100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?

How to Kill a Dog? People are thinking… and doing it!

Ways to kill a dogKilling a Dog? Yes, people glimmer about it, all the time. Every single day, over 3.000 people actually search on the internet how to kill a dog that is torturing them, be it with noise -barking-, with litter -feces-, with bad odors -diseases- or, the worst of all, because a person has just been -physically attacked- bitten, mauled.

Or a family member or friend is already DEAD!

Three thousand people a day thinking about killing dogs.

That’s over 100.000 people looking for ways to kill a dog every and each  month!

This site does NOT advocate the illegal killing of dogs.

Respectful and decent citizens compose the majority of people having otherwise unimaginable thoughts about eliminating the life of an animal, previously innocent in their natural habitat, but now a nuisance ruining people’s lives, damaging their health, destroying their deserved well-being.

Here we are going to list the most common “100 Ways to Kill a Dog” that people are -already- making use in their arsenal to pursue a safer and healthier life. These ideas were collected from all over the Internet and through conversations with affected victims. None of these practices are being suggested or were created by the founders of this site.

“I went to talk to them (Irresponsible dog owner neighbor) nicely, but they told me that ‘I’ am crazy and my place is in a psychiatric hospital…”

Reasons Why People Come to Think “How to Kill a Dog”


This problem -killing dogs-, exists Not because of the people suffering in silence and thus fighting back, but FIRSTLY because of the irresponsible dog owners who insist on imposing their criminal life behaviour on their neighbors.


Supposed authorities (City Representatives, Animal Control Staff, Police Officers and the Law Courts) condone this attitude by not doing their job well, or not doing it at all. Actually, with ineptitude, they strongly contribute to this scenario. They together are the SECOND part of this madness.

ODOrs (Obnoxious Dog Owners) do whatever they want — like spoiled kids –, inept public servants do nothing useful — like lazy parents –, ODOrs so assume they can continue to do whatever they want, as there is no serious rebuke, completing the cycle, and the practice keeps repeating, over and over again. Other ODOrs notice that and happily join that illegal practice, what just makes the problem to increase and increase up to a point of not being acceptable anymore. This point has come.

Responsible dog owners, who seem to be a minority nowadays, also happen to be affected by this anti-social practices. Sleepless nights, littered parks., polluted beaches, you name it. It’s not uncommon for them to have their well-trained and well cared-of animals attacked, mauled or even killed by four-legged assassins at large.

With so many attacks on a civilized society, even well-mannered people get fed-up at some point. And take action. Specially when the ones who are Paid, Well Paid to take care of the problem, don’t do it.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Our aim with this list of “100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?” is to hopefully raise awareness among irresponsible dog owners and lazy public servants. Sure, they may choose not to listen, not to believe this epidemic exists, not to adequate themselves to a civilized life, or not to start working professionally, instead of what they should be doing: benefiting law-abiding tax-payers.

By perpetrating and allowing this preventable madness, the killings of animals will not stop either. By the contrary, it tends to increase. Some of the actions desperate people are taking to kill dogs leave No Trace at all. They will be listed here, too. With over a hundred thousand people thinking about killing a canine menace monthly, no doubt some helpless souls will come up with even clever and untraceable ways. Fortunately or unfortunately most of us will never know about them.

So then we publish this list of “100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?“, actions that people are *already* taking. Every week we will be publishing 10 ten of these desperate measures, in basically no specific order but leaving some of the most creative, bizarre, and lethal, for last.

All we want is to be safe and sound. A basic right. That’s not much to ask.

The list “100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?”

Here it is:

“100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?” – Chapter #1

Once more, we do NOT recommend anyone do it. You could go to jail, you could be murdered by an ODOr (really, the media confirms that). Again, this list is what affected people are — already — doing, not our suggestions for anyone to try. To finnish, no, none of us, members of this site, has killed a dog so far and, no, none of us intend to kill a mutt in the future (unless it attack us or anyone of our family members).

“That’s Outrageous! You *&%?€$@$*!!!

You dog lovers don’t like what you see here? Ok, so Do Something! Do something RIGHT! Do something USEFUL! Become a Responsible Dog Owner!

Here is what each one of you can do:

Responsible Citizens

• You, responsible citizens, who owns or not a pet, why not call your elected officials, demand that they do their job, and do it well? They are there for that, nothing less. You’re also being affected because people who do not have dogs may wrongly see you as one of those criminals. Also you, a Responsible dog-owner, why not help educate your fellows on the right way to care for their dogs? Doing Nothing is the WORST you can do.

Public Servants

• You, public servants — including Animal Control personnel, Police, City Representatives, Politicians, Judges — why not start honoring your salary, the one you receive majorly from affected tax-payers to protect their well-being? Sure, here we mean only the unprofessional ones. It would be great if the real professional public servants were the norm (for you we could say “keep doing your good job and, if possible, please join us”. We appreciate the company of educated people). Remember that people who do NOT have dogs are the majority of the population, not the opposite. You may not have a job tomorrow.

Irresponsible Dog Owners

• You, ODOrs, irresponsible dog owners, well… how about becoming a decent person? It doesn’t take a lot.

It all depends on what YOU do! It’s YOUR choice.

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