100+ Likes on Facebook! Fantastic achievement!!!

no-dogs-please-facebookYeah, right…

I just noticed that this site’s page on facebook reached the “fantastic” mark of 101 Likes as of this writing.

That page is live since February 4, 2014. Over two years so.

I just want to show that the victims from all kinds of dog insanity by the animals themselves and their owners are still a gigantic distance of achieving something useful, eg silence from barking.

As long as we could not get together and DO something pro-active and useful, well, nothing will change. Nothing at all.

Why do I say that?

Take a look at that:

The GoD and DoG fb page has 10,001 likes.
The Doug The Pug, 4,894,584.
Funny Dog Pitbull  on YouTube – 8,214,620 views.

Well, they are doing something, even if that is just BS or time-wasting. They are getting together. Those numbers show they have strength (again, for BS or time-wasting). This per se encourages more people to jump on the bandwagon and them too worship dogs. No end in sight.

Sure we may see it fading away, many people are dumping dogs for a variety of reasons, the fad may be starting to come to an end but, without normal non-dog people banding together, nothing will change significantly.

Unleashed dogs.

Barking everywhere, all the time.

People getting sick, attacked, maimed, mauled, killed.

Ah, ok. That happens. Only if allow hat.

Take a look at that, again:

Yes I Hate Dogs

That is a page I created just to see how it worked. I set, posted a few scheduled ugly pics of dogs and voila, I just checked it and now it has More likes than my major page, which btw is focused on a more serious approach to the dog problem, not something unproductive or silly like the one above or even how DogHatersUnite was.

Even dog victims seem not to want doing anything, just complaining.

Well, let me tell all of the ones out there: nothing will happen.

Point of this post was: I resent not too many people are taking action against this dog insanity.

So, I ask: What can we do about it, this inaction, this apathy?

Are we wasting our time?

I don’t know.

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How Dog Barking Sounds Around the World

Dog Barking is Annoying… No Matter Where.

dog barking sounds around the world

Woof is the conventional representation in the English language of the barking of a dog.

Linguists would tell you that the words that we use to represent dog barks are based upon onomatopoeia, which is the process by which we try to characterize a real world sound with a word that sounds something like it.

There is no universally accepted sound that humans use to represent dog barks. Even in a single language there may be a number of different words used for a dog’s bark, for example, in English we recognize “woof-woof,” “arf-arf”, “ruff-ruff” and “bow-wow.”

Many languages also have different words for the barks of large versus small dogs, thus “yip-yip” or “yap-yap” are used in English for the barking sounds of small dogs, never for big dogs.

Double Barking – Dogs almost always bark twice

The only thing that seems to come close to being unanimously agreed upon about dog barks is that dogs almost always speak twice—thus a Hebrew dog says “hav-hav”, a Japanese dog says “wan-wan” and a Kurdish dog says “hau-hau”.

Dogs are annoying not just once, but twice, and for hours on end.

As with other examples of onomatopoeia or imitative sounds, other cultures “hear” the dog’s barks differently and represent them in their own ways. Some of the equivalents of “woof” in other European and Asian languages are as follows:

