Dog bite leads to lawsuit against NYC for $2 undecillion

Undecillion dollars claimed by man suing NYC for a dog bite on city bus

A US man has filed a lawsuit over a dog bite, demanding what is believed to be the largest amount of compensation ever – US$2 undecillion

Anton Purisima, 62, a Manhattan resident, is suing New York City, a dog owner, bakery and café chain Au Bon Pain, LaGuardia Airport, Hoboken University Medical Center, a Kmart store, and thousands of others — for two undecillion dollars.

That’s the number “2” followed by 36 zeroes. Written out, it looks like this: $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

A undecillion is one trillion, times one trillion, times one trillion. Times two, in the case of this dog bite victim. All in US Dollars as well.

Mr. Purisima filed a handwritten lawsuit in New York Southern District Court on April 11, 2014, after his middle finger was bitten by a “rabies-infected” dog on a city bus.

The lawsuit claims that additional damages he suffered can’t be repaired by money, and are therefore “priceless damages.” Included in the suit as evidence is a photo of his bloodied finger.

Mr. Purisima is representing himself.

If he wins in what is the largest lawsuit ever filed, Purisima stands to be awarded more money than there is in the world.

Unrelated, but Purisima has previously sued the People’s Republic of China and several major banks including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Wachovia. No words if he had won one of them.

Off course he will Not receive that amount of compensation from a dog bite lawsuit, even by filing it in New York City where all is possible. However, that will hopefully raise the issue on the matter of dogs biting people as a regular occurrence and, even better, that people are biting back hard.

Can you imagine what you could buy after winning 2 undecillion dollars? Better, all from a dog bite lawsuit settlement?

Yes, that is priceless!

Undecillion on Wikipedia
Dog Bite Lawsuit on DailyMail (great comments)



SUCCESS in the War on [FAKE] Service Pit bulls

Personal Stories of Dog VictimsHow to Get Rid of Fake Service Dogs – For Good.

Below you find another real story sent by a determined mom who succeed in getting a fake service pit bull dog evicted from their apartment complex, not because the mauler was Not a real service dog but due to the many lease violations by the owners (criminals will always be criminals). Another personal story about what victims are facing, and doing back, in this today’s dog infested world.



I have been fighting the idiot in my building that went and got a pit bull, and brought it into our apartments by lying about it being a service dog. Our apartments ban dogs over #30 [pounds]. When I started, there were 3 of these assholes owning a total of 4 pit bulls, and their maulers were always seen outside, breaking rules and such.

I want to share my successes, to date, to inspire others.

All of these grippers showed up within a few weeks of each other. It was like one day, a safe place for my little kids to play, the next day, 4 grippers are surrounding my apartment, and the playground.

At first I was scared, angry, and depressed. The manager said his hands were tied because they were all “service/therapy” dogs, both are legally protected in this state. He lives here too and hated it, and corporate was upset, but they had little recourse. No one was sure what to do, and the general consensus was that there would be a tragedy before the laws were changed.

I decided to fight back instead of just complaining. Here is where I am at…

Mauler owner #1- this guy and his gripper moved out about 3 weeks after I stepped up my campaign to rid the complex of these frauds. This was a “get out or we will evict you” situation.

How? LEASE VIOLATIONS- record every single one you see, and get as many people to complain as you can.

Explanation- I got enough people to complain about his pit attacking another dog (it wasn’t hurt), and that was enough to get him pushed out, even though his mauler was a “emotional support/therapy dog”. All pets must follow the rules, regardless of their status, so learn what those rules are and get a camera and pen.

Mauler Owner #2- This owner will be moving out with his precious gripper, in 2 months, when his contract is up. Management will not be renewing it. Any more complaints, he will be out even sooner. He no longer proudly struts his dog onto the playground, nor ever lets it off leash, even to pee.


Complaints- Write them up. Every. Last. Annoyance. Get your neighbors to do the same. The owner then knows people are watching, and they do not know who, as long as you haven’t made it obvious to them you are fighting them (I did).

Violations- Off leash? Barking? Leaving poop? Attacking? These (and more) are violations. This will get the dog, the person, or both, evicted if they aren’t followed.

Fraud- The management was unaware that the “Service Dog” papers he presented were simply bought off of the web. When they learned, they decided that in addition to the complaints, this meant they would not renew this renters contract (too late to evict for this reason).

What I did- I sent the management a list of all of the web sites that sell these service dog papers. I got it from a legit, disabled persons advocacy group. I also sent a few articles explaining this fraud.

Then, I contacted the business that sold this neighbor his papers. I sent them an email telling them their papers enabled a man to move a dangerous dog into apartments where they are banned. I let them know that I would be sure to name their name if anything happens because of this dog.

