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“Dog Haters, You are So Arrogant!” – Stupid Comments

Dog Haters are not who stupid thinks.

Stupid Comments - Dog Haters


“Two things are infinite:
the universe and human stupidity;
and I’m not sure about the universe.”
Albert Einstein




And here is Grandma Linda, again, with her hyper-clever comments (not)!

Grandma Linda

Is it actually possible, that you dog haters think we, dog lovers, would be happy to be kept awake by a barking dog? That we would be happy stepping into crap left behind by a loose dog or owner not accepting the responsibility of picking it up? Many people do not care for dogs, but to “hate” them with such vicious emotion is targeting the dog instead of the dog owner that is not a responsible member of society. Dogs are not the problem; humans are! That dog haters would actually lace food to kill a dog, thereby, in all probability killing another animal as well, is a conscience exercise in the practice of satanic evil worshipers. Why is your anger not directed to the irresponsible humans that do not train, control and love their dogs? I find that such irresponsible humans are just as evil as the haters that spew such venomous words. Why do you think you should all be granted a perfect life? Are you all that arrogant to believe that we dog lovers don’t have instances in our daily lives that we find annoying, bothersome, etc., that the very thought is irritating? How would you like your child’s sandbox used as a litter box by neighbor’s cats? I still love cats, but there are irresponsible owners that continue to let them roam in the night despite putting their lives in danger. How would you like neighborhood kids playing outside until all hours of the night each summer, while you would like your windows open but must put on the air or hear the loud shouting or ball bouncing or screeching of tires of older teens? Imagine being a responsible pet owner, only to have stones thrown at your fenced and friendly dog? You are incapable of living in society and all it’s imperfections. Your arrogance is seething out of your pores, and I am so thankful that I still see the beauty in the rose; the smile of the child that shouted the night before with his friends; or the teen the raced dangerously, but was blessed to come home unscathed. Satan walks the earth until Jesus comes back. Easy to see where you all fit in!

Her comment above was written exactly that way, in one single block form, with no paragraphs, and so was republished as it is. First tip to show how hard-workers dog lovers are (not).

I’m only going to respond this one because her comments perfectly synthesize the twisted mentality of the numerous other dog people who post idiocies on this site, which ones I asap delete.

Hopefully this could be a hub of enlightenment for new stupid commenters that will surely come. Let’s hope, wish, and… pray.

Let’s go for her comment in a bullet point form:

  • People on our site are NOT dog haters. In my dictionary, dog haters are the ones who kick even the most well behaved and fully controlled dogs being walked by their responsible dog owners. Those are not me, not us, the contributing members. We are indeed:
    - Safety lovers
    - Silence seekers
    - War averse
    - Peace keepers
    - Health conscious
    - Ideas creators
    - Solutions finders
    - Nothing like Hitler, who by the way was a dog lover.
  • Yes, we DO think you dog people are happy to be kept awake by a barking dog. You have a high tolerance for noise pollution, but you are not deaf. If you were not happy for that, you would take immediate care of the problem, either by accordingly training your dogs not to bark or getting rid of them. That’s plain simple.
  • Yes, again, we DO think you dog fanatics are happy to be kept awake by dog barking . Even when sleeping, or trying to, dog owners have a Narcissistic Personal Disorder condition — a mental disorder — in which you have an inflated sense of own importance and a deep need for admiration. You with Narcissistic Personality Disorder believe that you’re superior to others, and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism. Narcissism is also known as the pursuit of gratification from vanity, in this case dogs, or egotistic admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, that derive from arrogant pride. So, you are happy when you express your narcissistic traits by letting your dogs bark (Sources 1, 2).
  • Many people “do not care for dogs‘? Yes! However, it does NOT mean that we the normal guys “hate them with such vicious emotion“. We hate their behaviors and so ‘educating’ them is one of the major purposes of this site. You just have to read, learn and remember. These doesn’t kill!
  • We do NOT target ONLY dogs, “instead of dog owners who are not responsible members of society“. We target BOTH. Dogs ARE the problem, yes, TOGETHER with their uncivil owners and incompetent city officials, in this case considering at least the strays. If there were no dogs, there would be no dog problems, even with irresponsible people all around the place.
  • Humans (specifically irresponsible dog owners) ARE the problem AND dogs, TOO! All the barking, feces, urine, contamination, bites, maimings, killings… come from dogs directly, not from humans.
  • Persons who eventually ‘lace food to kill’ a nuisance dog (no innocent pooches here), only do it after a strong struggle with their own conscience trying to decide whether s/he opts for peace&quiet or harassment&distress. After a prolonged occurrence of this serious kind of assault, any normal person gets to take the only option left available, after none of the supposed to be responsible people did their job.
    Did the owner care before? No.
    Did the police care before? No.
    Did the city care before? No.
    Did animal protection care before? No.
    So the victim, the real victim, did care.
  • If you ODORs were really concerned about other animal’s well being, like not being poisoned, you would take good care of your own animals so that there would be NO persons willing to make use of poison to kill any animals at all. Remember that poison is just one among numerous other ways that can kill a dog, even the ones leaving no trace.
  • Dog victims are “satanic evil worshipers“? Really? Actually, NO! Victims from dogs are just and only trying to get the peace&quiet that was stolen from them by ODORs and prevented to be recouped by city officials. Satanic evil worshiping is exactly what you ODORs are doing by keeping people awake by dog barking and feeling happy about it. By contaminating little kids on the beach and not giving a crap about it. By killing people with your vicious pooches and calling it an unfortunate accident. When you ODORs do this, well, you are undoubtedly the ones “spewing such venomous words“. The victims are not.
  • Talking about “satanic evil worshipers“, well, let’s see the following. Does it have any similarity to dogs?
    1. To torment mercilessly; plague.
    2. To worry, annoy, or frustrate.
    3. To possess with or as if with a devil; bewitch.
    4. To spoil; ruin.
    For me, that perfectly describes dogs! And by consequence the real “satanic evil worshipers“, eg their owners.
  • Our anger and efforts ARE indeed directed, although not exclusively, to the irresponsible humans with pooches, the ones that do not train, do not control, but say they love their dogs (all when they commit animal torture/cruelty by forceful confinement, for example). Yes, we do! The problem is that ODORs do NOT read this site, do NOT learn, do NOT understand, and do NOT remember what they see! The only times when criminal dog owners ‘come to reality’ is when their dogs are killed or impounded, or they are prosecuted leading to BOTH criminal charges AND substantial monetary compensation for the victims of their abuses. If dog owners were not ODORs, but civil citizens instead, there would be no “anger” from our part. Easy.
  • Why do we think we should all be granted a perfect life? EXCELLENT QUESTION!!! (So excellent that doesn’t even deserves an answer.)
  • Arrogant, am I? Wow! How do you dare to call me arrogant when all I’m doing is doing my best to have a decent life by not having my kids seriously contaminated by dog feces on the beach, to sleep well, to work productively, to enjoy my hobbies… Well, that clearly proves who really is the arrogant one.
  • Changing the subject of the matter will not make me feel sorry for you. Actually, no one here will. Unruly cats, noisy kids, cars screeching tires… those are problems that annoy YOU and so YOU ONLY have to take care of them. Those issues of yours will never reduce the importance of us fighting for a world without vicious dogs and obnoxious owners. Period.
    But wait, why do you think you should be granted a perfect life?
  • Now, “we”, normal non-dog people, are the ones ‘incapable of living in society‘? Oh, my! According to your ‘logic,’ we should also allow bank robbers, pickpockets, terrorists, murderers, rapists… all together with you the dog criminals using dogs as an accessory for the commitment of your crimes. NO! These are not imperfections, these are the scum of society and they have to be totally eliminated from a civilized society as far as we can. Imperfections would still exist even in those most civilized societies, like car accidents, airplanes that make noise, neighbor that trow an occasional party until late of night, and so on. These are occasional inconveniences, not regular hideous crimes. The ones who commit crimes and demonstrate anti-social behavior, specially in a constant basis, are the only ones truly incapable of living in society.
  • Sorry to say but you do not “still see the beauty in the rose“. You dog people live in a world of fantasy, thinking dogs are heroes, that they save kids from fire, that they stand by its dead owner’s grave, that they are man’s best friend… Your incapacity of separating reality from fantasy, many times reaching lunacy, is staggering, a clear hallmark of all regular dog owners. Sorry again, but this is a clear mental disorder that must be treated promptly. The longer you wait, the more you and your animals will suffer.
  • If you were really a “responsible pet owner,” what I don’t believe for a microsecond anyway, you would be in the numerous dog lovers websites out there instructing them on how to becoming ‘so responsible‘ as you say you are. Telling us that we should lower our standards of living will not cause any effect, we are educated and well informed people who do not jump on the newest fad/trend/fashion just because the herd is doing so. No. You would be making a much better use of your time, and ours, by educating your dog loving colleagues in getting minimally civil and considerate. You AND your dogs would greatly and certainly benefit from that.
  • Satan walks the earth until Jesus comes back. Easy to see where you all fit in!
    Finally, you are right!

