“100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?” – Chapter 1

What People Victimized by Menacing Dogs Already Did.

100 Ways to Kill a Dog

This is Chapter 1 of the “100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?”.

Please understand that what this article means is: “100 Ways to Kill a Dog that people who were victimized by menacing dogs, acts that were already committed.”

These are NOT my ideas or suggestions for you or anyone to do the same, or similar. You are the only one responsible if you decide to do so.

Please understand that very well before you start reading and getting ideas or thinking about sending me death threats. If you didn’t fully understand that, just return to the begining of this page and read it all again.

All the 100 ways to be listed in this series were all collected from the Internet, all in open sites, and posted here in their original form, in no specific order. I used no censorshiping here, what people said they did, I included. So, by reading them all you may even find that someone already discovered that absolutely perfect way to kill a dog and not got caught.

This list, and the acts taken by the real victims, the ones victimized by dogs and their keepers, would never, ever come to fruition if those victims were not harassed to beyond their limit. So, do Not blame the -real- victims. Instead, blame the -real- criminals.

Remember: Self-defense is ALWAYS legitimate.

So, let’s go:

I think poisoning pets is wrong, but anyone who doesn’t understand why someone would do it has simply never experienced it. I may never do it, but I know exactly why people do it.

If it has a collar on. Grab the collar and lift it up to the fence and hang it there.

Owner will just think it was jumping up at the fence and killed itself.

(My comment: My parents had the extremely unpleasant experience to have a neighbor from hell several years ago who had one of his pitbulls to hang itself! Yes, the shitbull hanged itself, all alone! It lived in a big brick-made dog house and sometimes chained, still while in there. For some reason, the ODOR (Obnoxious Dog Owner) placed the other end of the chain up on the wall. The mutt somehow made a loop or knot with the chain, a steel chain, put its head into it and kept jumping. Done!)

At night when no one’s watching, attract it to you somehow. Ultrasound can be very useful, since dogs hear it but people dont. Tranquilize it, then bury it, preferably in a spot normally covered by a grill or something. No way he’ll ever be able to link it to u.

Break a tiny hole in ur fence on “accident” and leave a bunch of chocolate bars on your lawn (or whatever poisen that will kill the dog). You could just say the poisen was for rats or something that you suspected were there.

Grab the dog at night, put tape around its mouth so it shuts the fuck up, take it to a river with teh dog stuffed in ur back and tie a brick to it and throw it in.

Find some deadly disease thats easily transferable between animals and inject it into the dog.

Steal it in the midle of da night and sell to koreans…PROFIT! a retriver is like fillet to them.

Feed it Acetaminophen, 500mg should do the trick; its highly toxic to both cats and dogs and causes intense internal bleeding.

You could just take some chocolate, 90-100%, and leave it own the lawn. Maybe 500 g or so. It would look pretty innocent if somehow you left some chocolate on the lawn after a BBQ where you were melting that chocolate or something, and then somehow lure the dog in.

Ethylene glycol is a bad idea, because it has been used too much. Use something exotic. Perhaps Uranium, battery acid, heroin, cocaine, or something.

There’s always the choice of injecting the dog with rabies or some kind of virus (parvo perhaps.). It’s a little harder to do, but it’s far less suspicious.

### Bonus
If you can get rid of the body, you could invite the cop(owner) over for dinner and cook his dog for him. Just make sure to use a lot of meat tenderizer and you should probably boil it and then barbecue it, dog meat is tough as fuck.

Remember, ODORs, that if you were a Responsible Dog Owner, no one would be thinking about killing YOUR dog, too.

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48 Responses to “100 Ways to Kill a Dog!?” – Chapter 1

  1. S says:

    “Remember, ODORs, that if you were a Responsible Dog Owner, no one would be thinking about killing YOUR dog too.”

    That is the crux of this message, isn’t it?

    I have no desire to wantonly kill dogs for no reason. I am a gentle and human person that doesn’t even want to hurt a caterpillar. But when I have to listen to hours on end of barking in my own home, I start to fantasize about dropping certain foods (chocolate-covered raisins, anyone?) by the sidewalk.