They sent me a nice little letter to give the management, detailing how the papers they sell do NOT make a dog a legal service dog. That they are just papers.

***I gave this to management, and now they will deny anyone presenting with papers from these web sites, and will look into other papers instead of just taking them all on face value.***

With this guy, they waived the right to kick him out over the fraud, because it was discovered too late, after they took rent a few times. No new people will get to use this lie.

Mauler owner #3- I haven’t seen either of their 2 grippers for 2 months; even though I can see their door, and they ought to be big dogs now. The mom said “They want to evict us!!!”, and ever since then, I never see them at all. No longer outside unleashed, not running on the playground, not in the parking lot.


Explanation- Persistent complaints to landlord of every little thing they do wrong, comments made directly to the mom and the kids about the dogs being unwanted here, and a few violations made these owners realize they were not appreciated. They had been parading their maulers proudly, on the playground, and letting them play unleashed. We didn’t like this, and made sure everyone knew.

I can only assume they still own them, but have no idea when they walk them (and I am home all day as a SHAM). Their lease won’t be renewed either, even though their one gripper is not fraud (the other is)- These geniuses got 2 maulers for their mentally ill 9 year old child. I am sure that is not what the therapist meant when they said a dog might be calming….

And I just got started.

This has worked because management cares, and will actually step up. It hasn’t been as fast as I would have liked, but at least it is moving in the right direction. t didn’t have to remind them about the payouts for attack lawsuits, or contact their insurance, or the other things I could have done.

I wrote up a list of what to do to get maulers out, I will send that next.



Another warrior in the battle


The above is a real event by a person negatively affected by current dog epidemic, a series that we are going to regularly publish here at NO Dogs, Please! as Personal Stories from Victims of Dogs.

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Want to share your personal story with us, or about someone you know? Perfect! Just Send Your Personal Story to be Published.



Neighbor of AmBully’s Apartment Defending Herself – Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Dog Victims AmBully vicious dog affecting neighbor’s way of life.

Below you find another real letter sent by a lady living next to a notoriously vicious pit bulldog and the preventative measures she was taking to defend herself, and her husband as well. Another personal story about what victims are facing, and doing back, in this today’s dog infested world.


“If walking to the movies or park with my son, where we go by the AmBully’s apartment, I always look for items I could use.

There are bricks and cinder blocks which might be short range but would at least give us a chance. My pepper spray and butcher knife are always with me to and from the bus stop, and if I see the dog out I take another route.

It’s always leashed, but I take no comfort in that, this dog is not nice and not afraid to show it. I’m making complaints, hoping something is done soon.

When my late husband was unemployed we took quite a few paper routes. I kept most of them when he found work.

Twice, vicious dogs came at me.

The first time, I screamed and climbed on top of the owner’s car. The dog had dug out and he was unaware, luckily he was home and responsive. That dog was a pit.

The second time it was a chow, it came from a house that sat about a 1/4 mile from the street. I was yelling at it and looking around for something to defend myself. A tree branch was what I found. I smacked that dog upside the head after it had chased me four or five blocks. It wasn’t going to give up, but when I hit it, it ran back home.

I encountered other dogs, some not so friendly, but they backed off if I held my ground and shook a newspaper at them. I’m glad the pit owner was home and quickly got his dog, I had nothing to defend myself with.

I’m very thankful the storm blew that tree branch down with the chow, it wanted blood, and I have no idea why. It’s not normal for a dog to chase you for almost a mile, and I only walked by it’s yard, out in the street.

My advice is, if you don’t have something for defense on hand, and you want to walk, look around and be prepared in case of attack.

I should add, we do not ever walk in front of the Ambully’s apartment, we use the street that runs behind it.”



The above is a real event by a person negatively affected by current dog epidemic, a series that we are going to regularly publish here at NO Dogs, Please! as Personal Stories from Victims of Dogs.

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Letter to Clueless Doggie Daddy – Personal Stories of Victims of Dogs

Off Leash Rudeness – Personal Stories from Victims of Dogs

Want to share your personal story with us, or about someone you know? Perfect! Just Send Your Personal Story to be Published.



Wolf-dog Pet Attending Music Festival – Personal Story

Personal Stories of Dog Victims
A New Personal Story  – Wolf-dog listening to music

The below is another real letter sent by a mother of little kids on their encounter with a wolf-dog ‘pet’ in a music festival, a personal story about what victims are facing, and doing back, in this today’s dog infested world.


My kids and I went to a local music festival for an afternoon, on a large, well known, university campus. There were people from the humane society with two very sweet dogs, as well as many others with their pets, on leashes.