Wow, I didn’t expect I had so many things to explain, specially from one single, stupid comment.

I hope that the dog people understand or at least READ this post!



Pills Stuffed Hot Dogs Poison Dogs – Really?

Are some Canadians trying to kill, poison dogs who harassed them?


Someone strongly affected by the current dog epidemic left hot-dogs stuffed with pills on the side of a road commonly used by dogs. That is what the media is saying.

The pills are said to be tranquilizers.

One unidentified dog lover said to have found the homemade treats in southern British Columbia, Canada, just a couple days ago, and took the (actually sausages, not full fledged) hot dogs, to the SPCA. They are now “investigating” the case like if they were the police. The SPCA guy said he already suspects the tainted hot dogs and the posters are linked, with no evidence at all, just his ‘guesses’.

Poison dogs? Unacceptable, doggists say.

The same guy also stated that “Not only other dogs going along and eating these pills and becoming sick, but there could be other animals, wildlife, children. So we wanted to warn the public,” what is a lie since not even a single dog was taken to the a veterinarian or hospital for this episode.

This incident is being covered by a number of Canadian news sites like CBC News, CTV News, Global News

Doggists of all sorts are undoubtedly commenting and expressing their prayers that there are some finger prints on the sausages (?) and posters so the poisoner could be identified (and probably killed by ODORs). Well, most non-mutt possessors are not illiterate lazy guys with two-digit IQs. Continue reading »



Off Leash Rudeness – Personal Stories from Victims of Dogs

This is for Dog Owners that refuse to control their dogs.

Just today my kids and I were run off of a riverbank. It’s an area lots of people go to fish and putter around. It’s not an official beach, just an area next to the river that you can park next to, and get out and wander, so its pretty relaxed. It is typical to see a hand full of fisherman, families, a few men drinking beers, and a few people with dogs that enjoy the water.

We know dogs go there, and there is a city wide leash law. Unfortunately, this means dog owners think they can run the show and own the place, even more than usual.

Just like any stretch of beach/nature area where dogs are allowed, they end up ruining it for everyone that doesn’t want to be assaulted by aggressive off leash dogs.

But back to my story

A nicely dressed, average, woman, opens her car door, and an enormous (seemingly friendly) shepherd mutt rushes my kids. Right as I am about to take defensive actions, it goes back to its owner, who then lets it run free. No care for the very small kids hiding in fear from it, or any of the others out there.I politely say something about putting her dog on a leash and am ignored, while she sits down right next to us, and lets the dog frolic in the water.

Fun for HER, fun for the DOG, but now WE cannot relax. WE were there first… Thanks. Continue reading »



Collaborators, Writers Wanted!

Take action! Do something real!

Action Writers Wanted
Writers Wanted! This website would really appreciate some collaboration from all of you also suffering with this dog crazy epidemic.

Money is NOT what is wanted from you.

What I need are motivated people who could help this site grow, and by consequence help all of us. I’d really like to count on your skills, creativity and expertise. Your sincere efforts are highly valuable.

For the tragic times
For the beautiful moments
With your heart and no regrets.