    Every now and then you hear about sausages filled with nails found in dog parks. People get outraged at whoever placed them there, but not once do they stop and think, hey, WHY are people trying to kill dogs? Would there be less hatred toward dogs if their owners were responsible?

    OF COURSE THERE WOULD. Ball’s in your court, dog owners.

    • S says:

      Humane. Sorry about the typo. I never want to harm a living creature unless I am provoked. That was the point. Most people don’t. Which means, those who DO want to kill dogs… are feeling EXTREMELY provoked.

      • MrMAD says:


        These persons were led to beyond their breaking point, the level of losing sanity.

        Nobody, and I mean nobody, after a good night’s sleep, wakes up in the morning and simply say “I’m going to kill a dog today.” No one!

        I’m not joking but maybe someone could use this argument in court after being caught of killing a dog: “Sorry, I didn’t know wat I was doing, I was led to the point of temporary insanity because of the incessant dog’s barking.” Seems a joke, but it is not, some people already got out of jail because he was drunk and thus claimed he was not responsible for his acts. Yes it really happened, more than once. Of course, the lawyer was really competent.

        Chapter 2 is coming soon.

  2. Evil Edna says:

    Hate the damn animals.

    • irritated says:

      I’m starting to hate them. SD is starting to turn into an expensive dog pound. Some poor guy went too far and was taking care of the issue “his way” unfortunately and was sent to jail. You should have seen all the dog lovers on TV in tears wanting “him to pay for what he did”. No one talked about what brought him to that point which was probably the irresponsible pet owners. Of course you know the world revolves around their pets.

      • MrMAD says:

        Hi, Irritated. If you have the link, please let us know. Around my city some guy did something like that too (or much worse, think about the number 100), and was never caught.

        Welcome to the blog.

  3. Lorraine Soto says:

    Google this: 5 pit bulls removed from wpb home…….

  4. Doghaterdieupieceofshit says:

    Hello I was never be dogs hater until this morning when my cat somehow get out of the house and got killed by a bunch of dogs in the yard near my house so I fucking want to revenge those dogs not only because of this but also because of their owners are irresponsible and let them barking all day and all fucking night they never lock them up and free them all the time. I am looking forward to hearing some other ways from you. I tried to search it on internet whole day poor my little cat what the fuck did she do wrong :(((((

    • MrMAD says:


      You are one of thousands that every day wake up in the morning and search the net on to kill a dog(s). Not without a reason.

      I’d like to give you advice on what to do but unfortunately I can not as I’m not aware of all the circunstances. Each case is different.

      What I suggest is that you carefully read all the resources on this site and take the appropriate measures, for example, but not limited to:
      – Call the police, make a report, formally request them to find who is the owner/keeper of the dog that killed your cat. Important: closely follow up with the case and do Not let the police to let it go away without finding the culprit, actually criminal.

      However, keep in mind that your cat was on the loose as well, and calling that an accident would be a weak argument. All pet owners must take full responsibility for their animals, dogs or whatever. All the time.

      Thanks for trusting me.

      • Doghaterdieupieceofshit says:

        well report it to police only work on some countries not mine police will never solve a case relate to animal your pet died its your lost.I am an asian so a lot of ppl on my country even eat dogs and cats and their owners raise pet like a way to show off how wealthy they were they don’t even give a shit what happen even their pets attack human or even kill human. But when their pets was attack by “Dog Theft” a lot ppl from nowhere will show u how much do they love animal even though they are not the owner.

        • MrMAD says:

          Yes, I understand that in some countries, like Vietnam, police won’t do anything. Just like anybody else, governmentally speaking.

          I also understand the mob mentality of dog lovers/lunatics when a dog dies like at Dog Zombies in Brazil.

          All I can say is: do not expose yourself.

          So the matter is all in your hands.

        • MrMAD says:

          Well, aren’t there any “legal” dog hunters/catchers that collect dogs for the dog meat restaurants?

          They may be interested in your area.

          • Doghaterdieupieceofshit says:

            well gj dude I’m a vietnamese and ty for let me express my feelings unlike some ppl they don’t even give a shit

          • MrMAD says:

            Yes, most dog people think that what we suffer is irrelevant.