  • English – woof woof; ruff ruff; arf arf (large dogs and also the sound of sea lions); yap yap; yip yip (small dogs), bow wow
  • Afrikaans – blaf; woef woef; kef (small dogs)
  • Albanian – ham ham
  • Arabic – hau hau; how how (هو, هو)
  • Armenian -haf haf
  • Basque – au au; txau txau (small dogs); zaunk zaunk (large dogs); jau jau (old dogs)
  • Balinese – kong, kong
  • Belgium – woef, woef; blaf, blaf; waf, waf (large dogs) Keff, keff; Wuff, Wuff (small dogs)
  • Bengali – gheu, gheu; bhao, bhao
  • Bulgarian – bau-bau (бау-бау); jaff, jaff (джаф-джаф)
  • Burmese – woke, woke
  • Catalan – bau-bau; bub-bub
  • Chinese – 汪汪
    • Cantonese – wong1 wong1
    • Mandarin – wāngwāng
  • Croatian – vau, vau
  • Czech – haf, haf; štěk (the bark itself)
  • Danish – vov, vuf
  • Dutch – blaf, blaf; kef, kef; waf, waf; woef, woef
  • Esperanto – boj, boj
  • Estonian – auh, auh
  • Finnish – hau hau; vuh, vuh; rauf, rauf
  • French – waouh, waouh; ouah, ouah; ouaf, ouaf; vaf, vaf; wouf, wouf; wouaf, wouaf; jappe jappe
  • German – wuff, wuff; wau wau;
  • Greek – ghav, ghav (γαβ, γαβ / γαυ, γαυ), bhav, bhav (βαβ, βαβ)
  • Hebrew – hav, hav; hau, hau
  • Hindi – bho.n, bho.n (भों भों)
  • Hungarian – vau, vau, vau-vau
  • Icelandic – voff, voff
  • Indonesian – guk, guk
  • Irish – amh, amh
  • Italian – bau bau
  • Japanese – wan-wan (ワンワン); kyan-kyan (キャンキャン)
  • Korean – meong-meong (멍멍)
  • Latvian – vau, vau
  • Lithuanian – au, au
  • Macedonian – av, av
  • Malay – gonggong (“menggonggong” means barking)
  • Marathi – bhu, bhu (भू भू)
  • Norwegian – voff, voff or boff
  • Persian – haap, haap (هاپ، هاپ)
  • Philippines – Aw Aw, Aw
  • Polish – hau, hau-hau
  • Portuguese – au-au; ão-ão; béu-béu (toddler language); cain-cain (whining)
  • Romanian – ham-ham; hau, hau
  • Russian – гав-гав (gav-gav); ряв-ряв (ryaf-ryaf angry dogs) тяв-тяв (tyav-tyav (small dogs)
  • Serbian – av-av
  • Sinhala – buh, buh
  • Slovak – haf, haf; hau, hau
  • Slovene – hov, hov
  • Spanish – guau-guau; gua-gua; jau-jau
  • Swedish – voff; vov vov; bjäbb bjäbb
  • Tagalog – aw aw; baw, baw
  • Tamil – வள் வள் – wal wal;லொள் லொள் – lol lol ;வௌ வௌ – wow wow
  • Thai – โฮ่ง โฮ่ง (pronounced [hôŋhôŋ]); บ๊อก บ๊อก
  • Turkish – hav, hav
  • Ukrainian – гав, гав (hau, hau); дзяв, дзяв (dzyau, dzyau)
  • Urdu – bow bow
  • Vietnamese – gâu gâu; ẳng ẳng
  • Welsh – wff, wff
  • Tamazight– hav hav; haw haw

No matter how the barking is represented grammatically, the two major forms are probably woof, woof and au, au.

Anyway, we all know how it is annoying, distressing and harmful to our health. No matter where in the world we are.

Just a little of info to hopefully help with your day.

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Shut Up Barking Dogs! – Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Dog Victims

This is a post from a commenter on Google Answers that do not exist anymore (it’s still online but noone can post there anymore, or contact anyone btw. It can be found here). So I’m reproducing it below. We can all learn from his experience.

Just note it’s from 2005, over a decade ago!

Here it is:

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: upthewallwithpeople-ga on 15 Apr 2005 10:33 PDT
I say, enough of the suggestions of all the ways we, who are the
victims of annoying dogs, can put ourselves to expense and trouble to
appease the dogs, quiet the dogs, make friends with the dogs, or
protect ourselves from the dogs' annoyances and abuse.  I've been
through the East-side, West-side, all around the town run-around in
this miserable excuse for a municipality as far as the annoying dog
problem and the fact the nobody wants to address it.  In a town of
half-a-million people there is NO animal care and control division,
and the problem has been passed from the police department to the SPCA
to the City Attorney's office to the Code Enforcement Division and now
back to the police department and nobody is dealing with it.  All you
get is static from the police about how busy they are with more
pressing problems and then you're given three more phone numbers to
call and you get nothing but apologies about all the things that
nobody is able to do about the problem.  Consequently, all the
poor-downtrodden cases who claim they can't afford to keep themselves
in food or their homes in a decent state of repair can manage to get
away with keep four dogs on the premises who either end up breaking
through fences that are in a state of disrepair or else bark
incessantly and annoy everybody around them.

I have owned a home for six years but never lived in it until this
last December.  I was caring for my mother whom I was losing to breast
cancer and living with her across town.  Consequently, during the
miserably hot summer months, I would water my yards in the dark of
night and I was amazed at the number of dogs that were running lose in
the neighborhood because they had been able to crawl through
disrepaired fence slats.  One night, two huge dogs cornered a
chihuahua about four houses down and the resulting squealing and
yipe-ing would have been enough to wake people three blocks away, and
NOBODY came outside to see what was going on.  I had to get after a
neighbor when his vicious dog got out of his yard and into the yard
next door to me and dug his way into my back yard.  I wouldn't
approach the dog because he was snarling and growling, so I went over
there at 2:00 a.m. and rang the door bell until I finally woke
somebody and told them to DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM.