You perhaps noticed that many of you already had quite interesting ideas to share, but so far couldn’t find a place to post them or let this site know about it. Now you have.

This call for action is a follow-up of Let’s smarten up, get together to fight the dog craze, where the point of uniting and concentrating our efforts was discussed and proven its absolute necessity.

Reading is good,
educating yourself is better,
developing an action plan is the best.

We have to get together and start working pro-actively, together. It will be quite difficult to achieve any noticeable results otherwise.

How could You help? Continue reading »



Stupid Comments – “More areas for off leash dogs on the beach!”

Normal people fight for safer areas – Doggists want more off-leash danger on the beaches

contact us - in privateThe following comment was just received on the New Website Against the Dog Epidemic page, trying to minimize the importance of LASCC cause on combating off-leash dogs on the beach, at the same time that promoting their agenda of having free roaming dogs almost everywhere.

Perhaps it’s better as a new post since it got a big response from me, and I just commented on a few points. That is:

Wild Dog
Submitted on 2014/04/06 at 5:29 pm

Please remember there are two sides to every story. This is a case of “she said/she said” and should not be taken as fact. The LLASCC group (which they call Lassie, a dog that was never on leash), has a history of exaggeration. For example, the “small” group that is asking for dogs under voice control at one small section of beach has over 3,000 LOCAL signatures in petitions that are online and on paper. And where is LOCAL support for LLASCC? They went door-to-door and got about 100 signatures. It is LLASCC that is the small, aggressive group prone to exaggeration.

This stretch of beach has been used off-leash for over 30 years and there have been no major dog incidents. On the other hand there are illegal fireworks, illegal camping, and high human use (especially during summer tourist season) resulting in trash that is harmful to the environment. I keep wondering why anyone would focus on dogs, when the larger problems are the humans? If you cared about wildlife, wouldn’t you try to stop children from running through there?

The dog group have asked for less than 1/4 mile of the 29 miles of beach. They have asked for “dog hours” that are before 10am and after 4pm. They adopted the beach in a program that is sponsored by the California Coastal Commission and hold regular clean-ups, plus use peer pressure to encourage good behavior of humans and their dogs. They have been proactive in protecting wildlife and nesting areas. They are responsible, respectful dog owners in that neighborhood that have stepped up to care for the beach.

Finally, if you would like me to share with you the reputable studies done about dogs off-leash or dogs and wildlife, just ask. Somehow I doubt you want facts to confuse your opinions.

Trying to use sarcasm with me will Not work, WD.

Nor will posing as a classy and educated person with lots of scientific knowledge. Continue reading »



Want to kill a dog? Nah, just piss the owner off!

Using a dog to *decorate* a carefully manicured lawn

Dogs are Dirty - Stop Defecating in Public Spaces

Just found this:

A non-lethal way to get sweet justice against a barking dog owner!

  1. Go the store and pick up some OXO Beef cubes
  2. Wait for a rainy night to come along
  3. When it’s raining good and hard, go for a walk with the OXO cubes – unwrapped – in hand
  4. Toss the cubes in a scattered pattern all over the offending dogs yard.
  5. Go back home. Let the rain do its job and soak into the grass
  6. Wait for sweet justice as the dog digs frigging holes all over the yard looking for the bones, in turn forcing the owner to – hopefully – get rid of the stupid digger dog!
  7. Do and Irish jig in celebration!

What are Oxo Beef cubes for dog revenge?

Don’t know what Oxo Beef cubes are? Individually foil wrapped cubes that dissolve easily, made with dehydrated beef (or chicken, lamb) meat, which are used for cooking by giving an increased flavor to everyday meals. They are sold in any supermarket. Sure, they have different names in different countries but usually sold by the Knorr company.

Have fun!


PS. This is Not a suggestion. I’m Not telling you or anybody else to do that. This little revenge was ALREADY done by a victim of chronic barking and other dog abuses, a person who was wise enough to do it the right way and Not get caught by the criminal ODOR. Think well, very well, in case You decide doing something like this. That’s Your decision only.



Open Letter to DogHatersUnite.com – Do Not Bow Down!

Keep Speaking the Truth About Dogs!

