sympathy is for the dog and owner, with no thought at all that if the owner had kept the dog quiet, none of it would have happened. I just moved from a barking dog and now this — another barking dog. I didn’t move because of the last barker, but I’m not moving. It probably won’t help anyway. These people are everywhere. This time I’m fighting all the way. The laws here are stricter than most even if they do take months and from what I’ve read, in the end, the judge will order the dog removed if the owner refuses to comply. I hope so.

    • MrMAD says:

      All the best for you in your new place, Susan.

      Those people are really everywhere: big cities, small towns, rural areas, suburban communities, working people neighborhoods, affluent gated districts… you name it. Moving may be the solution but only in a few cases, like here. Otherwise, only fighting back – with all resources available – will bring us the peace, safety and overall well being that we civil people deserve.

      You mention the neighbor throwing the issue back at you, like it’s your problem. Susan, they always do it, pretending they are the Victim! what is way far from the truth. Just a basic characteristic you will always face, including when in a court of law. Personal experience.

      The best and maybe the only way to counter that behavior (when you have to reply) is to armed with all the info you could gather. This site has a good number of them on the Excuses from dog owners page, which could help many of us when confronted with this situation.

      Above I say “when you have to reply” to an ODOr for example when you’re in a court of law and the ODOr keep spelling his lies (and the judge listening, almost in tears) but most times it’s better just to make your point clearly, with a strong statement, never with a question, and then leave. If you keep arguing, the discussion may never end, or end badly. I’m sure you understand.

      Please let us know what happens.

  7. peter says:

    Accepting that everyone should have the right to own a dog means that nothing will change. There is no need at all in modern, urban society to have a dog. People now have plenty of other distractions and entertainment. A dog causes more carbon pollution than a large car;this should in itself spell the end of dog worship as global warming increases.

    • MrMAD says:

      I understand your point however the problem is that people would scream out loud we were trimming their ‘liberties’.

      My vision is to make it quite difficult and costly for any person that only those who *really* want a dog would be able to have one. People who just want a yard decoration would not have the resolve to keep mutts in this environment.

      Even by demonstrating and proving – with clear facts and reasoning – all the problems caused by dog ownership and worshiping, it is not enough because dog owners are not thinking, either well or at all. Insanity is literally taking control.

      Anyway, if I could support you in such an endeavor, you can be absolutely sure that I would.

  8. Fred Barnard says:

    Are you familiar with ?
    Another similar minded, excellent resource.
    Particularly good in regard to creating new laws.


    ps: I have not seen ALL of your site yet, but send me an E-mail and I will send you money to cover the cost of flyers. In HAWAII there is no neighborhood that is peaceful, and the waters are no doubt being polluted. My area has the highest staph rate around. Could this be dog related?

    • MrMAD says:

      Yes, Mr Barnard, I’m quite familiar with site. However, I haven’t been in contact with them yet but do plan to do so, soon.

      I totally agree that we must, and I mean MUST, get together and join our forces and collective knowledge together with our influence with local personalities. I’m still planning how to do it but if you have ideas or a blueprint please let me know. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION that we could take because just working alone will Not help us.

      Thank you very much for your offer to send me money for fliers but at least at this moment I’m not collecting any funds. I really appreciate your offer, you can be sure.

      Regarding fliers, maybe the best option would be each person to print their batch of fliers locally at the closest print-shop since it would be much cheaper by avoiding mail costs. I could made them available on this site and people would just download them. I’m planning an online store here also, not to make money, but for people to show their disdain for the current dog craze. Again, soon, I just need 48 hour days.

      Regarding the staphylococcus contamination, unfortunately I have no way to tell you for sure. Perhaps the health department could, if they are open about it, what is becoming more and more difficult these days. If they didn’t tell you about the nuclear radiation contamination in your seawater coming from Fukushima nowadays, they will probably not tell you either about the staph matter. Sorry.

  9. Driveby says:

    Here are a couple of barker stories:

    When I was a boy, the people up the street bought this damned beagle and left it outside all day and all night. That fleabag would not shut up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOoooooo. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOoooooo. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOoooooo. This went on for nearly a year. Then miraculously it stopped. I thought they must have rid themselves of the dog, but no. They had the vet sever the dog’s vocal chords. I walked by their house on my way to school one morning and there was the dog trying its level best to let out a howl but able only to expel air. Well, that was one way to solve the problem. Today, that would probably be considered animal abuse.