            Until the day someone kills their dog.

          • Doghaterdieupieceofshit says:

            y I thought a little about “dog catchers” or even using poison but the security in our country is quite good ppl really afraid of police. those dog catchers are hated in my country they could have beaten to death and using poison might be too cruel so I think I will do like the lady comment in the •••••••••••••••• no one knows.

          • MrMAD says:

            Sorry but I had to edit that little bit. I don’t want people to think I am instructing people to do anything illegal.

            What I DO want to tell you, if you decide to do so, because you are the only one responsible for what you do or not, is: DO NOT GET CAUGHT!

      • Doghaterdieupieceofshit says:

        my pet out of the house at midnight at that time ppl should Keep the dog on a leash instead of let them free like this

        • MrMAD says:

          Yes, people should keep their dogs leashed at midnight and at all other hours as well, day and night.

          It’s also valid for all pets, from goldfish to alligators to cats. Responsibility applies universally.

  5. Hey….this is hysterical…..I can’t stop laughing. Google this: riviera beach Fl man bitten by own pit bull dog while being chased by police officers, March 2016. In palm beach post newspaper, local news……..he was bit after trying to sic the dog on officers……the weapon backfired….now that is good!!!!

  6. SickOfMongrels says:


    Algae — Found in water, damp porches, basements. Toxic to dogs.
    Anti-cancer drugs
    Aspirin, other Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products (ibuprofen, etc)
    Anti-freeze, Coolant. Very common dog poisoning product as this tends to leak onto driveway and garage floors.
    Antidepressants (Unless prescribed by a vet)
    Balls, small, for large dogs — Choking problems.
    Batteries — they corrode with harmful chemicals.
    Brake fluid– Deadly, like poison
    Bread twist ties — choking hazard.
    Buttons, Coins, Cotton Swabs, Hair Pins, Jewelry, Nylons, Paper Clips, Small Erasers, Thumb Tacks, Rubber Bands, string, Yarn, Dental Floss. — all choking hazards.
    Cocoa Bean fertilizer
    Cold and flu medications
    Compost (especially if moldy)
    Home insect products, all types.
    Rat and mouse bait—I had a dog die a long, slow, painful death from licking rat poison.
    Deck lattice—Large openings can allow dog to fall off deck.
    Deicing salts
    Diet pills
    Drain cleaners (like Drano, etc)
    Fabric softeners
    Fences, Gates — If not secure, dogs can run out and get hit by cars or poisoned.
    Fire Pits, Grilles—the ashes are toxic to dogs causing illness.
    Flea and tick products
    Fly bait
    Gasoline, Oil
    Lead in any form
    Lighter fluid
    Lime/Scale remover
    Oven cleaner spray
    Plastic wrap — suffocation.
    Sharp objects, Glass — anything that can cut.
    Slug/Snail bait
    Solvents (like paint thinner, etc)
    Tobacco products
    Windshield fluid– Deadly, like poison Cause death.

    Dogs, are actually very hard to poison. Of course many people will say their dog was poisoned, when it actually died of parvovirus or canine distemper.

    The rodenticide, bromethalin (blue pellets), and the leaves and seeds of the sago palm are toxic to dogs with no antidote.


  7. FromIndiaWithLove says:

    From India with love:

    Best way to kill strays..

    Things You Need…

    1-One Small Bucket (or) Bowl.
    2-Anti-Freeze. (Liquid used as automobile coolant for radiator, available at next door automobile (or) hardware store.).
    3-Termite Killer – optional.
    4-Chicken (or) beef. (anything meat.) (fish for cats).
    5-Syringe with needle.
    6-300 Rupees. (200 Rs for Anti-Freeze, 100 Rs for Meat, and Syringe 5 Rupees.)

    Step By Step Procedure..

    1-Take chicken pieces for dogs, (or) fish for cats.

    2-Inject Anti-Freeze in the chicken for dogs (or) fish for cats. you can also inject Termite Killer additionally with Anti-Freeze. that will make death faster. but Anti-Freeze itself more than enough.

