Are you a pit bull fanatic?

How to know you are a pit bull fanatic?

You must watch this.

Barbara Kay, one of the rarest journalists out there that tells the real hard and cold truth about dogs, specially pitbulls, clear up a few misunderstandings for the pit bull apologists.

National Post columnist Barbara Kay always receives plenty of response to her columns on pit bulls. In this video, Barbara shares her insights on the authors on some of the more exuberant feedback.

Here it is:

In the comments section, off course, one pit bull fanatic is getting crazier by the minute, and logically(?) blaming Pakistanis! Check by yourself!

It’s amazing how her words apply to our website, NO Dogs, Please.

“…crimes against reason and decency.
Barbara Kay

Fanatics for dangerous dogs always:

  • say our statistics are bogus but do not say why;
  • say they have veritable statistics but never come back to publish them here;
  • love to compare dangerous dogs to guns, saying guns kill more than pit bulls;
  • blame the victims for the dog attacks.

That last one is the most extreme characteristic to shed light on what kind of people they really are.

Statistics don’t lie.

Pit bulls, which are now, alarmingly, the second most popular breed (Labrador retrievers remain first), comprising 9% of the breed population, account for:

  • 81% of attacks that induce bodily harm
  • 76% of attacks to children
  • 87% of attack to adults
  • 72% of attacks resulting in fatalities
  • 81% that result in maiming

According to the annual report on dog maulings, maimings, dismemberments and fatalities by breed, continually updated by American investigative journalist Merritt Clifton, as well as from statistics compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, nearly half of the victims killed by pit bulls are household members.

One single person is killed in the U.S. by a pit bull every 14 days.

One body part is severed and lost in a pit bull attack every 5.4 days.

Statistics don’t lie. But pit bull fanatics do. Even to themselves.

Videos on Fanatics for dogs

Do you have any similar interesting videos you want to share? From Barbara Kay, you or anybody else?

Just send them in!

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13 Responses to Are you a pit bull fanatic?

  1. Robert Guttman says:

    Different breeds of dogs are bred for different purposes. Collies, for example, are bred to herd sheep, gray-hounds for speed and blood-hounds for their sense of smell. Pit-Bulls are bred for one thing: their ability to inflict the maximum amount of damage. They are ideal fighting and watch dogs. However, those qualities do not necessarily make them the ideal choice for a house pet. Pit-Bulls can’t help being what they are, they were specifically bred to be that way. It is the people who choose to keep them and, as you say, are in denial about the nature of the breed, that are the problem.

    • MrMAD says:

      My view is that the dog IS the problem, the major one at least.

      The killings come from the pitbull’s mouth, not from the owner’s.

      Sure the owner is ALSO a problem, but a secondary one, for bringing a dangerous animal to live among people, an environment that I agree with you is not adequate at all.

      That said, we can not say it’s just one’s or another’s fault, or “who came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

      Welcome to the blog, Mr. Guttman.

  2. Parker says:

    As Barbara Kay has been called as Mrs Hitler, and you asked for a video, this one is nice:

    Pit bulls attack in history

    Another way, a fun one, to poke fun on the pitbull fanatics.

    • MrMAD says:

      Very nice, indeed.

      Pitbul fanatics, listen: what they are talking in the video is spoken in German and the translation is absolutely correct in the English subtitles!

      Ah, and it’s a truly veritable TV documentary shot by Hitler’s 4K HD TV crew. Off course, pitbulls are so important, it could only be that way.

      Welcome to the blog, Parker!


    She is awesome.

    • MrMAD says:

      Yes, she is.

      Worth to mention is that she is a born and raised Canadian citizen working for a Canadian news organization.

      Anyway, the problems caused by dogs are basically the same there as well, although in smaller numbers even when considering the presence of dogs among the Canadian population.

      I wish that there were more, many more *real* journalists like her, competent professionals that tell the truth regardless of public opinion repercussions. Real reporters don’t need to be likeable, they have to be loyal to their conscience only. Barbara Kay is.


      Do any of you know other Professional reporters and journalists? Please let me know.

  4. V says:

    I don’t disagree with your statistics and the danger of owning a Pit Bull. However you should make this clear. It is not a violent nature which is the issue. They have a trait called “gameness,” which means when provoked will not stop fighting despite injury or pain until the opponent is dead or an intervention is provided. I am one of those who will contest that my Pit Bull never attacked any person or dog but I still carried a break stick – for the mouth – not something for hitting – and learned how to use it. Perhaps you could share some information about this? Then again, some of your haters are off their rocker so I’m not sure it would help. It is very prudent to spread the information about these statistics so breeding is reduced. In the meantime, responsible ownership needs to be shared as well.

    • MrMAD says:

      Hi, V.

      For more stats on pitbulls click here.

      Regarding the “violent nature” or”gameness”, it does not matter at all for the persons who are attacked or are always living under the threat of being attacked at any time. They want to be safe no matter what the cause.

      However, your advice of caring a ‘thick’ stick, for the killing dog’s mouth, is a good one. During a pitbull attack, hitting that vicious beast even with a heavy baseball bat won’t make it free the victim. Pit bulldogs are known to be immune even to Tasers and Pepper spray when in their attacking trance. Only Bear Spray and Wasp Spray seem to be more effective against those canine killers of people, all while talking about non lethal defensive weapons, actually simple household items, because off course a bullet in their unthinking heads would definitely be the very best, but not most of us have this chance. So, one more possibility of protecting us when of a menacing dog attack.

      I’ll update the respective page when I go there.

      Regarding “responsible ownership“, yes it should be spread as well. That is what we are doing here. I hope you can help us with that by sharing them – both dogs attacks statistics and responsible ownership – with your colleagues, faculty and students in your famed university. We all would really appreciate.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. lexie says:

    I am truly a animal lover and love all types.
    The one animal I truly despise is the pit bull. I hate this breed and think it should be banned.

  6. Starry Night says:

    Whew, someone quick get me a fan. This video blew a lot of hot air. I am far from being a Pit Bull fanatic but this video did not provide any serious data.

  7. mplo says:

    Thank you, Barbara Kay, for an excellent blog on pitt-bulls and how dangerous they really are, and on the horrific damage that their bites inflict on their victims, be they people or other people’s pets.

    The fact that you have the courage to stick to your guns (no pun intended, btw) in the face of such hostility from so many respondants to your article makes you an admirable, decent person, and I can only salute you! Keep up the good work, Barbara Kay. I’m on your side!!

    • MrMAD says:

      “Barbara Kay. I’m on your side!!”

      Me too! And most in this website are as well.

      Wish there were more serious journalists like her. They exist, but we still need to find them.

      Do any of you reading this article know one? Let us know.

      Welcome to the blog, Mplo.

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