The long and short of it is, each city (yes, even this poor excuse for
one in which I live) has a Municipal Code with an ordinance against
the maintaining of dogs that intrude on the use and enjoyment of the
property of neighbors.  Keep persisting in calling the police and
telling them you want to sign a written complaint.  Ask them to come
out and go through your yard with you to see what happens when you are
present in your yard and the dog(s) next door go nuts so they can see
for themselves.  Call the police department non-emergency line each
day, if necessary, and leave a "paper trail."  You're a taxpayer and
the sole purpose of the police department, even though they would try
to make you believe it, is NOT to handle rapes, murdens and
break-in's.  If you pay taxes, you have a right to the enforcement of
any code against improper behavior.  If you only need to call the
police department once every ten years, you do not have to tolerate
the attempts to push you aside for more pressing business.  After five
or six calls, if nothing is being done, call your local city
councilman and ask his/her assistance.  He/she will be able to tap
into the records and see the paper trail you've left behind and then
should then be able to get the City Attorney's office involved at that

The only way to deal with neighbors who turn blind eyes and deaf ears
to dog problems is to get their attention in no uncertain terms.  If
they were inclined to be concerned about others around them, they
wouldn't maintain dogs that are continual nuisances because they would
be thoughtful enough to consider their actions' impact on the
community (pardon me while I become hysterical with laughter thinking
about how long a time it's been since the vast majority of people were
thoughtful of neighbors).  A very good percentage of these people
maintain one or more dogs so they feel safe and secure in their homes
from all threats, however "perceived" some of their "threats" may be
and have little to no feelings for the dog other than as a source of
protection.  The now-deceased former owner of my home was a good
example, maintaining a Doberman in the yard year-round, even during
the 100-degree-plus summer heat.  Consequently, the door from the
kitchen to the yard had all but been ruined by the dog scratching to
get in, and the entire yard resembled the surface of the moon with
craters.  Every time I took a step, I was falling into a hole, and
someone told me that's what dogs do in the miserable heat; dig down to
attempt to reach cooler ground to seek refuge from high temperatures.

As far as the comment made about people who work during the day, I
say, that's not an excuse:  They shouldn't voluntarily take on any
responsibilities they're not capable of handling for themselves. 
Personally, I'm fed up with the perceived feeling that it's up to the
neighborhood to raise peoples' unattended children and put up with the
annoyances of their unattended dogs.  And, what about the ones who
don't work or claim they can't work because of disabilities (however
feigned some of those disabilities may be by some people)?  What's
preventing them from properly tending to their dogs and children? 
Alcohol or drug consumption or TV-watching or cell-phone

My point is, with most of the types who maintain annoying or vicious
dogs without regard for the community around them, the only way you're
going to get their attention is by taking "legal" action.  
Personally, I resent my neighbors dragging home a dog from the pound
recently who is charging the fence, barking, growling and attempting
to jump to the top of the fence the entire time I'm present in my back
yard (and bark perodically throughout the night), especially at this
time of my life when I have just lost my last relative and have more
than enough to deal with, mentally, emotionally and physically with
the continued unpacking of boxes in an attempt to consolidate my
mother's belongings amongst my own in my home.  To give myself credit,
I've been a considerate and thoughtful neighbor and have always been
aware of the needs of others, both in my family and in the families
around me.  During escrow for the purchase of my home, at one point
some of the redwood siding on the house was to be replaced and the
contractor needed to start at 6:00 a.m. due to the high summer
temperatures, so I made sure to leave notes for my immediate neighbors
if they weren't home or talk to them in person to apologize in advance
for the extra noise that would take place so early in the day. 
Unfortunately, when the shoe's on the other foot and you learn that
some around you don't give a damn less about you in return as a
neighbor, the only way to make things right is to take legal action.

Yes, and I'm sure somebody is going to stand up and say, "What about
retalliation?"  To that I say, "What about it?"  I'm not going to be
any happier with the inability to use and enjoy my yard due to an
annoying animal than I am if somebody comes over and throw eggs at my
cars or garage door in retaliation for my efforts to solve the dog
problem, so I guess I will choose not to make myself into a door mat
for the neighbors to use to wipe their feet and will take the chance
with retalliation.  Maybe they'll retalliate, but then again, maybe
they won't.  And, if they do, I'm fairly certain the local police
department will then put the connection together between the
complaints about the annoying dog and the sudden commencement of
property vandalism.