    3-All meat pieces must be injected. 3 to 5 ml will kill medium sized dog. one piece of meat is enough to kill one medium sized dog with just 5 ml of anti-freeze. (you can inject lot more).

    4-Find the common place where stray dogs (or) cats eat.

    5-Before you start poisoning, feed normal chicken (or) fish for at least 2 or 3 days at regular timing. so only they can trust you and your food.

    6-After the strays trusted you, just stand with chicken (or) fish full of small bucket injected with antifreeze at the time.

    7-Now the stray dogs (or) cats will come to you to take their food as-usual.

    8-Feed the meat one by one to all dogs (or) cats. don’t miss any dog, that leads to another attempt and time and money waste.

    9-Surely Dogs will eat. but mostly cunning cats refuse to eat. don’t force them to eat. there is no problem with dogs. dogs will eat 100% surely because they trust people.

    10-After ingesting that meat, dogs show symptoms within hours.

    11-After symptoms starts, that means anti-freeze started working its duty.

    12-Death happens within the hours or day.

    #-Please don’t kill cats. because i love them more than dogs. it’s my personal request.

    NOTES :

    # Don’t soak meat with Anti-Freeze. that’ll cause mess and chances are more to refuse to eat.
    # Some dogs have tendency to “Grab and Run”. so if the dog taken meat and ran, don’t try to chase the dog. dog will eat it at safe spot.
    # Be aware of animal organizations and bluecross. if you caught, simply say that the dog have Rabies, :P simple.
    # Don’t teach this to children.
    # Try to do this secretly.
    # Throw the dead dogs on railway track. it’s better to let it there. municipal workers will pick the bodies on very next day or after some hours.
    # Don’t ask Anti-Freeze as to kill dogs at store. just ask for “car”
    # Be sure the dogs died.
    # Please don’t kill cats. because i love them more than dogs. it’s my personal request.
    # Pray your god for forgiveness of sins.

    TIPS :

    # Add Termite or Ant killer with meat injected with Antifreeze. it can cause more damage and causes death faster.

    # In mass killing, you can’t escape by saying “The dog have rabies” if you caught or enquired. So kill one or two dogs a week. this also better and decent way.

    # After dog eaten poisoned meat, scare it away from the spot. so the dog will die on another area. this is optional, mostly stray dog walks more and will not stay at eating spot.
    # Don’t kill pet dogs, friendly dogs and puppies. my personal request.

    Finally ;
    Do it on your own Risk.. I never tried this.



    • S says:

      I’ve heard that in the United States, antifreeze is no longer toxic because too many dogs were dying from it and the manufacturers were pressured to change the formula (rather than have owners take responsibility for what their dogs swallow, as usual). I’m not sure it’s true since I never buy antifreeze, but I’ve heard that. Perhaps this is not the case (yet) in India?

    • MrMAD says:

      FromIndiaWithLove, thanks for your list. The same for SickOfMongrels, above.

      I just want to say that this site is Not dedicated to include a list of all options on how to kill dogs but to inform what affected normal people already did to kill dogs after all the possible amicable attempts that were unsuccesful due to sheer irresponsibility of dog lovers of all kinds.

      There is a little difference and I’d like to stress that out.

  8. Zoe says:

    Hi I live with my boyfriend, his Akita bite me a couple months ago, while I was taking him off his leash to come back inside, it was unreal one bite he would not let go so I had to give him half my arm, I wish I could post pics on here guys because I was looking at my bone and half my flesh was gone , 70 stiches later, everyone always stares, so since we have been in a relationship for only a year and that is truly his best friend I can’t give him a altermatum but I’m tired of asking every time I go to the bathroom so he can grab the dog not being able to walk around the house or worse being stuck in the bathroom all night because he is knocked out sleep n dont know I’m trapped in room and doc is sitting at foot of door, he has tried to attack me several times here recently, so I can’t inject dog because I’m not able to touch him, and believe me if his dog dies he WILL get a autopsy , n maybe even suspect I did somthing , any ideas on a non traceable death , were I don’t have to touch the dog and vet won’t be able to figure out

    • MrMAD says:

      When there are no dogs to be made an autopsy on, there will be no autopsies…

    • S says:

      Oh my God, Zoe. First, I am so so sorry for what you’ve endured and continue to endure.