Keep Speaking the Truth About Dogs!Perhaps some of you are aware about what is happening with DogHatersUnite.com

“Some POS lawyer problems. Apparently not a very good lawyer or he’d have some real work to do.”

The above comment was one of the last ones, explaining why the blog was quite frozen lately.

It seems that Dog Haters Unite! is not publishing any new articles anymore because some SOB lawyer is threatening with legal action. For expressing free-speech, possibly.

As of now their site is kind of offline, with just a “Protected Log In” screen, not allowing anybody to read what was posted before, nor post any comments as well.

DogHatersUnite.com, Please, Do Not Bow Down! Continue reading »



Letter to the Editor, Town Newspaper – Dog Barking

Write to your city newspapers, newscasts, web sites and let them know you do Not stand dog barking anymore

Letters to Dog Owners
I received this request several days ago in the private area and just now I’m being able to respond.

“I am wanting to send a letter to the Editor of the town newspaper that would make people aware of barking dogs and what a nuisance they are. Would you have a draft of something I could use, or a copy of someone who has written a letter that I could get some ideas from. Thank You [deleted]“

So I drafted a quick letter that could be used as a basic template for anyone planning to do the same, contacting the Editor of your town’s newspaper or internet newscast. Of course, you must make all the necessary changes to specify your personal situation as well as including or deleting anything you want.

Why writing and sending a letter on dog barking is a good idea?

Because (1) you make a lot of people aware of the matter at the same time (2) you start to get other people who are also affected by the same issues to know they are not alone. (3) Also, politicians, police, councilors, will also know they are Not doing a great job as they think. And (4) more people know about those politicians, police, councilors… as well.

This is the letter: Continue reading »



Why cops do Not come for dog violations?

Quick answer: because they have dogs.

The following news report, Nevada sheriff defends confiscating thousands of dollars from innocent drivers (Cop steals US$50,000 from unsuspected driver) has nothing to do with pooches. At first.

We the regular people who are negatively affected by the dog epidemic and all the problems they create, quickly recall the image of cops Not coming when they are called, for example, to a neighbor’s crazily barking dog in the middle of the night. Even when they come, cops usually just say ‘we can do nothing’, and leave.

Why they do this?

They usually say there is no law allowing them to act, what is not true since there are many laws that, although not specifically concerning dogs, can be used to cease the violation(s), IF they wanted to.

The real reason is that they own dogs themselves. Police departments all over the USA have K9s, as far as I know, at least the larger ones.

Those people these days almost always have big and dangerous dogs (have you ever seen a cop with a chiuhaua or a barkless pooch? I haven’t).

The picture above is officer Deputy Lee Dove (of the Humboldt County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office) with the proceedings of his looting, as described in the article. What makes that photo stand up for us is not the money stolen in the cops hands, but the, guess what, dog on his side. Worse,the canine is off-leash and has no muzzle. All that inside a police station.

“Why is it that authorities are always “too busy” or “too broke” or “can’t do anything” when a dog is used as the instrument in a crime, but there is ALWAYS PLENTY THEY CAN DO when the dog is the OBJECT of a crime?”

Continue reading »



What NOT to Do – Send Threatening Letters

Do NOT, ever, talk to a problem dog owner neighbor (Nor send written threats about what you think about doing!)


A man in Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, received a threatening letter just three weeks after moving into his new home. (Of course, now he says he fears for his dog’s life.)

(This story appeared on the Sunshine Coast just a couple of months ago.)

Irresponsible resident was informed “you’ll find dog dead at front gate” in a printed letter.

The man, who did not want to be named (why?), was warned to keep his dog indoors at night or “you’ll find it dead at your front gate”.

“We have just about had a gutful of your dog barking and waking us up in the middle of the night,” the typed letter said.

“I wouldn’t leave it unattended any more during the day … it is going to get a delicious little treat over the fence … get rid of the mongrel or someone else will.”

The man said the letter was the first complaint he had received about the three-year-old border collie-labrador cross, which he adopted from the RSPCA. (Here is he, trying to get some credit for being a ‘nice’ guy. They are masters in this art of deception.) Continue reading »

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