In summation:  If people aren't able to give animals or children the
degree of attention and care they need and deserve because you're too
busy working, don't have the money, don't have the time, "every excuse
in the book," they should do themselves, the animals, the children and
the neighborhood in general a favor and not have them in the first
place!  I learned the hard way that in today's "it's all about me"
society, going out of one's way to be extra considerate of others
around me did little but turn me into a doormat and make me appear to
be a pushover or somebody to be taken advantage of in the eyes of
others.  I won't be deliberately INconsiderate, but my days of putting
up with and making excuses for the thoughtless actions of neighbors
(and their dogs) are long since finished!  I guess I suddenly woke up
and smelled the coffee and realized, I have the right to enjoyment of
my share of space as well.  Too many of those with the offending dogs
feel as though everybody else around them relinquishes THEIR rights in
order to compensate for the rights of the dog keeper.

Call your city council-person, the police department or your attorney
or else you'll be spending countless sleepless hours and annoying days
and also paying high prices for destroyed property or increased
homeowners' premiums due to annoying and vicious dogs.

So, what is the moral of the story for you?

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“Why Do You Hate Dogs?” – What to say to our friends?


“Why Do You Hate Dogs…!?” Have you ever heard that?


Today I’m just going to ask for your opinion:

What do you say to your closest friends and family members when they ask:

“Why Do You Hate Dogs…!?”

… and they make that unmistakable what-the-heck face that we all know.

Obviously, I’m looking for answers that could explain our position – quickly and effectively – without being disrespectful to them since we do not want, as far as we can, to lose their friendship. They are nice and educated people but unfortunately brainwashed by all the dog lobby propaganda.

I’m asking this because this weekend I was in a friend’s home for a barbecue and then this question was posed to a member of the group, not me. As usual, the guy told the obvious and some of the reaction was just the denial by most others.

I kept thinking: I could go all ballistic – information-wise – and say anything and everything about the reasons and facts I do not like dogs but my position, since the question was not directed at me, was just to agree with the poor little guy, without going any further, since otherwise I wouldn’t stop and it wouldn’t end well. Needless to say that no-one there knows who is Mr MAD.

So, what do you say?

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All Countries Where Pitbulls – Dangerous Dogs – Are Banned

Where are pitbulls banned internationally?

All Countries Where Pitbulls - Dangerous Dogs - Are Banned

The following countries either ban pit bulls completely or place strict conditions on their ownership, rescue and importation. For more information about the laws for each county regarding overly dangerous dogs, see:

Europe, except Scandinavia America, Oceania Scandinavia
former Soviet Union
Other parts of the World
Great Britain
United Kingdom
Puerto Rico
New Zealand
*Pitbulls and other overly dangerous dogs are banned in parts of that country.

A few  mentions:

Pit bull type dogs are banned in 15/16 German provinces.

In order to obtain a license for the housing of pitbulls and other overly dangerous breeds its owner must be of a legal age, have no criminal records, be mentally and physically healthy, as well as get liability insurance for a total of 120 000 euros.

Great Britain
This country since 1991 enacted the «Act on dangerous dogs», which was completed in 1997. According to this document, a ban on the cultivation, sale, purchase, exchange and promotion was introduced for dangerous dogs. Those breeds must be muzzled and kept on a leash in public places, be registered, have insurance, be spayed, stamped and have a chip.
The law applies to the whole country except for the Northern Ireland.

Restrictions on the ownership of dangerous dogs breeds entered in 1998. They must be kept under strict control by people of 16 years or older, be licensed, walked on a short leash (no more than 2 metres) and muzzled in public places.

Today the law requires owners of all breeds to focus on ensuring public safety through walking their dogs on a leash and having a muzzle (even for small breeds).

In order to own such dogs you must be at least 18 years, have a certificate from a psychiatrist and judicial resolution.

Since 2004 are not allowed for sale, purchase, advertising and exchange Pitbulls and their mixes, Fila Brasileiros, Dogo Argentinos and Tosa Inus. For the disregard of those rules you will need to pay a fine in the amount of 2 500-3 500 liras. It is important to notice that if you are traveling to Turkey by airplane you have to check the list of banned dogs for transportation via the concrete avia company you are flying with. This list has nothing to do with the list of banned dogs in a country.