      Second, YOU HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF THERE. If your boyfriend kept that dog after such a horrific attack, then he does not care about you. That is abuse, my friend. ABUSE. You are clearly playing second fiddle to a vicious, dangerous animal, and you know it which is why you won’t give him that ultimatum.

      Please, please, get away. Do you have someplace else to go? If not, a women’s shelter might be a temporary solution. I hope you have friends and/or family who will let you crash with them until you can get your own place! Your current situation is unacceptable.

      • S says:

        What I mean to say here is that even if the dog dies, you are still in a very unhealthy relationship with your boyfriend. You should get away from him no matter what happens with the dog from this point forward.

        (After all, if this dog dies, he can go get another one, and then another….)

        You deserve someone who LOVES YOU and that means not tolerating, let alone celebrating, any creature that attacks you. I don’t care if the dog was his best friend before he met you. That is UNACCEPTABLE, period.

        Please value yourself enough to end this toxic and threatening relationship! I know it’s not easy but you need to do this. Your life might even depend on it.

    • Annoyed says:

      That guy loves that dog more than he loves you. It’s time to end the relationship. That dog can do no wrong according to your man. The dog bit you and you had to get that many stitches? The dog is undisciplined and dangerous and your so called boyfriend does not care. You need to leave to leave him before that dog hurts you again.

    • elizabeth101 says:

      I am so sorry that has happened to you! Have you tried calling animal control on that damned devil dog and explaining to them how dangerous it is? Your boyfriend is a piece of shit for not having his dangerous shithound put down after it took a massive chunk out of your arm! The fact that he cares WAY more about the dog than you is just sad and pathetic! Please please PLEASE ditch him and his dangerous fleabag! Anywhere else is better than where you currently are! :( Once again, I am SO sorry that has happened to you… That damned mutt needs to be destroyed! And your boyfriend deserves to have his ass beat for loving that dangerous mutt even after it took a chunk out of you! This sickens me so much…. Please get out of there!

    • S says:

      Zoe, is there any update? I really hope you are okay.

  9. Todd McIlhenny says:

    It was a small dog(he barks all night long),an I leave early in the morning, I took it with me on the way to work,an tossed it out the window on the highway doing 90 miles per hour,now I sleep better

  10. Coll says:

    This isn’t right. In the statement it was said that these are instances which have already been committed? And they do not support the killing of dogs? If that were the case it would be titled “100 ways dogs have been killed” not “100 ways to kill a dog” do you honestly believe someone is going to read the entire post before clicking the link in order to achieve a way to kill a dog they have planned? The post is one major beacon for animal abusers and they will use it to their advantage. I came here for info on my own dogs. They were killed and I want answers! Perhaps they stumbled across this site and got the info they needed!!!!!

    • MrMAD says:

      Correct, this ISN’T right.
      You – dog worshippers – harassing normal people ISN’T right.
      You – dog criminals – repeatedly committing crimes ISN’T right.
      You – dog lunatics – getting away with your anti-social behaviour ISN’T right.

      To make it RIGHT (and then have NOBODY looking for ways to kill your dog and your cronies’ dogs) all you and your ODOR colleagues have to do is to become a minimally civilized people.


      • S says:

        Right on.

        ODORs need to stop accusing others of “animal abuse” for seeking an end to the abuse that they themselves suffer.

        NOBODY wants to hurt dogs for $#!+s and giggles. Nobody, who isn’t plagued by barking, victimized by biting, or otherwise abused by dogs and their owners, is going to wake up one day after a peaceful night’s sleep and go, “You know, I think I’ll poison some dogs today just for fun.”

        Nope. Doesn’t happen. People who hurt dogs do so out of insanity and desperation provoked by dogs and their obnoxious owners.

        Dog owners, YOU have the power, and the responsibility, to make it stop. If you don’t, then the dogs’ death is on YOU.

    • S says:

      How were your dogs killed? Did you leave them unsupervised so that the killer was able to access them? Why would you keep dogs and not properly protect them?