My son has always feared dogs, but he recently made friends with a neighbors (legit) service dog. I was happy he was conquering this fear.

So, when my son spotted a very soft and fuzzy golden retriever, and he wanted to say hello, I said OK. I generally don’t allow this, but the dog seemed calm, was well restrained, and the older owners were nice.

He petted him for a minute, no problem. No sooner had my lil guy turned to walk away, I heard a burst of nasty barking, and some scary growling.

I looked over to see 2 large dogs lunging at the retriever, which barked right back. This couple had walked their big dogs up behind us, and headed right towards the retriever. (I guess they figured the dogs wanted to say hi to each other? Who knows? )

We were maybe 3-5′ from these dogs mouths, and all I saw was teeth and jaws; it was so sudden, loud, and scary as hell.

The couple took off with their 2 dogs, and I hustled the kids away.

Not even 30 seconds later, I see that the woman took one of the dogs back over by the retriever. Now they were all friendly and playful together.

I asked what kind of dog is that? She said Australian Shepherd. I look over to see where the man with the other dog went. I saw them off in the distance, standing right behind the seats of the amphitheater where a band is playing.There are people walking by, and lots of chaos.

I ask the woman, “Is that a Malamute?”, and she says “Well, its part Malamute, and the rest WOLF”.

My jaw must have dropped to the floor. I said “Ah, kids lets get as far away from these lunatics as we can”. I have never got away from a place so fast….


Let me recap: These idiots brought a *WOLF hybrid* to a music festival, walked it right up to a short-leashed dog, 2 old people, and (behind) a mom with 3 kids.

The wolf-dog was wearing a normal collar and on a long, thin, leash – there is no way that scrawny owner could have held that animal if it had been intent on attacking.

The woman was just SO proud of her wolf too. You could see in her expression that she enjoyed my shock and fear. I do think she was offended I called her a lunatic, and she probably heard me tell the kids only stupid people own wild animals and parade them in public…

Then, after we went to another area, I see another large dog running around, this time off leash. It was probably totally harmless, but the middle of a crowd of people just wasn’t a good place for a loose, energetic, dog!

I ask 3 different security guards to ask the owner to leash it, and not one knew about the leash rule, nor cared. (FFS, there is already a leash law on campus, and in the city!) I had read the rules before I went, so I know that unleashed animals were not allowed, as well as, guns and knives.

Bringing a WOLF is totally OK, though. Got it.

That’s the LAST time we ever pet a dog in public!

By Mom in Eugene


The above is a real event by a person negatively affected by current dog epidemic, a series that we are going to regularly publish here at NO Dogs, Please! as Personal Stories from Victims of Dogs.

Want to share your personal story with us, or about someone you know? Perfect! Just Send Your Personal Story to be Published.



Pitbull dog attack – How to search Google the right way

A pitbull dog attack just happened and you didn’t even know? Learn how to find them.

Most of us are always flabbergasted when we come to know later on, if so, of a pitbull dog attack, or from any other dangerous dog, that happened in an area very close to us, like our neighborhood, community or city.

One way to know what is going on, specially about serious events that can affect our safety and well being, is to learn “how to be informed” on them.

You can do that, easily and for free, by using Google. Just watch the video and you will see how.

Basically speaking, just search by using the News section, not the Web one. Just type in your keywords, like “pitbull dog attack,” and look for the results.

A pitbull dog attack is constantly under-reported

You will find that the number of pitbull dog attacks are much, much greater then you what you heard from the mainstream media.

Many news organizations do not want to lose advertisers in the pet industry lobby, regardless if the dogs are regular or dangerous ones.

So, never think that what you saw on your local TV news channel is all that happened in your area.

Expand your search into other dogs bitings, killings, maulings…

You may alternatively search for ANY DOG attacks, dog bite, dog killed, and dog mauls.. as the breed is left out of the news article 99 percent of the time.

More than 99% of dogs attacks with overly serious and even fatal consequences were mostly done by pit bulls but news reporter just said it was “dog”.

As said above, you may add any specifics you want:

  • Your community
  • Your city
  • Your state
  • Your country
  • Other languages
  • A specific year or period of time
  • A dog breed other than pit bulls (remember: all dogs can bite, all dogs can attack, not just pit bulls).

Just use your creativity and focus on what you really want to find.

Be alerted on a pitbull dog attack in almost real time

Stay up to date on these results by creating an email alert for any keyword you want, like “dog attack” or “pitbull killing”.

Just look at the bottom of the page and click on the “Create an email alert for…” blue link. It’s pretty straightforward from there.

What to do after learning of a pitbull dog attack event?