In the USA there is no Federal law that imposed a ban and restrictions on dangerous breeds of dogs across the country. There is a law that prohibits the conduct of dog fighting, as well as training these dogs for fighting and their movement within the country.
There is a prohibition on the housing of large dogs in the cantonments of the U.S.А. army like Pitbulls, Rottweilers and hybrids of these species. Municipal authorities had taken several hundreds of laws banning the ownership of such dangerous dogs. Limitations of ownership in some States include: the age of the owner must be at least 21 years, the amount of liability insurance must be 100 000 $, prohibition the sale of dangerous dogs, the dog can given only to relatives, at private homes be sure to hang warning signs.

In two provinces, Ontario and Manitoba (within the city of Winnipeg) there is a ban on owning Pitbulls. Winnipeg was the first city that had introduced a ban on these breed of dogs in 1990 after the incident of Pitbulls’ attacks on children. Precautions: sterilization, wearing a muzzle and a leash in public places, banning the import of Pitbulls in the state. There is no nationwide ban on dangerous dogs in Canada.

From 2014, the country banned the import, sale and breeding of Pitbulls and their mixes.

Puerto Rico
Since 1998 is prohibited the importation, sale, possession and breeding of dogs, obtained by crossing Bulldogs and Terriers, and their hybrids.

Special conditions: sterilization, microchiping, insurance in the amount of not less than 100 000$, in public places a dog must be kept on a short leash and in a muzzle.

New Zealand
Dangerous dogs since 2003 are subject to mandatory chipping, sterilization, walking on a short leash and muzzled only. Also the import of such dogs. Not only are pit bulls banned, but pit bulls and other breeds deemed “menacing” by the Government are not considered for adoption and are euthanized as a matter of course.

Keeping Rottweilers and Pitbull terriers is prohibited since 2009.

The import of dangerous dogs to this country continent is strictly prohibited. Inside the country there are specific restrictions on ownership of such breeds.

On 1st July 2011 the Federal law «About the responsible treatment of animals» entered into force. All dangerous dogs are subject to mandatory registration. The housing and walking of especially dangerous breeds is prohibited for disabled people; people who do not have a certificate of going through a special education; minors.

In this country since 1998 operates a restrictive law on dangerous breed. Today this lust includes more than 80 dogs. The civil liability insurance, microchipping, walking on a short leash and muzzle are obligatory.

In 2012 the country adopted the law «About the treatment of animals», which contains requirements for the keeping especially dangerous dog breeds. Main requirements are to keep such dogs in the premises from which the animal cannot get out, keep it on a leash or in a securely fenced area with a warning, wearing hard leash and collar, and a muzzle. The walking with potentially dangerous breeds of dogs is prohibited to people less than 18 years of age, and in the absence of the certificate of training courses on maintenance, breeding and caring for dogs.

Certainly, there are more countries that restrict or ban pitbulls and other vicious dogs. With close to two hundred countries in the world, we just don’t know about them all.

No countries except Canada and the US allow the importation of pit bull type dogs.

What Can We Take From This Article?

Knowing about what every country is doing to control and prohibit pitbulls and other overly dangerous breeds is an optimal way to enact our own laws regarding this serious problem.

No need to reinvent the wheel.

Second, contrary to what the pitbull lobby tries to make people believe, the amount of countries and the seriousness of their laws on avoiding pitbulls and other overly dangerous breeds is an undeniable proof that those dogs are really dangerous and Must be strongly regulated and controlled.

Please remember: Pitbulls are NOT pets.



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Mr MAD is now a BBEG!

Mr MAD - A BBEG online figure.

Mr MAD – A soon-to-be the most famous BBEG online figure!


Mr MAD is now a BBEG!

What the heck is a BBEG, you might ask; BBEG stands for “Big, Bad, Evil Guy“, in internet language, let’s say. I now know because I just searched for this acronym.

This story is: I received a private email, so I’m not revealing any specific details, from a person”thanking” me (I suppose so) that s/he is going to use/is already using my “character” and opinions from this site to create an online cartoon or video game persona, I’m not sure what, where Mr MAD is the “instantly and universally dislikable” character! KKKKKK!!!

I’m not sure if that is for real or a troll but s/he keeps on: “With very little embellishment, he (Mr MAD) could even be the most evil enemy (ever)!“.

The story goes on and on but, as I’m giving him/her the benefit of the doubt this is not a troll, I’m not going to say anything else.