    Our neighbor had a Dalmatian that was known to have bitten almost everyone who paid a visit. The Dalmatian croaked so the neighbor immediately went out and acquired some weird, totally insane weenie dog/Chihuahua mix that never stopped barking. After more than a year of begging and pleading with the neighbor to do something we finally called animal control and filed a complaint. They must have put the fear of God into her because the dog now stays inside except for walks.

    • MrMAD says:

      Finally an Animal Control that did their job, hope that is the case.

      That just reinforce the point that we have to fight as much as we can, not to stand still or suffer in silence.

      Glad you got some well deserved peace.

  10. Malmo says:

    A problem not aired here is the anxiety people living near to these creatures experience during the rare periods of silence, when you know damn well that the barking will start again. Such periods are as bad as the infernal barking. Our local highly coiffured ball of fury actually shrieks rather than barks – bloody thing. The neighbour’s attitude? ‘It’s a dog; they bark!’

    That’s why noise like that is a known stressor. Because even in the quiet periods you know it will start again so your body is on edge waiting for it. And this involves stress hormones like cortisol so it is a real stressor.

  11. MrMAD says:

    Why no one should ever confront a barking dog owner:

      A dog owner carried out a merciless attack on a disabled neighbour after he (disabled neighbour) complained about his (dog owner’s) dog barking, leaving him (the disabled neighbour) in a coma six months later.

      The disabled neighbour had used a cane for locomotion prior to the assault, suffered bruising to his brain, cuts to his left eye sockets and many facial injuries.

      Six months later, he (the disabled neighbour) has still failed to regain consciousness and remains attended by medical professionals.

    When people tell you that’s the “best solution”, tell them so.

    And this is not an exception, before any ODORs say, but almost the standard outcome. May not lead you the victim to a coma, or death, but you will suffer the consequences for daring to say a bad word about a holy mutt.

    Owners of barking and dangerous dogs are nothing less than criminals. That simple.

    • Fred Barnard says:

      So true. If you are robbed of your property (which basically a dog owner does when they rob you of your health, property value, and peace of mind) people don’t say “you should go to the person who robbed you and ask them nicely to stop” ridiculous!

  12. Odgi says:

    What worked to me – in more than a couple of cases – is a simple firecracker. You have the right to blow up stuff in your lawn or garage. So, wait until those pests start a no-reason barking frenzy and scare the crap out of them with a sudden blast IN YOUR LAWN. After 2 or 3 events, the barking is pretty much controlled by the stupid owners.

    No one gets hurt and the peace is restored to the neighborhood.

    : )

  13. Jaub21 says:



    Fill a spray bottle with 1 part vinegar to 1 part water (for example, 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water). When the dog starts barking, simply spray the vinegar water in the direction of the dog… not in its face, preferably. The smell will cause the dog to have to breathe in more deeply, and it only takes a couple of times to train the dog to stop barking. This works best if the owner of the dog uses this method, as the dog would normally bark more at strangers.

    House dogs that barked every time the doorbell rang were trained to stop barking in less than 5 minutes – and it worked there after, too. They would ring the bell – the dog would bark, the owner would spray once in the air above the dog’s head, and the dog immediately stopped barking … without the owner having to say a word! They waited a few minutes, and repeated the process. The third time they rang the bell (a few minutes after the second time), the dog did not bark.

    Dogs are stupid but at least they understand when it hurts…

    • MrMAD says:

      Thanks, Jaub21. Vinegar really has a multitude of uses.

      Let’s remember vinegar can also be used to prevent dogs from pooping in your sidewalk. Just as above.

  14. Roxane Kulesa says:

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    Social anxiety problem, additionally called social fear, is an anxiousness problem where a person has an extreme as well as unreasonable worry of social situations. Anxiety (extreme nervousness) and self-consciousness occur from a fear of being carefully enjoyed, evaluated, and criticized by others. A person with social stress and anxiety condition hesitates that she or he will certainly make errors, look bad, and also be self-conscious or humiliated before others. The fear may be made worse by an absence of social skills or experience in social situations. The anxiety can build right into an anxiety attack. As a result of the concern, the individual endures particular social circumstances in extreme distress or could avoid them altogether. On top of that, people with social anxiety problem typically suffer “awaiting” anxiousness– the concern of a circumstance prior to it also takes place– for days or weeks prior to the event. In many cases, the individual realizes that the fear is unreasonable, yet is unable to eliminate it.


    • MrMAD says:

      You see, the comments above were able somehow to come to my moderation panel after being posted on many differen pages here, and, as you can notice, it is a SPAM post.

      What I want to say is:
      Even being spam posts, they make more, way more sense than dog lovers.

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