      Why were your dogs killed? Were they barking incessantly and driving the neighbors crazy? Were they trespassing? Why would you allow them to behave in disturbing and illegal ways that would provoke someone to want to kill them?

      I want answers!

  11. Victim says:

    Could some one please tell me where I can get world most powerful Dog Shut up Device? I have a neighbour who is deliberately leaving his loud barking dog along my side yard fence (from last couple of years since I built a privacy fence on my property) which is my main way to enter and exit my house/backyard/driveway etc.

  12. Victim says:

    Thanks for the information. I have wood privacy fence so that the dog can not see me. How effective this device can be across the fence. This is fence is only 5 feet from my bedroom window.

    • MrMAD says:

      In ultrasound mode, silent to the owner, sound can Not go through that wood fence But it can be reflected on the owner’s house wall and then to the barker. Like if you’d throw a ball bouncing on the wall.

      That short 5” distance is perfect for that.

  13. AntonioIo says:

    Don’t waste your time or money. Those things DO NOT work! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on dog bark deterrents over the last couple of years. NOTHING works.

    • MrMAD says:

      They DO work.

      Maybe not all devices, with all dogs, at any distances, at all times, specially if you try one single time and think it could be all done.

      Again, they DO work. Just use and do it appropriately.

  14. Down with dogtards says:

    I’ve always been fond of the term DogTard for those reasonably intelligent people who’s brains turn to mush over their mutt, but ODOR is good to, what they do stinks.

    now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dogs, they are wonderful animals if they have a responsible owner.

    the exception is pit bulls, they have a very short life expectancy in my neighborhood, but then I look at putting down a dangerous dog as no different then flipping over a board with a nail in it so someone won’t step on it, common sense, a public service.

    when it comes right down to it a humans safety, even that of a toothless crack whore 5 seconds away from a fatal overdose is infinitely more precious then a dogs life.

    This is what I found out that “somebody” did in the past:

    Take a piece of sponge, any sponge that soaks up water will do, synthetic is best though, wrap it tightly with thin cotton string and soak in bait, bacon fat or roast drippings etc. and feed it to the dog.

    the string dissolves in the dogs stomach and the sponge puffs back up and blocks the dogs digestive system causing death.

    the sponge won’t show up on xray so unless a vet wants to go exploring in the dogs guts it’s all over.
    And even if the vet does find the sponge they’ll just figure the dog ate a sponge, like that’s never happened before.


  15. TranquilNights says:

    My husband and I just bought a home in a seemingly quiet neighborhood right outside city limits. Here it is legal to shoot a dog on your property who is threatening attack. We are smokers but do not smoke in our home, one of our joys is to sit outside on our front or back porch and talk and laugh and joke and smoke. (cigarettes) We have our best conversations outside whether its walking (mainly at night for some reason its so calming to walk at night.) Or just sitting under the carport relaxing. Well lately we have had trash can bandits knocking over our trash and spreading it all over the yard, minor nuisance, We just bought better trash cans that had tight lids, Thinking they were cats not once thinking it was a dog until one night I was sitting outside alone and caught something moving in the bushes by my fence. I looked and saw a pitt bull, luckily I was right by the door but I just sat there staring not wanting to make any sudden moves, The dog started barking and lunged at me so I quickly ran in the house. My husband was like WHAT IN THE WORLD.. I said there is a stray dog outside barking and ran me in the house. This happened for the next three days, I have a 9 year old daughter and I would hate for her to be attacked, this dog only comes at night so animal control is a no go. SOOOOOO to keep my hubby from SHOOTING IT! Because he wanted to I cooked so juicy steak seasoned it and everything and dammit wouldn’t you know I knocked some Drano over onto it. ( I told my hubby about leaving stuff out) Well of course we couldn’t eat that so I tossed it outside. I missed the trash can by about 10 feet in front of the yard (never was good at basketball). I made a note to pick it up the next morning (because I would be dang if I did it while the mutt was still loose) But mysteriously the Meat was gone the next morning. Maybe the hubby and I can enjoy a smoke tonight. If not I think Chicken will be on the menu.

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