But, if this is for real, I’ll expect my “royalties” in my bank account soon!

Yes, Mr MAD is getting more and more “famous” (actually hated, detested, abhorred…) by the day!!!

All because of… dogs. WOW!

I can only laugh!!!

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Dog Diseases – CTVT – The 11,000 Year Old Contagious Cancer

dogs cause contagious cancer

CTVT – Contagious cancer, transmitted by… dogs!

And there again come the dogs with their endless diseases…

A 11,000 year old cancer still alive today, all thanks to dogs:

First described in 1810, Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (CTVT), was first thought to simply be a form of canine cancer.

By 1871, scientists realized the cancerous tumors were infections, spread by sexual contact. Today, CTVT is found across the globe, although, interestingly, recent research has demonstrated that the cancers have a remarkable relationship:

The DNA in one tumor is very similar to the DNA in other tumors – even tumors growing in dogs on the other side of the world.

But How Dog Cancer Becomes Contagious, on Humans?

Here is how:

Eleven thousand years ago, one saucy canine got busy and, as can happen with unprotected sex, gave its partner a venereal disease, although uniquely, this VD was cancerous. Over the course of the intervening millennia, that second dog, its partners, and its partners’ partners, all did what dogs eventually do, each spreading the disease, which has continued to retain some DNA from its progenitor.

Now doggists have NO way to deny that dogs DO cause cancer. On humans.

And they might refrain from their bestialities practices of getting into a “love affair” with their “safe” furry friends.

A good read. And perhaps funny as well at

The Eleven Thousand Year Old Contagious Cancer Still Multiplying Today

All sources are listed there.

ps: The pic above is just an illustration, not the actual cancer cell in question. I still have to find them.
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Dogs Disappear, People Sleep

Depression, Financial Crises – The Disappearance of Dogs

dogs disappear people sleep

Fist of all: knock, knock, knock!

Knock on the wood, hoping things keep their way here.

What way?

For a few months already, not just days or weeks, something really strange is happening in my neighborhood. Eerie nights. Whole nights when you can sleep like if you were in heaven!


Silent nights.

Yes, several nights in a row that you hear NO BARKING. Not a single bark. At all!

Seems that all mutts have vanished from the face of earth and normalcy came back, turning our times of sleep civilly again.

It seems unbelievable. You wake up in the middle of night and there is not a single dog barking. All night long!

And yes, before we start to delve into our most deep dreams, we could get to sleep WITHOUT any dog barking as well!

We may hear crickets, owls, other night birds, some cows (I live IN the city, a medium sized one)… but NO dogs.

Tell me I’m lucky.

Unfortunately I know I’m not lucky and am sure it will end some time soon. While that doesn’t happen, I enjoy my sleepy nights.

In peace.

In silence.

Some times, when I wake up to go to the washroom, I just return to bed and try to remain  awake for a few minutes more just to listen to… the sound of silence!

Feel things are better than that.

Before I continue, I must say that when I mentioned the disappearance of dogs, I meant mostly the cessation of their barking, specially at night. But many dogs really vanished, literally.

Just counting my neighbors, immediate and no so immediate, at least about one in five of them do not have a dog anymore. Those dogs simply vanished.

And don’t be fooled by the numbers. Just one in five is already a lot of dogs.

Now you can walk around this neighborhood and not be bothered (so much) by the previous high numbers of barkers and ‘chargers’ behind fences disturbing you and your kids.

So, what happened?

Did Mr. Mad eliminated all the dogs in the neighborhood? Did dog lovers become civilized again (considering they were one day)? Dogs fled the city on their own? Did extraterrestrials captured them for research on the most obnoxious animal on Earth?

Ahn… no.

The only different thing that I can think of is the state of the economy. The financial crises here.

Lots of people lost their jobs, the real state market is frozen, businesses are closing the doors, and so on.

But there is one bright side: dogs are disappearing.

Since people now have less, much less available money, what they do? They cut expenses. And what is the most frivolous expense? A costly expense? A dog!

Even dog lovers are realizing that here.

Not just expenses with the animal itself but also all with related expenses like veterinarians fees, medication, licensing, litigations… and specially food, food, food.

“They don’t have a dog, I won’t have one either”

Here comes the herd effect. With fewer people having dogs, lower is the propensity for other people to have dogs. Another positive effect.

That may be happening, too.

Also, with all the increased silence and peace we get now, specially at night, people may start to realize how that is nice and pleasant. For both doggists and non-doggists. Hopefully doggists are getting a bit more responsible, out of their almost full irresponsibility. Hopefully non-doggists are not tolerating that insanity anymore.