You can, as a minimum, get involved in your community raising safety standards to prevent dog attacks and other problems caused by dogs. There are plenty of opportunities.

Learn more on What You Can Do.


Google News
Wikipedia – Pit bull dog attack



Are you a pit bull fanatic?

How to know you are a pit bull fanatic?

You must watch this.

Barbara Kay, one of the rarest journalists out there that tells the real hard and cold truth about dogs, specially pitbulls, clear up a few misunderstandings for the pit bull apologists.

National Post columnist Barbara Kay always receives plenty of response to her columns on pit bulls. In this video, Barbara shares her insights on the authors on some of the more exuberant feedback.

Here it is: Continue reading »



Dog Psychology 101 – Grandma Mauled by Her Own Dog

Dog Psychology 101 – Grandma is mauled by her own dog and she still keeps ferociously loving and defending them…

You won’t believe that post.

I promise you; it’s not made up. Really.

Grandmother on fixed income,
has lost many teeth,
and my smile!

Dog mauls grandma mouth, loses teeth

I was really curious about Grandma Linda and her extreme behavior on this site, always reverencing dogs and blaming the ‘haters’. It was over the top, even for the average type of regular dog owner of today, that seems to be the vast majority.

So, I did a little research on her. Continue reading »



Stupid Comments on “Yes, Pitbulls ARE Dangerous dogs” by…


Stupid Comments on “Yes, Pitbulls ARE Dangerous dogs” by… Grandma Linda!

Our website NO Dog’s, Please seems to be hitting the nerves of some ODORs, specially one single person.

Yes, her – Grandma Linda.

Not only this site has been repeatedly attacked by hackers, as well as by commenters trying to demotivate me, that mutter nutter clearly shows how they are all desperate about us speaking the truth about dogs.

They simply freak out!

“Many people, specially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth for being correct, for being you.”

Below you may find the last obnoxious comments from her, all but one made in a single night.

I just have a question: who are those people that have time for all this? Don’t they have a life? Don’t they have anything useful  to do (taking care(?) of dogs is not a useful thing btw)? Are they swimming in money? Really?

By Grandma Linda: Continue reading »



Pit Bulls, the Number One Killers of Children

Pit Bulls, the number one canine killers and mutilators of children bar none, for decades now.

Fatal Pit Bull Attacks

Yet STILL pit bulls are being lauded as ‘Nanny dogs’ and ‘Baby-sitters’. They are not. They never have been. It is a lie, a myth, and a gross and willful misunderstanding of a dog purpose-bred for NOTHING but violence. Continue reading »



Mutts and Nuts Latest News – Daily Dangerous Dogs Stories

Latest News on All the Problems Created by…Dogs!

Latest News on Dogs Barking

Want to know what is happening in the world about the problems caused by dogs?

Now you can.

An online ‘newspaper’ that showcases the most important news and events about unruly dogs and the accompanying ODORs, doggists, dog mafiosos and the should-be responsible so-called authorities, has just been created, specifically for us here at NO Dogs, Please!.

Mutts and Nuts – Latest News

Many visitors here on this site have mentioned about the lack of current news about dogs, like dog killing people, victims suing owners of barking dogs and so on but, as I do not really have time for that (I’m still expecting a collaborator on that, publishing news) so the “Mutts and Nuts Latest News” will fill this void, at least for now.

Please note this is an automated, external site and so I have almost no control over it. The news come from everywhere, and some times will be shown duplicates although from different newscasts.

Ease of Use

You just have to click on the link above or on the Mutts and Nuts section on the right-hand side of your screen to access all the news. You may come here right after that and make your comment on those news as well.

Daily Updates – 7 Days a Week

The journal is updated daily so every new afternoon, 7 days a week, you will find out what those four-legged dumbs and two-legged dumbers are doing to destroy our communities.

All editions are also archived so if you missed one just look for the Archives link there and then you will have access to all previous editions since day one. It started today.

How to Comment on those News?

Just return to this post and comment on any news or subject you want. Unfortunately there is no place for commenting there.

This page here is made for open discussion about anything you saw out there, even in other news websites not mentioned on the “Mutts and Nuts Latest News”.

Note that most newscasts in the west now are cancelling the Comments area that they used to feature until recently. So, one more reason to post your views here and also not have them deleted because you are doing “propaganda against dogs“.

However, if you go to any of those news sites and decides to leave a comment there, it’d be highly appreciated if you please try to include a link back to this site NO Dogs, Please by using the full web address, like http://www.Anilak.com. Just do not forget the http:// part or the link will not be clickable.

Let’s see how it goes. Please let me know what you think.


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