Another cumulative effect, positive for all parties involved.

Dogs in residential and commercial areas

One awkward thing I noticed is that now a number of businesses downtown are placing an open card box outside with water and food for strays and lose dogs, together with a small sign saying something like “Food and water for dogs. Please help us feed them.”

Disgusting, and obviously I don’t shop there. Nor now, nor ever.

Back in my residential area, we do Not see many lose or stray dogs. They are simply not here. They are quite rare, actually.

Lucky me. Lucky us!

Detroit and Venezuela – Heaven for dog lovers?

My city is Not in a dire state like other places, for example the city of Detroit or the Venezuelan country.

In Detroit, there are droves of dogs roaming the streets fighting for any thing they could eat, making them even more dangerous than they already are.

This article from Bloomberg tells more.

There, as many as 50,000 stray dogs are roaming the city in packs, with dens of dogs — as many as 20 — taking over many of the boarded-up, abandoned homes in that bankrupt city.

How did the situation get so bad? Well, people who move often leave behind dogs, hoping the neighbors will take care of them. The dogs then take to the streets and reproduce — and find they have the city to themselves.

Dogs are not vaccinated or spayed though. Diseases contaminate humans, dogs procreate logarithmically, and the cycle worsens by the day.

Fortunately , in my city they are neutered, even though with our tax money. Ah, and some are ‘sacrificed’ as well, for ‘free’, by the city.

And in Venezuela?

Well, there Hungry Venezuelans Hunt Dogs, Cats, Pigeons as Food Runs Out

The streets of the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, are filled with people killing animals for food – including dogs – to ease their hunger.


When they are lucky and find some processed dog food, that is what they eat.

Various regions of the country are seeing widespread looting of shopping malls, pharmacies, supermarkets and food trucks, all while people chanted “we are hungry.”

Just imagine that happening in the USA where people give human food to dogs? Better not think about that.

Or perhaps, yes, we should think. I’m sure a number of doggists would prefer to starve than to let their mutts get hungry. At least in a first moment. This is a crazy world anyway.

So, what about you?

If you are not living in a place with any kind of crisis, be it a financial crises, housing crises, oil crises, employment crises… good for you, but you may still have lots of dog problems around.

If that is true, than my theory is right.

And no, I have never been to Venezuela or even Detroit, even though some times I could observe the GM building from across the river.

As a last note, in the first phrase of this article I wrote that “I hope things keep their way here. ” That means the silence and peace, exclusively that. I have friends who lost their jobs, acquaintances closed their businesses, so that I’m not comfortable with that part.

I don’t want crises, I expect peace, and silence.

I can not do anything for the crises, but I can fight for and enjoy my well being. While it lasts.

Question for dog lovers

I finish with a question for the dog lovers:

Don’t you think this insane stupidity of dog worshipping has gone too far already, and that it is time to quit it?

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My “Obligation” to Answer Private Communications

Unanswered emails


I just noticed that, possibly due to some previous blog update, the personal, private comments stopped all showing up in my control panel so I didn’t know new private comments were received.

So I’ll be answering them on a can-do, time allowing basis. Hope you all understand.

Only the ones that require a personal, specific reply will get one. Others will get a public response, where I certainly won’t mention names or any specific details but I’m going to answer some of them here so that I can help a much higher number of people.

Sorry but with my lack of time that’s the best I can do.

Let’s go ahead then.

Some of them are quite interesting: invitation for a speech on the health hazards on humans caused by dogs; request to testify as a paid expert on a legal case concerning barking; advice on how to deal with dozens of dogs; request to build a special, super powerful no-barking device; question about the existence of *secret* no-dogs-allowed private communities…

What I can say is: WOW! Thanks a lot to all of you who trust me on all of that. Calling me an “expert”? I’m absolutely flattered! To say the least! I sincerely do not consider myself an expert but the simple fact of being called one by some of you is hugely gratifying.

Once more, a Gigantic Thanks to all of you who trust me!


Well, now I’m going to be a bit rude. Or worse.

This is not for all of you, just some.

The matter is that some people expect me to answer all their comments, all requests, all emails, right way.

Let me tell you who expected so that I do NOT have to.

This site is Not the basis of my life, my life does not revolve around dogs or their crazed worshippers. I come here when I can and want.

I do not have any obligation to any of you. You are not paying me. I’m not making money from you. I’m not making money from anybody. I’m not deceiving anybody. I really mean what I post here, I’m not a fraud. I’m not looking for fame. I’m a discreet person and just want peace of mind, so I created and keep this blog running. I’m not planning to become a politician or any kind of public figure, no matter where. I’m not taking your time. YOU came to MY site.

You don’t like my writing skills? Don’t read! I speak a number of foreign languages and I always have another one or two on my mind, no matter when. I’m not a professional writer and won’t waste my time with any tidbit of grammar just to please grammar nazis who only speak english and make more mistakes than I do occasionally.

This site costs me money. A good amount of money. My money. Money with hosting fees. Money with domain fees. Money with traffic fees. And all this money – taken of my personal and professional time – is being applyed here, when I could be making it anywhere else just for me. Facebook is free, but this site is not, certainly not for me. But you don’t see that.

So, with all that clearly said, please focus your anger and energy on your public servants who are not doing their paid jobs. Or on the criminal dog hoarders. Not on me or this site.

Please share interesting ideas, send constructive remarks, do something productive. Make a better use of your time, which is something of value, like informing other people about this site that they could find a thing or two that could help them – and perhaps you too – with the constant problems with unruly dogs and stupid owners.

We are on the same side against this doggism lunacy. Or, at least we should.

Well, I could write more (or a useful article, instead of this post) but that’s good enough, I think.


To everybody else, many thanks to you all, specially the many you who trust me.

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Facebook and Death Threats from Criminal Dog Retards

What big corporations and low life, retard criminal dog nannies can do to try to silence normal people of their criminals acts.

Natalie Ann / Natalie Cox - Criminal dog owner

Natalie Ann / Natalie Cox – Criminal dog owner

Here in this site, NO Dogs, Please!, I regularly receive death threats. The problem is that it is usually impossible to match that criminal act with a face. Well, now I got one of those criminals.

I was always skeptic about Fb as it seemed just a place to waste time. But I decided to give it a try, already expecting the backslash from the dog zombies.

For you who visited my Facebook page recently, you may have noticed one of those death threats. Absolutely disgusting. I never visited her page, nor have even heard of that fat bimbo.

Well, it gets worse. She made the death threat, I wrote about it on my Facebook page, not hers, denouncing her criminal act. That post certainly had to include and obviously included her photo.

To let everybody know, it is perfectly legal. And moral.

Not for Fb.

She then makes a – bogus – claim to Fb that I used a “copyrighted” photo of hers, what is totally false. Guess what, Fb deletes my post And her photo. Not a single word about the death threat.

As I am not a person to let criminals rule over me, I recreated a new post now with a screen shot that included her “copyrighted” photo but with a twist; now I even altered the pic to make her look less chubby, and so that no copyright claim could be made at all.


Guess what? Fb deletes it AGAIN!

Once more, NO word about the death threat.


Fb doesn’t even say why the post was deleted.


Not just that but many people who made the few, in comparison, sane and logical comments were all deleted. I’m sure they are all disappointed as well.

How to Silence Non-Dog People (NOT)

Here is my last post to date on this:

Facebook deletes a DEATH THREAT report against me. Again!
And sides with the CRIMINAL!
Once more, Facebook sides with a CRIMINAL – Natalie Anne / Natalie Cox – who have previously made a death threat against me and later asked FB to delete her photo from my page because it used that (bogus) “copyrighted” photo of hers to denounce such crime. Well, I here repost it again. Fb will delete my page? Who cares. I don’t. I’m wasting a lot of time here anyway, all for that. What I want is that you normal people – who obviously do not have dogs – know what these ODORs (obnoxious dog owners) and big corporations can do to avoid the truth coming out about dogs and their criminal owners. You dog apologists are true CRIMINALS, while NORMAL people do NOT tolerate your CRIMINAL behavior, with or without your mutts.
The criminal’s – Natalie Anne / Natalie Cox ( https://www.facebook.com/xNatalieAnnex ) – photo – the original photo – is now published on my own site – http://www.Anilak.com/ – for posterity.
Ask Fb to delete that now, CRIMINAL!


Why am I posting that here? To let all the thousands of visitors who come here and demonstrate to all normal non-dog people what those criminals are capable of doing to try to silence us. From threatening us to deleting anything that counters their agenda to make money on stupid.

Ah, you may be thinking if I got an apology from her? Great joke!

Well, I’m not good for writing right now, but hopefully you got the message.

Please don’t let criminal’s rule over you!

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